Chapter 1005: Midnight Specter's Visit

"This is the Nine-Tiered Dark Night Devil Formation. It can seal a person in darkness, in a night where almost all of his sight will be lost. And there are nine connected tiers in this dark night world. They are layered and connected. It is very difficult to break out from inside. But it is very easy to break in from the outside."

Actually, before Wu Yu had attacked, the knowledgeable Ming Long had already explained this spirit design to Wu Yu.

The other party had used this spirit design to trap the Full Moon of Nanshan and obviously had intended to kill the Full Moon of Nanshan quietly. As long as he was trapped, the outside world could hardly detect the movements inside.

And Wu Yu's Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters had blasted away the spirit design of that Stygian Devil assassin.

At this moment, the spirit design shattered and black mist rushed out, clouding Wu Yu's vision. The entire Sakura Pavilion was swallowed by this black mist. Wu Yu experienced the feeling of almost being completely blind.

But his Eyes of Fire and Gold was not easily tricked. A black shadow flashed past and was escaping.

"Running away?"

Wu Yu would not let him go even if he was an assassin from Stygian Devil.

This assassin's organization had forced them to live in constant fear. Stronger and more daring assassins would come.

They even dared to attack them in the Immortal's Capital.

Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud could even evade the Phoenix Supreme, so he was not worried about himself. However, when the Full Moon of Nanshan or Ye Xixi were alone, they would be in great danger, like what was happening now with the Full Moon of Nanshan.

This was the reason for Wu Yu's fury.

Perhaps the client was one of the princes or princesses.

Wu Yu would not say anything if they competed with Prince Le or even assassinated Prince Le. However, Wu Yu could not tolerate when the target turned to the three of them.

He used the Swift Art and instantly caught up to the other party. It was not easy for the other party to escape from him in the Flower Paradise. Wu Yu was not only fast, but agile as well.

There was a large number of Defensive Spirit Designs in the Flower Paradise. However, this guy was quite strong. He was like a juggernaut - he easily crashed through one wall after another. He wanted to escape from the Flower Paradise and mix into the crowd outside. This way, Wu Yu would not be able to find him easily.

Causing such a commotion, the Flower Paradise seemed especially chaotic. In an instant, there were many women screaming. Many who were in the midst of dual cultivation were suddenly interrupted by this rogue and were so shocked by this momentary surprise that they almost experienced qi deviation.

But Wu Yu's opponent had obviously underestimated Wu Yu's speed. Before he could escape, Wu Yu was behind him. Nine-colored flames burned in his hands and formed nine segments. The Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters with nine colors expanded in size and reach. It towered over the back of his opponent. With Wu Yu's insane physical strength, he pushed the staff forward and smashed viciously! 

When that immense strength struck his opponent, the assassin crashed into the ground. Instantly, the Infernal Sky Pillar followed through. The assassin was also knocked out. He was probably not dead, but his organs should have taken quite the blow.

Behind the wall was the street outside. At this time, the chaos in the Flower Paradise had attracted many people's attention. There were many people running away in utter fear. Even people faraway noticed the commotion here. Such a disturbance was extremely rare in the Immortal's Capital.

Wu Yu rushed out at this moment. The killer originally intended to mix into the crowd after coming out, but he had not succeeded, because the place that he was heading towards was a broad street. At this time, many people who had heard the commotion had already scattered and were peeking from afar. When the assassin dusted off his body and clambered to his feet, Wu Yu came out into the street and stood in front of him. At this time, both of them were before the eyes of many martial cultivators surrounding them. 

"Who is that?"

"That's the famous guy, Kingmaker Le, Wu Yu.

“The Kingmaker that the Ancient Emperor personally conferred!"

"So that's him. There was no news of him recently. I heard that he went out, didn't expect him to have returned."

"He created such a commotion upon returning. He's really arrogant to dare to fight in the Immortal's Capital. He's so haughty…."

Wu Yu was not in the mood to hear what these boring onlookers were saying. He was staring at the person in front of him now. This was a woman. She was wearing black tights and a Stygian Devil Mask on her face. It was hard to see her face clearly. In reality, many assassins in Stygian Devil had identities and statuses. Besides, Stygian Devil guaranteed that when they were assassins, they would have another identity.

This assassin was not weak - around the Blood Poisoner's level. Probably a fourth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator. This cultivation level was considered relatively powerful in the Immortal's Capital. She could be a heaven dragon general under Qu Yin in an army like the Yan Dragon Army. It was a pity that most of the spectators did not know her true strength, or else they would have hidden themselves even further away.

To stop her from creating more trouble, Wu Yu had to quickly attack and suppress his opponent. While the commotion here would quickly attract the guarding army of the Immortal's Capital, the average patrolling Yan Dragon Guard could not handle such a powerful martial cultivator.

"You're really fast. This is unexpected. While I cannot escape today, killing you will still be the greatest glory that I'll enjoy in my whole life. Wu Yu, die!"

