Chapter 1028: Girl of His Dreams

Wu Yu had thought that she would not notice him in the crowd.

But she had already known where he was.

This could only mean that she knew about Wu Yu becoming Kingmaker Le.

"Could she have been watching my performance in Yan Huang Ancient Region...."

Wu Yu had been worried that after she recovered, she would be aloof and superior, completely forgetting him.

He was also worried that she had also built a relationship with him simply because she had been in trouble and had no other choice.

But now it seemed that those worries were unfounded, whispers of his self-doubt projecting onto her.

Many people had already been watching Luo Pin, and when she beckoned, they were curious as to who she was pointing to. And many of those near Wu Yu, including the princes and princesses, thought that Luo Pin was gesturing to them.

But this was the Lord of the Four Seas herself. They could not possibly have such interactions with the Lord of the Four Seas, and so did not dare to move.

"Who is she beckoning to...."

"It wouldn't be me, would it...."

"Of course it isn't you. But it's someone in our direction."

Before the Ancient Emperor arrived, she had already taken the initiative. Everyone else vanished from Wu Yu's vision. All he could see was the quiet affection in Luo Pin's eyes. Those eyes vaporized his doubts. Under Ming Long's urgings, he did not hesitate, but passed through the crowd to the middle of the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, heading straight for Luo Pin.

There was still a gap between the Yan Huang Tribe and the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms. When Wu Yu passed this space, he naturally drew attention.

"Isn't that Kingmaker Le? He...."

Many had only recognized Wu Yu when he was already by Luo Pin's side. As he neared, his heartbeat sped up, as though he had returned back to his youth and had met the woman of his dreams. She was beautiful, proper, a good read of people, mature. An older girl filled with warmth, a warm embrace that Wu Yu's impetuousness could harbor in.

With a small wave, Luo Pin surrounded the two of them in a blue mist. Everyone, including the other eight mystical dragons, were left outside. In the space of that blue mist, no one could see Wu Yu and Luo Pin. This naturally made others think all kinds of wild thoughts.

No one would have guessed that the Lord of the Four Seas was actually gesturing to Wu Yu. No one knew how the two were connected, or how they would ever stand in the same place.

The Windy Fiery Skies Platform, which had lapsed into momentary silence after the mystical dragons' arrival, exploded into loud chatter again. And not just the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, even the Yan Huang Tribe members were trying to make sense of the curious topic of Wu Yu.

Even the Regent himself asked Prince Le, "What is the relationship between Wu Yu and the Lord of the Four Seas?"

This was Wu Yu's secret, and Prince Le only shook his head. He asked the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, who probably knew. But the Full Moon of Nanshan was prepared, and hurriedly said that even he himself did not know.

"Before Wu Yu reached the Yan Huang Ancient Region, he was in the barren lands of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. How could he know the esteemed Lord of the Four Seas?"

The Yan Huang Tribe's ministers and aristocrats were not too invested, but the rivals of Prince Le were even more frustrated now. Wu Yu's relationship with the Lord of the Four Seas only solidified his uniqueness now.

And how special he was would become Prince Le's card to play. This was why more people were willing to back and support Prince Le.

Prince Le seemed like a little brother who was still young. But no matter the occasion, he seemed to curiously come into the spotlight. And the other princes and princesses definitely recognized that this was a problem.

The names of Wu Yu and Prince Le would only spread further. Of course, they were also worried. Mainly of the Ancient Emperor's plans. Such signs implied that the Ancient Emperor might very well be inclined towards the young Prince Le.

Even they did not know, let alone the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms. Mainly, they were caught up at how special Wu Yu was. His name was already well known, and now he was connected with the Lord of the Four Seas.

Also, what was the relationship between the two? A follower? Ordinary friends? Or something else? They could not be mother and son. Could they be lovers? Although Wu Yu was no star in the looks department, he could more or less be qualified as good-looking.

"This is no over-thinking on our part. The Lord of the Four Seas just arrived, and could not wait to meet Wu Yu alone, and before everyone as well. There is clearly something afoot. If I am not wrong, Kingmaker Le's qualities...."

"I think it is over-thinking. They are on completely different levels. The Lord of the Four Seas is no young maiden. She is too different from Wu Yu, like burning sun and a dimming star. There are no dao companions in the world who are so far apart."

