Chapter 1021: Dark Sea Emperor

Di Yuantian was more experienced. To avoid awkwardness, he directly invited the Dead Souls Demon Lord into the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. He personally made the arrangements and did not ask any princes to take over. 

Besides, he had obviously also seen the defeat of Prince You. However, he did not react at all, nor did he intend to punish Wu Yu. Obviously, what had happened to Prince Yan had changed his mind.

He originally supported Prince Yan and naturally targeted Wu Yu and Prince Le.

Now that Prince Yan had been stripped of his title, Di Yuantian seemed to be too lazy to bother Wu Yu, especially with the ongoing 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

Prince You wanted Di Yuantian to help him, but Di Yuantian directly walked away. The whole group from the Dead Souls Sea Region entered the City of 10,000 Kingdoms and settled down. 

"The 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage seems especially different this time. Many important figures have come."

"Yes, I think it has been the same for the past few days. Many kings from small countries have come here personally."

"I remember that the Wood Sprite Emperor of the Muxu Kingdom arrived yesterday."

"I heard that many others have arrived, but they kept a low profile."

"Why are they suddenly here?"

"I don't know. Now most people are guessing that this has to do with the possibility of the Ancient Emperor choosing his inheritor. If not, look at this tower. Its name is Ancient Soul Tower. It did not appear in the past. Why would it appear now?"

"That makes sense. I sense that this grand event might only happen once in a thousand years!"

Wu Yu also heard these discussions. He was surprised too. Originally, he did not pay attention to the attendees of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. Looking at the scale of this event now, it seemed even grander than he had imagined.

Also, he knew that many had arrived from the Dark North Kingdom. Princess You Xue was here too. She and Wu Yu were linked by the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, so Wu Yu knew that she was heading here and would arrive shortly.

In the Dark North Kingdom team, the leader was the Dark Sea Emperor, who had not appeared in a long time. It was said that he was searching for a method to survive the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. It was unexpected for him to come in person. Obviously, this represented the importance he placed on this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

There was generational hatred between the Dead Souls Sea Region and the Dark North Kingdom. There would definitely be disagreements between the Dark Sea Emperor and the Dead Souls Demon Lord. Hence, when the team from the Dead Souls Sea Region had just entered, the Dark North Kingdom's team arrived too. Wu Yu guessed that the Yan Huang Tribe had specially arranged for this. They might have arrived at the same time but entered from different city gates. The Yan Huang Tribe had made sure that they missed each other, in case the princes could not control the situation when these two groups met.

Prince You and his group had recovered slightly now. They had probably consumed a lot of immortal medicines to force Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar's icy coldness out. They could stand up now. Their faces were fierce and they obviously had the intention to look for someone to punish Wu Yu. Perhaps they would report to the Regent. However, at this moment, the team from the Dark North Kingdom arrived.

There were over 200 people in the Dark North Kingdom's team. Their numbers were larger than the Dead Souls Sea Region's team. Princess You Xue was in the team, and the one who had led them here was Regent Di Shatian's other older brother, Di Yutian. Di Yutian was actually young and had an aura similar to Di Shatian’s, but with a more scholarly vibe. It made people feel comfortable. 

But the one who attracted the most attention was the legendary character, the Dark Sea Emperor, who was seldom seen. 

Princess You Xue was now beside him.

From his connection with Princess You Xue, Wu Yu knew that on the day that they had set out, the Dark Sea Emperor suddenly appeared and joined the team. This was unexpected even for Princess You Xue.

From what had happened today, perhaps the Dark Sea Emperor knew that the Dead Souls Demon Lord would be coming, so he had appeared at the last instant. Otherwise, the Dark North Tribe might suffer at the Immortal's Capital.

The Dark Sea Emperor looked very young and had pure black eyes. His aura was outstanding. He did not seem like an emperor. On the contrary, he seemed more like a scholar, or perhaps he was graceful and elegant like the image of a true martial cultivator that Wu Yu had in his mind. Regardless of temperament or demeanor, he gave off an otherworldly feeling, as though he did not consume mortal products. He seemed to belong outside the mortal world. There was a light smile on his face that made people especially comfortable. He seemed like a kind elder. He and the Dead Souls Demon Lord were practically like two ends of a pole.

The Dark North Tribe was famous for their icy coldness, but there was no chill to be felt from the Dark Sea Emperor, only warmth. It was no wonder Princess You Xue felt so fortunate to be able to come to the Immortal's Capital with her Emperor Father.

Wu Yu had not paid much attention to Princess You Xue during this period of time, but the other party had improved very quickly. While her improvements were less drastic than Prince Le and his group’s, she was already the strongest for her age group other than Prince Le and his group of four.

"Wu Yu." Her eyes immediately saw through the crowd and spotted Wu Yu.

At this moment, the gate was not as lively as previously. Other than Prince You, who was still in the corner, the other princes and princesses had stepped forward to welcome them.

Wu Yu was also following behind Prince Le.

Di Yutian and the Dark Sea Emperor were together. They matched well. Both were scholarly, gentle people. Of course, the Dark Sea Emperor had a superior aura.

“These are the Ancient Emperor's princes and princesses. Come quick and greet the Dark Sea Emperor."

