Chapter 1035: Soul Tower's First Level

When Wu Yu's group of seven was heading into the Ancient Soul Tower, many people were still rushing over from all corners of the Immortal's Capital. 

As for the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, they also took flight and dove into the black vortex at the bottom of the Ancient Soul Tower after receiving instructions from their seniors and getting ready. 

Less than half an hour had passed since. Judging from the situation, there would be at least 60,000 people joining this challenge. 

Some immortal kingdoms were regretting not bringing more people over. Otherwise, they would triumph over the Yan Huang Tribe in terms of numbers. 

This was also because those who were here this time were the elites. Therefore, their numbers were lower than the Yan Huang Tribe. However, in terms of overall strength, the Yan Huang Tribe was a tad weaker. After all, they had to compete with the entire Jambu Realm. Others cooperating was to be expected. 

"Don't get too separated," Prince Le reminded as the group were about to reach the black vortex. 

Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi were extremely close together. 

After speaking, they dove into the black vortex like everyone else before them. The black vortex was made up of mist and felt like water. The moment they came into contact, they felt like they were trapped and pulled by an immense energy. A huge force came from above and wrapped around every single person like a giant's palm. Shortly after, they were pulled and thrown up. 

"Perhaps this is the power of an immortal...." 

Wu Yu understood that this was similar to others entering his Floating Dreams Pagoda. Currently, he did not have full control over the Floating Dreams Pagoda. If he did, he would know everything that anyone was doing in it. He would be an immortal-like existence inside it. 

Clearly, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor could control everything happening within the Ancient Soul Tower. 

Perhaps the upwards-pulling force acting on all of them was emitted by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

Almost instantly, they were pulled a far distance. When light entered their eyes again, the forces that were around them dissipated and they felt more relaxed. 

It was sufficient to say that they had entered the Ancient Soul Tower. 

Wu Yu stabilized himself instantly and surveyed his surroundings. He realized that they were suspended in mid-air and there was a black vortex below them. That was where they had come from previously. 

"If the Ancient Soul Tower is a living creature, didn't we just enter from the anus?" The Full Moon of Nanshan wasn't nervous at all and was still in the mood to make a joke. 

"Crude!" Qu Fengyu rolled her eyes and showed clear disgust. However, she was soon overwhelmed by what she saw in this world. 

Wu Yu was feeling the same as well and therefore wasn't really listening to what the Full Moon of Nanshan had said. 

He turned around and continued surveying his surroundings. 

It didn't feel like they were in a dao treasure or an immortal treasure of the gods. Rather, this was an extremely real realm. 

It was just as he had expected initially. The only mirror that was lit up was showing a storm ravaging in a yellow sand world. That was a place with a boundless desert and sandstorms everywhere. The yellow sand was tumbling and howling in the air while grains of sand were rolling on the ground. 

The area above the black vortex where he was currently was serene. However, once he left the area, he would enter the range of the sandstorm. 

However... There was something that had exceeded Wu Yu's expectations entirely, and it was the most shocking thing to everyone. 

In this place, they seemed to have shrunk. Perhaps even an ant would be much larger than the current them. 

Why did they feel so? 

This world seemed to be covered in an endless region of sand. 

However, these seemingly sand-like objects were extremely huge. Basically, they were all above three feet in diameter. Contrary to what he saw when he was outside the tower, they were actually large, faint yellow rocks with razor-sharp edges that filled the entire world. 

This wasn't just a desert, but one formed with countless large rocks. 

If Wu Yu used Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, he could reach roughly six zhang in height. If he could grow to 30 zhang, these rocks would be like sand to him and this place would be the desert that he saw when he was outside the tower. 

To sum it up, it wasn't the desert that had grown. Rather, it was they that had shrunk. From their perspectives, each grain of sand was at least three feet in diameter. 

Even if Wu Yu grew to six zhang, the grains of sand would be as large as marbles. 

How crazy was the gale to have blown up "sand" that was at least three feet in diameter? Furthermore, this was all around this world, and this sandstorm, perhaps more appropriately called a boulderstorm, could be seen in various locations! 

Even on the ground, these rock-like grains of sand were constantly tumbling and rolling. A single gust of wind could sweep up countless rocks that would fall from the sky shortly after. Enlarging a desert by several hundred times to 1,000 times before placing ordinary people in would give the horrifying scene that Wu Yu and the rest were seeing. 

