Chapter 1039: Devilsky Tribe

Prince Le's face was stern.

But they burst into laughter upon hearing this, as though Prince Le had said something amusing.

Their strength was at a level where Wu Yu would have nothing to fear, but he was being burdened by Prince Le and the other three. He could simply flee if he could not beat them.

But this was different. It would be difficult if they fought.

Of course, Wu Yu was not going to shy away because of this. He would fight any battle that came to him here at the Ancient Soul Tower!

As long as he protected Prince Le and the others well, there was always a way out.

The roaring laughter was derisive. After it ceased, Golden Revel was still smiling widely. "Alright, I won't hide it. Your powerful lieutenant, that Wu Yu guy, fought the Spirit of the Universe. We all saw it. He's quite something. You're just unlucky to have met us. We are all good guys, so we're not asking for any of your treasures today. We just want the corpse of that Spirit of the Universe, that’s all. We won't bully you either. We'll leave immediately."

"You can't blame us either. That Spirit of the Universe was originally our target, but you snatched it away. We're just taking back what's ours," Black Blade of the Valley said tersely, with a hard edge to his voice.

They were indeed bold. So they coveted what Wu Yu had taken. The sizable corpse of that Spirit of the Universe was worth a pretty penny indeed.

The Yan Huang Tribe members, especially in the Immortal's Capital, were under the protection of the Ancient Emperor, the foremost power. They were not often challenged by foreigners.

They were not used to it. After all, this was still the Immortal's Capital.

Qu Haoyan said in a ringing voice, "Are your brains addled? Think carefully. The one before you is a prince of the Ancient Emperor! Our Prince Le of Yan Huang! You are not only impertinent, you're trying to snatch our spoils! Where did you get such brazenness? And you even dare to tell us your names? Do you think nothing will happen to you?!"

When Qu Haoyan finished, they roared with laughter again. There was no need to ask more. Their conceited laughter was enough that they both had the ability to back their words, and the status to immunize them from retribution.

Quan Taiyue said, "A mere prince? Who do you think you are? You should already have prepared yourself to be challenged by the likes of us before you entered the Ancient Soul Tower. Ordinarily, we wouldn't get a chance to challenge the Yan Huang Tribe. But things are different in the Ancient Soul Tower. This is specially granted by the Ancient Soul Tower, for us to teach you high and mighty brats a lesson!"

Xiaolin Youji sniggered as well. "The Yan Huang Tribe calls themselves first in the world, and thinks they're something special. I doubt they are. If not for the Ancient Emperor protecting them, there would be no difference between the Yan Huang Tribe and our Devilsky Tribe, I bet. Besides, you princes and princesses are all sheltered and spoiled. When it comes to getting your hands dirty, how can you compare to us? The way I see it, there are a lot of princes and princesses, but they're probably all invalids."

Shouye Jianyu chimed in. "We're not afraid to say this. It's common knowledge, after all. The Ancient Emperor is happy for you to come in and compete with us. Perhaps the Devilsky Court alone is not enough. But even if there were more of you invalids, you're still the ones who oppressed us. The Ancient Emperor doesn't forbid it, and he's cocked up this time. No way are the tributes of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage going to the Yan Huang Tribe."

"There were two girls from the Yan Huang Tribe that we captured just now. They were terrified and on their knees when we were done with them. This Ancient Soul Tower is a paradise for us. What Yan Huang Golden Bead - that's unimportant for us. We just want to humiliate the Yan Huang Tribe, see them pathetic and pleading, prince or not."

"We will defeat you with raw power. And the architect of this Ancient Soul Tower has nothing to say, right?" Golden Revel concluded to general laughter. They had probably nursed their enmity for a long time. Their sentiment on the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage was all too clear now, as well as their envy and hatred towards the Yan Huang Tribe. Perhaps they had not felt afraid when the Ancient Emperor had killed Yin Bingjian, but were simply nursing more fear and hatred.

Prince Le would not back down. Firstly, they were making fun of the Yan Huang Tribe. Secondly, he was worried about the battles here in the Ancient Soul Tower. While there had been more Yan Huang Tribe who had entered, but their average strength was weaker, and the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms were nursing long histories of resentment and hatred. These seven were definitely not the only ones. Many battles might be occurring now. They might not commit murder or cross the Ancient Emperor's bottomline, but they would beat them down, rain verbal abuse, and snatch their treasures, shattering the pride of the Yan Huang Tribe.

In the past, there had been no the Ancient Soul Tower, and in the few bouts, they would not be as brazen. But now, within the Ancient Soul Tower, those outside might not be able to see. Besides, they felt that defeating Yan Huang Tribe members through a fight was exactly the test that the Ancient Emperor had designed for them. They were naturally happy to oblige.

