Chapter 1011: Season of Massacre

This time, he was prepared to re-enter and explore deep into the land.

Just as he was about to go in before, he had been attracted by the battle.

As long as his life was not in danger, Wu Yu was naturally willing to stay in the Ancient Demon Realm for a little longer before the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

The more he understood, the more beneficial it would be to him. It would be perfect if he could find somewhere safe.

His tiny body zipped through the large forest. One could say that his movements went unnoticed.

“Perhaps all the demons near this region took part in that battle. After walking around for so long, I have not seen any other living things."

Wu Yu was still cautious. He used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to keep a lookout and secretly advanced at the same time. He took note of every little movement in his surroundings. He was worried that there would be a strong demon who could kill him with one blow here.

This time, he moved for 10 hours before he truly reached the depths of the land. Here, even if he flew high up into the sky, he could no longer see the sea. He had sped up a lot in his advance this time.

However, past the endless, tall forest in front of him, it was still the endless, tall forest. Countless trees were growing in this world, yet he had not seen other living things. This made Wu Yu understand that the density of the demon population in the Ancient Demon Realm could not be compared to the density in the Jambu Realm.

"This means that it is not that unsafe." Previously, it was probably just his luck that caused Wu Yu to worry about the Ancient Demon Realm. The exploration this time was much better situation than previously.

He continued to move forward through the forest.

"Hey, why are you still running about outside? Are you tired of living?"

Suddenly, there was a voice behind him. This made Wu Yu jump. How could there be any other living thing in this Ancient Demon Realm who would speak to him? Also, before he reached this place, he had been using his Eyes of Fire and Gold to observe his surroundings. He had not expected at all to have missed someone. At this point, he quickly turned back and looked. Actually, there was nothing behind him.

"Who is speaking to me?" Wu Yu was very vigilant. Now he was on the ground, and large patches of yellow leaves lay beneath his feet. They were heavily layered. 

"It’s me, of course, stupid." Wu Yu finally detected the source of the voice. It was coming underneath a withered leaf in front of him, not too far away. He casually lifted up that withered leaf and realized that there was a tiny, pink flower beneath it. It looked like an ordinary flower. There were many such flowers in this forest. However, Wu Yu had not thought that this flower had actually become a demon. Looking at it with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he realized that this little flower's cultivation level was not low.

Wu Yu calmed down. He was pleasantly surprised. He had finally met a living thing that he could communicate with in the Ancient Demon Realm. While they were a plant demon, they were still a living thing.

"Why are you stunned? I'm asking you why you are running about during the season of massacre. Are you tired of living? Everyone is already hidden. If you run about like this, you will affect us.”

"Season of massacre?" Wu Yu could not understand, but he could analyze. From the flower's words, the region nearby, or perhaps the whole Ancient Demon Realm, was in a period of time called the season of massacre.

At this moment, Wu Yu naturally linked this to the battle just now. That was a massacre. Every demon's eyes were bloodshot, and they did not seem capable of communication. They had all become like wild beasts and knew only to kill and massacre. This was obviously related to the season of massacre mentioned by this little flower. 

At this moment, this little flower was obviously treating Wu Yu like a demon from the Ancient Demon Realm. Of course, perhaps there were no humans in the Ancient Demon Realm.

Indeed, when Wu Yu stood there silently, the other party sized him up and said, "That's weird, I've not seen a demon like you. What demon are you? I've not heard of you."

Wu Yu was depressed. He was a human. He could not tell the other party that he was a human demon.

Luckily, this flower was a chatterbox and she continued speaking on her own. "Look at your appearance. You are probably some monkey demon mutant. You look really ugly. Monkey demons have sexy fur on them, but you don't have any. Also, you hang weird stuff on your body. Looks like you are not very intelligent. It is no wonder you dare to run about during the season of massacre. You better leave quickly and get away from my area. Don't burden us and cause us to be killed by the demons in the season of massacre."

Her comments about him were really.... Indeed, different races had different perspectives of beauty.

However, it had not been easy for Wu Yu to meet someone who could speak. Of course, he would not just leave, so he would not be polite. One of the dao techniques that he had learned from the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was called Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul, which was specially used to control other people's spirits. He was confident he could control this flower demon. After controlling her, it would be much easier for him to ask questions.

Therefore, he stood in front of the flower and exerted this Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul. It would not harm the flower, and she would not lose anything after it ended.

Wu Yu estimated that she was probably a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator at her peak. She was probably near the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. It was not very difficult for him to control the other party. Under the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul, the flower demon was very quickly subdued by Wu Yu.

After Wu Yu finished, he asked, "What is this season of massacre?"

