Chapter 1019: Bollworm God

At least from the perspective of the outsiders, this battle was started by Prince You. The Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead descended upon Wu Yu's head while Prince You charged towards Wu Yu with the Soul Hound Titanic Sword. 

The Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms were keen to learn how strong the princes from the Yan Huang royal family were. Now their wish was fulfilled. The strength displayed by Prince You currently made him deserving of his status as a prince. There were few in other immortal kingdoms that were at his level at his age. 

The sudden display of strength by Prince You was sufficient to shut the mouths of many people. 

At this point, the Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead hovered above Wu Yu. A shadowy figure emerged from the blood-red bead. It was surrounded in blood mist and looked extremely creepy. As soon as it appeared, the City of 10,000 Kingdoms was shrouded in a chilling aura with the pungent smell of blood lingering in the air. It was as though everything had sunk into hell. Many people could feel their souls being hooked after just a single glance. 

"Bollworm God Soul Enslavement Design!" 

This was the spirit design that came with the Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead. The terrifying shadowy figure in black robes was the so-called Bollworm God. All of a sudden, it morphed into a fluid state like a river of blood, fell down from above Wu Yu's head, and attempted to drown him. 

At the same time, Prince You charged directly towards Wu Yu with a chilling smile across his face. Grasping the Soul Hound Titanic Sword with both hands, he hacked down swiftly and caused an explosive aftershock that left the crowd's ears ringing. The next instant, Prince You transformed into a giant beast that pounced forward, trying to take a bite out of him. 

"Golden Millennial Soul Splitting Sword Design!" 

Thousands of rays of razor-sharp golden light erupted out of the sword, swarmed towards Wu Yu, and exploded. Wu Yu looked completely overwhelmed in the first few moments. Apparently, Prince You had the same thought as him. This wasn't a place for a protracted battle. He wanted to take Wu Yu down swiftly and it would be best if he could injure Wu Yu severely. His Bollworm God Soul Enslavement Design had a unique effect. Once he was successful in enslaving Wu Yu's soul, he would need at least a month to recover. Before that, he might very well become a dolt. 

The might of the two advanced dao treasures exploded in the first instant, leaving Wu Yu seemingly unable to put up any resistance at all. 

However, he didn't show any panic while facing such danger. Only a small minority were able to identify that, while the majority felt that Wu Yu was beyond hope. 

Immediately after, everyone could see Wu Yu drowning in the two major Offensive Spirit Designs. 

Many people believed that Wu Yu might even die in this battle! 

For example, the princes and princesses were almost on the brink of cheering out. After all, once Wu Yu was dead, they would benefit the most. Moreover, they wouldn't be the ones behind his death. It would be the sole doing of Prince You. 


Contrary to what they believed would happen, they saw the Soul Hound Titanic Sword knocked away from Prince You. The spirit design of the Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead seemed to be flushed in all other directions other than where Wu Yu was. 

Most likely, the two spirit designs had failed.... 

However, the crowd didn't have time to ponder about it. This was because immediately after the Soul Hound Titanic Sword was knocked away, a huge body ballooned from where Wu Yu was into a giant that was six zhang tall. That was none other than the Golden Immortal Ape! 

Wu Yu had mastered the Immortal Ape Transformation a long time ago. Throughout his journey, the Immortal Ape Transformation had always brought major benefits. After the transformation, Wu Yu's physical strength, defense, and even recovery speed would be increased by roughly 20% from the base. 

Together with the explosive quadruple physical strength boost granted by the third tier of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, Wu Yu was a physical body god that looked no different from a demon! 

With the nine-colored Infernal Sky Pillar in his hand, the current Wu Yu was synonymous with brute strength. 

As for how he had taken the two killer moves of Prince You so easily... 

That was naturally because of the Seven Stars Fortifying Design from the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug. The Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug had been on Wu Yu all along, hidden within his clothes. It had been used at the last moment to cast the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. This had helped Wu Yu withstand the killer moves from Prince You. Subsequently, when Prince You was exhausted, it would also be the moment where Wu Yu released his strength abruptly. 

The current Wu Yu was the real definition of explosive and decisive. 

His Heaven Devouring Avatar was separated from him and was above Prince You with the Dark North Royal Obelisk at this moment. 

"Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation!" 

The Dark North Royal Obelisk transformed into the metal whip form that resembled a black mystical dragon and the spirit designs were activated. The next moment, even the heavens and earth were frozen. With Prince You as the target, 10,000 dragons plunged down frantically and devoured his temperature. 

"Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters!

"Violent Art!" 

Wu Yu's physical strength exceeded his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. When he smashed his Infernal Sky Pillar down towards Prince You's head, he even casted the Violet Art, making his physical strength reach a whole new level. Compared to the entire Jambu Realm and throughout history, it was unlikely that anyone had physical strength that was comparable to what Wu Yu currently possessed. 

Wu Yu's two attacks might’ve looked simple, but they were way more terrifying than the attacks Prince You had launched. It was especially so for the attack from Wu Yu's main body. Prince You was apprehensive and puzzled as to how Wu Yu had withstood his attacks. He had not expected Wu Yu to counter with his killer move instantly and push him towards the brink of death in a single instant. 

