Chapter 1045: Circle of Destruction

"Paradise's Fiery Demise!"

Wu Yu had prepared his mystique beforehand. Perhaps because this giant beast was on the run from a group of experts who could kill it, it did not even take Wu Yu seriously. It did not bother to evade and instead crashed right into Wu Yu's trap. 

Paradise's Fiery Demise directly exploded in the sea of sand. Golden flames instantly covered the entire sea of sand. The Eye of Earth was below the giant beast, deep within the sea of sand. As for the Eye of Heaven, it was on the sea of sand. The pair of fiery eyes exploded at the same time on the giant beast's back. Roaring pillars of flames blasted it from the top and bottom, causing loud, ringing explosions. The flames instantly engulfed the giant beast!

In this instant, when Paradise's Fiery Demise melted all the surrounding sand, gravel, and rocks, Wu Yu had a clear look at the true form of this giant beast. This beast was practically 20 times the size of the largest Burnished Golden Ant that Wu Yu had seen so far. However, this was no ant, but a pure gold and unbelievably shiny scorpion. It was a golden scorpion from the desert!

Obviously, the exposed tail was part of a scorpion's tail. To be honest, just based on appearance, the scorpion looked so much fiercer than the ants. It was just that Wu Yu did not have the chance to observe it in detail, because his Paradise's Fiery Demise had devoured his opponent.

"Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters!"

What followed was the move he had been preparing using the Violent Art. The target was the sharp, golden tail. He wanted to use this move to directly crush this golden tail and break it off. This way, the scorpion tail carrying the Yan Huang Golden Bead would fly out, and in that instant, Wu Yu thought that he should be able to grab the Yan Huang Golden Bead and then escape using the Somersault Cloud.

He had not expected at all to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead so quickly. At this moment, his mind was still blank. The only thing he remembered was that he had to fight with his life. Of course, he had indeed used his moves to their extremes. The Infernal Sky Pillar possessed its own Offensive Spirit Design and had a strong crushing ability. This gave Wu Yu the confidence to break the scorpion's tail. The Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters was much more effective than the Dark North Royal Obelisk when it came to tearing things apart. Additionally, he used his own physical strength to raise this crushing power to its limits, boosting it up to become several times more powerful.

Of course, Wu Yu was not hoping to wound this giant beast badly with Paradise's Fiery Demise. He was only using it to distract that giant beast to make it feel pain and forget about its tail. This would increase his chances of success.

Wu Yu's preparations could be described as perfect!

Now everything depended on the Infernal Sky Pillar in his hands!

In the midst of the engulfing flames, Wu Yu moved silently. The huge Infernal Sky Pillar in his hands was actually small compared to the scorpion's tail. The tail of the scorpion was much thicker than his Infernal Sky Pillar. At this moment, the Infernal Sky Pillar, with its highly destructive power, slammed heavily onto the scorpion's tail. 


There was a loud explosion and Wu Yu's hands were numb from the vibrations of the aftershock. The Infernal Sky Pillar whined sadly in his hands. It almost shattered and splintered and Wu Yu was blasted away himself. However, he knew that he had hit his opponent. At this moment, he struggled to open his eyes and saw that the scorpion's tail was very crooked after his attack. It was now bent to a large degree, with cracked patterns on its surface. However, the tail was far from breaking. It would require at least 10 more strikes of that magnitude from Wu Yu! 

Wu Yu's face instantly fell upon seeing those light cracks. He had used all his strength and had not expected to fail breaking this tail. Besides, the golden scorpion had rushed out from the Paradise's Fiery Demise. Wu Yu could sense its vicious glare. However, it did not attack him but continued its escape!

Obviously, he was afraid of the group of people who were chasing him.

Wu Yu had failed!

Actually, many people behind had watched him attack. This made them anxious. Luckily, Wu Yu had not succeeded, but their group of hundreds of people rushed towards him like crazy people. Each and every one of them was filled with murderous intent. Wu Yu guessed that if he was still blocking their path, they would probably just tear him apart. He quickly somersaulted and ran away right in front of this group of people. This time, Wu Yu was behind them.

He was safe for now.

"The golden scorpion’s tail is actually that tough. Looks like it is not realistic for me to shatter it alone. I used the Violent Art, but I actually only hampered the golden scorpion's speed. They will most likely catch up to it. Let me see if I can fish in troubled waters and gain something out of this messy situation."

He had failed in forcefully severing off the scorpion's escape path. Wu Yu also had no time to be wistful about his failure. He used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to transform his body to the smallest size. This way, there would be fewer people paying attention to him. Besides, a grand, chaotic battle would be happening soon. While the chances were slim, his creed was that he should at least try. Hence, he gave chase again. Actually, when he was chasing it, he saw that the group of people had finally managed to cut off the golden scorpion's escape. 

Many people directly blasted their mystiques on it after getting near. All types and varieties of mystiques forced the scorpion out of the sea of sand. Then the group of people surrounded it first to prevent it from escaping again. Following that, everyone rushed towards the scorpion’s tail. No one bothered to stop and discuss. At this moment, what was happening was not a concerted effort to kill the scorpion, but violent infighting amongst the group of people!

