Chapter 1037: Burnished Golden Ant

Within the vast sea of sand, the rocks were like the waves of the boundless seas. Countless rocks gathered together to form rock waves that constantly crashed violently. 

The rocks and sand in an area could travel 100 miles in the blink of an eye. 

Therefore, it was still difficult to see what was within the sea of sand clearly. 

Even with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu couldn't see deep into it. 

However, he could clearly sense a humongous creature crawling within the sea of sand. 

Wu Yu raised the defensive intensity of the Seven Stars Fortifying Design instantly. However, the more he increased it, the stronger the gale in the sky was and the greater the speed of the flying rocks. 

Unexpectedly, a giant rock smashed into them directly. After a deafening boom, the rock was smashed into smithereens and Wu Yu's Seven Stars Fortifying Design took a heavy blow and was knocked back a long distance. It almost crashed into another rock. 

The group of seven in the Seven Stars Fortifying Design were knocked confused from the collision. 

Just as they stabilized themselves, they heard a scream. Wu Yu also sensed danger. When he looked down, he saw the sea of sand below him explode. A large hole was opened and the surrounding rocks and sand were scattered in all directions. 

From that opening, an incomparably huge creature dashed out. At this instant, they could only see blinding, gold light. Immediately after, Wu Yu picked up a strong sense of danger. Clearly, the creature that had suddenly emerged had locked on to Wu Yu and the group. 

Wu Yu steered the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug away as soon as he could. The Seven Stars Fortifying Design morphed into a spherical ball of light that flew away quickly. To his surprise, the humongous creature was still chasing them relentlessly. If Wu Yu was alone, such a humongous creature couldn't catch up to him. However, the movements of the Seven Stars Fortifying Design couldn't be as quick. Therefore, the pressing issue was to shake it off amidst the terrifying sandstorm. 

When the group looked back, they could see a colossal ant big enough to cover the sky. Moreover, it had a pair of transparent wings. The wings were like two swords moving terrifyingly within the air. Any rocks that came close to the ant would be instantly crushed into powder. Although it was colossal, it wasn't affected by the sandstorm at all. This wasn't surprising, as it lived in this place. 

Taking a closer look, Wu Yu saw that the ant was made entirely of metal and looked extremely tough. When the rocks smashed onto its body, they were crushed instantly. The metal had a dullish shade and wasn't glittering. Instead, it looked a little cold. If they were outside the tower, a Burnished Golden Ant would be numerous times smaller than a human. In the Ancient Soul Tower, even Wu Yu with Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth would be insignificant to it. 

"What is that?" Qu Fengyu, Baili Zhuihun, and the rest exclaimed in horror. 

The Seven Stars Fortifying Design was constantly moving, but the Burnished Golden Ant was still following. From how it had smashed through so many rocks and could disregard the sandstorm, it was likely hard to deal with. 

"It isn't a demon. It is most likely a Spirit of the Universe." Wu Yu observed with his Eyes of Fire and Gold for a while before coming up with this conclusion. 

"Yeah, it's a Spirit of the Universe. Spirits of the Universe are all born in unique environments. In a place like this, it's common to find a Spirit of the Universe. To deal with the sandstorm, its body is almost entirely forged from precious treasure-class metal. At the very least, it would be created with precious treasures with eight spiritual marks to 10 spiritual marks," the Full Moon of Nanshan commented. 

Seeing the approaching Burnished Golden Ant, Qu Fengyu asked anxiously, "What should we do, then? Shake it off! Quick! Couldn't you accelerate more?" Wu Yu was too lazy to answer her. He had been observing the Burnished Golden Ant for some time. 

"Perhaps others will also encounter Spirits of the Universe like it. I believe there should be quite a number of such Spirits of the Universe in this place." It seemed to look at them as its prey. If Wu Yu could shake it off, he wouldn't be bothered to attack it. However, based on current circumstances, the Burnished Golden Ant was too fast and could move without any obstructions within the sandstorm. It was almost impossible to shake it off. Moreover, the surrounding rocks were getting more and more cluttered. This made it even harder for the Seven Stars Fortifying Design to continue escaping. 

Wu Yu made up his mind and informed Prince Le, "I'll go finish it off." 

"Are you confident?" asked Prince Le. 

"I'm not sure. Let me give it a try first since we have no other options. You guys wait in here for a while. If I can't handle it, I would be back instantly." After speaking, Wu Yu was prepared to leave. The Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug would control the Seven Stars Fortifying Design on his behalf. 

At this juncture, Qu Haoyan, Qu Fengyu, and Baili Zhuihun wouldn't dare to act otherwise. All they could do was stare blankly as Wu Yu left. 


Wu Yu had expected to be challenged within the Ancient Soul Tower. This would be the very first step he would take.

"Let's just take it as honing myself with battle." Wu Yu believed a Spirit of the Universe like this would specialize in physical clashes. 

