Chapter 1006: Ancient Soul Tower

When he said those words in this situation, there were obviously lots of people who heard him. 

Before Wu Yu killed Midnight Specter, many people were able to see the situation through the gaps between Wu Yu's doppelgangers. They could also vaguely hear the conversation between them. 

For example, Qu Yin roughly knew the whole sequence of events that had occured. Obviously, he knew that Wu Yu had been pursued by Stygian Devil even when he was not within the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

"What did he mean by that?" 

"Aren't you able to tell? Someone put up a bounty with Stygian Devil to assassinate him. The one who was just killed was an assassin from Stygian Devil." 

"An assassin from Stygian Devil! I heard assassins from Stygian Devil are all extremely frightening. Based on their modus operandi, they won't stop until they complete the assignment, right...? Those who are targeted by Stygian Devil definitely die if one can offer a high enough bounty...." 

"Oh ya! Who wants to assassinate Kingmaker Le...?" 

After Wu Yu said those words and they were spread within the surrounding crowds, the commotion from their discussions gradually got louder. 

Given that Qu Yin had appeared here, the security of the Immortal's Capital was likely under the responsibility of the Yan Dragon Army for this period of time. 

Gradually, more and more people gathered. Qu Yin waved his hand and said in a firm voice, "Everyone! Scatter and leave immediately." 

Hearing the Army General of the Yan Dragon Army, the crowd had no choice but to leave swiftly, although they wanted to stay around to look more. 

There were over 20 corpses on the ground, and the shame was that no one knew who they were. Qu Yin had just ordered his subordinates to clean up the premises when the person in charge of the Flower Paradise came out. They were a little slow in responding, as such incidents rarely happened in the Immortal's Capital. After communicating with Qu Yin, she had a rough understanding of the events. 

"Prince Nanshan, I'm really sorry. We never thought that the people from Stygian Devil would be so daring…. To do this in the Immortal's Capital......" The person in charge of the Flower Paradise was a beautiful woman, and she was apologizing to the Full Moon of Nanshan. After all, they definitely had a responsibility to ensure the safety of their customers. 

"This isn't your fault. Please handle Qing Er and Yu Er's funerals and take good care of their families." The Full Moon of Nanshan rarely showed anger. However, he was seething now. 

"Rest assured. We will definitely make arrangements for our sisters." 

The surrounding crowd had dispersed under the order from Qu Yin. However, the details of what had happened here were now spreading fast. In the prosperous and well-connected Immortal's Capital, it would likely not take long for the entire Immortal's Capital to know about the incident. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan was the target of Stygian Devil, but Wu Yu had killed the assassin instead. 

While the people were awestruck by the guts Stygian Devil had shown in attempting an assassination in the Immortal's Capital, they were also curious about who was so daring to want to assassinate Kingmaker Le and his friends. Moreover, rumors were saying that this wasn't the first attempt. 

Obviously, while the people were guessing who had put up the bounty was, some were also pondering what motives the person had. Why would he want to assassinate Wu Yu and his friends? 

If it was the doing of other princes and princesses, that would be really interesting. Everyone could clearly feel that things were changing even before the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 

It was as though an interesting show was about to unfold, and the martial cultivators in the Immortal's Capital were filled with anticipation. Obviously, after hearing lots of spectators had died, they were a little fearful themselves. After all, they wouldn't know if they would be implicated in this storm and lose their lives! 

At the Flower Paradise, Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan were getting ready to return to Prince Le's Residence when Qu Yin was done cleaning up the premise. 

Qu Yin returned together with them. Previously, Prince Le had informed Wu Yu that he was coming over. However, Wu Yu had told him that everything had been settled and therefore Prince Le returned to his residence first. 

At this moment, Qu Yin was surveying Wu Yu and couldn't help but be impressed. "Kingmaker Le, that Midnight Specter should’ve been a fourth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters cultivator. Yet you killed her so easily. Since the day I first saw you in the Dark North Capital, the huge improvements you’ve made are truly unprecedented and unparalleled. In terms of talent, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say you are the number one in the world now." 

After Wu Yu had killed Midnight Specter, he had probably thought of saying this for a very long time. 

Wu Yu's improvements since he arrived from the Dark North Capital were truly frightening. At that time, he was only able to defeat those in the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Now he could defeat a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. 

Wu Yu was feeling a little vexed over Stygian Devil. 

"Honored General. Your daughter and son are making huge improvements as well. They are also much stronger than those at their age," said Wu Yu. 

Speaking of Qu Haoyan and Qu Fengyu, Qu Yin was undoubtedly proud. He nodded slightly and said with a smile, "My kids are really making some incredible improvements. They've likely gained something from their experiences in the Taigu Immortal Path. Nonetheless, they are still far from Kingmaker Le. Truth be told, I never expected you to reach this stage when I brought you back from the Dark North Capital." 

After chatting for a while, they were already back in Prince Le's Residence. Prince Le was relieved to see that none of them were injured. However, he was still infuriated. "Preposterous! Has Stygian Devil gone crazy? They even dared to attempt an assassination in the Immortal's Capital?" 

