Chapter 1043: Second Level of Ancient Soul Tower

"Princess Phoenix Dawn taking on the Burnished Golden Ant alone is really impressive, even though this Burnished Golden Ant is smaller."

"I heard that Princess Phoenix Dawn is really young. She may not even be 50 years old yet..."

"That's impressive. She will definitely be as strong as the Phoenix Supreme in the future. She may even surpass the Phoenix Supreme and attain immortalhood. After all, she is an immortal beast. "

There were now fewer people on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform. They were either youths who had not reached the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm or people who were older than Prince Yu. The prior were children, while the latter were the strongest in the Jambu Realm.

The Phoenix Supreme, the Lord of the Four Seas, the royal family of Yan Huang Tribe, and the various emperors of every major martial cultivation empire like the Dark Sea Emperor, the Starry Skies Sword Emperor, and more. And there were many elders who were experts at the fifth tier of the Dao Querying Cultivation Realm or higher.

However, the Ancient Emperor was no longer at the floating platform. Everyone was more relaxed and were at ease to discuss the content shown in the mirrors.

The content displayed would change every twenty breaths of time and shift to another scene. There were nearly 50,000 people in the Ancient Soul Tower. Those who could appear here were no doubt the center of attention. This was broadcast probably at the behest of the Ancient Emperor.

For instance, a few older princes and strong, powerful people from 10,000 countries had appeared on the screens. However, they were fighting basically every time they appeared. It could be a battle amongst themselves or a battle with the spirits of the universe in the Ancient Soul Tower.

People like the Dark Sea Emperor did not speak much but watched seriously. Perhaps they knew more clearly that in such tests, there would be some deviants. To be honest, the treasures in the Yan Huang Golden Bead were very tempting. However, with a few hundred thousand people inside an uncontrollable place like the Ancient Soul Tower, the end result was the most important. 

Now only one mirror had images displayed. The reason these images could be displayed had to have something to do with the intricate and complex spirit designs of the Ancient Soul Tower. 

Just now, the images had shown Princess Phoenix Dawn and a group of demons from the Nanfeng Empire fighting with a few Burnished Golden Ants that had surrounded them. Princess Phoenix Dawn had requested to handle one alone. Everyone originally thought that she was just courageous. No one expected that she would fight so well and always hold the upper hand.

While the image changed before victory was shown, from their situation, Princess Phoenix Dawn and her group of young super geniuses was one group to follow.

"Where is the image with Wu Yu? That guy is with Prince Le. He is also a focal point. So many people have flashed past, but he has not been showcased yet. "

"I don't know. Perhaps he did not perform outstandingly well. There are many sixth and seventh tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators. There are even eighth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators. These super experts are the true protagonists of the fight this time. It's only normal not to show his progress. "

Actually, it was mostly the youths who were discussing excitedly. The entire Jambu Realm's attention was on the Ancient Soul Tower. One could say that every change in the mirrors would instantly spread throughout the entire Jambu Realm.

These top experts watched seriously and occasionally discussed among themselves. It was just that no outsiders could hear them.

Luo Pin paid a little more attention when they discussed Wu Yu. Originally, she was with the other mystical dragons. Actually, the Ancient Soul Tower did not have much to do with them. It was because of Wu Yu that Luo Pin wanted to remain here.

Perhaps she was also curious. With the amount of attention on Wu Yu, his images should’ve appeared. It could only mean that he had not battled yet.

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon, who looked to be closest to Luo Pin's age, asked expressionlessly, "Do you have confidence in him?" 

"That's not the case. I'm just a little worried and hope that he can come out peacefully. After all, no one knows the true intentions of the Ancient Emperor. "

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon frowned slightly and said, "I may be rude in saying this to you, but I still have to remind you. If the Ancient Emperor values his legacy, then we cannot help if he wants to snatch it from him or has other plans for him. The most terrifying being in this world is the Ancient Emperor. We are still weakened because of the incident with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Now we are finally recovering. We cannot offend the Ancient Emperor because of him. "

Luo Pin did not comment after hearing this. She only glanced at the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon shook his head helplessly and did not say anything more. As for whether she had heard it, he knew clearly that many people had tried to stop her from coming here, but she still pressed forward.

Even though they only came at the end.

It was unclear if this was because Wu Yu had saved her before, or if it was for other reasons.

At this moment, there was an unexpected uproar. Everyone looked up. Obviously, they had noticed the change in the mirror up there.

"The second mirror has lit up! "

"There are a total of nine mirrors! "

"What is that place? Fire everywhere? All types and all colors of flames. They look even scarier than the yellow sand in the first mirror."

When everyone looked over, they realized that there was someone in the sea of flames. The mirror image zoomed in on him until the audience could see who it was.

"The second mirror has lit up. Does it mean that this person is the first to enter the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower?"

"That should be the case."

"Who is that? I think I've seen him before."

