Chapter 1012: 99 Spiral Psychedelic Design

"I probably harmed that flower...." 

Wu Yu had not expected the Green Destiny Tiger to suddenly appear while he was questioning the flower.


Initially, the flower was hidden well. She probably possessed talent in concealment and appeared as an ordinary flower so she wouldn't be discovered. 

Wu Yu's connection with her through the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul had severed. This was proof that the flower demon had died. 

Wu Yu was remorseful as he was the one who had caused her death. He was just a tad quicker. If he was even a second slower, he would not have been able to escape from the clutches of the Green Destiny Tiger. 

The Green Destiny Tiger was most likely not any weaker than the Army General of the Yan Dragon Army, Qu Yin. Moreover, it was affected by the season of massacre and definitely wouldn't show any mercy. 

"Grrr!" Although Wu Yu had fled a long distance away, he still could hear the earth-shattering roar of the Green Destiny Tiger. 

The demons in this place were slightly different from those in the Jambu Realm. Since this was the Ancient Demon Realm, Wu Yu referred to them as ancient demons. 

They were small in size and didn't have human forms. Moreover, they were affected by the season of massacre.... 

After he managed to escape, Wu Yu pondered. "They are now in the season of massacre and I don't know when it will end. Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and above demons are killing recklessly in the entire world. Those weaker demons are either dead or have gone into hiding. Clearly, it’s not practical for me to wait out the season of massacre until the season of tranquility arrives. Therefore, it would be wise to look for well-hidden areas like the demons below the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This will only work if I can find a hiding spot as my stronghold in the Ancient Demon Realm." After gaining a brief understanding of the Ancient Demon Realm, Wu Yu's initial plan had not changed. 

"I'm surprised that the Ancient Demon Realm has that many demon immortals. I guess that's to be expected, as the spiritual qi in this place is so dense. If there are so many demon immortals, there can only be even more Dao Querying Realm demons. In terms of top-end experts, this place most likely has several times more than the Jambu Realm." 

For example, Wu Yu felt that demons like the Green Destiny Tiger were common in this place. They were in a frenzied killing mode during the season of massacre and no one knew how much blood their hands were tainted with. 

"We are just waiting for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage to start in the Immortal's Capital. As for this place, I have to find a suitable place before the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage." 

He was very cautious after learning about the season of massacre. Now that his worries of the unknown had dissipated, he finally understood what was happening to the demons. Therefore, he was emboldened and started searching more swiftly. 

"Those living creatures below the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm are all in hiding. Although they have been here for generations and know where to hide, I might be more capable of finding their hiding spots with my Eyes of Fire and Gold than the demons affected by the season of massacre. If the hiding spots are really safe, I could use them as my strongholds." 

This was what Wu Yu was thinking. 

Therefore, all he needed to do now was search for the living creatures that were in hiding. 

These ancient demons probably hid themselves in deeper areas and were not outside like that flower demon. 

This time, Wu Yu chose to go further into the land and moved rather rapidly. Deep into the thick forests were numerous towering mountain ranges. For example, the backbone of the mountain range was sky-high and many mountain peaks even reached into the skies. At the same time, there were lots of deep valleys and even abysses. There were definitely lots of potential hiding spots, especially so in the depths of the abyss. 

At the tip of the mountains, the spiritual qi was even denser, like water that filled the world. It was harder to see things clearly in this environment. Nonetheless, Wu Yu was able to rely on his Eyes of Fire and Gold to see ancient demons in the season of massacre and escape before he was discovered. 

Along the way, he encountered at least several dozen ancient demons. Roughly one-fifth of them were at a level Wu Yu couldn't handle at all. Those remaining ancient demons were still manageable. As such, Wu Yu felt like he had the ability to survive in this world. However, if he were unfortunate enough to encounter ancient demons comparable to the Regent or even the Phoenix Supreme, he would more or less be in grave danger. After all, they only knew about killing and wouldn't show mercy. 

Therefore, he wouldn't forget that the Ancient Demon Realm during the season of massacre was an extremely dangerous place. 

He had searched for an entire day and had entered the valley that was formed from two towering mountains. The valley was really deep, dark and damp with lots of moss blooming all over the ground. Most of it was of high tiers. Therefore, a dense medicinal aroma filled the entire Ancient Demon Realm. Along the way, Wu Yu even found wild immortal essences with eight spiritual marks. Naturally, he harvested them as he went. 

