Chapter 1034: Nine Mirrors

When the Yan Huang Golden Bead entered the Ancient Soul Tower, it had ignited the pressing desires in many people to enter and undertake the challenge. 

Perhaps they had a lingering worry that the Ancient Emperor was just fooling them and they might be treated unfairly in the Ancient Soul Tower, or even become the stepping stones for the rise of a certain prince or princess. Nonetheless, and more importantly, the opportunity to win all the tributes from the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage was unprecedented. 

Therefore, nothing would douse the passion that was raging in each of the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms. As for the members of the Yan Huang Tribe, they wouldn't need further motivation. Anyone that fulfilled the requirements started charging towards the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, seemingly afraid of missing out on this. 

Many people had never witnessed a grand event like this. 

Just as the blood was boiling and emotions were running high, nine huge square mirrors appeared around the Ancient Soul Tower, facing towards the lives below them. 

Each mirror was over 10 kilometers in length and breath. With nine large mirrors hanging in the sky, nine huge shadows were cast onto the divine continent. 

The nine mirrors were reflecting the images of the lives below them, and many could find their reflections in the mirror. 

All of a sudden, a grandiose image was shown on one of the mirrors. It was a world filled with sand and there was a storm ravaging. Grains of yellow sand blocked out the sky and tumbled through the atmosphere. Most likely, that was a desert. 

No one knew where the image shown by the mirror was, and many conjectured the mirror was probably showing what was inside the Ancient Soul Tower after discussing among themselves. This was because the Ancient Soul Tower had nine floors and there happened to be nine mirrors. 

"When you guys enter the Ancient Soul Tower, you might be shown on the nine mirrors. The Ancient Emperor will naturally allow those outside the tower to witness some exciting scenes within. As for those that are in the tower, anyone could be shown on it for all to see." 

As such, those that remained behind could still see everything within. People like the Dark Sea Emperor were especially concerned about this. With the majority of the elite experts remaining outside the tower, they would be more at ease to send the younger generation into the tower.


However, no one could really tell what the Ancient Emperor was thinking. Therefore, no one was certain who would show up on the mirrors. 

For those that would be entering, they wouldn't know when they would be seen by others as well. 

This made Wu Yu feel a little pressure. All along, he felt that moving in secrecy would be the best option. However, with more thought, he realized this was the territory of the Ancient Emperor. There was probably nothing that could escape his eyes in this place. 

He obviously would enter. He was the center of focus now. If he didn't enter, many people would definitely be curious. In fact, the Ancient Emperor might even request him to enter. 

Moreover, who wouldn't be interested in the treasures in the Yan Huang Golden Bead? 

"Also, there's something that everyone should note. There's a certain level of danger in this challenge. The Ancient Emperor won't restrict killing in the tower. Dying in the tower is something to be expected. Obviously, if anyone chooses to kill for the sake of killing, don't forget that you might appear in the mirror at any moment. For those that are killed, their seniors might be watching." 

What the Regent had said made things a lot more interesting. 

There wasn't any restriction on killing. 

There were only restrictions on blindly killing others. 

In that case, should anyone attempt to kill? This was because no one could ensure they could keep their murder secret. For example, if anyone killed someone from the Dark North Tribe, the Dark North Tribe would also be watching. When the culprit eventually exited the tower, the Dark North Tribe would definitely go after the person. 

This undoubtedly would make everyone a little wary. However, Wu Yu felt that death was inevitable after that statement was made. 

"Also, one has to endure the various challenges after entering the tower. Before someone gets the Yan Huang Golden Bead, no one is allowed to leave the Ancient Soul Tower. There's a possibility for anyone that enters to be tortured for a long period, even up to a year. Death is also a possibility. Therefore, I hope that everyone will consider a little longer before making the decision to enter. Obviously, all the princes and princesses that fulfill the requirements have to enter.

"The Ancient Soul Tower will be opened soon. Those that enter will only be allowed out at the very end of everything. The entrance will be opened for a day. Therefore, everyone will have a day to consider. Obviously, for those who have thought it through, you could enter the tower first." The Regent continued giving details of the challenge. 

At this point, it was very clear for the crowd. 

The rewards up for grab this time were like a dream for many people. 

There were also many people who fulfilled the requirements. 

However, the Ancient Soul Tower was an unknown place and might be filled with dangers of death. 

Anyone that entered would be trapped in it until someone obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead. 

Nonetheless, for the precious treasures and honor, for venting the frustration of travelling miles and miles to offer their tributes, for pride and challenge, and for the opportunity to shock the world, there were few that would be willing to drop out among the human cultivators, demons, and ghostly cultivators. 

At this moment, the golden and black bell that was hanging on the Ancient Soul Tower suddenly rang. The deep and ancient sound reverberated through the silent Immortal's Capital. It was rapid and added on to the anxiety that many people were feeling. Shortly after, one could see the solid bottom of the Ancient Soul Tower getting softer. In the end, it turned into a vortex made of black mist. That vortex was expanding at a rate visible to the naked eye. Within ten breaths of time, it became over 30 zhang wide and the area of the vortex was huge. 