Giant, razor-sharp rocks were rolling and tumbling through the entire world. The collisions on the ground were random and frequent and the rocks in the sky were like meteorites that zoomed past the sky under the strong wind. Within their vision, they could see billions of them. They were so fast that if a martial cultivator was hit directly, it would be a major blow. 

This was the reason why Qu Fengyu was stumped. The moment they entered the place, the Ancient Emperor had shown a magnificent scene. 

Wu Yu was surprised for a moment but quickly calmed himself. First, he was mentally prepared that the Ancient Soul Tower would be a dangerous place. 

Second, most of the challengers had left the black vortex and entered the range of the storm after their initial shock and hesitation. Those that arrived after them were also in a rush to proceed forward. 

There was only one Yan Huang Golden Bead that was extremely small. Although this world was huge, it wouldn't dampen the courage of the challengers to search and plunder. 

Although the rockstorm in this world was massive, several tens of thousands of people had arrived within a short period before dispersing in all directions. When Wu Yu lifted his head and looked around, he could still see many people that had just left the vicinity of the black vortex. Some of them were from the Yan Huang Tribe, some were other martial cultivators, some were demons, and some were ghostly cultivators. Nonetheless, everyone looked like they were in a mess. Most people entered the region of the rockstorm as groups. However, they were thrown around and separated by the strong winds the moment they entered. Some couldn't even withstand the strong winds and flying rocks, so they returned in horror. 

The area above the black vortex was a safe zone. Several thousand people had gathered in this place, and most of them were members of the Yan Huang Tribe who were at the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. They were younger than most, with many below 100 or even 50 years old. They were here with the intention for an adventure, but when they saw a storm like this, they couldn't muster the courage to step out. Now, they still had a day to consider if they would want to participate in this trial. 

The chances for them to succeed were slim as only one person would emerge victorious. Obviously, this was an exceedingly grand event that one would regret if they missed it. 

Naturally, there were also over 20,000 people that had entered the sandstorm and dispersed within. Some had cultivated for 400 years and were powerful Dao Querying Realm experts. For example, the 10 or so princes and princesses had likely separated and headed into the depths of this world. They were the strong contenders and would fight for every second. 

Looking down, many people were still flooding in. When they first arrived, almost all of them would exclaim and stop in their tracks out of horror. Their burning greed was instantly dampened by half. 

"This place is so terrifying. We...." Qu Fengyu was looking a little pale. 

"If you are afraid, you can head back. We won't need you anyway." Ye Xixi couldn't see eye to eye with her since they first met. After all, Qu Fengyu was constantly dissing her. 

"What are you? How dare you speak to me in such a manner. Don't..." 

"Shut up!" Before they really got started, an internal conflict broke out. Prince Le was a little annoyed and thus chided and interrupted Qu Fengyu. 

Prince Le would never back off. Moreover, he was one of the favorites this time. 

Whilst they were quarrelling, Wu Yu looked at the sky. Yellow sand blanketed the sky and masked his vision. When he was outside the tower, he never thought that the sky would be so high. Based on his estimation, this should be the first level of the black and gold Ancient Soul Tower. The tallest point of the sky should be the bottom of the second level of the tower. 

He focused with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. When an opening showed up between the tumbling rocks from time to time, he seemed to see a golden area surrounded by countless streams of golden mist. However, as the color was too similar to the rocks, he couldn't be completely certain. He inspected more carefully and realized that the area was just covered in golden mist. However, he saw something that resembled black lightning scampering through the golden mist shortly after. 

“Perhaps we can only reach the second level by going up," Wu Yu thought to himself. 

"Logically speaking, the Yan Huang Golden Bead won't be in the lower levels. Rather, it should be on the ninth level. Therefore, we should be heading up." Nonetheless, Wu Yu only saw the rest heading out in all directions. Perhaps they couldn't see what was at the very top. 

However, when he saw the black lightning, he had an extremely intimidating feeling. If he was alone, he felt like he could give it a try. However, his mission was to assist Prince Le. Other Kingmakers or Queenmakers would definitely not act individually at this juncture and would be following their princes and princesses. 

"Getting anxious about this challenge won't be helpful. It shouldn't be a competition of speed to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Moreover, who knows if the Yan Huang Golden Bead is actually hidden in the first level?" 

There was a tremendous amount of uncertainty regarding this entire trial. 

"Let's go." At this point, Prince Le could no longer wait after seeing so many people having made their way out. 

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