Chapter 1049: Godlike Luck

Wu Yu was sure as could be that the black soil beneath his feet for the last few days had definitely been soil.

But even though he had made sure, and used his Eyes of Fire and Gold countless times, still there were times when he would see wrongly.

When they left that piece of land, they saw that what was underfoot was not the original soil. This meant that the layer of soil there had been shaken off. What rose up before Wu Yu's eyes was a black tortoise shell, about the same size as the Burnished Golden Ant. It was simply patterned, lines that divided the shell into about 100 equally sized pieces. Each piece started to grow into a little hill at a visible rate. This tortoise shell soon became a mountain range.

And then the head, four limbs, and tail of the black tortoise stretched out. These were the exposed parts of the body. However, even these parts were not flesh, but some sort of stone-like material. It was black as obsidian, and Wu Yu understood that it was a similar Spirit of the Universe to the Burnished Golden Ant.

Looking down, this was a rock tortoise with mountains on its back. It was also roused good and proper, letting out lion-like roars. It lifted its head and Wu Yu could feel a terrifying heat. Wu Yu saw that the rock body was actually heating up. This rock tortoise seemed to have huge volcanoes within it that were presently erupting. The patterns on its back heated up and flames roared to life from every orifice of its head!

Besides, this rock tortoise's flames were no ordinary fire. The red flames were especially destructive, even more so than the ambient ones in their environment. It was definitely the most powerful fire that Wu Yu had ever seen, perhaps as fiery as the Elixir of Fire Spirit. Therefore, he understood that this was a fearsome beast of fire. It was like a tank and its mouth was a cannon. It trained on its opponents and fired non-stop!

"To think that a Spirit of the Universe like this could hide right beneath our feet and we didn't even know. He was really no different from a rock!" the Full Moon of Nanshan said with feeling.

Qu Fengyu screamed out, "I got it! It was Princess Phoenix Dawn! When they left, one demon stomped the ground savagely. They must have known we were on the tortoise, and that it was powerful. They purposely tried to harm us!"

Actually, Wu Yu had puzzled this out way faster than her. Although Nangong Wei and the others had not attacked them directly, this was a dirty deed nonetheless. More, it had been Nangong Wei who had instigated it. If someone died here today, it would be her fault. And they had been getting along fine. Why would she be so vicious? Besides, it seemed like she had had no enmity with him!

He seethed inwardly against her, and was equally confused. But this was not the time. Luckily, Wu Yu had reacted a bit quicker, and the Seven Stars Fortifying Design already surrounded them. Wu Yu immediately sent the Seven Stars Fortifying Design far away, while he decided to stay and fight a delaying battle to buy time. With them gone, he could leave much more easily.

"Go first!" With his sheer physical strength, he kicked the Seven Stars Fortifying Design out.

And at this time, the rock tortoise was very angry at having been roused from its slumber. When it saw them escaping, it bellowed, shaking the entire world from its silence. This rock tortoise aimed its mouth towards him. Just as Wu Yu kicked the Seven Stars Fortifying Design out, an angry column of fire engulfed him!

There was no time to do anything. Wu Yu could only use the Infernal Sky Pillar in his hands, resisting with the Immovable Nine Palaces Design. The terrible fire swallowed him, the scarlet flames torching the Immovable Nine Palaces Design and burning Wu Yu's flesh. Even with the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body, Wu Yu could feel his flesh burning. The Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body's outer layer broke immediately under the heat, equivalent to Wu Yu having died once!

Too horrifying!

Wu Yu hurriedly used the Somersault Cloud's second tier to escape. He knew that if the rock tortoise fired at the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, it would not survive too many hits. And if it were broken, Prince Le and the others would definitely die. The Full Moon of Nanshan and the others would be in dire straits as well, and there was a chance that they might die as well.

"Nangong Wei!" Wu Yu was supremely frustrated. He knew that there was no link between them now, and he could not be bothered with her. But she had come to question him and even delivered danger straight to him. If not for her, this rock tortoise would never have awakened. She must have known how hard this thing was to deal with.

