Chapter 103: Four Dragons Ascension Column

During the course of the battle, Wu Yu had already noticed their entry.

It was because the sounds of a fight had led them to this place that they were able to repel the Black Bear Spirit.

The other disciples knew not of the enmity between both parties. One of them even happily piped up, "Thank goodness you guys arrived, we would have been mercilessly defeated by the Black Bear Spirit otherwise."

There was an audible silence after the disciple ended his sentence. The tension was apparent to everyone now that they saw the group led by Lan Shuiyue impeding Wu Yu's path menacingly.

Ni Hongyi in particular radiated a murderous aura, while Lan Shuiyue's expression was frosty. Her eyes seemed like frigid caverns, cold and distant. It was obvious that they had some unfinished business with Wu Yu. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, is there a problem here?" a disciple asked from among the inquisitive crowd.

They were naturally aware of the sparks that flew between them, this time even more vicious than the last.

"None of your business. Scram."

Lan Shuiyue nonchalantly shot the disciple a glance before resting her vacant gaze on Wu Yu. Her voice seemed indifferent as she said to the three beside her, "All you have to do is cripple him and save the killing blow for me. Do not worry about holding back, I will answer for anything that happens."

It was clear from this sentence that Lan Shuiyue was prepared to flout the rules and commit murder even in the Valley of Immortal Fate, where murder was outlawed.

Both her and Wu Yu were capable and proud people, and there had not been a clear victor during their previous run-ins. Their frequent clashes had led to this day, and only death would quell the rage within Lan Shuiyue's heart.


Upon hearing Lan Shuiyue's command, the other three had nothing more to fear. Drawing upon their immortal treasures, they moved into formation, flanking Wu Yu from the front and either side. Murder was on their minds.

There was no room for sentiment within the Immortal Dao, and they were fully prepared to adhere to this sentiment now that it had come to this.

Wu Yu was not perturbed by this. He pondered for a moment, thinking of how he should make his move.

At this moment, the five disciples that were originally unallied shot each other confirmative glances before collectively standing by Wu Yu. One of them spoke, "Lan Shuiyue, we do not know how Wu Yu has provoked you, but we are all disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect. As fellow disciples, we cannot stand idle as you incite others to slay him." 

The display of loyalty by these disciples caused Wu Yu to speak, "Many thanks to you all."

"Don't mention it."

Their attitude was unambiguous. Wu Yu's standing in the sect, plus his future prospects, were superior to Lan Shuiyue's. They knew that helping him now would be beneficial to them down the road.

"Audacious! Each and every one of you!"

Though Lan Shuiyue was only a fourth tier Qi Condensation cultivator, her imposing manner towered above the other disciples. Her statement caused a few of the disciples beside Wu Yu to shudder, but it was not enough to make them change their minds.

Wu Yu sneered, "Weird, I do not recall your bloodline being the one founding the Heavenly Sword Sect. What gives you the right to disregard sect rules and prevent others from meting justice? Lan Shuiyue, you think too highly of yourself."

Enraged, Ni Hongyi pointed the tip of her bloody crimson blade at Wu Yu and shouted, "You are smart-mouthed up to your demise!" She was already enchanting as is, but her sultry rage only added to her allure.

Lan Shuiyue had a sour look on her face as she had not expected the other disciples to stand in her way. In truth, a sea of flames had ignited in her heart.

"Wu Yu, hiding behind other people like a coward, you call yourself a man? Weren't you full of arrogance just now?" Ni Hongyi continued to incite him.

Wu Yu countered, "If you would face me without any interference, I could give you a taste of my abilities. Unfortunately, you lot only know how to attack in a group. How disingenuous."

"What you really mean is that you are challenging me to a duel?" Ni Hongyi's eyes lit up as her vengefulness swelled.

She had excellent relations with Lan Shuiyue.

"Do you dare accept?" Wu Yu asked coldly.

Frankly speaking, it was impossible for him to face four of them at once. He did not possess the endurance of the Black Bear Spirit, and he doubted even Su Yanli could emerge victorious.

But if it was just Ni Hongyi, the strongest among them, he felt that he could challenge himself and possibly convince Lan Shuiyue to give up on him. What he wished for was to exceed her abilities to the extent that she would naturally surrender.

"Bullshit! Today, only one of us leaves with their life!"  

Ni Hongyi's eyes betrayed an ominous glint.

"Wu Yu, Ni Hongyi is the strongest disciple within the Valley of Immortal Fate, are you certain..." the disciple beside Wu Yu muttered in a low voice.

"The only way to know is to try."

Wu Yu had never been afraid of them looking for trouble, this was especially so now that he had successfully cultivated the Inner Vajra Buddha.

"Alright then, we will help you keep an eye on Lan Shuiyue and the others."

"Senior Brothers, you have my gratitude."

Finally, Lan Shuiyue instructed Ni Hongyi: "Remember not to kill him in a flash, leave me the final stroke."

"No problem."

Saying thus, Lan Shuiyue and the other two disciples retreated to the side with the rest of the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples standing watch beside them. They had cleared a large space for Wu Yu and the enchanting Ni Hongyi. Her hostile demeanor paired with her long, crimson dress billowing in the wind was a striking image of a thorned rose.

Under these circumstances, they had to completely expend their frustrations on each other to resolve the matter. However, Wu Yu did not want to take a life unless it was as a last resort.

"Ni Hongyi...."

Wu Yu stared at his adversary.

Perhaps everyone present did not think that Wu Yu's current level was able to meet Ni Hongyi on equal terms. She could be considered the strongest disciple within the Heavenly Sword Sect that did not possess an immortal root and was exceptionally gifted in dispatching single opponents.

"Should we act if Wu Yu is in danger...."

