Chapter 1009: Worshipped by the Masses

The Ancient Soul Tower had descended on the Immortal's Capital. 

Just the base of the tower was comparable to the entire Imperial City. 

At this point, it was still descending gradually. Therefore, Wu Yu couldn't tell how tall the Ancient Soul Tower was. 

At the same time, Wu Yu could tell that everyone in the Immortal's Capital, including everyone in the Imperial City, was alarmed and left their houses. They were in shock and fear as they watched the Ancient Soul Tower come down onto the Immortal's Capital. 

Countless martial cultivators in the satellite cities around the Immortal's Capital had taken flight into the sky to see the Ancient Soul Tower. From where they were, it was easier to see the full stature of the Soul Tower. 

Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, Prince Le, and the others had also flown higher. At this point, the base of the Ancient Soul Tower was at the same height as the highest building in the Immortal's Capital. 

Within the Immortal's Capital, for the people of a region the size of the Imperial City, they could only see the dark base of the tower when they raised their heads. The shadow casted by that tower had plunged part of the region into darkness. 

Wu Yu could hear chatter from the entire Immortal's Capital and several satellite cities. This was because the majority of the people didn't know about the Ancient Soul Tower. Therefore, when this giant object descended onto the Immortal's Capital, the people were fearful. 

Almost everyone was fervently discussing what it was. 

The people were running around anxiously as though the apocalypse had descended. 

As for Wu Yu, he was mesmerized by the Ancient Soul Tower. 

When the Ancient Soul Tower finally landed in a suitable position and stopped descending, Wu Yu finally caught a complete glimpse. 

The ancient tower was of two colors and not entirely black. Other than black, there was gold. 

Black embodied mysteriousness and fear, while gold symbolized authority and sacredness. 

There were nine floors to the Ancient Soul Tower. The first floor was pitch-black, while the second floor was a dazzling shade of gold. Moving higher, it was alternating between black and gold till the highest floor, which was black. 

However, the tallest point of the tower was golden in color and resembled a golden long spear that pointed towards the sky. 

This was the full Ancient Soul Tower. 

On both the black and golden walls of the tower, there were countless engravings. 

Wu Yu took a closer look with his Eyes of Fire and Gold and realized that these engravings were vivid drawings of various races and humans of numerous ages. 

On both the golden or black regions, almost everyone was on their knees and had their heads bowed down with utmost reverence. 

Each human engraving wasn't huge - probably just the size of a palm. However, the Ancient Soul Tower was humongous. There were at least trillions of engravings on the tower. 

It descending onto the ground before the eyes of countless people was a shocking scene to behold. 

What they were worshipping was none other than the golden tip of the tower, which was pointing towards the sky. Therefore, Wu Yu believed that the countless lifeforms were worshipping the sky. 

Other than the densely packed engravings, each floor of the tower had four large bells hanging. They were all in stasis. 

After seeing the Ancient Soul Tower, Ming Long commented, "From the looks of it, the Ancient Soul Tower isn't a place, but a dao treasure. It is at least the level of a seraphic dao treasure or even a divine dao treasure. Obviously, it might also be the treasure of an immortal, which would place it beyond the level of a dao treasure." 

"Immortal Treasure of the Gods?" 

The Immortal Treasure of the Gods that Wu Yu had seen weren't plenty. For example, he had only seen the Ruyi Jingu Bang, the Demonic Eye of Illusions, and a few others. Moreover, Wu Yu and the rest couldn't really utilize the true strength of these treasures. 

Therefore, he knew that the Ancient Soul Tower was a frightening object under the control of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

When the Ancient Soul Tower appeared, Wu Yu felt as though a mountain was descending on his head. The stifling pressure was also a form of suppression of one's Primordial Spirit. Everyone felt a pressurizing sensation from the Ancient Soul Tower as it descended. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were no exception. They were gloomy as they looked at Wu Yu. 

"Father...." Although Prince Le was the same and couldn't even lift his head, he looked unusually agitated or even frenzied. After all, this was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor who he had revered. 

Beyond the Imperial City, billions of citizens couldn't lift their heads under the pressure of the Ancient Soul Tower. Despite this, all of them went down on their knees and cheered for the Ancient Emperor. 

Soon after, their voices shook the earth and heaven and reverberated out to the satellite cities. The voices continued spreading and got louder as more cities heard similar chants. Although they might not be able to see the Ancient Soul Tower, they could probably guess that the Ancient Emperor might show himself. Therefore, countless Yan Huang Tribe members were extremely agitated and passionate as they kneeled down on the floor. 

At this point, only the Ancient Soul Tower had descended. The Ancient Emperor had yet to show himself. Even so, this was sufficient to send countless Yan Huang Tribe members into a frenzy. 

