Chapter 1018: Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead and the Soul Hound Titanic Sword

"Kingmaker Le, you might have some status, but who the hell is this girl? How dare she offend someone of higher status! Based on the rules of Yan Huang, I wouldn't punish the Kingmaker of another prince. However, punishing a lowly ghostly cultivator is definitely within my scope of power!" 

With the rest of the other princes and princesses cheering him on, Prince You changed his approach brilliantly. He wasn't targeting Wu Yu further and instead had chosen to target Ye Xixi. 

He was clear that he didn't have the right to punish Wu Yu directly. Moreover, it wasn't apparent that Wu Yu had offended him. Ye Xixi would be his breaking point. He could tell that Ye Xixi was with Wu Yu and not Prince Le. 

Obviously, Ye Xixi's identity as a member of the Ghostly Yan Tribe wasn't exposed. Otherwise, there would be more trouble. 

"Guards! Arrest this ghostly cultivator that dared to offend me! Whoever tries to stop me will be my enemy," Prince You bellowed. Lots of spectators had gathered at the gates of the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. Most of the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms were waiting to see a show. 

Prince You had several aides with him, and they were all Dao Querying Realm cultivators. They weren't weak -their overall strength would easily triumph over Prince Le's group. From this aspect, it was easy to tell that it was difficult for them to recognize Prince Le. After all, this brother of theirs was too young, like a chick that had just hatched from an egg. What gave him the rights to compete with them? 

Princess Ying chimed in with a strange tone, "If it wasn't for the protection from my younger brother, a dirty ghostly cultivator wouldn't have the right to even remain in the Immortal's Capital. How dare you humiliate a prince! Insolent and no regard for the law! Younger Brother Le, don't blame your sister for not helping you. It's truly because you have failed in your teachings and allowed a ghostly cultivator like her to remain by your side. She has embarrassed you now. Why don't you just finish her off yourself?" 

Wu Yu saw another unknown prince but could see the word "Ru" that was between his eyebrows. Prince Ru said, "Prince Le, you should have thought deeper about this. Recruiting someone like her would only taint the name of our royal family. I know you are aiming to achieve great things and therefore are in urgent need for subordinates. However, you shouldn't accept just anyone out there without checking on them." 

They shared the same enemy and stood on the same line of battle to pressure Prince Le. All of them believed that reason was with them right now. Ye Xixi's verbal retort was a little too rash and therefore she was a little fearful now. She looked at Wu Yu anxiously and didn't know what to do. After all, she could see the princes and princesses constantly pressing on this issue, and she was the target of all these talks. 

"Don't worry." 

Wu Yu smiled faintly and patted on her shoulder to calm her down. 

"Big Brother Wu, what should we do next?" 

"Rest assured. None of them are going to even harm a hair on your head. I give you my guarantee." Wu Yu's determined and decisive attitude and tone when speaking did help calm Ye Xixi down. 

At this moment, although Prince Le was furious, he was at a loss of words. On the other end, even his subordinate Qu Fengyu said, "This girl should have watched her words. Now she got herself into trouble. Let's see how she's going to clean this up." 

"Shut up!" Prince Le looked daggers at her and Qu Fengyu finally kept quiet and leaned towards Baili Zhuihun. 

At this moment, Prince You and his subordinates were about to arrest Ye Xixi with force. They had the reason and strength to take action and thus were moving quickly. This was because Prince You knew that if this incident was to be blown bigger, he might not stand to gain anything. 

Unexpectedly, Ye Xixi vanished before the eyes of the crowd at this juncture. Wu Yu had instructed her to transform into a grain of black sand and land on his shoulder after casting the Black Sand Demonic Shadow. For Prince You and the crowd, it looked as though she had vanished from this world. 

All the spectators were stumped. 

If they were targeting Prince Le, Wu Yu might not have stepped in. However, they were working together to pressure Ye Xixi and were extremely brutal in their choice of words. Wu Yu couldn't stand it. Therefore, he had instructed Ye Xixi to turn into a grain of black sand. 

Around them and within the City of 10,000 Kingdoms, at least several hundred spectators from other tribes had arrived. Wu Yu knew that there were definitely more experts in hiding. As for the crowd outside the City of 10,000 Kingdoms, at least a few thousand Yan Huang Tribe members were waiting to watch a show. 

Prince You was domineering and shouted, "How dare you hide her away!" 

Wu Yu had met stronger opponents and knew about the outcome of Prince Yan. There was no way he would be afraid of Prince You. Since he wanted to target Wu Yu in public and use his self-proclaimed reason to pressure Wu Yu and Prince Le, Wu Yu definitely wouldn't be courteous to him. He was at the limit of his endurance at this point. Therefore, when Prince You shouted again, Wu Yu retorted. 

"Prince You, just be frank if you want to humiliate Prince Le and I. I'm willing to entertain you. It isn't the first time a prince has tried to target us with various underhanded means. Now he is enjoying his long and carefree life in the Eastern Hell. If I were you, Prince You, I wouldn't take it out on a weak girl. Such lowly means shouldn't be something a man employs. Since you aren't happy with me, why don't we have a fair and open fight? Spare me your scheming plots! I will only look down on you more!" 

