Chapter 1048: A Huge Beast's Shell

Wu Yu had observed over the last few days that the number of people or demons who had made it through to the second level were few.

Although they had waited around for the last few days, all they had seen was eruptions, but no people.

The Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug was more or less completely recovered, and to think that they would run into Nangong Wei at this time.

She must have been passing by and inadvertently spotted Wu Yu before heading over.

They had the numbers advantage. After the Phoenix Supreme had unified the Nanyin Empire, the demons were completely swayed now. This bunch were all demon king level, with a few powerful, old demons acting as Nangong Wei's bodyguards.

This group was basically all the elites of the Nanyin Demon Continent gathered. These dozen demons were a formidable force, and all would avoid them.

Amongst them, the strongest demon kings were probably at about the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, perhaps even seventh.

Seeing this bunch, Wu Yu knew that if they had come looking for trouble, then Wu Yu could only abandon Prince Le.

The Rainbow Beads Queen, the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King, the Light Wing Grand Eagle King, and some others were demon kings that Wu Yu had met in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. They were all here, and were considered experts. They flanked Nangong Wei, who was like a star amongst them.

Her eyes were locked onto Wu Yu, with a displeased look. Wu Yu felt a small pang of wariness, but then he remembered that she was clueless regarding what he had gained in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Besides, she had no memory of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. And he had given her no reason to be angry recently. If she was just passing by, she should not be looking for trouble. 

Therefore, even though they were a scary force, but Wu Yu still kept his composure.

"I see it is Princess Phoenix Dawn. Princess Phoenix Dawn is as beautiful as the rumors say. You move me to shame with your beauty." While Prince Le was wary, he took the initiative to greet her.

Thronged by old demons, Nangong Wei was in the position of power. She only briefly glanced at Prince Le, unresponsive to his flattery. Instead, she looked at Wu Yu without speaking. He had no idea what she was thinking.

"I heard that you almost snatched the Yan Huang Golden Bead a few days ago." Finally, she consented to speak. Although her tone was frosty, Wu Yu nevertheless breathed a sigh of relief. At least she did not seem to be in the mood to pick a fight, unlike the Devilsky Seven.

After all, if she was unconcerned about the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, and Wu Yu did not press her about the past, then there should be no bad blood between the two. And the thought occurred to Wu Yu that if the Nangong Wei in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had been real, then these were the ideal circumstances for her to rip him limb from limb.

Therefore, he replied calmly, "Far from it. The Yan Huang Golden Bead can protect itself, fleeing everywhere. I was simply in the right place at the right time, waiting for it to come crashing. But it had a mind of its own. Not only was it fast, but it could dodge with awareness. I could not see clearly. Strictly speaking, I was far from getting it."

Nangong Wei's face was still haughty. She continued, "What you're saying is that you are sure the Yan Huang Golden Bead can move of its own accord? It can roam the nine levels of the tower, and might not necessarily be at the ninth floor? And that strength beyond yours is needed to successfully obtain the Yan Huang Golden Bead when it appears?"

This news had probably spread far and wide, and was no secret. Wu Yu saw no harm in telling her. He nodded.

Nangong Wei chuckled. "That's interesting. The elite experts are charging ahead furiously in order to snatch the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Right now, some have even reached the fourth level. But the Yan Huang Golden Bead actually appeared at the first level first. Say then: what's the point of them recklessly rushing ahead?"

Wu Yu shook his head. "I don't know. Perhaps the Yan Huang Golden Bead might appear more frequently at the higher positions. There has to be a probability issue. For example, it might be nine times more likely to appear at the ninth level compared to the first. Or perhaps it is more easily obtained?" These were all wild guesses by Wu Yu. He wanted Nangong Wei to leave as quickly as possible after asking her questions. He did not want to incur her displeasure, which would involve Prince Le.

Prince Le was unhappy at being completely ignored by Nangong Wei.

But he had not been prepared, or he would have hired many elite experts before he entered. Although he was not especially well-to-do.

"But I hear that the Yan Huang Golden Bead flew up from the first level. It must be in the second level now. Those who reached the third level have returned back down upon hearing this news. Many people are frantically searching the second level," Nangong Wei said.

"Perhaps it is indeed here," Wu Yu replied.

