Chapter 0101: Ghost-Faced Ape

Of course, when he said “help,” he meant snatching the immortal root from the Black Bear Spirit.

There were many people present, and virtually all of them were using dao techniques to attack the Black Bear Spirit from all sides. The huge Black Bear Spirit was already significantly injured.

Roar! Roar!

The huge beast was a nightmare. It had terrifying physical strength in addition to its demon essence cores, which could employ demon techniques. The black demon aura that circled it obscured one's vision. On the side of the core disciples, a few were sporting injuries as well.

"The fighting ability of demons is indeed exceptional."

The savage countenance, huge and sharp claws, thick limbs, and a razor-sharp sense of when to press. It was a nightmare come to life.

The furious carnage had already uprooted many of the huge trees in the area, leaving it barren.

"I guess they don't need me."

Wu Yu looked on for a while, then decided to sit this one out and reap the spoils later.

Especially with Ni Hongyi and the others attacking, he might also be attacked if he joined in.

In the time that he was in hiding, the battle became even more intense.

"Brethren, let's better ourselves. If the lot of us can't even acquire one immortal root, we're disgraceful!"

"We must suppress him, and force the Black Bear Spirit to bring us to the immortal root!"

From the exhortations of the core disciples, Wu Yu inadvertently learned something. It seemed like he had not missed out on anything while he was off growing stronger.

This made him even more relieved.


Just at this moment, the Black Bear Spirit used his demon essence to shift the rocks below foot, pulling up the ground to create a wall of boulders. And then he shapeshifted into human form, becoming a tall, burly thug. Without any further ado, he had actually escaped right under the onslaught of all their dao techniques. The place where he had been standing was thick with black smoke, which was even more opaque than the grey mist. It was now even more difficult to chase the Black Bear Spirit!

"That scum actually escaped!"

"Chase him! He's almost dead!"

The disciples' blood was on fire. Having won in the initial battle only swelled their confidence. Instantly, they swarmed in the direction where the Black Bear Spirit had gone, shouting and yelling as they pursued.

"Time to go!"

Wu Yu followed as well.

Instantly, the huge party was charging around in the Valley of Immortal Fate.

Lan Shuiyue and the other two at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm were slightly weaker in spiritual power, so they were not as fast as Ni Hongyi and the rest. They started to lag behind as a result.

Wu Yu followed behind easily. However, he realized that if he continued to tag along with Lan Shuiyue, he might let the Black Bear Spirit escape.

Therefore, he prepared to skirt Lan Shuiyue, flitting past from the side, and catching up with those in front.


He shot through the fog like a bolt of golden light.

"Wu Yu!" 

Suddenly, there was an icy voice from behind him.

Looking back, he saw that Lan Shuiyue had been alerted to his presence when he had passed her. She had only seen a flash of golden light, but she was already very familiar with Wu Yu by now.

Their eyes met.

Wu Yu looked at her cold eyes and saw that she showed no signs of giving up. Instead, she looked at Wu Yu with even deeper hatred. She must really want to kill him!

"Return my Sumeru Pouch." Lan Shuiyue's voice was like frost.

Her words came through like a breath of cold air.

Her entire face was rigid now, a far cry from her previous rage. Or perhaps the enmity in her had risen to a whole new level.

"Take it. I've taken the Spirit Concentration Pills."

Wu Yu did not want her junk. He tossed the Sumeru Pouch on the floor and then increased his speed, very quickly leaving Lan Shuiyue eating his dust.

"Since I've offended her, I need to be careful of her. After all, this is the Valley of Immortal Fate. Anything can happen." Wu Yu was prepared.

Just at this moment, anguished cries came from ahead.

"Lost him."

"Everyone, stop the chase. The Black Bear Spirit has escaped, and we don't know where to."

"Stop chasing. If we disperse any further, we'll be ambushed by the demon."

Those at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm were basically a first-rate team. They now paused and gathered as the Black Bear Spirit had vanished without a trace.

Amongst them, Ni Hongyi and the other two were worried about Lan Shuiyue's safety, and quickly doubled back to her position, passing Wu Yu along the way.

Wu Yu adroitly dodged the bunch, who were all simmering with anger.

"Once they link up with Lan Shuiyue, they'll be on me for sure.

"But I don't have much reason to be afraid."

After proceeding forward for a while, he met the other group that had been chasing the Black Bear Spirit. They were not actually a group, but had banded together to chase the Black Bear Spirit.

This bunch was not the group that was escorting Lan Shuiyue, and Wu Yu was, after all, still the Sect Leader's personal disciple. They did not have anything against him, and greeted Wu Yu with smiles.

"Wu Yu, haven't seen you around these days," a broad-shouldered sword cultivator with a huge sword on his back said.

"I've been in hiding. The demons are too frightful." Wu Yu smiled and received them. After all, he wanted to learn more about the situation as well.

