Chapter 1050: Ghostly Stabbing Urchin

Wu Yu realised that he had slightly underestimated the animosity that other people or demons in the Jambu Realm had towards the Yan Huang Tribe, especially towards the princes and princesses.

Basically everyone he had come across who were confident and strong would want to at least attempt to suppress Prince Le. The least that they did was mock and humiliate him. There were others who were worse.

Obviously, they were unhappy after having to live for so many years under the Yan Huang Tribe's shadow and having to fearfully respect the Yan Huang Tribe simply because they had the Ancient Emperor. 

And right before them was the only person from Yan Huang Tribe whom they could compete against fairly. Hence, they naturally would not let this opportunity slip by.

Coincidentally, at the same time as when Wu Yu saw the Yan Huang Golden Bead, that sea region demon was threatening the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others.

Wu Yu could not see what had happened, but from the Full Moon of Nanshan's message, it seemed quite dangerous. Originally, the situation would be better if the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug could take part in the battle. However, they were afraid of accidentally causing harm to Prince Le and his group. Especially when Prince Le and his group seemed even weaker on the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower.


During the time that Wu Yu took to consider his options, the rock tortoise had once again locked on to Wu Yu in its fury. It wanted to crush Wu Yu into pieces.

"Anyway, it will be difficult to take the Yan Huang Golden Bead from this monster. I better come back for him later. At least for now, no one knows that the Yan Huang Golden Bead is here." Wu Yu quickly made a decision in that instant.

Before the other party's violent pillar of flames could bombard him, he quickly plucked out a bundle of golden fur and blew on it. Instantly, hundreds of his doppelgangers appeared. At this moment, all of them looked like Wu Yu and escaped in all directions. It momentarily confused the rock tortoise.

Actually, Wu Yu was not aiming to confuse it. He knew that these doppelgangers would sooner or later be destroyed by this rock tortoise. However, if there were one or two left, he would at least know the position of the rock tortoise when he came back for it.

At this moment, his doppelgangers were everywhere. The rock tortoise chased him and puffed furious fire at the same time. It destroyed Wu Yu's doppelgangers by groups. Wu Yu could only make his doppelgangers scatter even further. This would force the rock tortoise to exert some effort to kill all of them.

Then Wu Yu took this opportunity when the other party had not identified his real body to leave using the Somersault Cloud. He had the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug at the other side, so he knew just about where Prince Le and his group were. Now the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were probably engaged in a fight with that sea region demon. As Wu Yu neared them, he heard sounds of battle, and from the sounds, he found Prince Le and the others.

Prince Le and the others were protected within the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. They were not injured at all. Wu Yu saw a huge beast nearby. This huge beast was like a ball, but it was covered in thick, black spikes that were long and thin. It was as though countless spear tips were stuck onto this ball. It was vicious and dreadful.

Wu Yu, of course, knew what this was. There were many of these in the sea. They were called sea urchins. And this sea region demon in front of him was obviously a sea urchin that had become a demon. Moreover, it had a rare, powerful bloodline; otherwise, it would never have reached the fourth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. That was a demon who had survived the Heaven's Thunder dao calamity.

"That is a Ghostly Stabbing Urchin. At his level, all the spikes on her body are at the level of advanced dao treasures. They are covered in fatal poison too. Also, she has many scary Natural Mystiques. They are adept at piercing through and hiding. Many martial cultivators at sea, no matter how concealed their warships, will be discovered by them and then they will tackle them. With one tackle, they can pierce many holes through the warship before dragging the warship down into the deep sea, where light is scarce.” 

Ming Long was really knowledgeable. She recognized this thing too.

Now the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were fighting her. Both parties were equally matched. Neither could force the other into defeat. The Full Moon of Nanshan lacked a fatal attack; otherwise, he would not have to fight so cautiously. 

This, in fact, encouraged the other party's arrogance.

"Prince Le, you really shouldn't have rejected my goodwill. If you leave with me, I can also protect you. With my strength, you will be much safer than being protected by this group of people. I'm not like this naive, boring, little girl. On the way, with my moves, I can guarantee Prince Le a good time." The Ghostly Stabbing Urchin giggled as she battled. She seemed confident of victory.

"Stop teasing Prince Le, you smelly sea urchin. Just based on your whole body of spikes, even your grandfather, me, would not dare to have you. Prince Le has such tender, smooth skin; would he even spare a fierce woman like you one look?" The Full Moon of Nanshan mocked and laughed.

"You wild boar, how dare you mock me. Why don't you look into the mirror to see what you look like? What's the point of your human form? You can never change the fact that you are an ugly wild boar. " The Ghostly Stabbing Urchin actually started arguing with the Full Moon of Nanshan.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was amused and said, "Even so, I'm still better than an old hag like you. Look at your body of spikes. Look at your black sea urchin body. Don't talk about us - even the other sea region demons will vomit a whole lake upon seeing you. How dare you seduce Prince Le with your pathetic wiles. If I were you, I would commit suicide out of shame. "

The Full Moon of Nanshan was no weaker than her in a battle of words. However, when it came to strength, even when the Full Moon of Nanshan discreetly used the Demonic Eye of Illusions occasionally, he could not do much to her. Wu Yu had seen the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin's Natural Mystique. It was indeed threatening. It was more threatening than the other two from the Devilsky Seven.