Such a situation temporarily quelled the sense of anxiety that the Ancient Emperor's imminent arrival had brought on. Everyone wanted to get a word in and air their guesses.

Perhaps only two groups of people did not join the conversation. One was the Nanyin Empire's Phoenix Supreme and her purported daughter, Princess Phoenix Dawn. They did not seem interested. The other was the eight mystical dragons. Their faces were neutral, as though nothing had happened. The only one who showed some sign of interest was the black Shackled-God Rogue Dragon, who threw an occasional glance towards the blue mist.

Actually, Luo Pin's gesture had also startled Wu Yu.

However, Wu Yu understood that she did not want their conversation to be overheard and seen by others.

At this time, only she and Wu Yu were in the narrow confines of the blue mist. This beauty stood before him, and her silvery-white hair blew before Wu Yu's eyes. He had not seen her in a long time now. In truth, he had recently started to turn an eye towards the fiery and regal beauty of Nangong Wei, but when Luo Pin stood before him, Wu Yu could not even remember what about Nangong Wei was attractive.

Luo Pin was like a white jadestone - a purity that was beautiful in its serenity, that you could lose yourself in. Whether it was her cherry lips, willowy brows, or those calm eyes, she was completely enchanting. Her figure, curvy as a ripe peach, was flawless, breathtaking. The quiet smile on her face was simple yet good. It relaxed one's spirit, and you could keenly feel the purity of her heart.

Each time he encountered Nangong Wei, her every smile was filled with layered meaning. There was too much emotion, and strong emotions of love and hate. Comparing the two, Nangong Wei was like a rose in the mortal world, while Luo Pin was a white flower in the immortal realm. Perhaps each had their own charms. But Wu Yu was already immersed in the mortal world, embroiled in the struggles of life and death. As he looked upon her ethereal beauty, he was drawn to Luo Pin, admiring her like a work of art.

Therefore, even though he was filled with emotion, Wu Yu mirrored her smile. It felt like all the dust and grime of his past struggles faded with his smile.

"Although I am in the faraway sea region, I occasionally ask for news of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. I hear that you participated in the Taigu Immortal Path and then performed well in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy at the Dark North Kingdom. Your reputation spread far and wide, and you were personally selected by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor to be a Kingmaker. Your fighting prowess has also reached new heights. Wu Yu, you must have worked very hard to get to where you are today. Congratulations to you," Luo Pin said smilingly. He felt like he was melting into her voice.

Wu Yu was moved to hear this. He had thought that Luo Pin might not remember him. But she had kept close tabs on his situation. Clearly, she thought much about him. She seemed satisfied with him, but Wu Yu was discontent. "Only a bit of an improvement. But I'm still far from being your equal. Back when you left, I declared arrogantly that I would catch up to you the next time we met. But now I know I was a braggart...."

Hearing this, Luo Pin started slightly, then laughed gaily. "You're funny. It's not as easy as you think it is. It took me many years of hard work to reach where I am today. If you overtook me easily, then I would be very sad. However, you have already exceeded my expectations. Before, you said that you would catch up to me in 10 years. I laughed it off back then, but now only half the time has passed, and looking at you now, I think there's a very real possibility."

"Have five years passed already?" Wu Yu himself had not kept track. But since Luo Pin had left, he had been fighting all the way. First the Taigu Immortal Path, then the Dark North Kingdom, then the Infernal Inferno, and then the Nanyin Demon Continent. Finally, he had returned back to the Immortal's Capital. Had five years gone by just like that?

Perhaps even more.

"Which means I have roughly five years left."

Before, he had said that he would reach Luo Pin's level in 10 years, without knowing about the workings of the world. Only now did he understand how hard it was to reach where she was.

In five years' time, would she see him as her dao companion?

Wu Yu did not dare to ask. He thought that all would be clear when the time came.

"How are you in Yan Huang? The Yan Huang Ancient Region is the Ancient Emperor's territory, and I have no control over how things are. But I reckon that you’re not willing to come to the mystical dragon tribe either, right? Now that you've become Kingmaker Le, it's probably hard to get away as well." Luo Pin had a small smile on her face. This time around, she did not speak directly, but used some secret dao technique to communicate with Wu Yu. Perhaps she was afraid of the Ancient Emperor eavesdropping.

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