Wu Yu's words stuffed Prince You's words back into his throat entirely. His “exposing” approach and bringing up the outcome of Prince Yan was the greatest humiliation for Prince You. Through this, he had managed to paint Prince You as someone who was scheming against Prince Le and himself instead of the image of Prince You having reason on his side. His candid and outright approach was naturally more open and righteous than Prince You's. When Wu Yu finished his words, Prince You had lost several times over on the field. After Wu Yu brought him onto this path, the only way out was to defeat Wu Yu. 

Otherwise, his pride would be shattered. 

The Yan Huang Tribe members outside the city were also stupefied by Wu Yu's words. As for the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, they didn't show any face to Prince You at all. When they heard the explosive contents from Wu Yu, they chuckled and some even clapped. 

"The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor has so many princes and princesses. The battle for supremacy will definitely be amazing. Even though we are just at the gates, there's already such a great show going on." 

"Judging from this, the Immortal's Capital is truly a lot stronger than us. Oh, right. Is that Wu Yu? The one whose name has been spreading like wildfire? He looks pretty good. Moreover, he's more intelligent, candid, and upfront than that Prince You. On the contrary, Prince Le doesn't have the same glamorus demeanor as Wu Yu." 

"Speaking of it, if Wu Yu were a prince, there wouldn't be a Prince Le. Other princes and princesses would still be in danger." 

"Don't be reckless with your words. Haha...." 

While the outsiders were discussing, Prince You's face was turning red from anger. He also knew that he had been forced into a corner by Wu Yu’s words. The only way he could make a comeback was to fight. 

Moreover, he had to do so at the gates of the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. From the very beginning, he had not prepared well. This was meant to simply be a skirmish with words. This was because he hadn't expected Wu Yu to take him on directly. Yet, from the icy eyes of Wu Yu that were affixed on him, Prince Le felt more like Wu Yu's subordinate. It was then that he understood that he had underestimated this lad. Speaking of which, the reason why Prince Le appeared to be special was because the Ancient Emperor had appointed his Kingmaker personally. 

"Everyone, get back." 

Prince You had asked those around him to get away for now as he wanted to make a move personally. His subordinates were also highly intelligent. Soon after, the crowd had retreated a distance. As for Wu Yu's side, Prince Le had also ordered his people to step back. He knew that with things at this stage, it was like an arrow on a drawn bow. It was impossible not to release it. Obviously, he had trust in Wu Yu as well. 

Moreover, Wu Yu had never disappointed him. 

"Tsk! You sure have become insolent and arrogant with your meager strength and fame." Prince You didn't have a good idea of Wu Yu's strength. 

However, this wouldn't stop his anger from raging. With more people paying attention to this place, he was even more eager to crush Wu Yu to establish his authority. He thought it would still be a good deal even if he just managed to severely injure Wu Yu. 

He took out two dao treasures at the same time. Both of them were top-class advanced dao treasures. The huge sword in his hand had a wide blade and looked extremely heavy. It was entirely black and the hilt of the sword was the skull of a beast. The blade of the sword looked like the huge fangs that extended out of the mouth of the beast. A path of light extended across the middle of the blade to the edge. Creepy, red liquid was flowing from it. It resembled fresh blood from some huge, ancient beast. 

Prince You was able to control this huge sword with a single hand. As for his other hand, he was holding on to a blood-red bead. The bead was transparent and had a human-like black figure in the middle. Compared to the huge sword, the might of the bead was likely slightly higher. 

The fight could erupt any moment and the spectating crowd was growing in number. The Immortal's Capital had also become more lively because of this. They had heard rumors that Prince You and Kingmaker Le were about to fight at the gates of the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. This rumor had spread like wildfire and soon more and more people were rushing to this place. 

"One of his two advanced dao treasures is the Soul Hound Titanic Sword that was made a long time ago. He obtained it from some ruins. It's extremely powerful. The other advanced dao treasure is the Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead. He bought it from the treasury of the royal family with merits. This advanced dao treasure was used by a ghostly cultivator. Both dao treasures have the effects of intimidating and mesmerizing souls. When fighting him, you have to suppress him and not fall into his tempo!" Prince Le informed Wu Yu swiftly. 

With this reminder, Wu Yu wouldn't be entirely blind when facing Prince You. 

Wu Yu just so happened to want to finish the battle swiftly. It wouldn't do any good to either side if they remained here for long. This was a sensitive period. An internal rife between princes would indeed embarrass Yan Huang. 

"I remember Wu Yu being just at the level of Prince Yao when he first arrived." 

"He really thinks too highly of himself to challenge Prince You today." 

"Does he know the difference between Prince Yao and Prince You? Even if Wu Yu were improving at the speed of an immortal, it wouldn't be sufficient!" 

"Let's just watch. Wu Yu was just putting on a strong front with his sharp tongue. In a real fight, he will likely beg for mercy soon." 

"I heard that he killed a powerful assassin when he was in the Flower Paradise." 

"That assassin probably wasn't strong." 

While the other princes and princesses were discussing, Prince You took the first step out. He started triggering his boundless Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to activate the spiritual designs on the two advanced dao treasures. 

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