Chapter 1007: A Dramatic Scene

"Ancient Soul Tower."

After the incident at the Flower Paradise, the Full Moon of Nanshan did not go out anymore.

During these two days, the three of them made some preparations for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. At present, everyone had the same information, especially about the Ancient Soul Tower. Not to mention foreigners, even the princes did not know what it was.

Ming Long and that old fogie in the Full Moon of Nanshan's Supreme Gold Harrow also did not know what the Ancient Soul Tower was.

It might be a place, or it might be a top-level dao treasure.

Prince Le gave Wu Yu a lot of information about all the major forces and almost all the strong in the whole Jambu Realm. A large group of them would come for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, especially some direct competitors of the same age.

Now, Prince Le and the others were full of energy. In recent days, many had contacted him, bringing many good things. Among them, there were those who were no worse than the South Emperor.

Of course, in the whole Yan Huang Ancient Country, the one with the highest status was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and the Regent, Di Shatian, who acted as a stand-in to execute the authority of the Ancient Emperor. The next two top-level were undoubtedly the Eastern Region Duke from the Yan Huang Ancient Country East Region Divine Continent and the Futu Region Duke from the Yan Huang Ancient Country's third continent, the Futu Divine Continent.

These two men, who governed entire continents, usually had little interaction with the Immortal's Capital, but they were absolutely important figures in the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Of course, the power struggle in the Jambu Realm's largest country, the Yan Huang Ancient Country, was different from the power struggles of the mortal world. Prince Le might now need some help and support from these top-level existences similar to the South Emperor. However, they could never use their military forces and political power, because the decision of who could become the next emperor of Yan Huang only depended on one person. Even if everyone in the world supported one of the princes, it would not matter if the Ancient Emperor opposed it.

With the support of these people, Prince Le had more authority to speak. He would also receive many treasures that could protect his life so that he could at least perform better in the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

With their current understanding, they could probably remember everything they read. They knew everything in less than an hour.

They did not expect there to also be introductions about the dragon tribe of the four seas, but the information was relatively scarce because the mystical dragon immortal beasts hid from the world most of the time. Ordinary people could not come into contact with them at all, and they were also in the deep sea.

In the introduction, there was some material about Luo Pin, but not a lot. They just said that because of her outstanding talent, the dragon tribe considered her the one that could definitely ascend to the Sky Palaces, and she had top strength. At a young age, she became the Lord of the Four Seas.

He had her information, but this did not mean that she would come here. Wu Yu asked Prince Le before, who said, "In the past 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, they were invited, but they just sent a mystical dragon. Although they did not make any moves, they were very powerful. They also sent tributes and then they left very quickly. They did not participate in any disputes."

Probably some senior in their tribe would come. The fact was that Luo Pin had never appeared during any of these pilgrimages.

The mystical dragon tribe was once the overlord of the Jambu Realm. When they were at their peak, it was said that their power was comparable to that of all the other creatures in Jambu Realm added together. Of course, they surpassed the Yan Huang Tribe, but that was before the situation of five yuan ago. The crisis of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord nearly caused the extinction of the mystical dragons and until today they had not recovered.

Wu Yu could only occasionally daydream about it. Maybe she would come. 

"When I catch up to her, I will go find her."


Wu Yu knew the gap between himself and her. This was his motivation to become stronger.

It was very quiet in Prince Le's Residence, and at this time, the whole Jambu Realm could feel turbulent undercurrents brewing.

Three days after the incident at the Flower Paradise, Wu Yu was still thinking about the Somersault Cloud. Suddenly, there was a commotion in Prince Le's Residence. He stopped thinking and came out with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. He was surprised to see the Regent, Di Shatian. There were many other ministers and aristocrats with him.

A group of people stood in front of Prince Le, who had just come out. They all looked serious, and Prince Le also did not know what was going on. He was slightly confused. However, he and Wu Yu immediately saw something unusual. It was next to the Regent. There was another person here, the eldest and prestigious Prince Yan.

But at the moment, he was tied up with a golden rope, which controlled him completely. There was also panic on Prince Yan's face, especially after seeing Prince Le and Wu Yu.

When they reached, the Regent released Prince Yan temporarily and stopped his control over him.

In fact, Di Shatian was not much older than Prince Yan. He was like Prince Yan's little uncle. Prince Yan was clearly trussed up just now. At this time, he was a little angry and said, "Why did the Regent tie me up and bring me here? Why humiliate me for nothing?"

Wu Yu was also puzzled now.

Similarly, Prince Le did not seem to understand what was going on.

