Chapter 1029: To Join as Equals

Wu Yu naturally did not wish to go to her territory....

If he did, he would have no identity, and growing up under her protection seemed especially strange as well.

He had not gone there before, and all the more he could not go now. Especially now that he had the identity of Kingmaker Le and was anchored to the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Ever since his encounter with the Phoenix Supreme, Wu Yu had felt like he was being watched by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Although Luo Pin was the Lord of the Four Seas, and had the protection of the mystical dragons, they were now reclusive immortal beasts, a shadow of their former power. Wu Yu did not think that they had the power to contest the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Therefore, in response to Luo Pin's question, Wu Yu answered after only brief thought.

"I'm doing alright at the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Although there are many princes and princesses vying for the throne, the challenges and fighting suits me perfectly."

Actually, if not for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, the Yan Huang Ancient Region would be the ideal training ground. As for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, he was an enigmatic presence. His intentions were hard to read. He might very well be rotten to the core, or as saintly as an angel, working for the salvation of the masses. Wu Yu might even have overestimated him, and he might be oblivious of his immortal's legacy.

Otherwise, how could he resist?

He would not have made Wu Yu Kingmaker Le, but killed him and taken his treasure directly.

Or was he already an immortal, and therefore did not covet Wu Yu's legacy? Did he perhaps see Wu Yu as the future of the Jambu Realm, and was grooming him for immortalhood?

That was a possibility as well.

Anything was possible. Things were not that bleak yet, and Wu Yu had also left himself the escape route of the Ancient Demon Realm.

He naturally did not wish to implicate Luo Pin in the dangers involved with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Hearing his reply, Luo Pin answered softly, "The Ancient Emperor is a god. I know you have a very good legacy, but you are not the progeny of the Ancient Emperor. I am a little worried about your being here. I also came here to ask you about that danger."

She spoke mildly, but Wu Yu was moved beyond reason. No wonder Luo Pin had expressly come this time. It was for him.... To her, given her position, she had no need to come and bend the knee to the Ancient Emperor here. She could have just sent a representative.

Wu Yu would deeply remember her friendship.

Luo Pin knew that he had a wondrous legacy. She had not said it explicitly, but she might have already guessed that it belonged to an immortal. Therefore, she was worried about an outsider like Wu Yu, here amongst the wolves.

But if there was truly such a concern, and the Ancient Emperor had such an intent, then Wu Yu could not hide from him, as big as the Jambu Realm was, and even if he were by Luo Pin's side.

"Perhaps the only place where the Ancient Emperor cannot reach in the entire Jambu Realm is the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas that has been the ancestral place of the dragon tribe. If there is trouble, seeking refuge there might be an option."

She said this, but perhaps she had also grasped the difficulty. If the Ancient Emperor truly had a mind to control him, how could she be allowed to bring Wu Yu back with her?

She probably regretted not having identified Wu Yu's rate of improvement back then. Otherwise, she would probably have taken him back to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas directly.

Wu Yu was extremely moved by her words. He vowed to himself that he could not implicate Luo Pin in this. After all, she bore the heavy responsibility of the entire mystical dragon tribe.

Therefore, he said casually, "You're overthinking this one. The Ancient Emperor is high above. He can't possibly be eying a trifling thing like me. Besides, if he did, he would have acted long ago. I guess he wants me to support Prince Le and improve alongside him. After all, he might be a real immortal. Beyond this world."

He feigned an indifferent look.

"Be that as it may, take this talisman with you. If that day comes, break it." Luo Pin had already prepared a blue talisman paper. It looked a little like a blue handkerchief, and there were many deep blue spirit designs on it, in a water-rippling effect. It looked life-like, shimmering with blue phosphorescence.

"What talisman is this...."

Wu Yu was a little muddled. She had even prepared a talisman for him. He did not expect her to treat a small fry like him so highly. Why? Was it just because he had saved her life in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence? Or because her rebirth had something to do with him.... He did like her, but he was humbled. He did not know why she was taking such good care of him.

Luo Pin only answered Wu Yu with a slight smile. "Don't worry about that. Just follow what I say."

She did not want to tell Wu Yu the name or effect of this talisman. Of course, Wu Yu did not press her against her wishes. He was even more convinced that no matter what happened to him, he should not drag this perfect person down with him.

At this time, Wu Yu saw that she was wearing a blue handkerchief around her lovely neck. It was a humble dao treasure that did not befit her status. It was a little jarring, and perhaps only Wu Yu understood what it was....