The princes and princesses greeted him. Wu Yu followed suit. Of course, he looked at Princess You Xue a few more times. It had been some time since they last met. Her aura had become better and she seemed livelier. Actually, Wu Yu knew that she had been having a great time recently. She had improved greatly and was gradually getting more respected in the Dark North Tribe. She was honored as the hope of Dark North's future. Her mentality and temperament had changed a lot. 

Perhaps this was a twist of fate. The Soul Manipulation Blood Design did not bestow a tragic fate upon her. On the contrary, it made her better and Wu Yu had basically stopped prying into her thoughts altogether.

Of course, even now, no one else could know that Wu Yu had killed the Little Duke and the princes from the Devilsky Court and the Rising Cloud Nation at the Taigu Immortal Path.

After greeting them, the Dark Sea Emperor asked everyone to relax. Then his gaze suddenly landed on Wu Yu and he said, "You are Wu Yu. I heard that you are very good friends with my daughter. If not for the Ancient Emperor personally summoning you to Yan Huang, you would probably still be at the Dark North Capital now."

Di Yutian laughed beside him and said, "Kingmaker Le is indeed outstanding. If not, the Ancient Emperor would not value him too. Since Kingmaker Le and Princess You Xue are good friends, Kingmaker Le can join me. Prince Le can come along too. I'm about to escort the Dark Sea Emperor to the Dark North Residence."

"Yes." Wu Yu nodded. But he still felt a little guilty when facing the Dark Sea Emperor. After all, he was a little worried that the other party would discover the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. From Princess You Xue's side, she also did not know if the Dark Sea Emperor had discovered it. Anyway, she did not show anything.

But this was the Immortal's Capital. Wu Yu guessed that even if the Dark Sea Emperor knew about it, he would not do anything to him. After all, Princess You Xue was unharmed.

The other princes and princesses were really jealous upon seeing Wu Yu being noticed and stealing the limelight again. They were unwilling to accept it even after Wu Yu had left.

"I know a way of handling these two people," Princess Ying suddenly said.

"How?" the others quickly asked.

"That guy, Wu Yu, is really scary, I have to admit that. Compared to him, despite how outstanding our dear younger brother has been seen to be these last two years, he is no more than a supporting character, propping up Wu Yu's rise instead. It would be best if there was a way to turn them against each other and fight among themselves."

Prince Ru clapped and said, "That is easy. We just have to flatter Wu Yu. The more Prince Le becomes portrayed as a supporting character, the more his limelight will be stolen by Wu Yu. He will even make things difficult for Wu Yu. If he angers Wu Yu and Wu Yu stops working for him, what is he then?"

"That makes sense. Of course, it sounds simple, but Wu Yu may not fall into the trap."


Wu Yu was now beside Princess You Xue, while Nanshan and Ye Xixi were behind them. At this moment, they were staring at Wu Yu and Princess You Xue. Nanshan exchanged looks with Ye Xixi and giggled.

"I know this princess. When Old Wu was in the Dark North, this princess protected him. She treated him so enviably well. She listens to everything he says. I'm so jealous," the Full Moon of Nanshan said with envy.

Ye Xixi lowered her voice and said, "Don't spread nonsense. Her daddy is here."

"Ahem." The Full Moon of Nanshan looked at the Dark Sea Emperor's back and quickly shut up.

Actually, Wu Yu need not say much to Princess You Xue. No matter where they were, he could connect their thoughts using the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. Of course, Princess You Xue knew nothing about Wu Yu.

Wu Yu still maintained his stance. He trusted her fully. If he came across the method to dissolve the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, he would definitely release her from it at the first instant.

"I didn't expect you to undergo such a transformation at Yan Huang. Congratulations. You are already very different from the first time that we met." Princess You Xue sighed.

She recalled that at Taigu Immortal Path, Wu Yu was a person who was chased by everyone. He was a weakling with no background and no one to help him. He had survived the extreme conditions and scared her when he ultimately killed all his enemies at the Immortals’ Viewing Platform. 

"You have improved a lot too. It'll be best if you can attain immortalhood in the future. If you want to become immortal, then you must be focused."

"I've thought through it already. If not for the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, I may not have understood it this clearly yet. When I let go of my identity as a princess, I became freer. I know what I want even more clearly and I know even more so how to lower myself and face the great dao."

Her current mindset was at a very deep level. Perhaps Wu Yu's epiphanies had helped her. Wu Yu had a feeling that she might surpass the Dark Sea Emperor in the future.

"In the future, if I get a better weapon, I will return the Dark North Royal Obelisk to you."

"That'd be great." You Xue smiled. This was touching. Actually, she was now very gentle and attractive. She was also very calm. However, when Wu Yu met her, he had passed the period where he was reckless in his relationships. Now he had two relationships that were a mess. He did not need another one.

"What happened to your neck?" Coincidentally, Princess You Xue had seen the phoenix mark on his neck.

"It’s from a mysterious encounter. Actually, I'm also not too sure what it is. But it shouldn't have any effect," Wu Yu said.

Hearing that, she did not probe further. However, based on her instinct as a woman, it probably had something to do with another woman.

When they arrived at the Dark North Residence, Di Yutian was about to leave when the Dark Sea Emperor seemed to be in high spirits and suddenly said, "Wu Yu, can I speak to you privately?"

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