Chapter 1014: Golden Dragon Wall Formation

Wu Yu was very insistent.

After listening to his pitch, the kitten demons finally stopped trembling. Wu Yu was already about his own business. He explored the caves for a while and found the largest of them. Before, it was the Moon Shadow Cats' territory, and still had some of her things. Wu Yu cleaned it out and tossed the stuff to the Moon Shadow Cats, saying, "I'm taking this place. Don't bother me if there's nothing important. I will set spirit designs here to prevent you from coming in. I don't want to interfere in your business, and there's no use mewling outside."

He said this because he would spend most of his time in the Jambu Realm, and this territory would simply be his safe passage from the Jambu Realm.

Saying thus, Wu Yu began to fashion a spirit design at the cave entrance. He had many materials on hand, so it was easy to set up a spirit design. After some thought, Wu Yu decided to leave the Dignified Archer Elemental. If anything happened, the Dignified Archer Elemental would be able to help these cat demons out. And if nothing happened, the Dignified Archer Elemental could hide from the cats.

In less than an hour, the Golden Dragon Wall Formation was completed. It had come from Luo Pin's Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon, and it completely sealed the cave that Wu Yu had chosen. The cat demons could not look in or enter, and the Dignified Archer Elemental was guarding it as well.

In this hour, the cat demons were watching Wu Yu's actions. It did look like Wu Yu was just taking up some of their space. 

It was as Wu Yu had said - if he wanted to do them harm, he could do it openly, without any tricks.

When Wu Yu completed the Golden Dragon Wall Formation, the big Moon Shadow Cat blurted out, "How can you be so strong, but not be influenced by the season of massacre? It's uncanny." 

Wu Yu smiled. "There are many things that you don't know. Don't ask foolish questions."

Wu Yu naturally would not tell her that he had come from another world. Of course, the purpose of his Golden Dragon Wall Formation was also to hide the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm from them. When he returned to the Jambu Realm, let these cat demons assume that he was in seclusion.

"You definitely won't harm us?" The bigMoon Shadow Cat was a little apprehensive of Wu Yu, but a lot less wary now. The other kittens were looking forlornly at Wu Yu as well, afraid that he would fly into a rage and slaughter them all.

"I already said that I definitely won't. Besides, I will definitely strengthen your spirit design outside. I will begin shortly. If there is any danger, I will also do my best to protect you. After all, I am imposing on your territory, so I have to contribute something as well. I'll say this for the last time - I'm not a baddie."

"Yay!" The kitten demons readily believed him and cheered, starting to call him "Big Brother Ape Demon." The name made Wu Yu want to cry.

"Alright, that's that, then. If there's nothing else, we won't bother you either. Let's get through this arduous season of massacre together." The big Moon Shadow Cat also breathed a sigh of relief.

She lowered her head dispiritedly, perhaps feeling gloomy. After a while, she said, "The season of massacre is terrible. In order for our tribe to be able to live on, my parents and elder siblings hid us here, while they themselves have lost their reason and roam outside. I wonder if they are still alive...."

Before the season of massacre arrived, there was a preliminary phase where the sun would turn especially red. Many demons would demonize during this time. The elders of the cat demons had probably hidden their youngsters here quickly within those few days. This place had probably sheltered many generations of cat demons.

Wu Yu thought about the major demon battle in the sea previously. He had seen a black cat demon just like this Moon Shadow Cat die in battle. He did not know if it had been her kin. However, he kept this to himself.

Besides, the demons roaming outside during the season of massacre fell like flies. The number of dead after each season of massacre was very, very high.

Truly a strange world.

Luckily, Wu Yu found himself unaffected by the season of massacre. He did not know why the demons would "demonize."

But he was actually a little disappointed. With the season of massacre ongoing, it looked like the Ancient Demon Realm was not a place where he could remain for long.

However, he had no other choice.

In the Golden Dragon Wall Formation, he bade the cat demons not bother him, then he again opened the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm. He had been in Ancient Demon Realm for a long time - the others had to be worried.

After an hour, the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm finally opened, and the cat demons could see nothing from outside the Golden Dragon Wall Formation. They hid where they usually lounged, occasionally glancing at the Golden Dragon Wall Formation and then at each other, afraid to speak.

"Don't worry, everyone. Big Brother Ape Demon is our friend. He is a protector." The big Moon Shadow Cat comforted them.

Hearing this, the kittens visibly relaxed.

At this time, Wu Yu actually returned to Prince Le's Residence. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had been waiting for him for a long time. When Wu Yu appeared, they rushed up. The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "What took so long this time? I thought you were dead."