The golden scorpion was actually very strong. Wu Yu could not win in an open fight with it. However, when it was surrounded by this group of old fogies, even when they were fighting amongst themselves, many attacks still landed on the golden scorpion. In an instant, the golden scorpion could only curl up and shriek sharply and painfully. Then injuries started to show up on its body. However, Wu Yu saw that it had curled its tail protectively into its body. At the moment, no one had gotten the Yan Huang Golden Bead yet. Hence, those who attempted to snatch the Yan Huang Golden Bead would be forced out by other people.

Wu Yu could only be impressed by this competition. Now he was actually at the core of the battleground. He relied on his Invincible Vajra Body and Somersault Cloud to evade and hide. The area near the golden scorpion had become the forbidden ground for living things. Those dao techniques and mystiques appeared in the chaotic surroundings. One tiny slip could cost one's life. Hence, his heart was now pounding hard and nervously.

But riches came with high risks. This grand treasure had surpassed everyone's expectations. Now Wu Yu saw every one of them using up to 120% of their strength. They were practically blinded by greed and violence. While it only persisted for a while, Wu Yu felt that at least five had perished in this chaotic battle. They might very well be some provincial lord from the Yan Huang Tribe, or some heaven dragon general in the army, or even some minister or aristocrat from other immortal kingdoms. They might even be the kings of some small countries, or demon lords from the sea. 

Wu Yu kept evading in this environment of bombarding dao techniques and mystiques. He almost lost his life because the battleground was too messy. Many dao techniques were being executed simultaneously, and they layered with compounded effects. This layering directly resulted in even more terrifying effects. Wu Yu looked down and saw that more than half of the golden scorpion's body was destroyed. It was curled up tightly and did not move at all. It had probably died.

To prevent others from snatching the treasure, there was a large number of dao techniques and mystiques surrounding this golden scorpion. Many people's dao treasures were gathered there, forming a destructive circle. Anyone who attempted to force their way in would instantly turn to dust. This made everyone anxious. If they could not have it, then they would not let others have it!

"This is mine! It's mine!"

"Those who snatch it from me will have to die!"

"If you want the Yan Huang Golden Bead, check how many lives you have left!"


"Lowlife, how dare you snatch the Yan Huang Golden Bead from me, a martial cultivator!"

The curses and swearing from the chaotic surroundings kept repeating. Wu Yu took a sweeping glance. At this moment, everyone was blinded by fury and even started hating each other. Many demons directly transformed into their true forms and fought with the people here. This caused a huge region of rocks and gravel to turn directly into finely crushed sand. However, the golden scorpion's surroundings were still a no man's land. No one could enter it, and those who entered would die.

That whole area was filled with all sorts of light and flying dao treasures. Among these were probably divine dao treasures as well. While Wu Yu was small, he knew that once he went near it, he would also instantly suffer from destructive attacks.

"I need a way, a way in!" His forehead was covered with sweat as he thought about a way to penetrate this dangerous encirclement to reach the scorpion.

Actually, no one was stupid. Like him, while they restricted each other from closing in on the treasure, they were also thinking of a way to get to the treasure. All of them were thinking desperately.

This place was too small. Wu Yu, of course, could not depend on the Somersault Cloud to jump in directly. That would never succeed. Besides, none of his mystiques could be used. His dao treasures were useless too. He thought that perhaps the Floating Dreams Pagoda could endure such attacks, but once he entered it, he would be thrown out. There was no way that he could avoid this destructive encirclement.

If he pushed the Infernal Sky Pillar in now, or any other advanced dao treasures, they would probably be destroyed directly. Those people did not even dare to probe forward with their divine dao treasures. This destructive encirclement contained the attacks of at least 100 people. Even people at the Regent's level would turn into dust upon entering.

This time, Wu Yu was very depressed. He was out of ideas. He could only wait, wait for a battle to break out in this group of people and for changes to happen. Anyway, he would stand guard here and hide. He would rely on his Invincible Vajra Body to hold out and prevent himself from dying. Then he would wait for an opportunity.

He had just made up his mind when he saw a strong, golden light exploding from the position of the golden scorpion. That golden light had just appeared when there was a whoosh sound and it actually broke out of this destructive encirclement. Its speed was quite horrifying. At the instant Wu Yu spotted it, it directly flew out of the experts' encirclement!

"Yan Huang Golden Bead!" The people saw it clearly. The thing flying in the sky was definitely the Yan Huang Golden Bead. At this moment, everyone gave up fighting among themselves and quickly gave chase. Of course, they were also worried that others would reach it first and hence would restrict their competitors first. The scene was still quite messy, but at least 50 of them had zipped up into the clouds.

Wu Yu did not expect the Yan Huang Golden Bead to be mobile. He thought carefully and realized that this was logical. He believed that the Ancient Emperor would not allow anyone to easily get the Yan Huang Golden Bead at the first level. The Yan Huang Golden Bead probably had terrifying mobility. This was also one of Wu Yu's predictions.

But now, he did not want to think too much. He directly used the Somersault Cloud, and this time he appeared below the golden vortex. The wind here was relatively fierce. Once he appeared, many huge rocks flew into him. He forcefully endured them and looked down. An eye-piercing, golden light was flying towards him!

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