Qu Yin answered, "They are truly brazen. However, the Regent was alarmed by this as well. With the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage coming, the Regent is highly tense. Now that the assassination atempt has failed, I believe that the one who put up the bounty is feeling like an ant in a hot pot." 

Qu Yin's meaning was easy to tell. He believed that person to be some other prince. 

Once the Regent was angered, that person would undoubtedly be flustered even though the rule of Stygian Devil was to never disclose the one who had put up the bounty. That person probably wanted to finish Wu Yu off silently. But this incident had blown things out of proportion. 

Prince Le nodded and said, "This person must have been driven into a corner to collaborate with Stygian Devil. Stygian Devil hides in the dark with strict rules. They would not give in to the soft approach or succumb to strength. This is indeed a little frustrating. However, if the Regent were to attend to this incident personally, Stygian Devil would likely understand that accepting this mission was a mistake. Now that things have gone beyond his control, I believe that the person who started this will not be able to take the pressure and will revoke the bounty." 

Wu Yu said, "If that person is crazy, it's hard to tell. We still have to be careful in the future. Until the day the outcome is set in stone." 

Wu Yu took a look at the Full Moon of Nanshan, who nodded his head. "We are fully in this mess now. And I almost lost my life today. Regardless of who that person is, I will make him pay the price." 

Prince Le said, "If not for the fact that Stygian Devil does a good job in keeping information safe, it wouldn't be hard to find that person. We have to wait and see if that person will revoke the bounty under the pressure from the Regent, or we will  have to continue like this to see who wins eventually. I'm also convinced that we will find that person. Nonetheless, the most important thing before us is still the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. The truth is, the other princes, princesses, and I were with the Regent earlier. The Regent disclosed some really important information on the details of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage." 

The incident with Stygian Devil was indeed hard to resolve. After all, they were a meticulous assassin group. Under their arrangement, the assassins wouldn't know who had hired them. This was also the reason why they rarely leaked any information. Their group was tightly protected. 

As for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, it was what Prince Le was more concerned with at the moment. Today, Qu Haoyan and the other two were here. Together with Qu Yin, there were eight of them. 

"Prince Le, please speak." 

Prince Le said, "I think you guys remember me saying that my father might have made some other arrangements in this pilgrimage. Different from previous times, he might come out with some tough challenges and allow outsiders to have the opportunity to challenge us directly...." 

Qu Yin answered, "That's a trial that the Ancient Emperor is giving to the younger generation too. Although the risks are high, I believe the Yan Huang Tribe will not let us down or embarrass the Ancient Emperor. I believe Prince Le will definitely display an outstanding performance too!" 

Prince Le said, "That's a given. My father is definitely right. This is the first time that he has arranged for this, and his intentions are clear to all. That would be to use this as a trial for my brothers and sisters and I. Only the most outstanding will receive his recognition.... Therefore, instead of seeing this as a trial, I would rather see it as our opportunity. Although there will be lots of outsiders and experts, it’s not like we don't stand a chance of winning." 

One could see that the challenge that the Ancient Emperor had personally arranged would be the final showdown between the princes and princesses. Obviously, this was the consensus they had. The Ancient Emperor had said nothing of this sort. 

Therefore, they were likely eager and filled with ambition to suppress all others and reach the top. After all, all the experts in the Jambu Realm would be gathered in the Immortal's Capital. This would be the greatest platform to showcase themselves. 

In the entire Jambu Realm, they were in the most illustrious place. 

Impressing the whole world in this place would be a good beginning to becoming the new emperor. 

Immediately after, Prince Le went into the details. 

"Now, the Regent said that the challenge will definitely be there. However, my father has stopped him from disclosing too much. Therefore, he could only give us two clues. The exact details will only be announced on the day of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage." 

"What are the two clues?" The group was naturally curious. 

Prince Le was also filled with excitement. "The first clue is that my father will bring a place known as Ancient Soul Tower. That will be the venue where all the experts of this world will compete for glory. Have you guys heard of the Ancient Soul Tower? Even I didn't know anything about it before today." 

Wu Yu and the rest shook their heads. Even Ming Long had not heard of it. 

Prince Le said, "I have asked many people around, and even the Regent didn't know what that is." 

"What about the second clue?" 

Prince Le took a deep breath before continuing, "The second clue is that the one with the best performance at the end will receive a reward from my father. The Regent added that this reward might just be what all princes and princesses have been risking their lives for." 

Thinking about it, a reward promised by the Ancient Emperor would definitely not be simple! 

Prince Le was a little agitated and his eyes were unwavering. "In the end, the Regent reminded us to make ample preparations and not embarrass the Yan Huang Tribe. He wants us to give it our all.... Although this wasn't from my father, the Regent is someone that knows about the details. Since he gave us this reminder, he shouldn't be wrong...." 

From his agitated and passionate expression, one could tell that a major event would unfold really soon. 

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