The flower demon said, "I don't know how many years ago it was that a season of massacre first appeared. I also don't know what caused it. But each time the season of massacre arrives, all the demons above the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm lose their senses and fall into a crazy state. When they see other creatures, they kill them. The most obvious tell is that their eyes turn red. When the season of massacre is over and the season of tranquility comes, they recover. However, when the season of massacre is over, there are not many powerful demons left alive."

No wonder!

It was unexpected that there would be something as terrible as the season of massacre in the Ancient Demon Realm. The flower demon did not know how it had come about. Obviously, it seemed that there were no seasons of massacre long ago.

"If all the demons above the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm fall into a state of crazy killing, they will die in battle if it lasts for a long time, just like today. But what is the situation that gave rise to the season of massacre...."

Wu Yu never thought that the Ancient Demon Realm would have such an abnormal and unimaginable situation. Was this a law of heaven and earth, or was it caused by some kind of strong existence, or was it related to other things? This was a mystery perhaps even to the whole Ancient Demon Realm.

But Wu Yu could only say that such a rule was too cruel. If every one of them lost their senses, would that mean that they would slaughter even their own families?

With the inevitability of the season of massacre, how many experts were left in this Ancient Demon Realm? And demons below the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm would undoubtedly become the prey during the season of massacre. Their death rate would probably be higher, especially for those who had no way of hiding.

"How often does the season of massacre come up and how long will it continue for?" Wu Yu asked.

The flower demon said, "Since ancient times, seasons of massacre and seasons of tranquility have come in cycles. It is hell during the season of massacre, and we can only survive during the season of tranquility. The season of massacre and the season of tranquility alternate. There is no way at all to be sure how long the season of massacre lasts. When it is long, it may continue for more than 10 years. When it is short, it may be over in just a few days. It is the same for the season of tranquility too. Because of this, every time the season of massacre comes, it catches us unprepared. The season of massacre this time has lasted for three or four years so far, and maybe it will end tomorrow, maybe decades from now. Even if it ends, the next day may be the start of another season of massacre. Anyway, it will not be peaceful at any time."

Such uncertain timing was also a huge problem. Obviously, with the existence of this season of massacre, the whole Ancient Demon Realm would be panic-stricken. The strong would go crazy and kill each other, while the weak would be massacred. No one could live in peace.

"I finally know why I hardly saw other creatures on the way. The strong demons have gone berserk and hunted everything, while the weak have stayed hidden and dared not come out. It makes sense that I wouldn’t see them. This is also why I thought that the Ancient Demon Realm was filled with strong demons everywhere. So it is because the weak, young demons are all hidden. Otherwise, they may be killed."

After understanding the season of massacre, Wu Yu wanted to learn even more about the Ancient Demon Realm from this flower demon. After all, he was still clueless about this place.

"Are there any powerful forces in the Ancient Demon Realm? A strongest being? During the season of massacre, will the strongest being also fall into the season of massacre?"

The flower demon said, "There are many powerful forces in the Ancient Demon Realm. The most powerful ones are the demon immortals. Generally, the demon immortals are in control of a great power, and they will not be affected by the season of massacre. This is also the reason why we all train and want to become demon immortals. However, the subordinates and relatives of the demon immortals are affected by the season of massacre, so we rarely hear from the demon immortals during the season of massacre. It is said that the demon immortals imprison their subordinates and let them spend the season of massacre alone. "

Demon immortals!

That had to be comparable to the existence of immortals. He did not expect there to be demon immortals in the Ancient Demon Realm! 

This shocked Wu Yu. Although there were immortals like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor in the Jambu Realm, he was still surprised to hear that there were demon immortals here. And these demon immortals were not affected by the season of massacre.

"How many demon immortals are there in the Ancient Demon Realm?" Wu Yu asked again in a hurry.

"I don't know. There may be several, maybe a dozen. I don't know about the sea region. There are five demon immortals inland...."

This number was also much more than Jambu Realm. He did not know if there was anyone else as powerful as the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

But even so, a world with demon immortals was obviously much more powerful than the Jambu Realm. If the two worlds were to fight, Wu Yu estimated that the Jambu Realm would surely be defeated.

He was about to ask more.

Suddenly, there was a chilling moment and he felt death descending on him.

He raised his head and saw that faraway, there was a gigantic, fierce tiger with green fur and blood-red eyes. It was staring at him and seemed to be in an extremely violent state.

"Be careful, that is a Green Destiny Tiger," the flower demon said.

This one was not the same as the one before in the previous battle. This one was not injured. Also, the tiger was the strongest in the whole fighting group. It was one of the ones that could kill Wu Yu in an instant.

At this moment, Wu Yu could not bother with the flower demon anymore. He could only escape instantly with the Somersault Cloud.

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