Chapter 1044: The Giant Beast's Tail

There were a lot of experts in the Ancient Soul Tower. Wu Yu felt that he had to strengthen himself as things went on. Otherwise, there was no possibility to contest for the Yan Huang Golden Bead here, in a world where strength reigned supreme.

To be honest, even if one's strength reached the seventh tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm or above, it was not confirmed that they could get the Golden Bead, because there were too many competitors. Moreover, the Ancient Soul Tower was too mysterious and he could not guess what the Ancient Emperor's intentions were.

The treasures in the Yan Huang Golden Bead were enough for people to risk their lives for.

It was needless to say that for the princes and princesses, any one of them who was successful would be the next Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, the next immortal. This would make any prince and princess go delirious with greed in order to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

Wu Yu and Prince Le were just discussing whether to take the next step upwards. During this period of time, they asked a lot of people. Many of them had tried to go up and failed. It was rumored that some people had even died.

But this kind of aimless exploration tested one's patience. Eventually, they would all try their chances at breaking through the golden vortex above.

Wu Yu was now thinking whether he should try to go up on his own or bring them directly with him in the Seven Stars Fortifying Design.

Either way, he felt like he could not get any results if he continued to wander among the yellow sands. 

At last, Wu Yu decided to have a look. At least he needed to know how powerful that lightning was. If he could not bear it, he could escape to the bottom with the Somersault Cloud.

Prince Le and the others now listened fully and obediently to Wu Yu's arrangements. Without Wu Yu, they could hardly walk around in the Ancient Soul Tower.

At this time, Wu Yu moved the Seven Stars Fortifying Design to a higher position in the air, where the wind was blowing ever fiercely and the rock gravel flew like comets. One had to remain focused lest they get smashed dizzy if they failed to avoid even one boulder. Even with his Invincible Vajra Body, it would be very painful.

From here, it seemed like the black lightning in the golden vortex was a little less intense than expected. Wu Yu used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to transform his body to the smallest. In fact, if not for Prince Le and the others, Wu Yu would have reached the second level or even the third level.

However, this was the Ancient Soul Tower and the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital. It was impossible for him to leave Prince Le here. He was a popular candidate for the throne and position of future emperor.

Wu Yu did not know when the mirror outside would switch to him.

"Just a moment." When his body transformed to its smallest size, he was ready to go up. 

Unexpectedly, there was a change at this juncture. First, Wu Yu heard a very loud commotion at the back. It sounded like many people were shouting, accompanied by many fighting noises, dao techniques, and mystiques. The collision of advanced dao treasures, and even divine dao treasures, seemed to be reverberating all around. 

Then there was a huge movement coming from the ground below. Wu Yu saw the vast sea of sand under him shaking violently, as if a giant beast was galloping on it. He narrowed his eyes and could see from afar that there was a large amount of smoke and dust rising into the sky!

Of course, the so-called smoke and dust was caused by huge boulders falling into the sea of sand.

"What is that?" Wu Yu could see clearly with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. There should be a huge beast hidden in the sea of sand. As the body seemed to be buried in it, he did not know its real size. At this time, it was drilling through the sea of sand, coming towards Wu Yu. Although it was drilling forward in the sea of sand, its speed was beyond Wu Yu's limit. Wu Yu also felt that this would be a creature of horrifying might.

"Is it a demon? Sea region demon? Or a spirit of the universe? "

While he was still confused, he saw that the tail of the giant beast seemed to be exposed outside. If it was not a little crooked, it would be a golden pillar that stabbed towards the sky. The crooked, golden pillar was very huge, divided into sections, and the tip was very sharp. When you first looked at it, you would be confused, but with a closer look, it was like a tail of some kind of insect.

Wu Yu was a little shocked by this tail. This giant beast was probably a spirit of the universe in the Ancient Soul Tower. However, its size was at least ten times that of the largest Burnished Golden Ants that Wu Yu met before.

There was another difference. This spirit of the universe was pure gold. The materials that made up its body looked like they were of a higher level. Compared to the Burnished Golden Ants, this was more suitable for making higher level dao treasures, and in terms of quantity, there was a lot more.

But why was such a huge spirit of the universe running? Wu Yu doubted for a moment, and soon he saw why. That was because hundreds of experts were chasing after it! He glanced at the group. There were people from the Yan Huang Tribe, other martial cultivators, ghostly cultivators, demons, and sea region demons. A group of people mixed together, rushing to catch up with each other like mad people. They even attacked each other. Because of such attacks, they sometimes even fell behind.