The moment Wu Yu appeared, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth almost instantly. After reaching the third tier, he enlarged rapidly to almost six zhang. For an ordinary person, he would be a giant that was comparable in size to a demon. However, he was still like a toy in front of the Burnished Golden Ant. 

Obviously, it had turned all its attention onto Wu Yu. 

Although Wu Yu was slower after casting the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, he was still more agile than his opponent with the Swift Art. The nine-colored Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters emanating nine-colored flames enlarged instantly to seven or eight zhang long and two feet in thickness. This was a huge pillar for many people, but just a staff in Wu Yu's hands. 

The Burnished Golden Ant didn't slow down at all. Wu Yu intercepted it and became a giant golden immortal ape after casting the Immortal Ape Transformation. Golden flames blazed in his eyes and he was like an Unrivalled Demon King that had charged out of a sea of flames. He was holding the Infernal Sky Pillar with both hands. 

When the Burnished Golden Ant charged ahead without regard for anything to smash Wu Yu into pieces, Wu Yu released explosive physical body strength. The Infernal Sky Pillar swept across the sky and reduced all rocks that collided with it into powder. 


After a deafening explosion, the remaining six that were within the Seven Stars Fortifying Design could see the Infernal Sky Pillar heavily smashing the head of the Burnished Golden Ant. Immediately after, the giant body of the Burnished Golden Ant deviated from its initial path and plunged into the sea of sand below them, sending towering columns of rocks into the air. 

They could vaguely see a dent on the head of the Burnished Golden Ant. 

Wu Yu was knocked back a long distance as well and crushed several rocks along the way. Acknowledging Wu Yu's strength, Qu Haoyan and the rest were impressed. 

Wu Yu still felt like the situation wasn't optimistic. This was because he wanted to destroy the Burnished Gold Ant with that strike. However, he had not expected his incredible strength to only leave a dent on it. When the Burnished Golden Ant was getting up, Wu Yu could also see the dented portion rising up slowly. Although it was gradual, it would likely recover within 60 breaths of time. 

Really hard to deal with! 

Moreover, it was staring furiously at Wu Yu after Wu Yu injured it. 

"I have an advantage when dealing with a Spirit of the Universe that is made entirely out of tough metal. After all, they are a little like puppets. Ordinary dao techniques and mystiques might not be as effective as me smashing with brute physical strength, since it has a body that isn't afraid of being burned, shocked, or cut. For others, even if they are at a higher cultivation level than me, they would likely have trouble with it. In fact, running might be their only option." The Burnished Golden Ant would be a huge challenge for the majority of those that had the guts to enter. Wu Yu didn't feel like those in the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, like Prince Le, could survive in this world. 

Moreover, as long as the Yan Huang Golden Bead wasn't found, no one could leave. Everyone would have to endure this place. Although they could hide, hiding beneath the sea of sand might only be a little safer. There was still a certain probability of death. 

"The Ancient Emperor didn't clearly warn us about the dangers of this place." 

Over the first day, probably 10,000 people would be so intimidated that they would leave. At the very least, they still had the option to do so now. The only worry might be that they could no longer locate the road back to the black vortex after entering the sandstorm region. 

Wu Yu could only sigh. He couldn't possibly back off. Moreover, the Burnished Golden Ant had now locked on to him again. It had tough armor and razor-sharp feet. All of a sudden, it let out a weird scream before dashing towards Wu Yu. 

This was a rare physical brawl. 

Wu Yu was too lazy to think about what dao techniques and mystiques to use. He felt like they wouldn't be effective against the Burnished Golden Ant. Therefore, he relied on the physical strength he gained from his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, triggering the spirit designs of the Infernal Sky Pillar, adding his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, and casting his Eyes of Fire and Gold to torch his opponent from time to time. 

This physical brawl almost turned the sky and earth over and was an eye-opener for Prince Le and the group. They could see Wu Yu locked in a protracted battle with the Burnished Golden Ant. From the sky to the ground, and even into the sea of sand, their brawl sent countless rocks and debris scattering. The Infernal Sky Pillar constantly clashed with the body of the Burnished Golden Ant, causing low and deep collision noises. The piercing screams of the Burnished Golden Ant were also sending chills through the scalps of the group.

All of them could only admit that this Spirit of the Universe was a whole new level of difficulty. It wasn't any different from Wu Yu when he tried to conquer the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug. To sum it up, it had a tough hide. In terms of speed, the Burnished Golden Ant couldn't compare to Wu Yu. Therefore, Wu Yu was mostly using his agility to overwhelm his opponent and leave countless wounds on it. 

After several hundred smashes, taking several strikes from it in the process and almost having his stomach split, Wu Yu finally smashed the Burnished Golden Ant into scrap metal. The Burnished Golden Ant fell to the ground and was beyond sight. Similar to when he was battling puppets, Wu Yu could see that it was no longer showing any signs of life. Most likely, it had finally died. 

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