Chapter 1040: Ghostly Beheader, Blood Coagulant Rapier

Actually, Wu Yu could not lose as long as the Seven Stars Fortifying Design held.

Even in the midst of danger, the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug was a formidable power. Even if one or two went to chase the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug, they would not pose much of a threat.

If not for the Dignified Archer Elemental being stationed in the Ancient Demon Realm, it could even help now with support from the shadows. Although it might not be able to threaten Golden Revel and Black Blade of the Valley, its threat was still huge for the other five.

Wu Yu's real body and avatar had taken up a bitter fight against his opponents.

He had no way of watching over the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, and could only spare a bit of attention to keep tabs on the battle. After all, he had complete faith in the two. 

The hardest part of this battle was where Wu Yu was!

They were both fourth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators, and both were elites of the Devilsky tribe. They were even more powerful than the Blood Poisoner and Midnight Specter, and their advanced dao treasures, dao techniques, and mystiques were all the best amongst the Devilsky Tribe.

Before they fought, Black Blade of the Valley watched Wu Yu turn into a golden immortal ape and scoffed, dissatisfied at his transformation.

"That's your mystique? Sounded very powerful but looks lackluster. Watch now."

He retreated a step back, while Golden Revel remained in front to hold back Wu Yu and his clone. Black Blade of the Valley's body began to grow.

"10,000 Vengeful Souls Transformation."

Some ghostly cultivators pursued evil. They had no yardstick of good or evil. Their life of immortal dao had only the single goal of strength. For this goal, they would litter the ground with corpses, and killing their own parents was not out of the question either.

In order to train a mystique to its fullest, such people would not even bat an eyelid at killing a million people. Black Blade of the Valley's mystiques were probably all like that.

His body, like Wu Yu's own Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, was warping and expanding. The advanced dao treasure armor grew alongside him. However, he looked grotesque after he grew. His arms, neck, and even legs had changed from their original black skin to now feature the faces of evil ghosts. When his body reached nearly five zhang, every inch of his skin was covered in ugly, snarling faces. It was definitely the most repulsive body that Wu Yu had ever seen.

The ghastly aura was indeed heavy in this body, and the evil ghost faces were sneering maliciously. Black mist puffed forth from their eyes, ears, mouths, and noses occasionally.

Each evil ghost face seemed to belong to an individual, with their own expressions. Black Blade of the Valley seemed like the culmination of all these countless corpses. A mortal who laid eyes on him might well be frightened to death.

Wu Yu could feel this person's might.

At the same time, he pulled out a huge, black cleaver, heavy with the stench of blood. A human head hung from the sword hilt, and it was alive. It hooted and clamored when he pulled it out. "Yan Huang Tribe? Can I cleave it? I want to cut the heads of the Yan Huang Tribe."

Such an opponent was chilling indeed.

"I know that blade. It's called the Ghostly Beheader. Prepare yourself. It's especially good at taking heads," Ming Long warned him steely.

This did not intimidate Wu Yu.

In contrast with Black Blade of the Valley, Golden Revel did not change much. He pulled out a rapier of fine steel. A line of blood ran down the blade. He cut an elegant figure with his sword, bending in the wind like a willow. But the bloody part of his rapier was like a viper, watching Wu Yu intently. Wu Yu could tell that the spirit designs within this rapier were comparable to the Ghostly Beheader’s. Both were elite advanced dao treasures.

"Just a clone? I have them too." Golden Revel let out a scornful laugh upon seeing Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. Black Blade of the Valley had already mirrored Wu Yu's Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, and now he wished to one-up Wu Yu in terms of clones. He drew his advanced dao treasure sword across his own finger, scoring a small wound. A few drops of blood welled, growing as they fell. Soon, five Golden Revels stood around him. A total of six, including the real body, and they kept one guessing as to which was real.

"Seems like my Blood Droplet Clones mystique is better than yours." Golden Revel scoffed casually. Done with the taunting, he and Black Blade of the Valley nodded to each other.

"I will have this wretch kowtow to me and call me grandfather. How's that?" Golden Revel guffawed.

"That won't do. He has to call me grandfather."

"A Yan Huang tribesman should have no problem recognizing two grandfathers. We'll have him call us that 100 times and then we'll let him go."

Such petty taunts had no effect whatsoever on Wu Yu. While they were exercising their mouths, Wu Yu decided to exercise his initiative and attack them first.

