Chapter 1041: Suicide?

During the battle between Wu Yu and Black Blade of the Valley, the most fascinating moment was when Wu Yu lunged the Infernal Sky Pillar forward, broke through layers of heavy defences, and had the Infernal Sky Pillar pressed against his opponent's chest. To the astonishment of all, the Infernal Sky Pillar broke! 

Just as he almost pierced Black Blade of the Valley, the Infernal Sky Pillar abruptly broke into nine segments. This gave Black Blade of the Valley a shock. However, what further surprised him next was the nine different segments of the Infernal Sky Pillar morphing into nine giant crucibles before merging into one and trapping him! 

"Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design!" After successfully trapping Black Blade of the Valley, the other spirit design of the advanced dao treasure was triggered. Nine-colored flames formed nine seas of flames that constantly collided within the furnace and caused explosions. Wu Yu was stepping on the furnace and could clearly feel the tremors that were reverberating throughout the enclosed space. Within a breath's time, several hundred explosions occurred. Wu Yu had not experienced the might of the Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design. However, he had confidence in its destructiveness.... 

Although Black Blade of the Valley was being suppressed by Wu Yu, his strength was still rather compelling. For example, while he was bombarded by Wu Yu's attack, he could still put up a resistance. He constantly clashed with the Infernal Sky Pillar with his Ghostly Beheader, pushed it to the limits that the Infernal Sky Pillar could take, and finally broke out. Nonetheless, over this period, he was severely injured. After the All Cleansing God Eye Technique, the spirit design of the Infernal Sky Pillar dealt him another fatal blow! 

After he broke out, Black Blade of the Valley was charred black with wounds all over his body. This made his hideous appearance even more grotesque. As for Wu Yu, he had only suffered several cuts on his body. However, his Invincible Vajra Body was sufficiently resilient and the wounds had almost fully recovered. 

Black Blade of the Valley no longer looked like before. What was more frightening was that from all his wounds, new faces of evil ghosts were growing out. In a brief moment, these faces piled up on him. Even the human head on the Ghostly Beheader was making a tragic mourn and constantly chiming, "Behead! Behead!" 

"Wu Yu, you’ve forced me into this. Now die!" Black Blade of the Valley was forced into desperation. Typically, a ghostly cultivator could do anything in such scenarios. Wu Yu could see him raising the Ghostly Beheader. Black mist was circling the blade, and after a wretched cry, Black Blade of the Valley was swinging the Ghostly Beheader towards his own neck. 

"Quick! Immovable Nine Palaces Design!" 

Before this, Ming Long had told Wu Yu about this treasure. Although Wu Yu still had no idea why Black Blade of the Valley wanted to cleave his own head, he still used the Immovable Nine Palaces Design. 

Regardless, he still felt a sense of danger despite not understanding why Black Blade of the Valley would behead himself. 

When his Ghostly Beheader sliced down on his head, Wu Yu suffered an incredible blow unknowingly. The Immovable Nine Palaces Design was destroyed and the Infernal Sky Pillar even took damage. It was as though a formless blade had been placed upon Wu Yu's neck and was about to slice down mercilessly. 

"Somersault Cloud!"

The moment he had sensed danger, Wu Yu had made preparations. He summoned the Somersault Cloud and escaped from the sight of Black Blade of the Valley instantly. Through jumping between dimensions, he successfully jumped out of danger. Moreover, with his better mastery over the second tier of the Somersault Cloud, he didn't end up a long distance away. 

Steering the Somersault Cloud, he returned to his initial spot quickly. When he returned, he was shocked to see that Black Blade of the Valley was now a headless person. He couldn't tell where his head was, as it had fallen into the sea of sand below him. He still had a vice-like grip on the Ghostly Beheader, but Wu Yu could sense that he had lost all signs of life. 

He was dead! 

This time, Wu Yu was stunned. Moments ago, Black Blade of the Valley was trying to decapitate himself. Why would he feel the danger of death so close to him? Even the Immovable Nine Palaces Design was destroyed. 

However, why would Black Blade of the Valley lose his head after Wu Yu escaped with the Somersault Cloud. And he was dead now? 

"This is where the Ghostly Beheader is so mysterious. One of its Offensive Spirit Designs is known as the Single Blow Beheader Formation. This spirit design came from ancient times and is extremely mysterious. It's hard to decipher, as it dabbles into the cycle of karma. To put it simply, although he appeared to be decapitating himself, he was actually doing it to you. Unless you could stop him or defend against it, you would definitely be beheaded. If you hadn't used the Somersault Cloud in time, your head would probably be rolling the ground right now. However, once you avoided it and he failed, the cycle of karma applied on himself and he decapitated himself. This spirit design is pretty risky." 

"It's that complicated? Nonetheless, he got himself killed. I had nothing to do with it. Moreover, he sure was audacious." 

After learning the truth, Wu Yu moved swiftly. He wasn't interested in his corpse but was intrigued by the Ghostly Beheader. Although that was a dao treasure of a ghostly cultivator, the one using it would determine the nature of it. Moreover, the extremely mysterious spirit design was like an art. It might not have been created to be a ghostly cultivator's dao treasure. 

“You dare to keep it? He's dead because of you! Aren't you afraid that the Black Demon Aide will look for you after you get out?" Ming Long asked. 

