Chapter 1032: A Shocking Moment

For everyone present, the mystical dragon tribe was the most enigmatic group.

The fact that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor would single out Luo Pin was already surprising enough.

And what he had asked was if Luo Pin had the confidence to pass the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao in 10 years, and fly as an immortal....

Amongst the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, the Dark Sea Emperor said to those beside him, "The Lord of the Four Seas is that powerful? For a mystical dragon tribe member, she must be considered very young. Therefore, if she is already so strong now, she has many chances to reach immortalhood." 

"That's incredible. That means that she's destined for immortalhood. It's just a matter of time," Princess You Xue replied enviously.

"Everyone has their own opportunities and fate. To each their own dao. Do not be hasty," the Dark Sea Emperor said warmly to her.

"Yes, Father." Princess You Xue nodded glumly.

It was not just them. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's phrasing had filled the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms with surprise and envy. Luo Pin's status had risen to a new peak within their regard.

There were at least a dozen more present of a similar cultivation level to her, and perhaps even stronger. Yet these people were all near the end of their lifespan, and had no confidence in challenging the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao.

In their eyes, Luo Pin and the Phoenix Supreme were at the same otherworldly level. The difference was that Luo Pin was younger than the Phoenix Supreme.

Wu Yu was shocked to hear it too. However, he knew that Luo Pin was at the peak, and he had more or less estimated it. It did not devastate his will, it only strengthened his determination.

With all eyes watching, Luo Pin answered lightly, unfazed by the Ancient Emperor, "Dao soars with a will of its own. To this junior, all is left up to the confluence of dao and fate. I cannot assert confidence that 10 years will be sufficient. Such a number is unimportant. I believe that a wholehearted focus on my dao will yield results."

At such a juncture, allowing the Ancient Emperor's question to be turned to pressure and tunnel-visioning on the number of 10 years would negatively affect her state of mind. Therefore, she dismissed it.

Of course, her promise was different from Wu Yu's. Wu Yu was aiming to catch up. She was aiming for immortalhood. Her goal tested her state of mind and dao.

"There has been no new immortal in the Jambu Realm for a few years now. It rests on your shoulders now. I hope you do not let me, and all of us, down," the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor said.

Wu Yu was unsure if his words were meant as encouragement or pressure. They seemed heartening enough, but he felt that there was another layer to them. Because becoming immortal was a personal pursuit, while the Ancient Emperor seemed to be placing the honor of the Jambu Realm upon her shoulders. Luo Pin would need to be mentally strong to resist such pressure.

However, Wu Yu sensed that Luo Pin was not someone so easily broken by a few pronouncements. She thanked the Ancient Emperor very courteously, indicating that she would work hard to become the next immortal in the Jambu Realm.

"The Ancient Emperor seems not to believe in me. I might very well beat her to it." The Phoenix Supreme suddenly interrupted.

Of course, the Phoenix Supreme was undoubtedly above Luo Pin in terms of cultivation level and strength. The only disadvantage she had was her age. But she had declared that she could reach immortalhood, and that had to be backed with some confidence. At least Wu Yu did not doubt it, and probably even the Regent and the others did not doubt it.

"Keke." The Ancient Emperor laughed twice. It was a cryptic reaction. Was he acknowledging the truth of her words, or the implausibility? Or a completely different meaning that Wu Yu was completely unaware of?


While everyone was pondering it, the Ancient Emperor did not dwell on the issue. While they were still milling in confusion, he suddenly switched to the heart of the issue. "The Jambu Realm's development and improvement is my responsibility and duty. In this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, I purposely devised a test for the experts of the Jambu Realm, as well as my royal family, the princes and princesses. This is the true reason why I have organized the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage today. I hope that this test will lay down foundations for the greatness of the Jambu Realm, and select the true future leaders, the undoubted geniuses."

This was the longest statement that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had made since the start. Many were stunned upon hearing this, unable to respond. Ordinarily, the Ancient Emperor would already have left after receiving the tributes. He would not say much. This time, he was being so eloquent on so many issues. It was a rare day that mortals could make an immortal speak so much.

"Next will be the Ancient Soul Tower. A fair fight between the braves of the Jambu Realm. The people of the realm are watching you."

In the end, the Ancient Emperor's voice had gone deeper, booming out with bass that made their eardrums tremble. From the start, people had been gawping, but now it was starting to dawn on them. Who could not tell that this might be The Event of the Jambu Realm in a very long time?

Enthusiasm, fire, and burning passion coursed through every chest present.