He was at ease while using his Eyes of Fire and Gold to survey his surroundings. The deep valley was dead silent. Those ancient demons would rarely come to this place during the season of massacre. They were more fond of a direct clash as they would be able to find more ancient demons. Most ancient demons during the season of massacre preferred battles to the death. 

As he dived deep below the surface, he continued watching his left and right. He found this place to be rather safe, and many areas were hidden from sight. As he dived deeper, he saw many underground rivers. Of which, Wu Yu realized that one of them was slightly different from the rest and the flow of water was relatively slower. He dived into the water and was surprised to find it to be rather deep, as though he couldn't feel the bottom of the river. 

When he arrived at the bottom of the river, Wu Yu was astonished to find traces of spirit designs deep below the mud layer. 

These were the first spirit designs he had found in the Ancient Demon Realm. 

"I thought the demons of the Ancient Demon Realm wouldn't know anything about spirit designs. After all, they only had their mystiques and demon techniques. Not even a single dao treasure or slave could be seen." 

This was why he was a little surprised to find the spirit design. 

Obviously, he still felt that spirit designs weren't common in the Ancient Demon Realm. 

"However, the spirit designs in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon were indeed really powerful." 

This put his conviction into doubt. 

He ripped the ground apart and dived in deeper. Roughly 100 zhang below the mud surface, Wu Yu finally arrived at the spirit design. Although it still looked like there were more mud layers below his feet, a spirit design had obstructed his path. 

"This is most likely the 99 Spiral Psychedelic Design. It isn't an elite spirit design, but it can make one lose his sense of direction. Ordinary demons wouldn't be trapped by this spirit design. However, if the ancient demons during the season of massacre have lost their rationalities and abilities to think, they might fall for it. This place was well-hidden to begin with. Therefore, there are likely other living creatures hiding in this place." 

He was rather familiar with the 99 Spiral Mesmerizing Illusion Design as it was something that he had researched before. The main reason was that he had witnessed probably the most frightening psychedelic spirit design of this world while he was in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. After going through that, the 99 Spiral Psychedelic Design was just like a child's maze spirit design before him. 

He didn't hesitate to dive into it. He could still see mud before him, but if he was to try going down, he would end up floating up. After seeing through the spirit design, he went the opposite way by moving up. 

Obviously, it wouldn't be that simple. When he was moving upwards, the direction was constantly changed a total of 99 times. During these 99 changes, one had to choose the right direction. Moreover, this wasn't just limited to left, right, up, and down, but omni-directional in a three dimensional space. For example, it could be forward-left and the degree of changes would be particular as well. 

First, Wu Yu had seen a similar spirit design. Second, Wu Yu had the Spirit Penetration Art. The Spirit Penetration Art was the perfect counter for spirit design. After casting it, Wu Yu was able to decipher the correct 99 directional changes. For ancient demons in the season of massacre, they wouldn't even make one correct direction because they would just charge ahead recklessly, eventually moving out of the bottom of the river. Wu Yu was different. For him, it was simple. After spending roughly 15 minutes, he easily made his way through the spirit design and into the protected space without causing a commotion. 

The moment he came in, he was surprised to find many living creatures. Moreover, they were all below the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. During the season of massacre, they were able to keep a clear mind, and it was apparent that they were hiding here during this period. 

Within the spirit design was a clean and bright cave. Within the cave were numerous smaller caves that resembled individual rooms. A huge gem that was just like the sun was placed in the middle of the cave. It illuminated the cave and kept it warm. This was a treasure with eight spiritual marks and was known as the Blazing Sun Ore. It was also a great material that was used to forge dao treasures. 

When Wu Yu found the place, the natives of the cave were alarmed. For them, this wasn't possible. Therefore, they got the scare of their lives and started crying and chattering. The entire cave was filled with miserable cries and chaos took over. Most likely, they thought Wu Yu was a killer that had come from outside. 

"Everyone, please be at ease. I'm not a demon that has lost sanity and wants to kill you. All I want is to hide from then. I happened to bump into this place and won't harm any of you." 

Wu Yu's voice was loud and clear and he went straight to the point by stating his objectives clearly. Upon hearing Wu Yu, those flabbergasted ancient demons finally stuck out their heads from the smaller caves while watching Wu Yu anxiously. 

Seeing their honest and cute looks, Wu Yu was overjoyed. These were several hundred adorable and beautiful small cat demons.... 

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