"Big Brother Yu, what's the situation?"

Wu Yu told them about what had happened in the Ancient Demon Realm.

"A dozen demon immortals, season of massacre, demonizing?"

"Truly an astonishing world. Hard to believe that a world like that exists. The Jambu Realm is big enough already." Ye Xixi was a little dumbstruck. She had grown up in the Infernal Inferno, and everything outside that had been a constant challenge to her worldview.

"I've already secured a safe point. I came this time to bring you over. There is a 99 Spiral Psychedelic Design there, which is rather complete. You and I will strengthen it."

"We're going there?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was delighted.

"This time, I've got a rough grasp of the situation, so naturally we can go. With extra caution, of course."

Although the demonized demons there were very strong, with some prudence and the Full Moon of Nanshan's Gone from the Skies and Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon, in addition to the Demonic Eye of Illusions, the problem was not insurmountable, unless their luck was exceptionally bad. As for Ye Xixi, she could just morph into black sand and stick with Wu Yu.

This time around, they were holed up in a closed chamber in Kingmaker Hall to open the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm, afraid that Prince Le would suddenly come looking. In order to prevent Prince Le from getting suspicious or anxious if he could not find them, Wu Yu left the Heaven Devouring Avatar here. Prince Le could speak to the Heaven Devouring Avatar with no problems. Of course, this was Wu Yu's first time leaving his bodies in separate worlds. He was not too sure what would happen.

However, after 15 minutes in the Ancient Demon Realm, he still noticed no difference. Even if his bodies were in different worlds, their connection was unaffected. This was indeed curious, but the two Primordial Spirits were, after all, Wu Yu. He could live different lives in two different worlds at the same time.

This gave Wu Yu an idea. He could leave the Heaven Devouring Avatar permanently in the Ancient Demon Realm. Even if he died in the Jambu Realm, he could live on. However, he still decided that the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm should be controlled by the real body. The Heaven Devouring Avatar did not have blood. If the real body died, the Heaven Devouring Avatar would be stuck in that world for eternity. That was no different from dying.

"Ancient Demon Realm!" The three appeared in the Golden Dragon Wall Formation's confines at this time, and the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were both very excited.

However, they still followed Wu Yu's lead. The Full Moon of Nanshan hid himself, while Ye Xixi turned to a speck of black sand on Wu Yu's body. As for the All Amalgamating Cat, it was still basking in Kingmaker Hall and had not followed them over.

"I'll take you around first."

Wu Yu knew more about the caliber of demon that they would meet, so going out was not a problem.

They moved out of the spirit design, and the Full Moon of Nanshan tested it. He said, "I can transform this 99 Spiral Psychedelic Design into a 999 Spiral Psychedelic Design, a tenfold upgrade. It will take about five days. After all, the spirit design foundations have already been laid. We simply need to expand it. If we had to build it from scratch, we would have to spend more than 20 days, and the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage would have started."

"That's excellent." Wu Yu did not have much confidence in strengthening it significantly. Luckily, such spirit design patterns were the Full Moon of Nanshan's forte.

After passing through this spirit design, they emerged outside.

"So this is Ancient Demon Realm! What robust spiritual qi! Unbelievable!" the Full Moon of Nanshan exclaimed.

Although Ye Xixi had not said anything, Wu Yu knew that she was extremely moved as well. They had emerged in the forest deep in the abyss. All above them was sky above the towering tree crowns, a vast world of spiritual qi.

"It's like paradise! What a miraculous world! It does look as huge as the Jambu Realm, and the spiritual qi is definitely not that of the Jambu Realm's. This is an even harder world than the Jambu Realm. No wonder there are so many demon immortals! Of course, there is also the terrifying season of massacre...."

The Full Moon of Nanshan sighed.

"What a curious world." Ye Xixi, as a grain of sand, was also drinking in this different world.

"If there is time in the future, there will be opportunities to spend time here. If only this place could return to a peaceful state. Let's go back first." Wu Yu only brought them out for a look to satisfy their curiosity. Now that they had seen it, they were mentally prepared, and the Full Moon of Nanshan could also return safely to upgrade the spirit design with him.

On their way back, they met a demon, a little blue deer with malevolent eyes. It had beautiful antlers and deep-blue patterns, a breathtaking sight marred by the malice in its eyes.

They did not fight, but extricated themselves swiftly. The Full Moon of Nanshan escaped with his camouflage, and they eventually reached their temporary base.

"The season of massacre is an odd thing indeed...."

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