"When you came up, you must have known the location of the Yan Huang Golden Bead, right?" Nangong Wei stared at him.

Wu Yu answered frankly, "After I ascended, I lost all sense of direction. But I have not moved since reaching here. It might be in a place 1,300 zhang away from me. If you must search, you can search with my current location as the center. But I guess that the Yan Huang Golden Bead might already have reached the fourth, fifth, or sixth levels, given its mobility." He felt that the Ancient Emperor would not let the Yan Huang Golden Bead be so easily taken. He would have certain arrangements. Therefore, he was not worried that those searching frantically would obtain the treasure before he did.

Wu Yu had said all that was to be said. If Nangong Wei had only come to ask about this, then she could leave now.

She seemed to ponder for a moment, and suddenly addressed Wu Yu. "If you are interested, you can come with us. We will protect you." Wu Yu knew her intention. Right now, Prince Le was rumored to be the future emperor. If the Ancient Emperor had any other arrangements, she could remain by Wu Yu's side, and their chances of encountering the Yan Huang Golden Bead might be higher. And when it did, she had helpers aplenty to help her snatch it.

"I thank the Princess for her kind intentions. But we wish to move independently. Besides, we do not intend to continue upwards at the moment." Wu Yu's refusal was decisive. They might protect Wu Yu from danger, but who would protect Wu Yu from them? Wu Yu had no wish to go along with the old demons and demon kings. If Prince Le were held hostage, then his own hands would be tied.

"Didn't you say that you and I knew each other before and came from the same place? And you plotted to take me away by force from the Nanyin Demon Continent? Why are you now unwilling to come with me?" Nangong Wei had a curious smile on her face.

Wu Yu shook his head. "Princess, I am ashamed of that. I recognized the wrong person." Seeing Nangong Wei like this, Wu Yu felt that truth and lies were no longer important. She was better off now. If he was still obsessed with the past, that would simply be Wu Yu creating trouble and being petty.

"Alright. Forget it, then." Nangong Wei was not a patient one. She said those last words with some irritation. She paused briefly, and shot a look towards the eight-eyed demon king beside her. The Eight Pupils Bull Demon King understood, and lifted his leg. He stomped brutally on the black soil, then the entire earth shook!

This was the only piece of land in the vicinity that was free of eruptions. Wu Yu had been worried that this piece of land would completely give way and they would have no place to stand. Fortunately, it remained relatively stable. The Eight Pupils Bull Demon King had not been able to crush it.

"We go." Nangong Wei ordered. The old demons acquiesced obediently, taking her into the air. Given the strength of these demons, they would be able to roam this fiery world with ease. In a flash, they disappeared. It seemed like they had no intention to search the 1,300 zhang radius around Wu Yu for the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

"It has to be said that Princess Phoenix Dawn is an arrogant one. She completely dismissed us," Prince Le said sharply.

Wu Yu smiled. "You are right. But she is the sole heir to the Phoenix Supreme, while the Prince has hundreds of siblings. To earn her respect, nothing less than the Yan Huang Golden Bead will do." 

"Your words are ugly but true. It is no good thing to have too many siblings." Prince Le gave a bitter laugh. He felt his own position keenly.

But Wu Yu knew that he was unhappy inside. Like the other princes, he had a burning desire for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. It would allow him to prove himself, and be a life-changing metamorphosis. It was closely linked to his dignity. He had no way to make Nangong Wei respect him unless he became the new emperor.

For countless years, this rage had been festering in his heart. It was inevitable. He had not held much hope at first. But recently, he had received a lot of attention and his mental state had continued to change. All his years of suppression were finally beginning to crack and leak.

Wu Yu did not attempt to console him. It was meaningless. A private affair of the royal family.

But at this time, he felt the ground beneath them shudder, and very strongly at that.

"Is it going to collapse?" It had seemed stable enough a moment ago. But it suddenly began to shake after the others had left.

In order to avoid suddenly being plunged down, Wu Yu called forth the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, even though the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug was not fully recovered yet.

At this juncture, a violent shudder shook them. The ground beneath them did not crack, but shot up to the sea of fire in the sky instead. A thunderous roar boomed out, and soil was sent flying. Wu Yu and the Seven Stars Fortifying Design leaped up. From midair, they saw that the ground beneath them was actually the shell of a huge beast.... 

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