Chapter 1026: The Last Visitor

Wu Yu felt conflicted when he saw how respected Nangong Wei was. He had thought that his achievements placed himself ahead of her. He did not think that she would one day be able to defy the heavens and change her fate at a small place like the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

"But she was originally the daughter of a Sword Immortal at the Shushan Immortal Sect. She has been at the center of attention since young. She must be familiar with all the attention that she is enjoying today.

"Luckily, she has forgotten her past, or else she would probably return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and go on a killing spree."

If she really had a new beginning, Wu Yu thought that all he could do now was give his blessings.

Just like now, when she looked like a fairy immortal from the heavens under the attention of the entire Jambu Realm.

This type of limelight could not be enjoyed by just anyone.

But the main character today was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. The Phoenix Supreme also did not want her to stay in the limelight for too long. After the Nanyin Empire went to their seats, she faded into the crowd. This way, the others would not dare to keep looking in that direction.

In less than an hour, the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms who had settled into the City of 10,000 Kingdoms had all arrived. Now the entire Windy Fiery Skies Platform was really filled with people, and they were a gathering of the strongest of Jambu Realm. No one other than the Ancient Emperor could call for such a gathering.

No matter how outstanding Wu Yu was, he was inconspicuous in such a gathering.

There were only two hours left before noon. As noon neared, Wu Yu realized that the audience was very excited and nervous, especially the princes and princesses. The Ancient Emperor was the god in their hearts. They could only sense his presence in the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. Their desire and excitement was understandable. Prince Le was probably feeling the same. He could not stop rubbing his hands.

Originally, the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms had their attention on the Yan Huang Tribe members, which gave the Yan Huang Tribe a lot of pressure. Many people had difficulty raising their heads. They were also a little delighted at having taken their revenge. But when the time for the Ancient Emperor to appear neared, they became serious. To be honest, after hearing so many legends about him, they were also very nervous when the Ancient Emperor was about to grace them with his presence.

The whole Jambu Realm might be in a nervous state while waiting for this immortal to descend. It was because of this that Wu Yu felt that this world had never been so quiet and cold before.

It was as though everyone was so nervous now that they could not breathe. There was still two hours left.

Actually, the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms and the Yan Huang Tribe, who rarely met, had just pretended to be chatting happily.

Wu Yu took one look. The Phoenix Supreme, the Dark Sea Emperor, the Dead Souls Demon Lord, the Raging Thunder Supreme Lord, the Starry Skies Sword Emperor, and the others were now looking very cold and distant. He remembered that they were also conversing just now. Mainly they were speaking to the Phoenix Supreme. They were very unfamiliar with the Phoenix Supreme and obviously wanted to find out more about her.

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was a very important existence to Wu Yu. He filled him with suspicions. To be honest, he was also a little nervous, but there was another question in his heart right now, and that was regarding the mystical dragon tribe in the sea region.

"Prince, are there no news from the mystical dragon tribe?"

Prince Le lowered his voice and said, "No. Usually, those who do not turn up on the day before will not turn up at all. In the past, the mystical dragon tribe always sent someone. Everyone actually looks forward to seeing them, but this time they did not come. My Emperor Father has already sent out his summons. The mystical dragon tribe is probably the only one absent. I don't know how my Emperor Father will deal with them after the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage ends."


Wu Yu frowned. While he did not know why Luo Pin had not sent someone, but if they were to be punished, he did not want Luo Pin and her tribe to be harmed. However, the problem was that if the Ancient Emperor really wanted to punish them, Wu Yu could not do anything to help with his current power.

But it seemed useless to be anxious too.

Actually, Wu Yu knew that he had gotten stronger very quickly. Many were envious of his speed of growth, but he had to admit that no matter how quick he was, there would be problems that he could not solve, especially when it was related to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. It seemed like he was pressuring Wu Yu at every second, every minute. It made him feel restless, as though he could not sleep and eat in peace.

Two hours passed quickly. People gradually lost interest in the absence of the mystical dragon tribe. After all, the Ancient Emperor would deal the punishment personally. At that time, the others simply had to enjoy a good show.

Their focus was on the Ancient Soul Tower that had never appeared before. Actually, they had observed this for some time, but even now, everyone was still very curious, including the Yan Huang Tribe. What was the Ancient Soul Tower for?

What kind of test would the Ancient Emperor bring to his descendants? Was it true that the Ancient Emperor would decide who would replace him in the future during this Pilgrimage?

The last question, no doubt, was the concern of the princes and princesses. Today, almost all the princes and princesses had arrived, each with their strongest companions gathered around them, ready to face the test at any time.

