Chapter 0102: Heavenly Sword Sect Disciples

100-year adult demons in the mortal realm, especially near the Bipo Mountain Range, basically all knew each other.

Young demons like Wan Qing were, of course, overlooked.

Both demons speedily closed in on the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples.

They stood outside the grey fog, watching a group of about six.

"These six all have some competency, and they are bold enough as well. They ganged up to ambush me before, and caused me a lot of trouble," the Black Bear Spirit grumbled sullenly.

The handsome man said, "Charge in and scatter them. As long as there is a straggler, I can kill them in one breath's time."

He was not suited to deal with too many. After all, once one or two used the Beacon of Flame to alert Elder Shentu, things would get dicey.

"Senior is personally taking a hand. These idiots are about to become demon food." The Black Bear Spirit laughed cruelly. He clenched his fists and started forward.


Just at that moment, the smile vanished from his handsome features, his eyes going slightly wild. Within the group of humans, there was a youth who used a long staff immortal treasure. That youth was extremely impressive. Standing in the crowd, he was still definitely the center amongst them.

"Strange. That person smells like he has my bloodline in him." He sniffed a few times. The more he sniffed, the more he felt the resemblance.

"Senior, what's the matter?" The Black Bear Spirit looked over.

"See that one with the long staff?" The handsome man's eyes were serious now.

"I see him. Destroy him on the spot?" Now that the numbers were smaller than before, the Black Bear Spirit was more confident.

"No. Remember to avoid harming him as much as possible. It would be best to isolate him and bring him before me."

"No problem." The Black Bear Spirit did not care what was special about this person. He would just follow instructions.

"Freedom, here I come!"

He charged the group. The handsome man's face was full of suspicion. He faded back into the mist.


"Wu Yu, come with us. Strength in numbers. Let's go find demons and Immortal Roots together," a disciple at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm invited.

Wu Yu was just about to reject when he suddenly felt a pungent stench of demonic aura from the fog. It was violent, and headed their way. It was like a cloud bearing down on them.

"Black Bear Spirit!"

Wu Yu whipped around to face the fog. There was a dark-skinned, broad-shouldered man before them, his eyes bloodshot. He was staring at him, as though Wu Yu was his only target.

"Everyone!" A majority of those present were at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. Virtually all of the fifth tier Qi Condensation disciples had assembled here.

"Ware the fight!"

As expected of the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples, they were not scared away by the demon, despite their reduced numbers. Instead, they faced the battle enthusiastically, forming a simple formation to deal with the Black Bear Spirit!

Virtually all of those present were sword cultivators. They unsheathed their immortal treasure longswords, and the entire scene sparkled with sword qi that almost pierced the fog.

"Long live the Heavenly Sword, banish the demons!"

The sword cultivators cheered, establishing their presence.

"Wu Yu, stand back."

They knew that Wu Yu was only at the second tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, and were prepared to protect him. Although it was rumored that Wu Yu could fight on par with those at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, in their eyes, he could not face the Black Bear Spirit head to head!


Although Wu Yu had cultivated the Inner Vajra Buddha, and elevated his spiritual power, he did not want to flex it.

The Black Bear Spirit was attacking again, and Wu Yu retreated behind the crowd in a few steps. As he fell back, he could still feel the focus of the charging Black Bear Spirit on him. He was starting to feel a sliver of suspicion. It seemed to be only targeting him!

While he was still guessing, the battle had already broken out!


The Black Bear Spirit roared once, shaking the trees and the mountains themselves. The earth shook. Following which, the black smoke rolled in again. Almost immediately, it was as if a dark cloud had covered the sky. Vision, already poor to begin with, was made even worse by the clouds and rain that the Black Bear Spirit had summoned. It became pitch black, so dark that one could not see one's own hand.

"Brethren, be careful!"

They kept each other alert, a testament to their competency.

They changed their formation, intending to surround Wu Yu.

In truth, they had formed a circle, which was a solid base. There was a space in the middle where Wu Yu stood.


In the black smoke, Wu Yu raised his head to see a pair of red eyes emerge from the dense smog. They grew steadily, become two huge red lamps.

This was the Black Bear Spirit returning to its true form.

"Over here!"

Instantly, the sword cultivation disciples used their sword spiritual arts on their immortal treasure longswords. The sword qi filled the air.

"Gravity Slash!"

"Jade Fire Tiger Sword Art!"

"Thousand Avalanche Slash!"

In truth, these disciples at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm were all very powerful, and had been cultivating for many decades. Compared to Su Yanli, who had the Gold and Jade Sword Core, they were not that far apart.

All kinds of dao techniques filled the air.


The Black Bear Spirit's defenses were iron. Its physical strength was prodigious, and its demon techniques were also decently refined.


