Chapter 1027: Shackled-God Rogue Dragon

The Regent was unworried, opening the kingdom border spirit design.

Before all eyes, the Regent opened up a gap in the kingdom border spirit design, light bordering the gap. A golden vortex opened up, shining as brightly as the sun itself.

If today had not been the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, no one would have known that the golden vortex in the sky was actually a gap in the kingdom border spirit design.

When the kingdom border spirit design opened up, the soaring mystical dragons entered. The mystical dragons, who usually could not be seen, appeared before eager eyes. One by one, they swam into view. Although they very quickly switched to human form after they entered, a glimpse of them could finally be had.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could see especially clearly.

The first to enter was naturally Luo Pin. Her white dragon silhouette had been burned into Wu Yu's mind since the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

When she reverted to human form, that, too, was a familiar memory for Wu Yu. Besides, Wu Yu could feel an even greater change about her. She had probably not only returned to perfect condition, but also had a breakthrough. Her queenly aura was something completely different from Nangong Wei’s.

High above in the sky, Luo Pin's silvery white hair danced. Long, blue robes as beautiful as a flower, alabaster skin glowing like a jewel, and exquisite features like a perfect work of art. 

Of course, the Lord of the Four Seas had the elite bloodline of an immortal beast, and was unparalleled in the Jambu Realm. She was still young, and her body was charged with vitality and life. When she appeared in her human form, she immediately usurped Nangong Wei's position as the center of attention. 

Even as mystical dragon after mystical dragon appeared by her side to wait on and accompany her, their relatively larger bulks were not as striking as Luo Pin.

However, each mystical dragon was different, their appearances and elements specialized. Each one that appeared drew oohs and aahs from the crowd. In comparison to them, the white jade dragon that was Luo Pin seemed like the most beautiful and least powerful of them.

Of course, these were appearances. The fact that Luo Pin could become the Lord of the Four Seas was because of her bloodline, and she was a rare one amongst the mystical dragons.

Only the uninformed would feel that the other mystical dragons were more awesome.

Besides Luo Pin, there were eight mystical dragons! Each dragon's size was much bigger than Luo Pin's.

For example, the crimson mystical dragon was covered in ruby-red scales, had claws as sharp as swords, and a single horn as sharp as a sword, unlike the twin prongs that deer had. It looked like a formidable and deadly weapon.

Ming Long said that she had seen descriptions of mystical dragons in ancient archives before, and this one was probably called the Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon.

The second was a deep orange, and their scales were especially strange. They were leaf-shaped, as though their body was covered with maple leaves. Another unique dragon.

"If I'm not mistaken, that's a Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon. I'm not too sure about the rest."

Amongst the others, there was a golden one, with eight limbs, whereas the other mystical dragons only had four, and very bulky limbs at that.

A green one, with leaf-like scales. This mystical dragon resembled a huge tree and had iron-like wings that looked a lot like the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug’s wings, like a pair of slicers.

The fifth was a sapphire blue, their body the largest amongst them. There were many fish-like scales on them, and their claws resembled the webbed feet of a duck. It was apparent that they lived in the sea region, and their face was locked in a snarling expression.

The sixth mystical dragon looked much better. Deep violet in color, their scales sparkled like starlight, like a constellation swimming through the air.

The seventh mystical dragon was light blue, their body frigid and cold to the extremes. Their body split near the end and they had two tails, each one a sharp icicle.

The last one was a jet-black mystical dragon, with a sinister feel. There was not a single blemish on their pure black body, giving a dark feel to them accentuated by their penetrating gaze. Although their horns were similar to the other dragons' - antler-like - these were exceptionally huge, and with even more prongs, which were especially sharp. It seemed like a rack of razors had been mounted on their head.

All in all, this black mystical dragon looked extremely savage. However, when so many mystical dragons were gathered together, the attention instead returned back to Luo Pin. Because she looked the most ordinary, there was a superior and outstanding quality to her. It made the flashy attributes of the other mystical dragons seem unimportant.

