Chapter 1042: A Trap

The Blood Coagulant Rapier was still unknown to Wu Yu.

The Ghostly Beheader was really suitable for the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Wu Yu's real body would not really dare to use it.  

He might end up cutting himself instead of others in an attempt to use it.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was not afraid of being beheaded. Even if he failed to kill others, at most he would be beheaded. While the Ghostly Beheader was highly destructive, Heaven Devouring Avatar would only be hurt a little and he could recover easily by devouring a little. 

Now that he had the Ghostly Beheader, he thought that Golden Revel's Blood Coagulant Rapier was interesting too. Anyway, the other party had shown up at his doorstep, so he would not have to hold back.

Golden Revel's current mood was the opposite of how he felt previously. Now not only was his best brother gone, the other party had also humiliated him. And Wu Yu's last sentence had crossed the line. 

When had they, the Devilsky Seven, ever suffered such humiliation at the Devil's Capital?

At this moment, his eyes were bloodshot and had lost all the calm he had before. The fury in his heart was about to explode. However, when he looked into Wu Yu's eyes, he felt chills run down his spine. When he recalled Black Blade of the Valley's cold corpse being engulfed by the sea of sand, his fury was reduced by half immediately, leaving him with much fear.

Hence, at this moment, he made a decision.

"Let's go!"

They were actually attempting to flee. They really had no pride at all.

But Wu Yu had expected them to run. He could not help but laugh. Based on his ability, in this Ancient Soul Tower, in this world of sandstorms, it would be easier for him to attempt reaching the heavens than to run away from Wu Yu, who had the Somersault Cloud.

They were smart about it though. The six of them escaped in slightly different directions, but in general, they were still heading towards the same location. They had probably thought to split first before gathering again later. They were thinking that since Wu Yu had the burden of Prince Le and his group, he would not risk chasing them.

Most importantly, they thought that this rolling rockstorm would be of great help to them. This rockstorm was too heavy and their visions were obscured. As long as they pulled their distances apart, the other party would hardly be able to track them down.

This was especially so when they moved in the direction of the wind. Their speed practically increased by several folds.

Wu Yu did not have to say much when he watched them escape. With the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug protecting Prince Le and his group, Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi all gave chase almost simultaneously.

Golden Revel had thought that Wu Yu would be troubled by their scattered escape. He did not expect everyone on Wu Yu's side to immediately engage in pursuit. Wu Yu did not even pause.

Of them, Wu Yu's real body piloted the Somersault Cloud. His speed was terrifyingly fast and Golden Revel had not managed to escape far when he felt a shiver run down his back. He need not look to know that Wu Yu had almost closed the distance between them. This fear was a blow to his heart. It had been a long time since he felt such terror.


Suddenly, a tiny, golden person appeared in front of his eyes. That tiny person was only about half a chi tall. It was Wu Yu in his smallest form under the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. At the same time, it was his fastest form.

Yet by the time he noticed Wu Yu, Wu Yu had already transformed into a huge, golden immortal ape and directly blocked his path of escape. The Infernal Sky Pillar in his hands was held horizontally and directly blocked Golden Revel's path.

"Leave the Blood Coagulant Rapier. Then you can go." Wu Yu lowered his head and looked at him with a cold expression.

Golden Revel was intending to escape in another direction. However, at this moment, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi had already surrounded him. Even the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, which he had thought would be vulnerable, had arrived.

In the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, Prince Le and his group were speechless, especially Qu Fengyu and the others, who looked at Wu Yu differently now. To be honest, even though she had been stubborn ever since they met, she had a newfound fearful respect for Wu Yu now.

"Wu Yu, Prince Le! You have humiliated me too much. Our Devilsky Tribe will make you pay the price! The Ancient Soul Tower will not end simply. Many experts from our Devilsky Tribe have entered. If they learn of our humiliation, they will make you all pay!" The louder Golden Revel howled, the more it proved that he was uneasy in his heart.

"Oh? Do you think that they outnumber the people from the Yan Huang Tribe?" Wu Yu could not be bothered to listen to his useless threats. The five who had escaped actually did not turn back even when they saw Golden Revel being surrounded. They regrouped immediately and hesitated to approach him. They all had different expressions. They called themselves the Devilsky Seven, but now that their brother was in danger, they refused to come and save him. This only meant that they had questionable morals, which was also something Wu Yu despised. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan moved quickly at this moment. He did not use the Demonic Eye of Illusions. His personal illusion technique, Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon, was already very strong. At this moment, when Golden Revel was anxious and angry, his illusion had soundlessly penetrated into the other party's mental world. At the same time, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar and real body attacked.