Wu Yu glanced through them and realized that these hundreds of people were no weaker than him in combat effectiveness. It could be said that all of them were people who had been training in dao for more than 300 years. All of them were middle-aged people with rich experience and superior combat power. In any country, they were actually the pillars, and some were even leaders of some small countries.

Among them, there were a lot of people from the Yan Huang Tribe. Wu Yu recognized all the princes and princesses now. He saw that there were three princes and two princesses in this group. At this moment, there was no communication between them. Instead, their eyes were ablaze and they were chasing after the beast relentlessly, almost berserk. At the same time, they were also on guard against the others around them.

"What kind of treasure would attract so many experts to chase after it crazily?" At the beginning, when Wu Yu saw the giant beast, he was shocked. He had thought that it was coming for him. Actually, Wu Yu was not in the path of that giant beast. It and its pursuers actually passed by Wu Yu from far away. But because of the loud commotion, Wu Yu's thoughts of going to the golden vortex were disrupted. He naturally wondered what was going on.

His gaze landed on the tail of the giant beast, the only part that was exposed. The segmented, golden tail was like a chain. The end of its tail was sharp like the tip of a spear. Wu Yu could not help but look at the sharpest part. He realized that the sharpest part, which was conical, was actually transparent. Yet within that transparent cone, there seemed to be a golden light within.

When Wu Yu saw it, he was puzzled. He wondered why that thing looked a little familiar. Less than a second later, his heart skipped a beat. His nervousness spread from his feet to his head. In an instant, he was as jittery as a monkey!

"That's the Yan Huang Golden Bead!" Wu Yu couldn't believe his eyes. He was very familiar with the golden light in the transparent part of the tail. It was a small, golden ball. He also remembered that there was also the Ancient Emperor's insignia on that ball.

The Yan Huang Golden Bead was the ultimate goal of everyone who entered the Ancient Soul Tower.

When Wu Yu saw it clearly, he finally knew why those people all looked so crazy. They had spotted the Yan Huang Golden Bead at the first level of the Ancient Soul Tower. To be honest, he would be the same.

Wu Yu forgot to wonder why the Yan Huang Golden Bead had appeared in the tail of this spirit of the universe. Now it was time to fight with his life for every second. That was all the treasures of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. Although Wu Yu was fighting for Prince Le to become the future emperor, if he won the Yan Huang Golden Bead himself, he could get a large share of the treasures.

“Stay here. I'll come back as soon as possible."

There was not enough time. Anyway, Prince Le and his group did not see clearly. Wu Yu did not have time to explain it to them at this time. He asked them to stay here and not to walk around. He immediately chased the giant beast that was escaping from him. He had a certain advantage in speed. Of course, he wanted to catch it before everyone else.

"What's happen- " The Full Moon of Nanshan had not finished asking yet when Wu Yu used the Somersault Cloud. He disappeared before his eyes with a somersault. He did not see it clearly, so he was very puzzled now. The reason why Wu Yu had not asked him to come along was because the Full Moon of Nanshan's speed was too slow to catch up to it. Now only he could catch it.

“Listen to him, let's wait here. He always has his reasons," Prince Le said confidently.

When they were talking, Wu Yu jumped far away with his Somersault Cloud. His purpose was to intercept the giant beast and block its escape. He would be attacking from the front, which was better than that group of people who were blindly chasing after it. After all, that giant beast was really fast. It was like a fish in the sea of sand.

When Wu Yu just reached the position where he expected the other party to pass by, he could see thick clouds of smoke when he looked behind him. According to his estimate, the giant beast would appear in front of him in 10 breaths. At this point, he could not care about anything else. He directly used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and changed his body size and strength to the maximum. Then he used the Immortal Ape Transformation. He presented his strongest offensive form holding the Infernal Sky Pillar. Originally, he wanted the Heaven Devouring Avatar to attack at the same time, but considering the fact that there were too many powerful people behind this giant beast, it would be too troublesome if the Heaven Devouring Avatar was surrounded by them. If it were his real body who was surrounded, then he could escape easily.

Therefore, Wu Yu fought alone with his real body. In order to increase the possibility of success, he also directly used the Violent Art to double his already horrifying strength. At this time, the muscles in his arms were extremely strong, making him look more like a gorilla. There were flames fuming from his nose and fire raging in his eyes. In fact, Wu Yu had even prepared Paradise's Fiery Demise in order to disturb his opponent.

Sure enough, in his vision, the rolling sand sea caused by the giant beast, the tail with the Yan Huang Golden Bead within it raised, and the hundreds of top-level experts who were chasing after the giant beast all expanded rapidly and reached his eyes in an instant.

As soon as Wu Yu's eyes narrowed, the giant beast instantly raised large amounts of and stones and they flew towards him!

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