When the mystical dragons appeared in human form one by one, the Regent exclaimed, "Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon, Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon, Eight-Clawed Pyro Dragon, Metal-Winged Grove Dragon, Raging-Seas Nautical Dragon, Violet-Star Cosmic Dragon, Twin-Icicle-Tailed Spectral Dragon, and the rare Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. Elite members of the dragon tribe, one and all. Welcome, welcome. We humbly receive you. And even the Lord of the Four Seas' personal appearance. What respect you have shown us."

The Regent had uncommon wisdom. Although the mystical dragon immortal beasts were rare encounters, he could name all eight - a testament to his knowledge. Wu Yu listened to all of them. The only one he had elided was Luo Pin herself - perhaps he did not know what sort of mystical dragon the Lord of the Four Seas was. Perhaps no record had ever been shown in the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

Wu Yu quickly remembered all that the Regent had just said, and matched them accordingly. The red-horned one had to be the Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon, while the one with maple leaf-shaped scales should be the Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon. The one with eight limbs was the Eight-Clawed Pyro Dragon, and the one with leaf-like metal wings was the Metal-Winged Grove Dragon. The blue one was the Raging-Seas Nautical Dragon and the purple, starry one was the Violet-Star Cosmic Dragon. The one with two tails had to be the Twin-Icicle-Tailed Spectral Dragon! The jet-black murderous one had to be the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. From this name, their bloodline sounded a bit more noble.

Besides Luo Pin, all the others were clear.

Wu Yu keenly felt the lack in his own knowledge. He did not know that there were so many types of mystical dragon immortal beasts. He had thought that mystical dragons were all one type. However, even phoenixes had Eternal Phoenixes and other phoenixes, the Eternal Phoenixes being nine-colored phoenixes. Extrapolating off that, it was expected that the mystical dragons would have many types, and seeing nine here was entirely reasonable.

The mystical dragons descended to great effect.

Everyone was gasping and afire with curiosity. Many had never seen a mystical dragon immortal beast in their lives before. Although they were in human form now, people still found them fascinating.

"The Regent is too kind. I hope that we have not affected the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage." Luo Pin was very courteous as well. They were not arrogant, and all nine landed on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform. Although the Yan Huang Tribe had not designated a space for them, their numbers were few, and many had already moved preemptively away, afraid to be close to them. Therefore, they quickly blended into the crowd of the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms without much fuss.

People understood that even the mysterious mystical dragon immortal beasts revered the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

But even after they had taken their place, people continued to sneak glances at them, Wu Yu included. The current Luo Pin made him uneasy.

After they changed to their human forms, Wu Yu noticed that the other eight were mostly white-haired elders. Only one or two looked relatively younger, but still much older than Luo Pin. The black Shackled-God Rogue Dragon seemed closest in age to Luo Pin. At least from his appearance, he looked youthful, perhaps similar to the princes who had been cultivating for 200 years.

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon was very striking. Young, cold, and a flat look to his eyes, sharp as swords. Although he did not feign seriousness on purpose, his chilly demeanor was hard to obscure. Clearly a killing machine. Perhaps his dao was based on killing.

But the most striking was Luo Pin. Every move or smile of her warm and calm features was riveting. She had a special quality about her. Wu Yu was still caught in an emotional riot of pleasure and surprise. Since the day had arrived, he had been caught completely off guard by her appearance.

How long had it been since they had last met? Wu Yu's heart was filled with doubt. He had said previously that he would catch up to her, but even though he had rocketed forth, he was still so far from her. This meeting was completely unexpected, and he was completely unprepared. This was his main worry. But so much time had passed that his yearning had built up as well, and so he felt very confused.

When she landed on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, her gaze swept out and fastened on Wu Yu immediately. Their eyes met. She had found him very easily. Perhaps she had already known that he was here.

The fresh-faced youth Wu Yu met the girl of his dreams, and suddenly was so flustered that he did not even know what to do with his hands.

Seeing his nervous manner, Luo Pin involuntarily smiled, and beckoned slightly, gesturing for Wu Yu to join her.

"Go over?" Wu Yu hesitated a little. Before everyone?

"You little bastard. Can't you at least muster up that bit of courage? If it were me, I would already be on top of her, as long as mother dragon didn't object." Ming Long was holding her belly and laughing.

This taunt incensed Wu Yu. Being treated so contemptuously by Ming Long stung him.

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