Chapter 1017: Prince You

This prince had cultivated for 200 years and would be considered a middle-aged man. He was likely at the level of fourth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. Given another 300 years, reaching the seventh, eighth tier, or even ninth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm would be possible for him. His future achievements would likely be comparable to the batch of Di Yuantian. 

With such talent, he was considered to stand at the very top of the Jambu Realm. However, if he was compared to Wu Yu, he would still be miles away. 

Prince You was in a black and gold robe and had a skinny and slender physique. While walking, he emanated an imposing disposition, and Wu Yu could vaguely see the word "You" between his eyes. From this, he deduced he that this was Prince You. 

Prince You was slightly younger than Prince Yan. However, he was still more than 150 years older than Prince Le. If this was in the human realm, Prince You could have been Prince Le's grandfather. 

However, through years of cultivation, Prince You had kept himself looking young. His rosy complexion made him an attractive young man. Although he wasn't as good-looking as the Full Moon of Nanshan, who practiced the Nine Cycles of the Imperial Immortal Body, everyone would agree that he was extremely handsome among the princes. 

The other princes and princesses were giving Prince Le the cold shoulder. As for Prince You, he walked in front of Prince Le and was extremely amicable. 

"Royal Brother, what can I do for you?" 

Prince You's eyes lit up and he asked, "I have a small question that has been bothering me. I'm not sure if I should be asking about it." 

Prince Le scoffed in his mind. However, he politely asked, "Royal Brother, feel free to speak your mind. I'll be happy to help resolve your queries." 

The other princes and princesses appeared to be chatting casually, but their focuses had shifted to the side where Prince Le was. 

Upon getting a reply from Prince Le, Prince You smiled faintly and asked, "I heard that our father has been paying attention to you. Rumors are going around saying that you are the predetermined future emperor. It was especially so the previous time, when even the Regent was trying to get on your good books by stripping Royal Brother Yan of his status. Royal Brother Yan has contributed greatly to our Yan Huang and yet he was stripped of his status so swiftly. This only goes to show that it is a given that you will be chosen, right?" 

He had a weird tone, and sounded like he was mocking Prince Le. 

Although Prince Le didn't know the motive of this question, he knew clearly that it would be even more disadvantageous for him if more people felt the same way before he had the strength to defeat them directly. Once there was a platform for fair competition, he would definitely be abused by them. Therefore, he kept his composure and answered, "Royal Brother, you don't have to be so sensitive. There's really nothing of this sort. Moreover, I'm still young and haven't been thinking that far into the future. Those are the objectives of the competition between my elder brothers and sisters and have nothing to do with me. Also, our father hasn't given me any special treatment. In fact, I have never stood before our father to speak with him directly. As for the incident with Royal Brother Yan, he had indeed erred. The Regent was only acting according to the rules and I had nothing to do with that." 

Upon hearing him, the princes and princesses on the other end snorted. It was clear that Prince Le was openly stating the opposite. The whole world was taking about this right now. Even if Prince Le denied it, it wouldn't matter at all. His question was rhetorical.

However, he was too young and many princes and princesses found it hard to be convinced by him. Even though his talent was extremely high, all the other princes and princesses felt like they could take care of Prince Le casually. 

Just as expected, Prince You didn't stop here. "Forget it. You wouldn't admit it, and both of us have an answer in mind. Truth be told, we are really envious of your encounter. If you become the emperor in the future, don't forget to take good care of us. I remember giving you lots of treasures when you were young..." 

However, Prince Le had no recollection of this ever happening. 

"Royal Brother, you have read too much into it. Moreover, this might not be what our father has in mind. I personally feel that we shouldn't speculate recklessly about it. Instead, we should focus on the impending challenge of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage." 

Hearing this, Prince You's eyes lit up. "I had almost forgotten about it. Younger brother, regarding the Ancient Soul Tower, I'm sure you know some insider news, right? The Regent is so eager to be on your side, he would definitely have told you the secrets of the Ancient Soul Tower. Therefore, what's the use of the Ancient Soul Tower? You have to share your knowledge with us. It wouldn't be polite to keep it to yourself! If you really don't have the desire to compete as you mentioned, why don't you share these secrets with me?" 

Prince You was pushy and Prince Le furrowed his brows. He shook his head and said, "I know nothing, Prince You. What the Regent told me is exactly the same as what he told you guys. Royal Brother, let's not make wild guesses." 

"How could this be? You definitely know something. Tell me! I won't tell anyone else." He lowered his voice and was clearly trying to hide this from the others. However, Wu Yu was just beside Prince Le and therefore could hear everything clearly. 

"I've said it umpteen times, I know nothing more than you!" Prince Le was probably a little enraged after being accused. He added, "Royal Brother, please leave." 

Prince You wiped his smile away and his expression turned icy cold. "So you are saying you aren't going to show any respect?" 

