Chapter 1020: Dead Soul Corpse Shark

Wu Yu's quick defeat of Prince You had shocked many of the onlookers. 

On the one hand, they were impressed by Wu Yu's courage and decisiveness. On the other, they were surprised at his amazing battle ability at such a young age.

With Wu Yu's battle power, probably no one would be willing to believe that he was only at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

Especially when Prince You and his group, which included many others as well as Kingmaker You, were defeated by Wu Yu's group of three. Their terrible defeat shocked the audience deeply.

Perhaps not many people had witnessed him killing the assassin at the Flower Paradise, but now Kingmaker Le's team had utterly defeated Prince You in public. Many people saw that happen clearly.

Now Prince You and his group had all fallen to the ground. If not for the fact that they could still move, people would have guessed that they were dead. 

Wu Yu's trio was just too eye-catching.

For instance, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar and his Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug, intimidating and ferocious. Or the Full Moon of Nanshan with his mysterious movements. Even the ghostly cultivator Ye Xixi possessed some special characteristics.

Especially the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug which, on its first appearance, displayed strength comparable to that of a fourth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator.

At this point, when the outcome of the battle was clear and victory had been determined, the entire place was silent. 

When Prince Le smiled and took the lead to applaud, applause instantly erupted from the City Gate of 10,000 Kingdoms. This loud applause was like a tight slap across Prince You and his group's faces. It made them want to burrow underground and hide themselves.

Even Prince Ru, Prince Chen, Prince Cheng, and the others felt their faces burning with embarrassment. Prince You's team was stronger than all of their teams and even Prince You had been defeated so badly. If they had not been calm just now and taken part in this, the embarrassed ones now would be them.

"This Kingmaker Le...."

"If not for Kingmaker Le, Prince Le would probably amount to nothing. "

"Why did Emperor Father assign such an astonishing genius to him as Kingmaker...."

They had just looked down upon Wu Yu. Now they could only avoid Wu Yu's sharp gaze. They did not dare to look into Wu Yu's eyes.

"This Wu Yu is indeed astonishing."

"I heard of him a few years ago. At that time, he had been to the Taigu Immortal Path and was famous by the time he was in the Dark North Kingdom. It seems like he defeated a Dark North Kingdom prince and was the champion in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy."

"It's unexpected for him to rise to this level in such a short time. It's unthinkable. Is there another youth of his age that can compare to him in this world? "

"This person is really a genius amongst geniuses. If not for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's protection, many experts would probably be interested in him and would want to find out what sort of precious legacy he has received."

"Look at his mystiques and moves. They seem to be quite archaic in form and appearance. Perhaps they are from the primordial ages and belonged to some ancient martial cultivator. At that time, while the martial cultivators did not become immortal, they were still stronger than current immortals. Of course, I've only read about this in old literature."

At this moment, everyone was discussing enthusiastically. Most of them were filled with respect for Wu Yu. Of course, there were those with jealousy and greed, but with Wu Yu's current identity and status, they could not do anything against him.

"I heard that Wu Yu might be a super genius that the Ancient Emperor has personally trained. He is more outstanding than the princes and princesses. In the future, he will definitely be able to become a super expert and support Prince Le in ascending to the throne."

"All of this would not seem strange at all if he was personally trained by the Ancient Emperor."

"The Ancient Emperor is the Ancient Emperor. We, the common folk, can only look up to him.  But I think that these are just rumors. After all, if that were true, then the other princes wouldn't dare to attack him."

"That may not be the case. The Ancient Emperor would definitely want him to take part in more battles and competitions. So he may not let others know about their relationship. While that is just a rumor, I think it is logical."

"I really don't know where this Wu Yu came from. I heard that he suddenly appeared in the Dark North Kingdom. He has truly ascended to the top with a single stride. He is the most famous amongst all the youths of his age in the entire Jambu Realm. Honestly, Prince Le is really lacking a lot in comparison to him. It feels like it is Prince Le who is his follower instead. If Wu Yu was Ancient Emperor's son, and was one of the princes, wouldn't that be cool? The next Yan Huang Emperor would definitely be him. Then the entire Jambu Realm would be controlled by the Yan Huang Tribe for over 1,000 years again. "

"This is the Immortal's Capital, watch your words!"

"Oh okay."

Wu Yu had heard much of the discussions. He could only say that these people had really rich imaginations and could spread any kind of story. 

Now it was time to clean up this mess. Wu Yu could only hope for Prince Le to solve this issue. After all, the one being beaten up was Prince You. He could play the victim and cry.

Besides, he was now faced with a group of seven or eight princes and princesses who were fuming and probably thinking of using this situation to make things difficult for Wu Yu. They would want their elders to discipline and punish Wu Yu, or at least lock him up. There was no need for 100 years in the Eastern Hell, even the jail in the Immortal's Capital would suffice.

After all, this could be considered as harming one's fellow brethren as well.

"Make way, our friends from the Dead Souls Sea Region have arrived."