Those princes who had been practicing dao for hundreds of years were mature and had experienced many challenges. All of them were the cream of the crop. Judging from the comparison of their strengths, Prince Le was nothing. Wu Yu and the other three people could only count as having huge potential. If they really fought, those who had been practicing dao for hundreds of years could easily kill them.

Wu Yu was originally a little hopeful. He thought it would be nice if Luo Pin could come at the last minute, but it did not work out as he wished, and there was no sign of it happening.

"It's impossible for the mystical dragon tribe to come. After all, they have not entered the kingdom border spirit design so far. Normally, they come in from the South Emperor City. It would take one day to reach here from there. Now they have less than half an hour left. That's even more impossible, unless they are outside the kingdom border spirit design and reach the skies of the Immortal's Capital. "

The kingdom border spirit design surrounded the whole Yan Huang Ancient Country completely. It was not only on the border, but also in the skies and ground.

Wu Yu looked up. Today, the fiery sun was shining on his head. His vision was a bit blurry. The kingdom border spirit design was too high. Wu Yu knew that the mystical dragon tribe would not come. If they came, they would not choose such a dangerous and critical time, because it was unnecessary.

Suddenly, he felt like someone was looking at him, but he could not find out who it was. Then he looked at Nangong Wei. She was still with the Phoenix Supreme. She looked calm and had no expression, as if she was born a cold and indifferent person, rejecting all other people.

The closer the time came, the fewer words the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms and the Yan Huang Tribe said. They were basically completely silent. There were many experts on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, but in front of the Ancient Emperor, these people were probably not very different from each other.


When Wu Yu was deep in thought, he suddenly heard a few exclamations, and the Full Moon of Nanshan behind him slapped his shoulder, startling him.

"Is the Ancient Emperor here?" He did not expect time to pass so fast. He was just lost in his thoughts.

"No, look up."

There was a hint of surprise in the Full Moon of Nanshan's voice. At this time, there was even a commotion on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform. Wu Yu saw that everyone was looking up at the skies with surprised and shocked expressions. Although he did not understand what was happening, he also looked up quickly.

"Mystical dragons!"

At this point, someone could finally see clearly and shouted out in surprise.

Wu Yu had the Eyes of Fire and Gold. When he looked up, he could see clearly. The kingdom border spirit design was in the skies far away and beyond the clouds. On the kingdom border spirit design, in the dense clouds, there was a mystical dragon flying in the clouds. Because they were too far away, they did not look huge. But according to the distance, Wu Yu estimated that the mystical dragon was at least a few hundred zhang long.

"At last, they arrived!" It was almost at the last moment before the Pilgrimage that Wu Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief. What he saw just now was a scarlet dragon, covered with nicely arranged dragon scales. He also saw a sharp horn on that dragon, which was different from an ordinary dragon. It was like a long, blood-red spear on their forehead. There was also a long, slender tail, sharp claws, and teeth. The dragon’s beard was twitching with energy. It was a more sacred immortal beast than the phoenix. Even though they were scarlet, when they appeared, they still had an aura that made people want to worship them.

"Not just one!" Wu Yu heard another sentence. Just now, he was just looking casually. After hearing this, he was slightly shocked. After a careful look, he realized that there was not only one dragon on that cloud, but several of them flying around, one more sacred than the other. In that moment, he saw a green dragon, a purple dragon, and another that seemed to be a black dragon. As the clouds were too high and the mystical dragons were flying too fast, Wu Yu could not see them clearly for a while. He thought there might be another one!

Just then, a voice came from the sky.

"Friends from the Yan Huang Tribe, I'm sorry. We were caught up in some private affairs. Could you open the kingdom border spirit design and let us in before the Pilgrimage begins?"

It seemed to be a woman's voice. It sounded very distant, ethereal, and quiet, like a piece of beautiful music that could make people feel peaceful. Everyone was immediately attracted by this voice, and Wu Yu's response was undoubtedly the biggest. It made his heart beat suddenly faster, and he was short of breath. He had never been so nervous, because he could clearly recognize this voice and had even recalled it countless times. This was definitely Luo Pin's voice. It had been a long time since they last met....

Di Yuantian, who was right beside, Di Shatian immediately said, "Regent, it is not advisable to do that. These mystical dragons are clearly acting all high and mighty and coming at the very last moment just because of their status as immortal beasts. They don't think highly of the Ancient Emperor. We must never let them in." 

However, the Regent did not listen to him. He ignored Di Yuantian and said, "The mystical dragon tribe would never lie. In any case, the Ancient Emperor will arrive soon. We can't let the guests wait outside."

He had the power to briefly open up a little bit of the kingdom border spirit design.

And now, many people were anticipating the entrance of the mystical dragons, including Wu Yu. He spotted a white dragon within the group. It was like a dream. It was really Luo Pin....

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