Chapter 1010: Intense Battle of the Demons

"Looks like there aren't many living creatures in the Ancient Demon Realm." 

After loitering around for half a day, Wu Yu still hadn't encountered a single living creature. 

If he was in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, it would be impossible to not meet a single person after loitering for half a day. He would have encountered villages or even cities with martial cultivators. 

Obviously, there were also some deserted or restricted areas with no humans. However, looking around him, this was clearly not the case in the Ancient Demon Realm. He was in an extremely ordinary place. 

The spiritual qi that filled the atmosphere of this world was so dense that it appeared as mist. The place was lush and flowers were blooming, painting a beautiful broad and ancient immortal realm. 

Wu Yu landed on a giant leaf before climbing to the top of a towering tree. Standing at the highest point and surveying the surroundings, he saw a boundless sea region to his west. He hadn't moved far from where he had come from. In the other directions, there were mountain ranges after mountain ranges, endless forests, and countless lush, green areas. The dense misty spiritual qi that filled the atmosphere had obstructed the vision of Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold to a certain extent. 

Wu Yu couldn't help but feel emotional about how broad and vast the world was. 

"Let's see if I can find a hidden area and set up defensive and concealment spirit designs. At the very least, if I'm ever forced to escape to the Ancient Demon Realm, I would have a place to go to temporarily. the Full Moon of Nanshan and the rest could also catch their breaths." 

It shouldn't be hard for the Full Moon of Nanshan or Ye Xixi to settle in this place, since they had their unique mystiques. However, Wu Yu was also thinking of bringing Wu You, Feng Xueya, and others to this place to be safe. The denser spiritual qi environment would also be greatly beneficial for them. 

In the worst scenario that Wu Yu expected, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was aware of all his secrets and was scheming against him. Once Wu Yu escaped, he might even vent his frustration on Wu Yu's kin and friends. There was a real possibility for the worst scenario to happen. Nonetheless, Wu Yu still felt like he had read too much into this at this juncture. 

"If he really were scheming against me, he could have made his move long before and wouldn't have allowed me to continue growing." 

Furthermore, if he really was an enemy, and a frightening one at that, it wouldn't be too bad to lose everything to him. After all, he was an immortal currently and Wu Yu was just a weak mortal. What could he possibly do against an immortal? 

Nonetheless, he felt an urgent need to establish a stronghold in the Ancient Demon Realm. 

"My only fear is that with my expertise in spirit designs, they will be easily seen through by others." 

He wanted to have an understanding of the average level of strength that the demons in the Ancient Demon Realm possessed. The very first time he was here, he encountered three frightening existences. Would this be the most basic level of strength? 

The puzzling thing was that he still hadn't encountered a living creature since he arrived. 

Just as his suspicions arose, Wu Yu heard a loud boom from the west and looked over immediately. Where the land met the sea, the commotion of an intense battle between numerous giant beasts shook the heavens and earth. Wu Yu could see light illuminating half the sky and knew it had to be an elite mystique. A large region had become the battlefield, and this included the sea region. The tremors and shockwaves of the battle spread rapidly towards Wu Yu. Shortly after, the earth below him cracked and the towering tree that he was on sank into the ground. 

"There are clear signs of a battle there. Moreover, it is clear that it is a large-scale battle between two groups!" 

The commotion was simply too huge, and just the tremors and shockwaves had destroyed a large region. Several rays of light shot into the sky, piercing through the layers of clouds and dyed them red. Although it would definitely be more dangerous to get closer, this was also an opportunity for Wu Yu to understand the living creatures in this world. Therefore, he didn't hesitate to steer his Somersault Cloud in that direction. 

He was still maintaining his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and moving in his smallest form. 

The sea region seemed to be the place where he first came into the Ancient Demon Realm. After loitering around the area for half a day, he returned to that place rapidly. Now that he was travelling at full speed, he saved a substantial amount of time. The closer he got, the clearer the view he had with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Therefore, there wasn't a need for him to get even closer. 

The core of the battle was on the beach, but large areas of land and sea were implicated. This time, Wu Yu saw many living creatures. In total, there was likely over 100! 

This seemed to be a battle between the land demons and the sea region demons as evident in various individual local battlefields where one party would be a land demon, while the other would be a sea region demon. 

Wu Yu took a closer look and was enthralled. 

In terms of body size, these land and sea region demons weren't that huge. The largest was a green-haired, red-eyed tiger that was the size of an ordinary tiger in the Jambu realm. Perhaps this was something unique to the demons in the Ancient Demon Realm. 