To be honest, Golden Revel, being surrounded by Wu Yu and his group, had no chance of escaping, much less beating them in his current situation. After all, Wu Yu had defeated Black Blade of the Valley, who was on par with Golden Revel, with only his real body.

To be honest, the Full Moon of Nanshan's Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon was a great supportive technique. It was very easy for them to slay their enemies when they fought together. When he slightly affected the other party's mind, Wu Yu directly used the Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters to overwhelm the other party's attacks and defenses. No matter what abilities the other party had, with Wu Yu's swiftness, it would be difficult for him to retaliate. The Heaven Devouring Avatar's Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation would follow up next and surround the opponent. It directly froze their opponent into a giant block of ice. Their opponent would not be able to move at all. This was much colder than the ice from the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest.

Because of their impeccable cooperation, Wu Yu easily claimed the Blood Coagulant Rapier.

While his real body had not actually suffered under the power of the Blood Coagulant Rapier, from what the Heaven Devouring Avatar had encountered, the Blood Coagulant Rapier was no weaker than the Ghostly Beheader. If the Heaven Devouring Avatar could control these two advanced dao treasures, his battle power would increase greatly. This would be a great advantage in the Ancient Soul Tower.


Wu Yu kicked the ice sphere. The ice sphere with a diameter of nearly 100 zhang flew out in the direction of the remaining five. Along the way, a large amount of rocks and sand smashed into that gigantic target. Continuous explosions happened on the way, but they could not break the ice sphere made by the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation. The five other people could only force themselves to catch the sphere, but they were also blasted out far away. At the same time, they took advantage of the moment and ran away. 

Black Blade of the Valley and Golden Revel were their leader and second in command. Now one was dead, while the other was injured. Naturally, they dared not stay here anymore. If they did, even their treasures would be lost.

While they hated Wu Yu, they feared having to face him. This had become deeply ingrained.

At this moment, Wu Yu and his group returned to the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, studying the Ghostly Beheader and Blood Coagulant Rapier at five times the time. The Soul Peeler that he used previously was already stowed away, a redundant item. And they continued their journey. Their goal was naturally to find the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

"You've beaten the opponents soundly and even earned something. Congratulations. Wu Yu, while I rarely give my gratitude, I have to say it this time. I cannot do without you in this journey through the Ancient Soul Tower. In the future, no matter what results I achieve, you are my most outstanding officer. If we really can succeed, then you can take anything you desire in the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Wu Yu laughed and said, "Prince, you need not do that. I'm just fulfilling my duty."

At least now, he was Kingmaker Le. Only with this identity could the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi have a stable footing in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Hence, Wu Yu would undoubtedly help Prince Le. This was considered as taking what each needed.

However, when Prince Le said such a thing, it meant that he definitely realized Wu Yu’s importance. At this time, if Qu Fengyu continued to be rude, he would not bear with her. So now the other three remained quite silent as they realized that they could not help at all inside the Ancient Soul tower.

"What do you think we should do next? When I look at this world, I keep thinking it is a trap." Prince Le did not talk about the question before. He started to look around from within the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, then up and down, frowning slightly.

In fact, Wu Yu was also pondering the situation.

"It's a big world. I think that most of the others are the same as us after coming in. They are all very confused and they are all wandering around. Other than continuing to move forward randomly and trying your luck, you can only go up or down. Below is the sea of sand. It's easy to be buried under it. If you can't get out, you'll be in trouble. In fact, the most likely direction is to go up. Maybe it can lead to the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower, but it will be more dangerous as you go up, especially with that black lightning. It's probably going to be very troublesome if you are hit by it. Anyway, it will be a risk to go up. It will be good to see if anyone has already managed to do so. There is another way. I can go up alone, but I'm afraid I can't come back down after going up. In that scenario, we will be separated."

This was Wu Yu's guess and worry.

"In that case, it's better to walk around more in this world first and then communicate with others. There are quite a lot of people from the Yan Huang Tribe who came in. We can exchange experiences with each other when we meet," Prince Le said.

This was a good idea. Wu Yu also thought that it was not wise to go up and down without any careful consideration. Of course, he also knew that if there were really nine levels, it was unlikely that the Yan Huang Golden Bead would appear in the first level.

Unless, of course, the Yan Huang Golden Bead was not in a fixed position, but constantly moving.

Hence, they continued on their journey, advancing in the storm and dodging the rock boulders that were as hard and as fast as meteorites. Wu Yu's real body had been hit many times in the battle just now. It really hurt.

The yellow rockstorm raged ahead and the whole world was in chaos.

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