Prince Le answered, "I wouldn't dare. However, your pressing attitude is the true showing of having no respect for me. Please leave." 

He was a lot more confident now. Moreover, it was clear that Prince You had always been hard to deal with and Prince Le wasn't fond of him. 

"Hehe! You are thinking so highly of yourself! You even dare to throw a temper before me. Prince Le, you truly aren't simple. Do you really think you have this in the bag? Do you think your hundreds of siblings are easy pushovers?" Prince You remarked mockingly. From the moment he approached, he had ill intentions in mind. It was just that he was putting up a friendly front. 

Among the other princes and princesses, some chose to observe, while others could no longer hold back in dealing with the unique situation of Prince Le. Moreover, some didn't believe Prince Le was qualified to be chosen. Before Wu Yu appeared, the competitors they had in mind wouldn't include this really young brother. In their eyes, Prince Le had always been a baby. 

Prince You gnashed his teeth and said, "Tell me the details of the Ancient Soul Tower. Otherwise, this elder brother of yours will embarrass you before the crowd!" 

Prince Le found it hard to endure things coming to this stage. With so many princes and princesses, there were a myriad of personalities. Most of them wouldn't come looking for trouble in broad daylight. However, Prince You was an exception to this. 

When he pressed forward, Prince Le swiftly moved behind Wu Yu. 

Perhaps he subconsciously felt like only Wu Yu could block Prince You off. 

As for Prince You, he had the preconceived notion that the Regent had definitely told Prince Le some insider information. 

Wu Yu could no longer hold back when he saw Prince You being so overbearing before the crowd. When Prince You tried to get around him to target Prince Le, he reached out his arm and stopped his advance. "Prince You, we are at the gates of the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. Please watch your royal status and don't keep your head in the clouds." 

When Prince Le needed Wu Yu, Wu Yu would naturally extend his help. 

Unexpectedly, he seemed to have been prepared for Wu Yu to step in. The moment Wu Yu finished his words, he stared deadly at Wu Yu and berated, "Who are you, trash? Do I need you to remind me of my royal status? I'm talking to my brother. What right does a slave like you have to interrupt us?" 

Prince You was too mean with his words. Also, Wu Yu could tell that he probably wanted to tell him off. 

"You are what trash should be and nothing clean comes out of your mouth. Vulgar!" Wu Yu didn't think too much of it. This was because he knew that Prince You was just trying to taunt him. If Wu Yu had made the first move and a fight that embarrassed the royal family broke out, the punishment would be on him once the Regent investigated. The punishment could also be banning him from participating in the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 

This might’ve been Prince You's real objective today. 

Therefore, Wu Yu wouldn't fall for it. 

However, Ye Xixi was still a little too simple-minded. She had long seen Wu Yu as kin. When she heard the mean and crude remarks about Wu Yu, she failed to control her emotions at the moment and scolded back. 

Prince You wanted to infuriate Wu Yu initially. However, he didn't expect himself to be fuming after Ye Xixi reprimanded him. 

"You are just a lowlife. How dare you reprimand me! Die!" 

As he spoke, he swung his arm over and was about to give Ye Xixi a slap. This time, he found a reason to strike after being humiliated by someone he deemed to be of low status. 

Indeed, his true objective was to stop Wu Yu from participating in the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage in fear that with Wu Yu's help, Prince Le would shine even brighter than his siblings. 

Many people were speculating that the Ancient Emperor would choose the new Yan Huang Emperor in this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 


He didn't manage to slap Ye Xixi and his forceful swing was stopped by Wu Yu. At such a close distance, the explosion of physical strength that Wu Yu had used was way higher than Prince You had expected. Wu Yu's fingers were like metal rings, a vice-like grip clutching the arm of Prince You. 

The place was dead silent. 

"Prince You, please don't get angry. Our mission today is to welcome the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms. Don't get too agitated and embarrass us before outsiders." Wu Yu kept a faint smile while releasing his grib. 

Many spectators had gathered curiously, including numerous outsiders. 

"Royal Brother, don't go too far," Prince Le added. Ye Xixi hid behind Wu Yu. She knew that she was a little too agitated and therefore wouldn't dare to say a word now. However, she could still see the Full Moon of Nanshan giving her a thumbs-up. 

"Haha...." With bloodlust gleaming in his eyes, he locked eyes with Wu Yu and reiterated himself word by word. "One of your people, a lowlife, dares to humiliate a prince in public. Everyone heard her. And you, Kingmaker Le! How dare you stop me. These two slaves have no respect for me at all. My brothers and sisters, what do you think we should do?" 

He turned around and looked to the other princes and princesses. 

"Obviously, we should send these two disrespectful brats to jail." 

"Or perhaps we should make both of them kowtow to us! That should do as well." 

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