"That's true. All three demons are hard to deal with. The Black Bear Spirit has truly astonishing fighting abilities, and we male disciples don't have much in the way of resistance against the fox demon's charms. And as for that shark demon in the water, we can't even find it." 

One of them spoke up, "That's right, Wu Yu. These few days, Lan Shuiyue and her gang have been asking about your whereabouts everywhere. From their malevolence, I'm afraid they're looking for trouble. If you come with us, they won't be able to do anything foolish. But if you decide to go alone, they might bully you. You must take care."

Not all the disciples in the Valley of Immortal Fate were Lan Shuiyue's cronies. Tang Batian, for one, was not, and these others were not either. On the contrary, Wu Yu was the Sect Leader's personal disciple, and his fame preceded him. They were willing to show him face.

"Many thanks to you, gentlemen."

Although following them would indeed stave off Lan Shuiyue and the others, Wu Yu did not intend to join this group. He would lose some degree of freedom, and it would be that much harder to contest for immortal roots.


“Huff, huff....”

In the forest, a huge, dark man was hidden on top of a huge tree, panting heavily.

"That bunch of kids actually ganged up to ambush me. I almost died back there!"

The Black Bear Spirit's eyes were red.

He could not kill the disciples, but they could kill him.

His dark skin was sporting all kinds of wounds. Sword cuts, burns, lightning scorches. It looked extremely grotesque. Luckily, his recovery abilities were good, and his injuries were on the mend.

"If I can escape, I will definitely finish off all these martial cultivators. Roast and eat the men, and screw the women to death!"

His eyes were filled with deadly anger. Of course, he could only say these things to himself, but not out loud. He was afraid that Elder Shentu would hear him. That was an existence that even he feared. Who knew what would make him come in?

"Once I recover, I must go out and maul a few martial cultivators," the black bear thought savagely.

Just at this moment, he heard a sinister voice from behind him.


The voice was formless, belonging to no mortal presence. The Black Bear Spirit turned to look, and almost fell out of the tree from fright.

It was an unbelievably handsome man. Although his face was pale, it was a sickly sort of handsome.


At first, he kept his defenses up, thinking that it was a martial cultivator. But now he realized from the other's aura that it was demonic aura, not that of martial cultivators.

"You're a demon!"

The Black Bear Spirit spoke with conviction.

"You think?"

The man laughed softly. He moved very lightly, walking towards him on the tree branch. On the way, he ripped aside the branches in his path.

"You're definitely a demon.... But the Heavenly Sword Sect only sent the three of us demons into the Valley of Immortal Fate. You're definitely not included. Besides, you don't have the Demon Fishing Rod on you. How on earth did you come in?"

The Black Bear Spirit was flabbergasted.

He realized that this demon must have passed the defensive line of the few mighty martial cultivators and entered the Valley of Immortal Fate from outside. A free demon!

"This Valley of Immortal Fate is not anybody's territory. Why can't I come in?" The man laughed casually.

The look in the Black Bear Spirit's eyes changed. He could tell from this that this demon was very strong, many times stronger than himself. Instantly, he saw a glimmer of hope for freedom.

"Junior Black Bear pays his respects to Senior. I wonder, why is Senior here, and for what purpose? And can Junior here be of any help?"

The Black Bear Spirit immediately switched his entire attitude to a patronizing one.

"I've been nearby for many years. Lately, the Bipo Mountain Range has been changing, becoming a rich land. I came over to take a look, and also to kill some martial cultivators to take revenge for my kind," the handsome man said.

"I beg Senior for my freedom. In exchange, I'm willing to follow Senior, and toil on Senior's behalf!" The Black Bear Spirit immediately kowtowed. He was a demon. Lowering his head to another demon was still better than being trapped in the Spirit Banishment Tower.

"Oh?" The man looked him over. "Indeed, I've taken a liking to you. But that Demon Fishing Rod on you is not easy to deal with. I have to think of something. That old geezer Shentu is indeed powerful, and I'm not his match. "

"Senior, you must have a way!" The Black Bear Spirit kept his forehead firmly pressed down.

"When the time comes, we'll go to the edge of the Valley of Immortal Fate, and I'll help you release the line and take you away. Outside of the Valley of Immortal Fate, that old geezer Shentu might not be able to catch me," the man declared confidently.

The Black Bear Spirit was moved, and kowtowed repeatedly.

"Senior, what should I do next?"

The man said, "I want to kill all the martial cultivators here. But I cannot reveal myself, or attract the old man Shentu. That is why you are of great use to me. You can help me split them up and bring them here one by one, straight into my jaws."


The Black Bear Spirit hated these disciples to death.

"Then go."

The handsome man smiled brightly.

The two leapt down from the huge tree, hiding in the forest.

"Senior, may I ask what your true form is?"

Just from the human form alone, he could not tell.

"I'm the Ghost-Faced Ape."

"Ah...." The Black Bear Spirit rolled to the floor, frantically getting on his knees before the man.

"Senior, Junior here has been too disrespectful. I did not know you were the follower of the great Ninth Spirit!"

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