Chapter 1033: Yan Huang Golden Bead

What the Regent had announced were the venue and requirements. Those were the limits and not what the crowd really wanted to know. 

The challenge devised by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor personally for the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms to clash with members of the Yan Huang Tribe had drawn almost the full attention of the crowd. Everyone had their eyes wide open and their hearts in their throats. 

From Wu Yu's perspective, Prince Le seemed to be feeling so as well. Perhaps this challenge would affect the competition for the throne to become the future Yan Huang Emperor. 

The Regent cleared his throat, raised his voice, and announced sternly, "Conveying the message from the Ancient Emperor. For the challenge in the Ancient Soul Tower, the Ancient Emperor will store all the treasures received from this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage into a small, golden ball. Whoever can find this small, golden ball will be the sole victor of this challenge. This person shall receive all the treasures given in this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage!" 

After the announcement was made, the crowd was speechless for at least a total of ten breaths of time. Everyone had their eyes affixed on Di Shatian before turning and staring blankly at the Ancient Emperor. 

Wu Yu was dumbfounded and Ming Long even blurted, "Oh damn!"

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were stupefied, while the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, all members of the Yan Huang Tribe, and all others throughout the Jambu Realm who heard the announcement were in a state of daze. 

At this moment, perhaps even Luo Pin, the Phoenix Supreme, and the others at their level had to wonder carefully if they had heard the announcement wrongly. 

When they saw the expressions on others and felt the same way, many were on the verge of tears. 

"You guys didn't get it wrong. The victor shall receive all the treasures from this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage!!" The Regent's voice was loud, clear and emotional as he repeated his words! 

The reason why he acted so was definitely because even he was envious of the prize! The shame was that he was older than Prince Yu. Otherwise, he might also have entered the challenge. 

What did all the treasures from a 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage signify? 

Wu Yu couldn't imagine at the moment. He only knew that those similar to the Dark North Kingdom would have to prepare at least 10 divine dao treasures, numerous immortal medicines, immortal essences, talismans, and precious treasures. For immortal essences and precious treasures with ten spiritual marks, they would at least have to offer north of 100. For advanced dao treasures, they would have to put up over 100 as well. This wasn't because the Dark North Kingdom was wealthy and extravagant. Rather, if they didn't do so, they would end up the same as the Snow Expanse. 

The Dark North Kingdom was just one of many kingdoms. Kingdoms and forces that were on the same level as the Dark North Kingdom numbered at least in the 20s or 30s. This time, over 1,000 forces had brought gifts. What would the total amount be like? The person who received them would have the second most treasures in this world, just behind the Ancient Emperor. 

The total wealth would be comparable to a ginormous immortal kingdom. The wealth of an immortal kingdom belonged to all her people. As for the wealth that one could get from the challenge, it would be one's personal wealth. 

Wu Yu could see elite existences like the Dark Sea Emperor, the Dead Souls Demon Lord, the Raging Thunder Supreme Lord, the Phoenix Supreme, the Starry Skies Sword Emperor and many others gasp in surprise. This was because they were getting restless. On the one hand, anyone would be interested in getting this wealth. On the other, they knew that whoever received it would definitely become stronger. For their own forces, it would be a major blow. 

The Ancient Emperor had gone a little overboard. What he had announced had exceeded everyone's imaginations, just like igniting a heavyweight bomb in the middle of the crowd. For him to even offer such a crazy reward, Wu Yu could feel his body heating up from the temptation of the rewards. This went without saying for the other people as well. From their perspectives, once the Ancient Emperor made his announcement, he wouldn't be able to go back on his word. An immortal like him wouldn't make a joke like this. 

This was definitely the most excitement-inducing event in the last 10,000 years. 

While everyone was overwhelmed with shock and couldn't say a word, they could see over 1,000 Sumeru Pouches piled up before the Ancient Emperor. At this moment, the Ancient Emperor took out a small, golden ball that had a diameter of roughly an inch. There were some engravings on it, most likely an engraving of himself. When he swung out his arm, those Sumeru Pouches went into the small golden ball. Immediately after, the Ancient Emperor flicked the golden ball towards the sky. Before the watchful eyes of the crowd, the small, golden ball penetrated the bottom of the Ancient Soul Tower and went into it. The crowd couldn't identify where it was, but they knew that the treasures from the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage were now inside the Ancient Soul Tower. 

"You guys can call that small bird the Yan Huang Golden Bead. As for the rules in the Ancient Soul Tower, whoever fulfills the requirements is allowed to enter the Ancient Soul Tower. The one who truly obtains the Yan Huang Golden Bead will be the victor. Whoever can bring it out can make it one's personal belonging." The Regent was agitated as he added on to his initial announcement. When he made the statement, Message Talismans had likely transmitted the message to all corners of the Jambu Realm. Those who had not attended the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage could only feel regretful. 