Since the Ancient Soul Tower had appeared, it wouldn't be long till the beginning of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 

"So this is Ancient Soul Tower. I wonder what's in it." 

Prince Le stared at the Ancient Soul Tower fervently and couldn't keep himself calm. 

The entire Yan Huang Tribe remained on their knees for at least four hours before getting up and continuing with their work. Even so, they would look in the direction of the Ancient Soul Tower from time to time. 

Wu Yu also started getting ready with his stuff. 

The appearance of the Ancient Soul Tower made him feel the pressure. 

He had a feeling that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had devised some sinister plots against him in the Ancient Soul Tower. 

He didn't know if he was overestimating himself. This was just his intuition. 

Therefore, he was ready to make a trip to the Ancient Demon Realm again. 

The previous time, he was completely unprepared. Moreover, it was too rushed and he didn't get to look around. If he had to escape into the Ancient Demon Realm, he would have to find out what the Ancient Demon Realm really was. 

Therefore, after returning to Kingmaker Hall, he asked the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi to stand guard for him. Immediately after, he retrieved the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm. He had no intention to bring the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi along. 

Both of them were interested in going. However, after hearing from Wu Yu about the dangers, they gave up. Wu Yu had the Somersault Cloud that he could use to flee from dangers.


At the very least, Wu Yu would like to find a place in the Ancient Demon Realm where he could live temporarily. 

Obviously, this was his final option. If he didn't reach the point of no return, he wouldn't be willing to leave the place he called home. 

The slightly problematic issue was that he couldn't return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent at this juncture. And he couldn't bring Wu You and the rest with him. 

"Perhaps I have overthought. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor might not be so omnipotent that he even knows about my secrets. Even if he knew, he might be kind at heart and won't have ill intentions towards me." 

He was just preparing for the worst. 

To open the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm, he dropped a droplet of his blood onto the golden eye. Just as he expected, the blood fused in. 

Within 15 minutes, the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm gradually opened. When the grey fog and lightning dissipated and a lake appeared before him, Wu Yu jumped into the lake swiftly and arrived in the Ancient Demon Realm. 

Before he reached the Ancient Demon Realm, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. He shrank his body to the smallest, which was roughly half a foot in height or the size of a palm. His body’s width was roughly the width of two fingers, making him even smaller than an ordinary rat in the human realm. 

At the very least, he would be less prominent. His speed would also be three times as quick. Even without the Somersault Cloud, he would be extremely quick if he used the Swift Art as well. 

He was certain that the place he appeared in was the same as where he had returned to the Jambu Realm through the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm the previous time. 

This showed that the place where he opened the door to return would be the place he would arrive in the subsequent time. 

Therefore, if he could find a safe location, he would at least be able to survive in a place like this the next time he came here. 

Now he moved through the forest of the Ancient Demon Realm. The trees were all extremely huge. Even in his original body size, the giant canopy was sufficient to block out the sky. Now that he had shrunk himself, he would only feel like the trees were larger. 

When he was on a leaf, he was no different from an insect the size of an ant. 

Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold while surveying his surroundings cautiously. This time, he didn't dare to use his Unshackled Doppelgangers, in fear that he might alarm the frightening demons in the Ancient Demon Realm. 

At this moment, he didn't know the intelligence levels of the demons or if they could communicate. 

"Their intelligence shouldn't be low. After all, the Golden Eye Ancient Demon had exceptional intelligence." 

However, recalling the birds in the sky, the rabbits hopping around, and the fishes in the sea, their eyes were all blood-shot. They didn't seem to possess high intelligence or the capability to converse.

The spiritual qi was extremely dense in this place. Even an ordinary area was better than when Wu Yu was in the Immortal's Capital. This was a little unbelievable. 

If Wu Yu placed the Floating Dreams Pagoda in this place, it could absorb large amounts of spiritual qi. Cultivating in the Floating Dreams Pagoda in this place would definitely bring better results. His only fear was that other living creatures might find the Floating Dreams Pagoda. If the Floating Dreams Pagoda was taken away, he would lose more than what he could potentially gain. 

Wu Yu moved forward alone to the depths of the land. Initially, he appeared at the boundary of the land and sea. 

He had travelled a long time and had yet to see any demons. This surprised him a little. However, no matter how he saw it, the surroundings seemed like an area that was undeveloped. He couldn't tell which location was safer. Basically, he couldn't find any traces of spirit designs in the area or any cities. This place was even more ancient than the Nanyin Demon Continent. 

It was indeed hard to find a hiding place in a world like this. Wu Yu moved around for half a day and yet failed to reap any results. 

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