"Keep your eyes peeled. If Wu Yu does not activate his Beacon of Flame, we should rescue him. It would be a disaster if he died here."

"A genius of his caliber should be allowed to grow and eventually lead the Heavenly Sword Sect, bringing us to greater heights." 

While the murmurs spread, Ni Hongyi stood like a devil in a red dress, crimson blade outstretched and ready to strike. Unexpectedly, the first thing to lash out was the Rainbow Lasso!

The Rainbow Lasso that had once subdued Wu Yu slithered like a technicolored serpent towards the crown of his head before coiling downwards. Wu Yu backpedaled to escape but was caught within 10 steps.

In a flash, the rainbow rope wound itself in a steely embrace around Wu Yu's entire body.


Lan Shuiyue could not help but smile evilly at this development. She was familiar with the ability of the Rainbow Lasso. As long as its victim did not have more spiritual power than Ni Hongyi, there was no hope of escape.


Ni Hongyi's crimson blade waltzed in a deadly circle towards Wu Yu's eyes.

Shackled by the Rainbow Lasso, Wu Yu could only sit and wait for the inevitable!

Too quick!

The duel had just begun and Wu Yu did not even have a chance to display his dao techniques before he was trapped in Ni Hongyi's grasp. It appeared that Wu Yu's body would be ridden with bloody holes once Ni Hongyi's bloody sword had its way with him.

The audience prepared to act upon seeing this.

"Stop them!"

Lan Shuiyue had already predicted that they would react, moving in unison with her fellow disciples. They did not need to defeat the other five, they only had to halt their actions for a moment with their dao techniques to prevail.

Bang! Bang!

A wall of ice rose from the ground, looming in the path of the disciples for a second before shattering violently into countless shards and crashing into them. 

At the same instant, Ni Hongyi's bloody sword crept within inches of Wu Yu's eyes. She had consolidated the spiritual power from all five spiritual sources and channeled it into her sword qi, giving her the ability to pierce even steel.

Just then!


Wu Yu roared explosively as dazzling golden rays burst from his torso. The terrifying power hidden within his flesh and blood rumbled and exploded with a deafening clap as the image of a giant Buddha shimmered around him. The Rainbow Lasso that bound him had been torn to shreds, scattering in the wind!

Wu Yu had destroyed an immortal treasure!

This was an unbelievable turn of events.

Having her immortal treasure turned to dust and a portion of her spiritual power completely wasted, her focus on the movement of her crimson blade also wavered. What was meant to be a blow that could fatally wound Wu Yu turned into a sudden retreat. The color had drained from her face and it was obvious that the events that had just transpired left her in a state of shell shock!


Lan Shuiyue cried out in alarm, her countenance white as a sheet of paper. 

She understood just how powerful the Rainbow Lasso was as she had personally requested Lan Huayi to bequeath the immortal treasure to Ni Hongyi.

Nobody could've expected that the Rainbow Lasso would be decimated by Wu Yu!

Just how much strength was required to pull off such a feat?

Everybody stopped mid-action, gaping at Wu Yu. A sudden realization dawned that Wu Yu had never needed saving.

"Ni Hongyi!"

Wu Yu swiftly wielded the Demon Subduing Staff and charged at Ni Hongyi, eyes blazing and a smirk on his face. He was like a giant beast, cracking the ground beneath him with every step he took! The real battle had just begun.


Although the shock from witnessing the destruction of the Rainbow Lasso remained, Ni Hongyi's heart was still set on killing.

The dao technique that Ni Hongyi specialized in was called the Sanguine Blade Dance. While the technique was not known for its efficacy in massacring large numbers, it's deadliness was unmatched within the Heavenly Sword Sect when it came to assassination.

To successfully cultivate such a dao technique, one would have to endure terrifying spiritual attacks. Ni Hongyi's mastery of the Sanguine Blade Dance was a testament to her willpower.

Waves of gold and crimson clashed against each other repeatedly!

Ni Hongyi's red dress rippled as the crimson blade took flight. As she waltzed, her spiritual art manifested, sprouting countless tendril-like threads from her fingertips. The threads matched the bloody color of the crimson sword, weaving themselves around the blade. Though the silky threads seemed delicate, they were truly instruments of death. 


The countless blood-red threads whirled in a frenzied dance, mirroring Ni Hongyi's spinning long hair. Within the blur of red, her lithe physique was still extremely eye-catching, the movements only accentuating her serpentine waist, buxom chest, and glowing, slender thighs. Such a beguiling creature would easily cause countries and emperors of the mortal world to fall at her feet even without using any spiritual power.

However, she was just a feral critter in Wu Yu's eyes.


Facing such a dao technique, Wu Yu had no doubt that his opponent was worthy to test his full might against!

Inner Vajra Buddha!

A yin yang vortex eddied with the power of three spiritual sources, multiplying endlessly!

"Four Dragons Ascension Column!"

With sufficient spiritual power as its fuel, the Nine Dragons Ascension Column had ascended to the next level, and this particular application of it was extremely successful.

Though he had already reached this level prior, he did not have enough strength and spiritual power to fully maximize the technique.

The Demon Subduing Staff burst into fierce flames as four majestic dragons blazed around the staff in unison. The heavens and earth shook as they gave a mighty roar! 

The leap in power was overwhelming!

Lan Shuiyue was flabbergasted. It was imprinted deep into her mind that the current Wu Yu was no longer on the same level as the one that had insulted her back then.


Wu Yu's staff ascended to heaven as the four dragons thundered forth, obliterating everything in their path. While the killing mechanism of the Demon Subduing Staff was simply brute force, that was more than enough to wrench the crimson blade out of Ni Hongyi's hands. The end of the staff landed square on Ni Hongyi's sternum, sending her flying and crashing hard into the dirt.

Victory was imminent.

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