To lay down the foundations of the Jambu Realm's greatness....

To choose the true future leaders....

To decide the undoubted geniuses....

Wu Yu knew that there would be challenges in the Ancient Soul Tower, but he did not know that the Ancient Emperor would play it up so seriously. According to Prince Le's previous information, there was simply going to be a "program" this time. A "program" implied entertainment, but the words of the Ancient Emperor had elevated its true meaning beyond that of amusement. This might be the one true battlefield, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Everyone found it hard to control themselves. They were all bursting with questions but did not dare to ask out of turn. Nor could they scream the determination that they felt. They could only watch the golden light that was the Ancient Emperor with round eyes, momentarily forgetting that it would scorch their own eyes.

"Next, I will explain the detailed rules." The Regent stepped forth.

The Ancient Emperor had already captured their attention. Not only at the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, but the vicinity around it, as well as a large region around it. Many Yan Huang Tribe experts from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were here. They had come from all over the country to participate in this major event. They could extrapolate from the Ancient Emperor's words that they might be able to represent the Yan Huang Tribe in this test.

After all, the Yan Huang Tribe was more than just the sum of its princes and princesses.

The Regent was the center of attention, and everyone watched him excitedly, holding their breaths.

His gaze swept across the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms. His voice, like the Ancient Emperor's, carried across the whole Immortal's Capital. Every word he said was carried by Message Talismans across the entire Jambu Realm.

At this moment, he said, "Regarding the location of this test, I'm sure everyone has already guessed it. The Ancient Soul Tower! What is the Ancient Soul Tower? I don't know either. But I have a good guess. It is probably beyond a seraphic dao treasure, and beyond a divine dao treasure!" He laughed lightly, cracking a joke with them. Everyone relaxed a little.

But those in the know understood that this might very well be an immortal treasure of the gods. It was definitely something legendary that would appear in the Sky Palaces.

"Should be." Even Ming Long agreed.

Wu Yu expected this. He waited for the Regent to continue his explanation.

The Regent did not beat around the bush either. He continued, "Besides the location, there are requirements for the participants. Prince Yu, please step forward."

This statement was met with surprise. Prince Yu himself did not know why he was being called. Bemused, he complied nevertheless, so everyone could see him. This prince had a fully-white head of hair. He looked about the same age as the Regent. If he had not been called "prince", Wu Yu would have assumed that he was the younger brother of the Ancient Emperor. After all, his level, cultivation level, and aura were of that caliber. He looked like he could stand his ground against the likes of Di Shatian, Di Nantian, Di Yutian, and the others.

Wu Yu had naturally heard of him before. He was the first prince, the son of the Ancient Emperor's first wife. However, the Yan Huang Ancient Country had never practiced the custom of the oldest succeeding, unlike mortal kingdoms. That was why this prince was not considered special compared to the other princes. He was in the upper half among the princes and princesses in terms of talent, and was said to be at the eighth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, hesitant to face the final dao crisis. But his power was definitely the strongest amongst the princes and princesses, and he was one of the strongest princes to date.

He was probably also a strong competitor to Prince Le.

Prince Yu walked out a little uncertainty, unsure of why he had been called.

The Regent, who looked of a similar age, declared loudly, "Besides the princes and princesses in the Immortal's Capital, all those at the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and above, and younger than Prince Yu, may compete in this event. Today is, coincidentally, Prince Yu's day of birth. He reaches 472 years of age."

That was the age limit.

Two points. Firstly, all princes and princesses could participate, whether they had reached the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm or not. Of course, there were not many princes and princesses who had not reached the fifth tier, and Prince Le was already one of the youngest.

Secondly, as long as the others were at the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm or above, and were younger than 472 years old, they could enter the Ancient Soul Tower.

Even excluding the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, there were at least 30,000 eligible people in the Immortal's Capital alone.

As for the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, the stronger powers had brought a contingent of perhaps 100, while the weakest had a few. That added roughly another 20,000 eligible participants. Excluding a few of the most elite presences, or those who were older than Prince Yu, there were perhaps 18,000 people who could enter Ancient Soul Tower.

Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, as well as Prince Le's followers naturally fulfilled those conditions without exception.

Those who were qualified whooped and cheered.

This was a battle between the Yan Huang Tribe and the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms.

At this time, the Regent said, "Next is what you will be most excited about. Quiet down and listen well. If you can win this challenge you will gain..... All I can say is that this prize even has me going mad. A pity that I am a few years older than Prince Yu. A pity...."

The Regent looked very wistful indeed.

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