The Black Bear Spirit employed a demon technique that shook the ground. With one stomp, an earthquake with a 100 zhang radius burst forth, fissuring the ground. Many of the disciples could not gain their footing under the demon technique.

"Earth, rise!"

One of the disciples also specialized in ground dao techniques. He used a dao technique that caused a piece of ground to rise. No matter how much the ground shook and heaved, the piece of land they stood on remained stable.

"This Black Bear Spirit once killed tens of thousands of mortals, which is why our Heavenly Sword Sect sealed it. Today, I will exact heaven's justice and exterminate him!"

The sword cultivator disciples were confident now. They fought hard against the Black Bear Spirit. Although their numbers were diminished, they would not be easily beaten.

However, the Black Bear Spirit's flesh was impervious. Although it had sustained hits from many dao techniques, it was virtually unharmed. He continued to move bravely, becoming even more aggressive. And the pressure on them increased more and more!


They had begun to realize that if such a battle continued, grave injuries were inevitable. And once a gap was breached, it would all crumble!


After holding out for a while more, the Black Bear Spirit reached a peak, howling and roaring. Everywhere it went, it sent rocks flying and caused the ground to shake.

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were all being beaten to a retreat!

At this moment, the Black Bear Spirit focused on Wu Yu. While the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples retreated, he suddenly changed directions, his demon essence firmly in hand. One huge limb fell on Wu Yu like a cloud. This was the first time that Wu Yu felt the full force of the Black Bear Spirit head-on!

Bang, bang, bang!

Under their feet, the ground continued to rumble.

"Wu Yu!" 

At this moment, the other Heavenly Sword Sect disciples could not help him.

At this fatal moment, Wu Yu was very calm. He gripped the Demon Subduing Staff tight. His mental energy, will, and strength had been elevated to an even higher level.

"Inner Vajra Buddha!"

Within his body, the golden light cycled. Wu Yu could clearly feel the one-zhang-tall golden Buddha within his flesh, his bones, and his internal organs!

The Heaven's Gate Meridian was on the wrists. With the Heaven's Gate Meridian spiritual source, his spiritual power's connection with the Demon Subduing Staff became even more robust.


The huge power gathered within him.

His cold eyes watched the Black Bear Spirit's approach.

Wu Yu's spiritual power churned. The Demon Subduing Staff was glowing with scorching flames, as though Wu Yu's entire person was burning within the fire.


It was simple, direct, and explosively violent!

A straight decider!

Dragon Ascension Column!

With one sweep of his staff, it stretched out 10 zhang away!

The Dragon Ascension Column was still in effect, the fire dragon roaring as the spiritual power burst forth. Compounded with the 20,000 warhorses worth of strength he had, he could move mountains. His strength flooded forth!

The rest witnessed Wu Yu's transformation into a huge, golden ape. His golden staff in one hand, it crashed against the Black Bear Spirit's paw!


The flesh exploded and blood spurted out!

The Black Bear Spirit howled in pain and retreated quickly. It lifted its paw to examine it, and found that one part of it had been split open, the bare flesh of its palm exposed.

He was going crazy now.

"This Wu Yu is so powerful? Alone, he can force the Black Bear Spirit back?"

In a trice, the remaining five core disciples started to doubt themselves!

"If I were in his shoes, facing the Black Bear Spirit solo, I would definitely take grevious wounds!"

"No wonder Wu Yu is the personal disciple of the Sect Leader."

Forcing the enemy back with just one move! He had stunned all of them!

This level of ability startled even the Black Bear Spirit. After it recovered, the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples had already surrounded it, following Wu Yu's lead. All six attacked at the same time.

"Wu Yu, I underestimated you!"

"Looks like your abilities far exceed even the rumors."

"I understand now. You have condensed the third spiritual source and reached the third tier of the Qi Condensation Realm!"

This battle was extremely heated.


With the addition of Wu Yu, the previously unfavorable situation had turned for the battle.

The Black Bear Spirit was frowning now. Under such circumstances, spiriting Wu Yu away alone seemed difficult.

"I have to think of something."

Just at this instant, four more figures breached the black smog and entered the fray.

It was Lan Shuiyue and the others!

Instantly, the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples swelled to ten. It was even more disastrous than the last time.

"Damn it!"

Against such odds, the Black Bear Spirit could not keep up the attack. He thought, "Now is not a good time. I had best retreat for now. He will forgive me."

The Black Bear Spirit strained under tremendous pressure, and again managed to extricate himself. Given his ability, he could escape, and no one could stop him. In the blink of an eye, the Black Bear Spirit vanished.

The remaining ten were extremely exhausted.

"Wu Yu!"

Lan Shuiyue, Ni Hongyi, and the others had spotted him.

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