At this instant, Wu Yu sensed a terrifying, vicious aura coming from outside the gate. Those outside who were watching them quickly made way. The audience's hearts skipped a beat upon hearing the words “Dead Souls Sea Region.” The demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region were vicious. Now they were arriving, and the voice that had announced their arrival obviously belonged to some senior. It was an official event, hence the other princes exchanged looks. They weighed their options and decided to prioritize the interests of the country first. Hence, they quickly helped Prince You up and brought him to the back to rest and recover first. 

Hearing that it was the Dead Souls Sea Region, the people watching from inside the City of 10,000 Kingdoms had also stopped their gossiping. Some returned to their own residences, while some also made way and stood to the side.

Wu Yu also returned to Prince Le's side.

At this moment, he could see the vicious aura approaching them from the gate. There was even a nasty, rotting smell. This was a highly offensive demonic aura that caused humans to instinctively frown and feel repulsed.

The one who had spoken just now was Di Yuantian. He had arrived with the demons of the Dead Souls Sea Region. Instead of the ordinary heaven dragon general, it was Di Yuantian who had personally welcomed and led them in. Wu Yu understood that obviously someone important from the Dead Souls Sea Region had arrived.

While the Dead Souls Sea Region could be considered as one of the most powerful groups, Di Yuantian would not need to be involved if they had proceeded as per normal by sending a few insignificant envoys to represent the tribute. 

As expected, Di Yuantian quickly added, "Where are the various princes? The Dead Souls Demon Lord has graced the Immortal's Capital personally with his presence. Please come out to welcome and greet him." 

The Dead Souls Demon Lord had actually come! That was the king of the Dead Souls Sea Region, and the Dead Souls Sea Region was stronger than the Stormy Demon Seas. Therefore,  the Dead Souls Demon Lord was a more terrifying character than the Stormy Demon Emperor. The Dead Souls Demon Lord was a god-like existence in the Dead Souls Sea Region and its countless neighboring sea regions.

There were actually over 100 demons in the team from Dead Souls Sea Region. There were both mature and young demons. The mature demons were basically demons at their peak. There were also genius demons with top tier bloodlines among the young demons. Now they were all in human form. Because of the special characteristics of the seawater in the Dead Souls Sea Region, Wu Yu saw that these demons' human forms had greyish-white skin. They looked terrifying. When he looked at their faces, many of them had dents in them, and crooked mouths and slanted eyes. They did not look human. Additionally, without exception, all of them gave out corpse qi, like that of ghostly cultivators. 

Wu Yu's eyes were naturally attracted to the strongest one, the Dead Souls Demon Lord. He had seen the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and the Phoenix Supreme. Hence, now he was not that scared when looking at the Dead Souls Demon Lord. However, he still felt a strong sense of danger from merely looking at him. He knew that this being was much stronger than the Regent and the others. He was the kind of monster that could effortlessly send him to make his maker.

The Dead Souls Demon Lord was very large and tall and his whole body was greyish white. His head was a little sharp and his mouth was a little too large. When he spoke, everyone could see his sharp teeth. And he seemed to have a few rows of them. His eyes were slim, small, and sharp. While he smiled, people could only feel chills coming from their bones. Hence, few spoke at this moment.

If Wu Yu had not guessed wrongly, the Dead Souls Demon Lord's true form should be a type of shark, and it was definitely one with a virtually royal bloodline. Indeed, Ming Long said, "That is a Dead Soul Corpse Shark. It is practically the strongest bloodline when it comes to this species of demon. It is said that the most terrifying part is that he has two lives. He is still alive now, but when he dies, he actually becomes stronger instead. He transforms into a type of corpse puppet, but his Primordial Spirit still maintains control. His strength increases drastically when that happens. Since ancient times, no one has wanted to fight a Dead Soul Corpse Shark."

"Pa pa." When he arrived at the gates, the Dead Souls Demon Lord actually applauded. His eyes locked onto Wu Yu and he said, "I watched you fight from faraway. It was really fascinating. Such a physical body is rarely seen."

It was unexpected that the first thing he would do when he arrived was compliment him. Wu Yu felt pressured as the Dead Souls Demon Lord stared at him. However, he could withstand the pressure. He nodded and said, "Thank you, Demon Lord, for the praise."

Di Yuantian was the person who had led the Dead Souls Demon Lord in. At this moment, he smiled and introduced, "This youth is the only one that the Ancient Emperor has personally arranged to become a Kingmaker for one of the princes. His talent is indeed outstanding. The Ancient Emperor would never judge wrongly."

The Dead Souls Demon Lord smiled and nodded. He revealed a few of his sharp teeth. His voice was low as he said, "He is indeed good. He looks more like a prince compared to the prince beside him. The one beside him is just a supporting character."

His words had exceeded everyone's expectations. He had actually said that Wu Yu was more like a prince than Prince Le. Di Yuantian quickly laughed awkwardly and said, "Demon Lord really knows how to joke. Prince Le is still young, with a limitless future. Who knows what will happen in future."

Wu Yu turned back to look at Prince Le. If he did not mind, then it would not matter what others had said.

In the end, Prince Le was quite generous. He smiled. When he did not say anything, it meant that he did not mind.

Wu Yu now indeed looked more outstanding than Prince Le. This could not be helped. 

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