It was the Damask of the Sea's Heart that he had given her in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. She had not only kept it, but wore it on her person, and not keep it stored away in a Sumeru Pouch. The Damask of the Sea's Heart spoke of her feelings clearly to Wu Yu.

And now, she had returned his gift with a talisman.

Wu Yu looked at the Damask of the Sea's Heart, and blood rushed to his head. If he did not spend his life fighting to be compatible to this woman, then what kind of man was he? What kind of heir to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was he?

Such a woman should never, ever be let down.

Wu Yu had never been as sure about her as he was at this moment. On his path of dao, besides becoming immortal, another door had opened, a resolute and fervent direction he would pursue. To him, cultivating and becoming stronger was for the sake of matching with a partner who was worth it. This was no shameful thing. If he respected her and stayed away from her, cowering and wilting, that would be the truly disappointing thing.

"That time in the Yan Huang Imperial City was the most fearful that I have ever been in my life. Thank you for being with me through it, Wu Yu...." Luo Pin did not know what else to say either. She lightly took Wu Yu's hands in her own and gazed into his eyes. She desperately wanted to believe what he had said, that there was nothing wrong.

"That was the most precious time of my life. In the future... I will accomplish my goal. I still have half the time left. I will make it come true. Wait for me!" It was she who had reached out to take Wu Yu's hand, but Wu Yu squeezed them tightly now. Her hands were soft, a little cold, but so beautiful that they sent a tingle down his own. Wu Yu wished that time would stop forever in that moment.

Her gaze, her smile, the warmth and affection in her eyes. The warmth of her hands, in the middle of the blue mist, on this Windy Fiery Skies Platform, in the midst of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. He would never forget it. 

Wu Yu wanted to lose himself in the moment, but his instinct was screaming out that there was danger nearby. He told himself that he was not yet deserving of her. Reality remained at his current level, and this unforgettable time would not last. He knew that the Ancient Emperor would appear soon.

"I have to go back." Wu Yu had been overly bold this time already. She had heard his vow and his goal. She already knew that Wu Yu had not changed one bit up till today.

"Mhm. Go." Luo Pin looked into his eyes.

Wu Yu had not yet let go of her hands. He was loath to do so, but he thought of the Ancient Emperor. He knew that this was unfitting - he could not let the Ancient Emperor see Luo Pin's place in his heart. He could not let her be threatened. Thinking of all this, he gritted his teeth and, with great difficulty, let go of those hands that he had fought so hard to hold.

"If I do not let go in the present, there will be no eternity in the future." He finally released them, looking Luo Pin deep in the eye. He tried to make it sound natural, to hide from her how much he feared the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. And with a smile, he turned and walked out of the blue mist. When Wu Yu left, the blue mist faded, and he swiftly returned to his position before the others even had time to react.

The whispers had been growing steadily. When he reappeared, they snuffed out. However, the crowd still looked at Luo Pin and at Wu Yu. Some were confused, others dubious.

"Wu Yu?" Prince Le was by his side.

He, too, was curious.

"We had a fortuitous meeting in the past. I received the teachings of the Lord of the Four Seas," Wu Yu replied.

"Oh." It did not sound like a romantic relationship. That was too exaggerated anyways. Many nearby heard it, and the news spread. Knowing smiles went around, and many said, "I knew it. Such different beings. As outstanding as Wu Yu is, he's not someone of the same caliber. The Lord of the Four Seas is very young, but she could be Wu Yu's grandmother....."

It was not just one person, but many who echoed this sentiment. The word “grandmother” angered Wu Yu. If not for the situation, he would have dearly loved to deliver two tight slaps to those who said it, even if they were stronger than he was.

Even so, many still continued to whisper about Wu Yu. However, they did not dare to discuss the Lord of the Four Seas anymore.

Some gazes felt a little complicated, and Wu Yu felt ill at ease. He took a quick scan, but he could not find out who those belonged to. He singled out Nangong Wei, but she still looked as clueless as ever, throwing Wu Yu a look of deep loathing. Her gaze was not as penetrating as what he had felt.

After the blue mist faded, the mystical dragon tribe, Luo Pin included, waited quietly for the Ancient Emperor's arrival.

After Wu Yu returned to his position, noon struck within 100 breaths of time. Everyone was on their knees, looking up to the floating platform. When noon struck, a jet of golden light began to grow on the floating platform....

The Ancient Emperor had arrived!

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