Yan Huang Golden Bead! 

Everyone's eyes lit up with fervor when they saw the Yan Huang Golden Bead enter the Ancient Soul Tower. All members of the Yan Huang Tribe that fulfilled the requirements were rushing over frenziedly in hopes of being in time for the sudden grand event. 

Wu Yu also saw the Yan Huang Golden Bead vanish before his eyes. 

"The Regent said ‘truly obtain.’ In other words, even if I have the Yan Huang Golden Bead in my hand, it might not be considered as ‘truly obtained.’ There should be some catch to his words," Wu Yu reminded himself. He knew clearly that there would be tens of thousands of people competing for it. Among them, many were at the level of Prince Yu. Truly obtaining the Yan Huang Golden Bead would probably be a daunting task. 

Why would the Ancient Emperor make an arrangement like this? Wu Yu was puzzled. Previously, Wu Yu thought that he was too domineering. The Snow Expanse hadn't brought the required tribute and their ambassador had been killed directly. However, the Ancient Emperor was placing these tributes as the reward now, suggesting that he wasn't too concerned about them. What was his motive for wanting to determine the victor among all these people? Could it really be like what he claimed? To truly challenge the living creatures in the Jambu Realm? 

From his words, Wu Yu could tell that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was positioning himself as the immortal to the entire Jambu Realm rather than the emperor of Yan Huang. He was giving off the vibe that he was the protector of all living creatures. If Wu Yu was looking from this perspective, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor setting up this grand event wouldn't be any issue. 

Just as Wu Yu was pondering, the Regent spoke again. This time, he looked in the direction where the Yan Huang Tribe and all the princes and princesses were and said, "There's a different scenario for this challenge. Any prince or princess that obtains the Yan Huang Golden Bead will also become the new emperor of our Yan Huang Ancient Country! If none of the princes or princesses obtain it, the matter of the throne shall be deferred to 200 years from now." 

This announcement stirred up another commotion again. For the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, this didn't concern them. Therefore, they only exclaimed out of surprise. The ones who were feeling the heat from this were members of the Yan Huang royal family. This piece of information was too explosive. Any prince or princess that could get the Yan Huang Golden Bead would become the new emperor directly.... 

The Ancient Emperor was being blunt and direct. On the one hand, he had spoken about assessing the experts in the Jambu Realm. On the other hand, he had placed the selection of the future emperor into the same grand event. This made things a lot more interesting as the competition for the throne had always been between the princes and princesses. 

However, if any of the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms got the Yan Huang Golden Bead, none of them would become the new emperor. 

The key was that the Ancient Emperor would only reconsider the matters of the new emperor in 200 years. For people like Prince Yu, they would likely perish before then.... 

Although Prince Le was young, 200 years was also a long period of time for him. 

Therefore, none of the princes and princesses would want to wait another 200 years. 

For the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, they might choose to obstruct the princes and princesses from winning. Having been forced to offer tributes, they now had an open opportunity to not only stop the new emperor of Yan Huang from appearing, but also a chance to obtain numerous precious treasures. This would be a form of revenge, and they would be more than willing to do so. 


This subtly exacerbated the conflict between the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms and the members of the Yan Huang Tribe. For the Yan Huang Tribe, they would hope to have a new emperor as soon as possible. However, there were likely many people who wanted the Yan Huang Golden Bead for themselves. After all, the challenge put up by the Ancient Emperor would definitely have to convince everyone. 

Wu Yu could see agitation and restlessness growing among many people. It was especially so for the princes and princesses, many of whom had bloodshot eyes. 

Prince Le's breathing was also getting more rapid. He turned to face Wu Yu, visibly a little anxious and disappointed. "From how it looks, everyone has an equal chance and I'm not receiving special treatment. Moreover, strength will be the most important attribute in the Ancient Soul Tower. Prince Yu and the rest probably have a higher chance than me." 

Wu Yu shook his head and answered, "We still have no idea about the challenge. Strength might not be the sole factor in that place. I'm sure the Ancient Emperor has everything arranged. Prince, you don't have to worry about it. Once we get in, we will try our very best to assist you. I feel that everything has a course set in place, whether it is obvious or subtle. Prince, all you need to do is your very best." 

The truth was, Wu Yu still felt like the Ancient Emperor's arrangement was for the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms to be their stepping stones or the leaves to a flower. He would likely arrange for one of his descendants to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Therefore, there was a good chance that the Ancient Soul Tower was just a set up for the princes and princesses to compete. 

Perhaps some of the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms might have the same thoughts.

However, they wouldn't want to give up the opportunity to compete for those precious treasures. 

Moreover, some were confident that the Ancient Emperor wouldn't be so unscrupulous, considering that he was an immortal. 

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