"Of course you've seen him before. Can you see that word on his forehead? It stands for ‘Yu.’ That is Prince Yu, the one who dictated the upper age limit. He is the oldest prince!"

Prince Yu's movements were speedy inside the mirror. He moved around alone in this hot sea of flames.

"It's unexpected that Prince Yu would be the first to enter the second level. If this goes on, he may be the fastest to reach the ninth level. Actually, he is the prince that everyone underestimated the most. He usually keeps a low profile and never bullies others just because he is the oldest prince. He focuses on cultivating. While he is old, he will undergo a great transformation if he inherits the throne."

"Indeed. Many people found him old and did not really see him as important. But it cannot be denied that he is one of the strongest of these few hundred thousand people. Besides, he is also very decisive. It is not surprising that he is the first to reach the second level. It's a pity. Our Muxu Kingdom has many experts too. Why aren't many of them being shown in the mirror? "

"Actually, there probably are some who are stronger than Prince Yu, but Prince Yu was faster. The Yan Huang Tribe is indeed strong. They have too many elites. Even their speed of reaching the second level is far ahead of other immortal kingdoms." The general quality in the group was not high due to the open nature of this competition. Yet it was an individual from Yan Huang who had managed to reach the second level the quickest. This meant that there were true experts hiding in the mix.

In an instant, the discussions about Prince Yu spread to all corners of the Jambu Realm through Message Talismans.

This turn of events seemed even more exciting. Everyone could not help but feel a sense of exhilaration building up. They looked forward to it. Who would be the first to light up the ninth mirror? That might be the person to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead.


On the way, Wu Yu and the others met many Burnished Golden Ants who chased after them. The Burnished Golden Ants were of different sizes. The bigger the Burnished Golden Ants were, the more powerful they were. However, there were also small ones that Prince Le and the others could deal with.

Fortunately, they were not in groups. Occasionally, there were only two or three together. Wu Yu met three in a group at most, and they were all relatively small, so it was not that dangerous. He defeated the Burnished Golden Ants and picked up the corpses as they could serve as good materials for refinement.

Prince Le and the others also attacked. Those that they slayed belonged to them.


On the way, they met some people from the Yan Huang Tribe. They were all tired. On the one hand, they had to fight with the Spirits of Universe. On the other, they would face the revenge of the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms. So they chose to travel in groups. Some had gone up, but they all said that what they saw frightened them. Some people were even blown down by the mighty gusts before even reaching that golden vortex. Some others went in, but they retreated as they were frightened by the black lightning.

While Wu Yu searched around, his Heaven Devouring Avatar's main task was to form a blood bond with the two advanced dao treasures.

Time passed five times as quickly in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Five days in the Floating Dreams Pagoda would just be one day outside. Three days had passed, but it had been half a month inside the Pagoda. In fact, he had successfully blood bonded with the two dao treasures. The rest of the time was basically spent familiarizing himself with the spirit designs. As the spirit designs within them were quite mysterious, it would take a lot of time to master them.

But Wu Yu was not in a hurry.

In fact, in the past few days, he felt like he had traversed quite a distance and met many people, but they basically just crossed paths without communication. Now it seemed like everyone was just walking around at a loss in this endless world, and everyone could only try their luck. There was no trace of the Yan Huang Golden Bead. The small Yan Huang Golden Bead was hidden in such a large world. If one could find it, it could only be said that they were extremely lucky.

It could even be said that the only possibility was the Ancient Emperor personally delivering it to you.

Wu Yu thought that if they walked around aimlessly, the odds of them winning would not be good. On the seventh day, Wu Yu heard a rumor that someone saw some experts entering that golden vortex and they did not come down after entering, which meant that someone might have found a breakthrough point.

So at this moment, Prince Le was a little worried. Based on what had been said, the area above was even more perilous. Whether one could pass or not depended on luck.

Meanwhile, Wu Yu had become familiar with the two advanced dao treasures. Actually, a month or so had passed. He had been under the threat of the Ghostly Beheader before and had experienced escaping from death, so it was not difficult to understand. The only Offensive Spirit Design this Ghostly Beheader had was the Single Blow Beheader Formation. When it was activated, it would be the same as Wu Yu had once encountered. When he cut off his own head, he would decapitate the other party instead.

In fact, the Blood Coagulant Rapier was very similar. It had only one Offensive Spirit Design, called the Blood Coagulant Frenzy Formation. Its effects were also mysterious. It was unusual but very scary. When using this rapier to fight, triggering this spirit design could create chaos in the other party’s blood. It could either stop the blood flow or create a chaotic blood flow, forcing the other party to fall into madness. It would change constantly between stopping it and inflicting chaos within. This could drive people crazy. Its ability to kill was no worse than decapitation.

Wu Yu was getting more and more adept at mastering the advanced dao treasures. Although only a month had passed, there was no big problem in using these two spirit designs. And after the Heaven Devouring Avatar mastered the three advanced dao treasures, he would have more means to attack.

His combat power would definitely increase dramatically.

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