"Damn it!

"10,000 Spirits Soul Suppression Design!" Prince You hastily summoned the Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead back to him. Immediately after, the Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead separated and the second spirit design was triggered. Countless spirits surfaced from it and formed countless layers of walls between Wu Yu and Prince You within a short period. At the same time, changes were happening to his body. He turned entirely gold and his physical body underwent a certain level of metamorphosis. 

This was the only reaction he could have made at the moment. As for Wu Yu, he had even activated his Violent Art.


Just as the 10,000 Spirits Soul Suppression Design was formed and the vengeful spirits were about to cry and send soundwaves towards Wu Yu, Wu Yu's giant Infernal Sky Pillar smashed onto the walls directly. Prince You had severely underestimated the strength of the Infernal Sky Pillar at this moment. 

The 10,000 Spirits Soul Suppression Design was crushed and smashed into pieces instantly! 

Immediately after, the chilling mystical dragons from the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation swarmed forward in a single wave. Prince You had just completed his unique Yan Huang Tribe mystique, the Golden True Body of Three Realms, when he was frozen into a large, solid block of ice by the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation. His movements were completely restricted. After smashing through the 10,000 Spirits Soul Suppression Design, the full might of the Infernal Sky Pillar descended once again. Before the astonished looks of the crowd, Wu Yu smashed onto Prince You. 

This time, he controlled his strength. This would only cause Prince You severe injuries and wouldn't send him to the afterlife. 

"Prince You!" 

An explosion erupted and the subordinates of Prince You had not reacted to it when Prince You was pushed towards them like an unbounded kite. Patches of dull purple now appeared over Prince You's body. As the might of the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation was still lingering in his body, he had to expel the chilling aura to survive. And now his bones, tendons, five organs, six viscerals, and flesh were basically shattered by Wu Yu. It would impossible for him to even stand up. 

"Hu...." The crowd exclaimed when they saw Wu Yu descending from the sky like an immortal. He had completely crushed his opponent. Looking at the haughty Prince You lying on the ground miserably and surrounded by his subordinates, the difference between the two was distinct. 

"Prince Le is really incredible. I hear that he is even younger than Prince You. Even Prince Le’s subordinate can defeat this Prince You, who has cultivated for 200 years. He's definitely the most frightening genius in the entire world if he can tame such a monstrous Kingmaker." 

"Wu Yu indeed has the capabilities to achieve the impossible! It's not surprising that even the Ancient Emperor would appoint him personally." 

"With Wu Yu around, Prince Le won't have to worry." 

Many people saw Wu Yu's incredible strength personally and naturally felt stumped and impressed. The attention from the outsiders had gathered on Wu Yu. Some were jealous, some were impressed, while some had ill intentions or even wanted to taunt Wu Yu. 

"Arrogant brat! How dare you injure Prince You. Surrender now!" 

With Prince You severely injured now, his subordinates would be held responsible. This time, they had to make a move. If they couldn't teach Wu Yu a lesson, they would be utterly embarrassed today. The other princes and princesses definitely wouldn't help them. They could only rely on themselves. Therefore, with Kingmaker You taking the lead, a group of people were charging towards Wu Yu. 

Kingmaker You was a muscular middle-aged man and his cultivation level was similar to Prince You’s. Although he was slightly older, his strength in battle wasn't at the level of Prince You's. However, they had the advantage in numbers as all of them were Dao Querying Realm cultivators. This time, they clearly wanted to surround and attack Wu Yu to win one back. 

The rest wouldn't offer to help any time soon. All of them were just seeing this as a show. As for Prince Le's group, they couldn't do a thing. When Wu Yu was surrounded, the Full Moon of Nanshan, who was next to Prince Le, was infuriated. "Damn your granny! How could they attack Wu Yu together? They have no respect for me at all. I shall show you how I'm going to wallop you guys!" 

He charged forward once he completed his words. When he casted his Gone from the Skies, he disappeared from sight. Soon, he was on the battlefield. 


When Ye Xixi showed herself once again, she had fused with Lazy. She was using the Double-Ended Taia Sword and jumped into the battlefield at the first instant. She dealt with one opponent and triumphed in the aspect of her vibrant Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Her Hell Incarnation Avatar was getting stronger and stronger. Although she might look weak, she was chilling and sharp in battle and quickly suppressed her opponent. 

"Little bug, you can come out now." 

His opponent wanted to rely on their advantage in numbers, but Wu Yu wasn't afraid. The giant Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug appeared out of nowhere like a giant ship descending from the sky. All of a sudden, a chaotic battle erupted at the gates to the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. Wu Yu and the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug teamed up to deal with Kingmaker You. Although Wu Yu had used the Violent Art, it wouldn't be an issue to suppress Kingmaker You. With the stunning strength of Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi, the subordinates of Prince You ended up on the ground within 15 minutes. 

Perhaps it was then that they knew who were the real geniuses. 

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