At this moment, she was already exposed as a Stygian Devil assassin. Wu Yu was someone from the royal family now, and she had attacked a member of the royal family in the Immortal's Capital. She would never leave alive. Many experts would arrive next. Hence, this person knew that she could never escape.

So killing Wu Yu had become her life's mission that she had to complete before she was caught. This was her only chance. Her words clearly meant that even if she died, she would receive the praise and respect of people. She also wanted to be famous and have many people remember her, remember that she was the one who had killed an ultimate genius like Wu Yu.

"Remember, I'm Midnight Specter! "

This was her assassin title.

"All of you, die!" The other party started attacking now. Wu Yu had the initiative and only needed to withstand the counter attacks of the other party. However, it was beyond his expectation for the other party to actually attack the spectators first!

Midnight Specter was obviously a ghostly cultivator like the Blood Poisoner. At this moment, she scattered hundreds of pitch black beans on the floor, and with her transformation technique, those black beans instantly turned into evil ghosts several zhang tall. They all looked terrifying with green faces and fangs. They had copper heads and iron arms. Green mist that could instantly disintegrate a person and reduce them to bones puffed out of their mouths.

Wu Yu had underestimated his opponent's determination and shamelessness. Besides, the other party had unleashed her evil ghosts very quickly. In an instant, large amounts of green mist burst out. Many martial cultivators nearby were hit. In an instant, many martial cultivators who were just chatting were turned into skeletons!

It was only at this moment that those who had enjoyed peaceful days in the Immortal's Capital understood fear and started to escape. In an instant, loud cries erupted. The people surrounding them had almost all escaped. The Immortal's Capital had never been so chaotic before.

But Wu Yu still reacted instantly and his 10,000 doppelgangers all came out. They instantly occupied the surroundings and surrounded Midnight Specter and her 100 evil ghosts.

Midnight Specter was at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

"Their deaths are all because of you! Haha.…" Midnight Specter laughed hysterically. Her eyes were vicious, and this viciousness even pierced through the Stygian Devil Mask.

These evil ghosts did not stop. She wanted to attack Wu Yu's doppelgangers, who were surrounding her, and her ploys continued to sink the Immortal's Capital into chaos. That was indeed possible with her heaven dragon general-equivalent ability.

"All Cleansing God Eye Technique." Wu Yu was fuming in his heart. However, he calmly applied his dao technique. In an instant, about 1,000 of the doppelgangers that were closest to Midnight Specter had burning eyes that shone with unbelievably piercing light. The light instantly engulfed the surrounded person and then, in the next instant, the All Cleansing God Eye Technique exploded. Those evil ghosts were each pierced through at least three times. The light from the All Cleansing God Eye Technique was very effective against such existences. The 100 evil ghosts were instantaneously burned to ashes by Wu Yu's All Cleansing God Eye Technique. They wailed and dissolved.

"You..." Her treasures were defeated by Wu Yu in an instant. Midnight Specter was naturally angry, but now Wu Yu's strength was beyond the strength recorded in the data. This made her a little afraid of Wu Yu's cold eyes at the moment.

"The beautiful Flower Paradise was destroyed by you. Qing Er and Yu Er, what two beautiful flowers they were. Yet they were turned into skeletons by you. Dying once is not enough."

At this point, the Full Moon of Nanshan appeared in front of Midnight Specter. The Demonic Eye of Illusions in his left eye changed, then space and the world distorted. Under the illusion of the Full Moon of Nanshan, she seemed to be caught in a struggle again, and there was confusion in her eyes.

The other party was a fourth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator. If she was not suppressed, she would wreak havoc in the Immortal's Capital, and the damage created would be quite huge. The Full Moon of Nanshan was now controlling her. This was a great opportunity.

Since the Full Moon of Nanshan had the Demonic Eye of Illusions, his ability to dominate someone had become stronger. With him as support, it was really not hard to fight.

"All Cleansing God Eye Technique!"

This time, Wu Yu was right in front of Midnight Specter with his 10,000 doppelgangers by his side. They surrounded Midnight Specter. In an instant, all of them, including Wu Yu's real body, used the All Cleansing God Eye Technique at the same time. Immediately, there were at least 10,000 light beams penetrating through Midnight Specter. Under the control of the Full Moon of Nanshan, Midnight Specter woke up before this moment of death fell upon her. But the time she had to react was too little, and the All Cleansing God Eye Technique was too swift. She disintegrated into ashes in the blink of an eye!

The two beams of light from Wu Yu's real body shone most resplendently.


With a loud vibration, Midnight Specter crumbled into dust and instantly died.

Wu Yu had already dispersed his doppelgangers. Only the Full Moon of Nanshan and him were left behind. As they had created a great commotion, many people crowded around them. Wu Yu saw that Qu Yin was among them. He had brought many heaven dragon generals from the Yan Dragon Army with him. They had arrived quickly.

At this moment, no one knew what was happening. So they looked at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu looked at the Imperial City and announced in front of the spectators, "Tell Stygian Devil's client, the person who wants our lives, that they will end up like this assassin, regardless of who it is."

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