"What is there to be afraid of? We are in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. What could he possibly do to me?" Wu Yu knew clearly that since the owner was dead, the advanced dao treasure wouldn't be the thing people worried about. Nonetheless, he had no intention of killing Black Blade of the Valley. Black Blade of the Valley had died because he had committed suicide. At the very least, reason was on the side of Wu Yu. As such, there was nothing to be afraid of. There were things that were beyond his control and naturally wouldn't be avoidable. 

With no one stepping in, the corpse of Black Blade of the Valley soon fell towards the sea of sand below him. In no time, it was swept away. 

Due to the death of Black Blade of the Valley, all the battles came to an abrupt halt. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had been holding Golden Revel back. Speaking of Golden Revel's Blood Coagulant Rapier, the spirit design within it could even manipulate the blood in one's body, causing huge damage from within. However, the Heaven Devouring Avatar didn't have blood to begin with. Therefore, he was able to suppress Golden Revel easily. If Golden Revel didn't stop, it wouldn't be long until the Heaven Devouring Avatar defeated him. 

On the other end, the remaining four were locked in a protracted battle with the Full Moon of Nanshan and the rest. One of them had gone after the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, but the Seven Stars Fortifying Design wasn't shaken in the least. The one named Xiaolin Youji couldn't break it at all. Only Qu Fengyu was so intimidated that her expression paled. 

"You killed Black Blade of the Valley!!" Golden Revel exclaimed, inducing a halt to all the battles. The remaining five dashed over and still couldn't locate the corpse of Black Blade of the Valley in the sea of sand. 

"Take a closer look. It is him who tried to kill me with the Single Blow Beheader Formation. He failed and died in the process. Don't assume I'm not aware of the effects of the Ghostly Beheader. Regardless, I'm Kingmaker Le. Since he tried to kill me, he deserved to die in the process. Am I right, Prince Le?" Wu Yu played with the Ghostly Beheader in his hand and looked at Prince Le with a smile. 

Prince Le had calmed down at this point. He nodded and answered, "I saw everything clearly as well. Wu Yu had no intention to kill him. On the other hand, Black Blade of the Valley attempted to kill Wu Yu but ended up getting himself killed. You guys can forget about accusing us when you get out of the tower. I have recorded the entire battle. When we get out, everyone can come to a conclusion after watching it. Black Blade of the Valley indeed tried to kill Kingmaker Le. Now that he's dead, he deserved it!" 

Prince Le was smart. He knew he couldn't help in the battle and therefore had used a small dao treasure similar to the Shadower to record everything around him as evidence. 

Golden Revel had never expected the Single Blow Beheader Formation to fail and Wu Yu to know about its effects. What he had not expected the most was for Prince Le to record everything. He wanted to humiliate them initially. However, not only did one of them end up dead in the end, they were also humiliated. 

They were visibly fuming, embarrassed beyond limits, and feeling extreme grievances. Golden Revel's eyes even turned bloodshot. One of them had died and the other party even had incriminating evidence against them. Once the people outside the tower saw it, Black Blade of the Valley would definitely have died in vain. Moreover, the seven of them would be mocked for not knowing where they stood. This experience would be harder to endure than death.

"Return the Ghostly Beheader! That's the belonging of Black Blade of the Valley!" They were being suppressed in various aspects and had utterly shamed themselves in the process. Although they felt like their hearts were being nibbled by ants, they were beginning to be fearful of Wu Yu and the group after losing one man. This was a complete defeat. All they could do was try was to attempt to retrieve the Ghostly Beheader. This treasure belonged to the Black Demon Aide and everyone had noticed Wu Yu store it in his Sumeru Pouch. 

"If you want it, come and get it!" Wu Yu was more direct than they had expected. He simply opened up his palm and acted nonchalantly towards them. 

Golden Revel gritted his teeth and threatened, "You! Wu Yu! If you dare to rob the Devilsky Tribe of its treasure, the Black Demon Aide and my father, the White Demon Aide, will never let you off! Hand over the Ghostly Beheader immediately or you will definitely regret it!" 

The Full Moon of Nanshan tittered, "Grandson, I heard you. Call me ‘grandpa’ 100 times and I'll return the treasure to you. This is a fair deal! We have shown mercy towards you. If I were you, I'd call us grandpa 10,000 times if I could get a treasure like this. Haha...." 

Golden Revel, Quan Taiyue, Xiaolin Youji, and Shouye Jianyu were fuming. Tension shot through the sky as they stared at the three of them. If it wasn't for the fact that Golden Revel was holding the group back, the next battle would have erupted instantly from the humiliation. 

"Let's go. Rest assured, the Ghostly Beheader isn't his and he won't hold it for long. His greed today will cost him in the future." Golden Revel had admitted to his failure. Now he was trying to hold back his fuming comrades and was preparing to leave. 

Although the rest were grieving, they knew that this was the best way for them to leave now. Remaining here would be more perilous and Wu Yu was way more frightening that they had imagined. 

"Wait a minute. Who told you that you guys can leave?" Just as Qu Fengyu and the rest heaved a sigh of relief, Wu Yu's words made her feel a sense of tension. 

"What do you want?" Golden Revel turned around, squinted, and stared at Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu took a look at him and said, "You guys can leave, but you have to leave the Blood Coagulant Rapier behind. I have my eyes on it." 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar could use the Ghostly Beheader and the Blood Coagulant Rapier. Although the two dao treasures didn't have as many spirit designs as the Dark North Royal Obelisk, they had over 400,000 spirit designs each. The key was that they had clear, distinct features and were very suitable for the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Furthermore, Heaven Devouring Avatar's Primordial Spirit wouldn't have an issue controlling the three dao treasures. 

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