"Paradise's Fiery Demise!"

From his eyes, the power of the Eyes of Fire and Gold burst forth in an instant. Ghostly cultivators were affiliated towards the cold, and were actually deathly afraid of the Yan Huang Tribe's dao techniques and mystiques. Paradise's Fiery Demise flashed out as quick as lightning, the power of the sun concentrated in the two eyes. In a flash, Black Blade of the Valley and Golden Revel were instantly engulfed by the flames. One huge, golden eye was in the sea of sand beneath their feet, and one more was in the sky. The two huge, golden eyes, above and below, had completely trapped Black Blade of the Valley and Golden Revel in this sandstorm!

The two eyes came to life, twin pillars of fire blasting out in apocalyptic fashion. The two columns of fire, fundamentally different in quality, met in the middle!


The golden fire swept everything up in its wake.

It was indeed not easy to kill these two with Paradise's Fiery Demise alone. They each used an assortment of mystiques to escape it. They were not seriously injured, but Golden Revel's Blood Droplet Clones that he was so proud of had been destroyed. This sent him into a rage.

"You dare to send them back to me? My Blood Coagulant Rapier will take your life!"

Wu Yu had always been the direct type. His response was 10,000 Unshackled Doppelgangers. As they rushed out of Paradise's Fiery Demise, they saw Wu Yu's 10,000 clones staring coldly at them.

"All Cleansing God Eye Technique!"

Calling the Unshackled Doppelgangers was all for the sake of unleashing his dao technique, and it was the new All Cleansing God Eye Technique that he had picked up in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques as well.

Wu Yu's mystiques were all related to the eyes, and this was the same as well. But it was on a much larger scale. With 10,000 Wu Yus surrounding them, the blinding light combined into a dense beam. Wu Yu's real body was in the mix as well. Just as the two escaped from Paradise's Fiery Demise, they were greeted by a barrage of All Cleansing God Eye Techniques. Each clone had two beams of light, penetrating like swords. This was as though there were 20,000 sharp swords piercing Black Blade of the Valley and Golden Revel.


Just as they escaped one danger, they were thrown straight into another. The only thing that the two could do was fend off Wu Yu's relentless attacks!

But they had forgotten about Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest!"

In the sky above them, Wu Yu's clones had opened a gap for the Heaven Devouring Avatar to rush in. Brandishing the Dark North Royal Obelisk, 10,000 swords formed an icy rain that fell over the area of effect of the All Cleansing God Eye Technique. A rain of icy swords filled the skies!

Black Blade of the Valley and Golden Revel had just endured the All Cleansing God Eye Technique when they were surrounded by the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest. Especially Black Blade of the Valley - his huge bulk was an easy target that took thousands of blood-riddled hits. And the flesh that was hit continued to wither like a dead plant.

Golden Revel was the same. He was riddled with bloody holes. The originally prim and dashing youth was aging like an avocado. This was the power of the All Cleansing God Eye Technique, and they were immediately swamped by the Heaven Devouring Avatar's ice.

Within the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, Qu Fengyu had just been worriedly asking Prince Le if Wu Yu and the others would lose. Although the battle was not yet over, she was told to shut up.


In the same moment, the black ice created by the Dark North Royal Obelisk had been slashed through by Black Blade of the Valley and Golden Revel. Both appeared charging from different directions!

One look at their faces and Wu Yu knew how frustrated and mad they were in that moment. For example, the evil ghost faces on Black Blade of the Valley's body were raving and spitting, voluminous black mist spewing from their orifices. The black mist immediately ate through even the rocks that it touched!

Not pressing his advantage was not Wu Yu's style at all. Just as Black Blade of the Valley charged out from the ice, Wu Yu's huge real body descended on his head. The nine different segments of the Infernal Sky Pillar crashed down on his head. His opponent was wearing advanced dao treasure armor, but Wu Yu still laid into him with his own close-combat specialties. The Infernal Sky Pillar welcomed him, whistling through the air. Any rocks and sand that it came into contact with were pulverized to dust!

Bang, bang, bang!

In short order, Wu Yu sent the Infernal Sky Pillar smashing into the Ghostly Beheader multiple times. His ferocious onslaught beat him back step by step, and one arm was even completely rendered useless by Wu Yu. Hundreds of faces yelped and whelped, and Wu Yu smashed them too.

Over at the other side, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was suppressing Golden Revel!

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