Chapter 1023: In the Face of Danger

They were probably discussing the problem of punishment for Prince Le and Wu Yu. Hence, at the moment Prince Le and his group arrived, the scene became livelier.

There were many Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms from various small countries here. It was a rare opportunity for them to be here at the Immortal's Capital, and they would probably not have many opportunities in their lifetimes to come here again. Hence, within this limited amount of time, they would definitely explore the Immortal's Capital. After all, this was the top city in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Hence, the City Gate of 10,000 Kingdoms was extremely lively.

Especially when it was time to watch some drama unfold.

The Regent was probably just passing by, and now he was surrounded by the princes and princesses. They probably had not talked for long. That Regent's back was facing Wu Yu and his group. Wu Yu could not see his expression, but he could see Prince You's angry and pained expression. His mouth was moving nonstop.

The people surrounding them were also in discussion. Would the Regent punish Wu Yu?

Wu Yu was not worried. From what had happened to Prince Yan, while he did not know why, the Regent was on Wu Yu's side from the start.

Prince Le also simply told them not to worry and led Wu Yu and his group to greet the Regent.

"You all have no respect for your elders and attacked in public to humiliate us. You have embarrassed Yan Huang and made us look like a joke in front of outsiders. How dare you come back at this moment." Prince You probably had just finished talking and hence directly scolded Wu Yu and his group now.

The Full Moon of Nanshan instantly snorted with laughter. If not for the fact that his status was lower than Wu Yu’s, he probably would’ve said that Prince You was the bully who started it all.

The Regent was quiet. He looked at Prince You and then looked at Wu Yu. He asked Prince You, "You were defeated in public by Kingmaker Le?"

Prince You's face flushed red, but, after all, everyone had bore witness to his defeat. He could not lie about it and could only say, "Kingmaker Le is indeed powerful, but he won unfairly. Besides, he is just a Kingmaker; what qualifies him to attack a prince? He has no regard for the face of the royal family...."

"Shut up! I think the one who has the least regard for the face of the royal family is you! Get out of here! You've cultivated for 200 years and still dare to complain after you were publicly defeated. Do you know how to write the word ‘shame?’" Before Prince You could finish talking, the Regent scolded him harshly. His voice was very loud and directly blasted Prince You away. When he picked himself up, his entire face was red and his eyes were confused....

"Scram!" The Regent glared at him.

Seeing the situation, the other princes and princesses quickly made way. They stared at each other and dared not utter another word. They were still filled with fury and jealousy, but this was against Prince Le, and they dared not show their emotions.

Today, at least from the Regent's attitude, they could tell that he was extremely biased towards Prince Le....

While the person who had incited the fight was Prince You, the Regent did not know what had happened. After Prince You had made his complaint, he had no desire to understand what had truly happened and directly chased Prince You away.

"Good, very good! It looks like things are set. I'm convinced, I'm really convinced!" Prince You crawled up with great difficulty. He ground his teeth and glared at Wu Yu and Prince Le, as well as the Regent, with bloodshot eyes.

"Someone, bring Prince You back to his residence. Don't let him come out and embarrass himself during the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage," the Regent ordered. Many experts appeared from behind them and, without giving Prince You the opportunity to say anymore, restrained him and took him away in an instant. Prince You would not be given the chance even if he wanted to continue his embarrassing tirade.

"I know what you guys are thinking. If you have the power, fight openly. Don't think of underhanded methods. Can you block others from rising up?" The Regent gave the other princes and princesses one last look and then, before the utter silence of the audience, turned and led a group of people away.

After he was gone, everyone looked at each other, and these looks were filled with much meaning.

"While Prince You was far too reckless this time, and actually courted his death, everyone saw it clearly. You can hear from the Regent's words that Prince Le is indeed the destined one!"

"I've seen it too. I pity Prince You - now he's really a joke. Haha."

"If I were the Regent, I would also despise that person. He incited the fight and still dared to complain first when he could not beat his opponent. He is so spineless, yet he still managed to become a prince. He can't even compare to me."

"Princes are determined by birth, you can't become one...."

Everyone was discussing what had just unfolded excitedly. Wu Yu was naturally the focus of their attention. While this was a small matter, they were at the City Gate of 10,000 Kingdoms. Very quickly, this would spread to the whole City of 10,000 Kingdoms and the Immortal's Capital. When it spread to the City of 10,000 Kingdoms, it was actually equivalent to being spread around in the whole Jambu Realm.

Prince Le and Wu Yu were instantly very famous. Wu Yu could not tell if it was good or bad for him to have the limelight. However, the Regent had arranged for this. The decisiveness he had exercised in handling Prince Yan and Prince You definitely pushed Wu Yu and Prince Le into the heart of the storm, into the front of danger.

Standing here now, Wu Yu and his group could feel the waves of danger from the whole Immortal's Capital.