On the side of the land demons, there were a myriad of strange-looking creatures. For example, Wu Yu could see the fiery-red rabbit he had encountered previously; a small, pitch-black cat with the image of a moon between its eyes; a savage-looking cerberus; an angry bull with a large, golden horn; minute, agile mice; a purple venomous snake that had razor-sharp claws; and also wild boars with poisonous spikes.... 

The common feature across the land demons was that they weren't particularly big. At most, they were similar in size to wild beasts in the human realm of the Jambu Realm. Moreover, all of their eyes were red without clear distinction of iris and sclera. This also made them appear extremely furious. 

As for their opponents, they were ordinary creatures found in the sea region. There were swimming fishes of varying sizes and appearances. Some had several pairs of eyes, some had a sharp, pointed tip that resembled a spear, some carried lightning, and some were even able to separate into several clones. Obviously, there were also some that resembled lobsters, cuttlefish, octopi, and even sea urchins. Considering their sizes, if they weren't showing their might, they looked no different from ingredients that were made into dishes served on dining tables. 

However, Wu Yu could clearly see the frenzied fighting that was ongoing in the battlefield. All of the demons could be considered experts and weren't holding back at all. The weakest of them all was likely the equivalent of an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm demon in the Jambu Realm, while the strongest was undoubtedly at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. Wu Yu had no confidence in handling them, including the rabbit that had broken his Immovable Nine Palaces design previously. 

A seemingly insignificant battlefield in the vast Ancient Demon Realm unexpectedly had the scale of a grand battle. 

Wu Yu could only say that this was an eye-opener. 

Although these demons were small, their mystiques were extremely mysterious. Wu Yu had not seen or heard of them. Moreover, different demons would have different characteristics. For example, the sea region demons would make use of the boundless seas. Their mystiques were also largely related to the sea. 

Furthermore, both parties had bloodshot eyes as though they had lost all rationality. They attacked relentlessly while putting their lives at stake. In fact, they weren't even trying to defend. It was as though nothing mattered as long as they could kill the other party. Therefore, this was no different from a suicidal battle. When Wu Yu arrived at the scene, they were in the heat of the battle. 

Wu Yu could also see numerous corpses of demons on the battlefield. 

Wu Yu would be in grave danger if he tried to get closer to the intense battle. Therefore, he hid in an obscure spot and observed from afar to see how it would end. 

"If all the demons in the Ancient Demon Realm are at the level of these demons, I will be able to survive in this place." 

The demons he had encountered before were too strong, giving Wu Yu the feel that he couldn't handle any of the demons in this place. However, from what he was seeing now, he could at least deal with 70% of the demons. 

For those he could deal with, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi should at least be able to run from them. 

If this was the case, it shouldn't be an issue to bring them over to take a look since they were curious about this place. 

Wu Yu remained stationary while watching the demons battle it out. Although their style of battle looked simple and brutal, it was actually a good exemplification of the daos they had. The dao that was displayed in each action was extremely deep, and especially so for some of the stronger demons. Moreover, their bloodlines would be considered extremely rare in the Jambu Realm. 

Watching a bloody battle like this did bring some benefits for Wu Yu. 

This battle lasted for more than two hours. 

Just as Wu Yu had guessed, this battle to the death had no victors. 

This was because both parties had comparable strength to begin with. They fought without regard for their lives and wouldn't rest till the other party was killed. There was no way any of them would flee during the battle. Therefore, as the battle proceeded to the end, all the sea region demons were killed. As for the side of the land demons, only the green-haired, red-eyed tiger was left on the brink of death. It was covered in wounds and looked like it wouldn't last for long. 

Failing to find another opponent, the tiger finally left grudgingly. It roared while it moved, and although it was small in size, its deafening roar definitely reverberated through the forest. All creatures in the forest were likely to be frozen in fear from the roar. 

There was a large, charred area before Wu Yu. Both the land or sea were severely destroyed. Moreover, several dozen demon corpses were scattered across the charred area. Of which, some had been partially destroyed during the battle. Only a small portion of the corpses were in one piece. 

Seeing so many demon corpses, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar became a little restless. If he devoured all of them, he would definitely reach a frightening level. Wu Yu believed he would likely be at the level of the Regent! 

However, the Primordial Spirit of his Heaven Devouring Avatar would fully exceed the main body and he would become just another Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

Therefore, Wu Yu had to curb these innate desires of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

He thought about how great it would be if he could bring away the corpses of these demons. However, after thinking about it, he knew that the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and the essences of the bodies in these corpses would be lost over time. There wasn't any value in trying to preserve them. 

Therefore, Wu Yu could only choose to leave the place. 

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