Therefore, Wu Yu understood their feelings. The corpse of the Spirit of the Universe was but an excuse. What they truly wanted was to humiliate Prince Le and crush his spirit. Make him feel that without the Ancient Emperor, the princes, the princesses, the Yan Huang Tribe - all of it was nothing in the Jambu Realm.

These words had made Qu Haoyan and the others fly into a rage, and even Prince Le struggled to keep his temper under control.

"Wretched ghostly cultivators! You dare to spout such nonsense before Yan Huang Tribe members! Despicable! No matter how much you bluster, you can't change your own pathetic reality. The Ancient Emperor gave you a chance to fight us. But such a pathetic tribe like yours will never be able to stand up against us!" Qu Fengyu raged.

The more she ranted, the more they laughed. Golden Revel said, "Little girl, when you are defeated and kneeling before us, we will have you repeat those words 100 times. Or we will not forgive you."

Those words revealed their intent to humiliate Prince Le. Even if Wu Yu gave the Burnished Golden Ant's corpse to them now, they would probably still not leave.

Prince Le could only turn to ask Wu Yu now.

"Can you finish them off?"

Wu Yu had not spoken this whole time. He had already identified their intention to fight from the onset. This was inevitable, and it did not matter if he was a Yan Huang Tribe member or not. What mattered was his position, and his affinity with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He stated his position. "I am not fully confident. But we must still fight. Prince, no need to waste your breath on them. You all wait in the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. The three of us will fight them."

He, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi.

"I will help," Qu Haoyan said.

"Don't. You will only give them a chance to shame you."

Wu Yu and the other two were definitely no match for the seven of them. But the confusing environment was advantageous to both Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan. In any case, they might be hard-pressed to win, but they would definitely not lose.

As unhappy as Qu Haoyan was, he had to hold himself back.

"Nanshan, you coordinate with Xixi to take on those five. It's no easy task. Protect Xixi well. You don't have to take them down. Just stay safe," Wu Yu instructed.

"Oh, I'm good over here. You sure you can handle those two?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was referring to Golden Revel and Black Blade of the Valley.

Wu Yu gave a cold laugh. "I might not win, but I definitely won't lose." He had many mystiques, such as the Somersault Cloud. In this turbulent environment, it would be incredibly difficult for them to beat Wu Yu.

A pity that the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug was dedicated to protecting them. It would make the enemies lose a lot of their power. If Prince Le and the others had not been here, Wu Yu would have saved the breath and just taken them all on.


They appeared outside the protection of the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared by his side, white-haired red-eyed, and with the Dark North Royal Obelisk in hand. It was an imposing sight.

On the other side, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had teamed up. Wu Yu was not worried about Ye Xixi. She had fused with the All Amalgamating Cat. Even if they could not beat their opponent, she could still transform into black sand. In this confusing environment, she could be blown around and come to no harm.

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, with the Demonic Eye of Illusions and his other mystiques, the superior numbers would not be effective against him. The only worry was that he would be unable to fully occupy their attention, and they would turn their attacks towards the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. That would be trouble.

"Just you three? The other four kids are going to cower away?" Golden Revel snorted upon seeing them.

Wu Yu said, "Against you worthless wretches, we don't even need the Prince. The three of us are enough to take out the trash."

Black Blade of the Valley said, "I hear your reputation is quite something, Wu Yu, surpassing that of Prince Le. Today, we'll test it for ourselves. This Prince Le is a coward. Have you turned the tables on him and subdued him?"

This person was reticent, but had a quick mind and a poisonous tongue to match.

"Experts would cut the crap. Let's see what you've got." Wu Yu hefted the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters. Switching to his Immortal Ape Transformation, his own brutal aura burst forth.

"Not bad. Defeating a famous guy like you, we seven brothers will be famous." Golden Revel chuckled.

With the sandstorm blowing, there was debris everywhere. Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan had already coordinated beforehand, and they attacked separately but simultaneously. Alongside the Heaven Devouring Avatar, their four factions lashed out at once. Wu Yu could hold the two without difficulty, while the Full Moon of Nanshan's Demonic Eye of Illusions activated, keeping the other five occupied.

While this happened, the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug rushed out of their surroundings, going far away to prevent them from being swept up in the fight. After Prince Le was safe, Wu Yu could fight without care.

"Nanshan, Xixi, work together." Wu Yu's blazing eyes were turned on them.

They both smiled.

Life might be short and bitter, immortalhood a faraway dream. But in this life, being able to fight by each other's side and living and dying together, nothing was more important.

"Kill!" "Kill!" 

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