But now he was in a hurry! The Yan Huang Golden Bead had appeared!

His doppelgangers were being slaughtered by that rock tortoise. If he continued to waste time, then his clues would be totally gone.

So after Wu Yu appeared, he did not say much. Both his real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared at the same time. Ther Heaven Devouring Avatar wielded the black Dark North Royal Obelisk in his right hand and the Blood Coagulant Rapier in his left.

"Blood Coagulant Frenzy Formation! "

Wu Yu's real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar had just appeared and they joined the battle directly without saying anything. Once the Full Moon of Nanshan saw that Wu Yu had arrived, he was instantly enlivened. He swapped from defense to offense and switched to using his illusion techniques to distract the opponent, aiming to support Wu Yu.

This was the first time Wu Yu had used the Blood Coagulant Frenzy Formation, and when the sword landed, the spirit design was executed. It formed a blood-red sword formation below the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin and surrounded it. Sword qi slashed across and the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin's voice suddenly changed. You could see that her body had turned red and her entire person became very agitated.

That was the Blood Coagulant Frenzy Formation taking effect. It had instantly broken apart the opponent's suppression. Next, the Full Moon of Nanshan used his illusion technique to suppress her. Yet Wu Yu was one step ahead. His real body, with his Infernal Sky Pillar and Heaven Devouring Avatar with his Dark North Royal Obelisk, had already descended upon the opponent. 

Bang, bang, bang!

The Dark North Royal Obelisk descended from the sky. That gigantic sword tip pierced towards that Ghostly Stabbing Urchin. While the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin had evaded a lot under the torture of the Blood Coagulant Frenzy Formation, a small part of her body was still pierced through by Wu Yu. Icy cold air from the Dark North Royal Obelisk poured into her body, turning into countless ice spikes. They travelled in her body, bringing with them an icy fear of death. They caused the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin to scream sharply. The crucial part was that Wu Yu's real body had already closed the gap.

After the transformation from the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, his body was now humongous. The Infernal Sky Pillar in his hands was also quite large. It was thicker than the spikes of the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin. Hence, when Wu Yu swung the Infernal Sky Pillar, landing one hit after another on the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin, the other party could only wail in pain. That ball-like body became flat after taking a beating from Wu Yu. Most of her spikes were broken by him.

At this moment, the other party was being restrained by the Full Moon of Nanshan's illusion technique and Wu Yu's Blood Coagulant Rapier at the same time. It was really difficult for her to retaliate.

"Wu Yu...." After a round of vicious beating, that Ghostly Stabbing Urchin finally uttered his name shakily. Perhaps the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin had thought that Wu Yu had left his team and had not expected for him to show up. Moreover, upon his appearance, he had attacked her so fiercely. When she saw the killing intent in Wu Yu's eyes, she knew that she had lost this time. Wu Yu's group had the ability to defeat her easily when they fought together. 

"We shall wait and see! You've humiliated me greatly today. In the future, I shall return this humiliation tenfold, especially for you, Wu Yu!" After the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin screamed her threat, she ran away pathetically.

Wu Yu was still thinking about the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Otherwise, he would not have let the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin escape so easily.

Actually, it was more eye opening for Prince Le and his group. It had actually only taken an instant for Wu Yu to defeat the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin. The arrogant Ghostly Stabbing Urchin who had teased Prince Le and wanted to take Prince Le away could only escape in disgrace now.

To be honest, Prince Le had been quite afraid. He knew more people than Wu Yu and had heard a little about the Ghostly Stabbing Urchin. She was indeed salacious, but she actually had a special mystique. She could harm others while recovering herself. She could even absorb the essence of the other party. Additionally, she was very beautiful in her human form. Hence, many youths fell prey to her. Whether it was martial cultivators or demons, both fell into her trap easily. Hence, she was a devil-like character in the sea region. Other sea region demons could only hide from her when they saw her to avoid being targeted.

While a night of fun was a night of fun, when it ended, it was the time his cultivation and bloodline depleted and regressed.

"Wu Yu, I thank you once again. Without you...." Prince Le really could not imagine. Now he was still a little scared.

"Don't come out, I still have something to handle. I will return later. " On the other side, Wu Yu's doppelgangers were almost all annihilated. He had to rush back quickly, or he would lose the position of the rock tortoise.

After speaking, Wu Yu did not have the time to explain to them. However, he left Heaven Devouring Avatar behind to slowly explain to them. Whereas his real body leapt directly towards the direction of the rock tortoise. While the distance was great and he could not really control it well, it was still faster than rushing over personally.

To this day, Wu Yu could only admit that the Somersault Cloud was really too useful.

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