On the other side, the princes and princesses had grave expressions. They did not say anything more, because they knew that from now on, because of Prince Yan and Prince You, Prince Le and Wu Yu's team would become everyone else's enemy, including the hundreds of other princes and princesses.

Every one of these hundreds of princes were top geniuses. Some had cultivated for over 400 or 500 years. They had reached tiers that surpassed mortality and neared sagehood. They were much stronger than Prince Yan. 

The total power of their teams, the martial cultivators following them, as well as their supporters and disciples, probably surpassed many small countries.

And there was definitely more than one of these. They were the true core of the competition.

They had numerous supporters at their backs and could control various important affairs in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. For instance, they might be supported by more than 10 provincial lords, whereas Prince Le only had an amiable relationship with Qu Yin.

There were even some who had the support of the Eastern Region Duke or the Futu Region Duke. These two were the guardians of the East Region Divine Continent and the Futu Divine Continent. They were the two other most powerful beings below the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

It was said that they were people who could attain immortalhood soon.

There were many princes and princesses with 400 to 500 years of cultivation and the power of a lord. Prince Le was too young. Previously, they would not even spare Prince Le a look.

They might have felt surprised about what had happened to Prince Yan, but with the addition of what had happened to Prince You, these princes would realize that the rumors about Prince Le were more than just rumors.

Perhaps they would cooperate and work together. While not to the point of annihilating them, they would definitely compete against them. Just based on battle power, anyone from the team of the princes who had cultivated for 400 to 500 years could instantly kill Wu Yu and his group.

This was the vast gap in strength, a gap of more than 400 years of cultivation. Wu Yu could definitely surpass them in 400 years, but now he lacked these 400 years.

Hence, Wu Yu personally thought that it was not necessarily a good thing for Prince Le to be in the limelight. He could only say that he also did not know the Regent's intentions.

Wu Yu's defeat of Prince You was nothing. The Regent's way of handling this was the true push that placed them in such a dangerous position.

But he also did not know how the Ancient Soul Tower was set up in the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. It was useless to think about it now. Wu Yu and Prince Le discussed for a while before deciding to wait and see.

Many Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms came forward to chat with them. There were many beauties. The Full Moon of Nanshan was very excited. After a short while, no one knew where he had gone off to. The Immortal's Capital was actually quite chaotic now, but he should know his limits. Hence, Wu Yu was not worried about him.

He was carrying out his duties with Prince Le and his group to help the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms settle into the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. They had received more than 30 groups of ambassadors in just one day. Wu Yu could not really remember who he had received. Anyway, there were people and demons from the Tinder Country, the Da Qing Xuan Sword Sect, the Xuan Mirror of Clear Skies Sea Region, the Stormy Cliffs, and many other places. There were even many sea region demons. The most intuitive impression was that there were many more varieties of creatures in the Jambu Realm than Wu Yu had imagined. And the only one not summoned here by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was the rural lands of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

Many of them had set out many months ago....

And there really were many people coming for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage this time. He did not know if previous pilgrimages had this many visitors as well.

He could clearly sense more and more people in the Immortal's Capital from day to night. Luckily, the Immortal's Capital was very big and vast. Hence, it did not seem crowded.

A new group of princes and princesses would arrive, and this would continue until daybreak. At that time, Wu Yu and the others could return, rest, and wait patiently for the arrival of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

The main part of today's mission was emotional exhaustion.

The City of 10,000 Kingdoms could now be described as being filled with a sea of people. Actually, even youths from strong martial cultivation kingdoms like the Dark North Kingdom would not stay in the City of 10,000 Kingdoms upon arriving at the legendary Immortal's Capital. They would go out and explore to see the glory of Immortal's Capital for themselves.

Wu Yu was quite tired. Fortunately, he could leave soon. However, he suddenly felt heat on his neck at the position of the fire phoenix mark. This made him tremble in shock. His intuition told him that some being was approaching him. When he looked far out of the City of 10,000 Kingdoms, he saw that there were many people around. They were surrounding and watching. When he listened carefully, he could vaguely hear the two words “Phoenix Supreme!”

"The Phoenix Supreme is here!" Instantly, Wu Yu's heart felt cold. He did not think that she would come to the Immortal's Capital. This meant that she was also afraid of the Ancient Emperor. Had she immediately come here with tributes after establishing her Nanyin Empire?

Wu Yu quickly sent a Message Talisman to the Full Moon of Nanshan to tell him to stay away. His Demonic Eye of Illusions was in his eye. While it could disappear, it was still present. Hence, it would be best if the Full Moon of Nanshan avoided direct contact with the Phoenix Supreme.

He had just sent out the Message Talisman when Wu Yu saw the Regent personally leading the Phoenix Supreme and the Nanyin Empire's team. They were chatting as they headed towards the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. What had happened in the Nanyin Demon Continent was grand and important. Before the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, the Phoenix Supreme was the most discussed character of the entire Jambu Realm.

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