Everyone knew that this was the entrance to the Ancient Soul Tower. 

Boundless mysterious energies seemed to be emanating from that black vortex. 

472 years old. This age encompassed all the experts that were born in the last few hundred years. They had reached an elite level and many of them were in their prime. There were also some genius characters around the age of 200 to 300 years that were considered supreme experts in the Dao Querying Realm. 

All the martial cultivators, ghostly cultivators, demons, and sea region demons in the Jambu Realm were eager to make a move. 

At this moment, the Regent announced, "The Ancient Soul Tower is now open and will shut automatically after one day. Regardless of who you are, you can enter and join the group to search the Yan Huang Golden Bead as long as you fulfill the requirements!" 

He was announcing the beginning. 

When the Regent completed his announcement, many people could no longer hold back. 

Everyone was afraid they would be a step slower in searching for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. They had long made up their minds. There was no precious treasure that came without the risk of death. Therefore, most of them didn't show any hesitation and even fought to get inside in the first instance. 

Wu Yu could see they were competing in speed after the Regent made his announcement. 

Whoosh, whoosh!

All of a sudden, numerous columns of humans started heading for the Ancient Soul Tower. They were fighting to get ahead and conflicts were taking place along the way. Nonetheless, such conflicts didn't last long as they darted for the vortex and quickly vanished before the crowd. 

It wasn't just the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms. In fact, many members of the Yan Huang Tribe were anxious to get in too. Many provincial lords and generals would fulfill the requirements. Initially, they were here to watch the show. Now that the rare opportunity surfaced, they didn't give way to the princes and princesses and were eagerly charging ahead. 

Some people wanted to consider a little longer. After all, they had a day to make their decision. However, when they saw others rushing to get up, they couldn't keep their cool. Therefore, they also darted into the vortex in the heat of the moment. 

Wu Yu could see each prince and princess bringing along several people. They looked confident and probably knew it wouldn't matter if they got up a few moments earlier. The Yan Huang Golden Bead wasn't something that one could get just because one arrived at the place first. Therefore, they took their time until the entrance was no longer as congested before gathering their people and heading upwards. 

In the short period earlier, more than 30,000 people had rushed in. At this juncture, many Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms were still on their way. On the side of the Yan Huang Tribe, there were still people gradually arriving from all places. Although they knew they had a day until the entrance closed, they couldn't wait further and entered the tower anxiously. 

Wu Yu also saw Princess You Xue forming a group with several dozen people from the Dark North Tribe. With so many elite experts protecting her, Wu Yu wasn't too worried about her safety. 

"Wu Yu. Let's go." Prince Le was getting a little anxious too as most of the princes and princesses had entered. He was the youngest and didn't have superbly powerful followers. Since he couldn't get helpers in a short period, he could only rely on Wu Yu. Although he could have waited another day and made a last attempt to gather more aides, he was more worried that the Yan Huang Golden Bead would be gone after a day. 

Wu Yu was a little hesitant. He wasn't afraid of death but was wary of the Ancient Emperor. He was still worried that the Ancient Emperor was plotting against him. 

However, after much thought, he knew that he had no reason to remain behind. Moreover, he was just guessing what the Ancient Emperor might have in mind. 

Therefore, he still chose to take the risk. Even if it wasn't for the Yan Huang Golden Bead, he wanted to face the challenge bravely and overcome it. It was impossible for him to avoid a super grand event like this. 

Opposite of him, the Phoenix Supreme had ordered several demon kings to follow Nangong Wei into the Ancient Soul Tower. On their end, many demon kings also fulfilled the requirements. Now they were seeing Nangong Wei as the most important person. 

Perhaps it was provocation, but before Nangong Wei went up, she glanced at Wu Yu and smirked. 

She had entered as well. 

The area was rather empty now and Wu Yu saw Luo Pin. Initially, she was a little worried about Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu had told her it would be fine. 

In the mystical dragon race, none of them that came fulfilled the requirements. Otherwise, there would be another hot favorite. 

"Are you going in?" asked Luo Pin. 

"Yeah." Wu Yu nodded. 

"In that case, I'll remain behind. Perhaps I could still see you. This is a really rare opportunity. Work hard." Luo Pin smiled faintly. 

With her encouragement, Wu Yu felt courage welling inside him. At the very least, she was still watching him from the outside. If she saw him.... 

"If I go into Ancient Demon Realm, she could probably take care of Wu You for me." Wu Yu had asked her to help protect Wu You if that day really arrived. 

Obviously, he was just being cautious.

Prince Le was getting restless. After setting his goals, Wu Yu and the rest soared through the skies and entered the Ancient Soul Tower! 

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