At this moment, the Regent and some of the ministers and aristocrats' cold gazes landed on Prince Yan. The Regent said indifferently, "I know exactly what you have done. Now, the evidence is clear. Stygian Devil has strict rules, but they dare not fight against the Yan Huang Ancient Country and the Ancient Emperor. You have failed this time. Kneel down, kowtow, and admit your wrongs to Prince Le"

"What?! Don't slander me!" Prince Yan was extremely shocked, his eyes were bloodshot, and he was clearly in a state of madness. Wu Yu could see that he was in a panic.

This meant that he was the one who had offered a reward to Stygian Devil. 

"I didn't think it was him. I guess I underestimated him." Wu Yu shook his head. At first, he was just a little suspicious of Prince Yan because he was afraid that someone else would borrow Prince Yan's hands to kill them, but he was wrong.

Of course, from Prince Yan's point of view, he had to take this gamble. He also did not think that an organization as strong as Stygian Devil could fail twice in a row.

And much less could he imagine that for an organisation with a reputation like Stygian Devil’s, the one who hired them could easily be investigated by the Regent.

"I have absolutely no connection with Stygian Devil, and I would never do such a thing. You can't slander me!" Prince Yan glared at the Regent and growled a little. His voice was loud enough to be heard throughout the entire Imperial City. The residences of other princes and princesses were all nearby. It would be easy to be heard by others.

Hearing this, the Regent smiled a little and said, "Prince Yan, in this world, nothing can escape the eyes of the Ancient Emperor. Your idea of leaving things to chance was a little bit risky this time. You don't kneel down and admit your mistake, or do you want to find out what happens to someone who sends an assassin to kill a Kingmaker? I don't have the patience to mess with you here."

Wu Yu saw that the Regent was confident; otherwise, he would not have brought Prince Yan here directly.

The other ministers and aristocrats also had cold expressions. Prince Yan would also be in despair upon seeing the situation.

No one could really fathom the depths of the Ancient Emperor's strength. Some felt that he was truly almighty and fearsome, while some others thought it was mere bluster. Perhaps tales of his might were just ill spread rumors? Even Wu Yu had once doubted his might.

Perhaps this was the reason why Prince Yan thought he could get away with it.

"What happened?" At this time, people came here one after another. The only ones who could move freely in the Imperial City were basically just royal family members. Most of them were the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's younger brothers and younger sisters, like Di Yuantian. He also appeared in the crowd from behind. Obviously, he had also heard that Prince Yan had been captured.

"Prince Yan hired Stygian Devil to kill Kingmaker Le. On their second attempt, they attacked him in the Immortal's Capital. This is an insult to the Yan Huang royal family. Today, the first thing is to make Prince Yan kowtow and admit his wrongdoings to Prince Le and Kingmaker Le," the Regent Di Shatian said in a deep voice.

Wu Yu felt that kowtowing and admitting his wrongdoings was already a very serious punishment for Prince Yan.

Some people like Di Yuantian looked like they wanted to ask Di Shatian if he had made a mistake. But they were smart enough and knew the truth as soon as they saw Prince Yan's panicky look. Hence, they could only swear and scold in their hearts. They expected better from Prince Yan. There was no need to mention the fact that the evidence was conclusive. The Regent represented the Ancient Emperor. No matter how many people were not convinced, they knew that Di Shatian would not make a mistake that could ruin his reputation.

Fortunately, it was just kowtowing and admitting his wrongdoings!

Di Yuantian thought about it and quickly scolded Prince Yan. "You dumbass. You dare to do such a stupid thing, something almost cost our royal family's reputation? Fortunately, nothing irreparable happened. Quick, kneel down, kowtow, and admit your mistake!"

He said it as if it was nothing serious. Since Wu Yu was not dead, if he kowtowed and admitted his mistake, this storm would naturally be over.

Prince Yan was smart. At this moment, he finally admitted it. He knew that the only way out was to admit his mistake. So he immediately fell on his knees and cried out loudly, "Little Brother Le and Kingmaker Le, I was mad with jealousy and tried to kill Kingmaker Le. Fortunately, I didn't make a big mistake. I hope you can forgive me...."

To this arrogant older prince, kowtowing to his little brother like this was a great shame. It was something he would never do under ordinary circumstances, but now he had to do anything to protect his own life. He had obviously underestimated the Regent's determination to protect Prince Le and overestimated Stygian Devil.

As the Regent said, even Stygian Devil dared not offend the Yan Huang Tribe.

Prince Le was very forgiving. At this time, he helped Prince Yan up with a smile. He had won. There was no need to make things difficult for him now. If not, he would seem petty. Such a smile would make his other uncles and aunts look up to him.

"Thank you, thank you." Prince Yan finally relaxed after escaping from death.

Unexpectedly, the Regent suddenly became serious and said in a loud voice, "It's still a great taboo of the Yan Huang Tribe and even a greater taboo of the royal family to kill each other. According to the law, Prince Yan will be stripped of his identity as prince and exiled to the Eastern Hell for 100 years!"

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