Before Wu Yu was again swallowed up by the scarlet flames, he used the Somersault Cloud to leap out. Just as he did, he saw the rock tortoise swim through the sea of fire at frightening speed towards the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. It was much faster than the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. If Wu Yu did not stop it, the Seven Stars Fortifying Design would be finished.

"Wu Yu, he's coming!" The Full Moon of Nanshan was panicking as well.

Wu Yu appeared behind the rock tortoise when he leaped out. He felt that the rock tortoise was even more scary than the scorpion. But he did not hesitate. He used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Immortal Ape Transformation to boost his physical strength, and he was also slightly faster than the rock tortoise. He caught up and sent his Infernal Sky Pillar crashing down on the tortoise's rear leg. Its back resembled an entire mountain range, and Wu Yu saw little point in attacking that.

He briefly considered summoning the Heaven Devouring Avatar to fight alongside him, but gave up on the idea. The Heaven Devouring Avatar might not be able to dodge the flames. While his real body could put up a fight, the Heaven Devouring Avatar might be destroyed if burnt, reverting to its childlike form....

The rock tortoise was going at full speed when Wu Yu laid into it, causing it to take a tumble and its course to be thrown off significantly, and its speed. Wu Yu boosted the Seven Stars Fortifying Design as high as he could, simultaneously activating the Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters spirit design on his weapon. He focused his attacks on the left hind leg of the rock tortoise, until there was some damage. This showed that the rock tortoise was even more impregnable than the golden scorpion. 

However, under his relentless attacks, the beast was driven mad with rage, and it decided to turn. It had thought Wu Yu finished off, but he had popped up again. The "cannon" turned on Wu Yu, a thick column of fire erupting out. Nothing could stand in its way.

Wu Yu was ready for this. When the attack came, he stepped back and somersaulted. Just as the fire was about to reach him, he vanished from his original spot, appearing between the rock tortoise and the Seven Stars Fortifying Design.

The rock tortoise again assumed that Wu Yu was dead. He turned back to the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, bent on revenge. Clearly, he would not rest until it was dead. But just as he was preparing to chase, Wu Yu rushed up and delivered another thwack!


The Infernal Sky Pillar smacked solidly against the chin of the rock tortoise, sending its head lashing back towards the sky. The rock tortoise's response, another stream of fire, now shot upwards to the sky and then fell back down as a rain of fire. It was an epic sight.

Again assaulted by Wu Yu, the rock tortoise grew even angrier. Wu Yu was like a mosquito by its side - unable to kill it, but taking some blood each time. What was most vexing was that it could not catch him. The flames on its body grew even hotter and more volatile, as though it might explode at any time.

"Roar, roar, roar!"

The rock tortoise blasted fire madly, and Wu Yu could only take cover. He had already lost one tier of his celestial body. Given how powerful the attacks were getting, Wu Yu might very well lose two tiers at once next time. A few more and he would be dead for good.

However, Wu Yu's goal was almost accomplished. The Seven Stars Fortifying Design had already reached a goodly distance away and was out of sight. It would be difficult to catch up on.

"One more for the road!"

Wu Yu rushed up to the rock tortoise. He did not believe that so many attacks had not affected it one bit. This time, he laid in with the Violent Art as well, pouring all his might into its jaw. He was finally rewarded with a sickening crack. The jaw of the rock tortoise broke and fire began leaking out. It almost drenched Wu Yu. And the entire body of the rock tortoise had been lifted from the impact of Wu Yu's strike. Its upper body rocked back towards the sky, exposing its belly!

"What is that?" Wu Yu's eyes glanced past the belly, when he saw that there was a golden ball embedded in the center of the rock tortoise's belly. It gleamed brightly. The Yan Huang Golden Bead!

Wu Yu did not expect to see the Yan Huang Golden Bead again!

Lady luck, who are you?

He had no idea, but he sensed that this was the Ancient Emperor's doing!

Only he could test his luck now. But how could he snatch it from the rock tortoise's belly!?

While he was agonizing over this, the Full Moon of Nanshan sent him a message. The Seven Stars Fortifying Design had been targeted by a sea region demon. He wanted to kidnap Prince Le and was currently engaged in combat with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. This sea region demon was at the fourth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, and a perilous fight for the two of them to deal with!

Wu Yu had to head over quickly!

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