Chapter 1004: Assassin from Immortal's Capital

Wu Yu had made a great breakthrough recently. It was no problem for him to defeat the God Eye Monkey Breaking Through the Clouds.

After all, Breaking Through the Clouds no longer had his peak ability. His current battle power was dependent on the support of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

After Wu Yu used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to turn small, the God Eye Monkey basically could no longer hit him. On the other hand, Wu Yu used his Infernal Sky Pillar and mystiques, as well as a more agile speed, to defeat the God Eye Monkey and received the cultivation method of the All Cleansing God Eye Technique.

Before this, he had already suffered many attacks from the All Cleansing God Eye Technique. He had a certain understanding of the power and effect, as well as the core of this dao technique. He had his questions too.

When he received the spiritual art and read through it, many questions were answered.

"In history, those seniors willing to spend over 30 years or even 100 years to create a dao technique were very respectable. Perhaps it is because of them that there are so many varieties and types of dao techniques in today's world. The martial cultivators now basically have no patience to spend a large amount of time creating their own dao techniques. After all, in today's world, basically any dao technique that one wants to learn can be found."

Countless years had passed, while the number of creators were minimal. With a long enough time and accumulation, dao techniques were aplenty. And this was under the condition that they were passed down. There were already countless dao techniques lost to time.

Wu Yu indeed had not met anyone willing to spend more than 10 or even 100 years creating new dao techniques.

"In reality, when creating a dao technique, especially a top tier dao technique, one's own cultivation level will increase greatly.

"It can also benefit descendants by letting juniors understand the dao of seniors. It’s like learning spirit designs.

"Of course, creating spirit designs and creating dao techniques follow the same logic."

Wu Yu's understanding of dao techniques and spirit designs was fairly advanced, but he felt that he was still far from making his own creation. Perhaps in the future, if he had the need to jump out of the limits set by others, he might create a dao technique or spirit design that truly belonged to him.

Now he was prepared to spend a lot of time on spirit designs and understand dao through spirit designs. This was the best method. While it used up a lot of time, it was equivalent to strengthening his basics.

"All Cleansing God Eye Technique."

He sat in the lotus position in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques and recalled the way the God Eye Monkey had used the technique. He imagined this respectable senior creating this dao technique.

He tried to feel like him and imagined himself as him. Wu Yu could understand more clearly what he was thinking about when creating this dao technique. He understood what kind of dao technique he had wanted to create. This was very helpful when he wanted to understand the All Cleansing God Eye Technique.

And Wu Yu was in no hurry now. He had plenty of time. He could spend at least two months here.

When about two months had passed inside the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, only 10 days had passed outside. There was still time before the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

But at this moment, Wu Yu relied on the advantage of time to focus on training. He had learned the All Cleansing God Eye Technique well.


He tried to use it. The power of this elite dao technique was good. There were not many dao techniques in the mortal realm that could reach this level. Even among the Yan Huang royal family, they had to earn great merits if they wanted to get such a top level dao technique.

He added a dao technique on the basis of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. This was also in preparation for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, to add more offensive moves to his repertoire.

Next, he seemed to have some time left and Prince Le had not received any news of the details of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage yet. Hence, Wu Yu continued to train in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

His current goal was to understand the third tier of the Somersault Cloud.

He was already very familiar with the second tier of the Somersault Cloud. However, he was still unclear about the third tier.

With no training spiritual art, and without a direction, Wu Yu could only search for a new spiritual art from the Ruyi Jingu Bang. He tried to communicate with it, but this was no easy process. Most of the time, he learned nothing. Perhaps this required luck. Wu Yu learned nothing after attempting for a few days. The Ruyi Jingu Bang seemed to be ignoring him.

"Be patient. At the beginning, I also expended much effort to get these spiritual arts. Young man, don't be anxious. You have to remain calm," Ming Long said proudly.

Wu Yu was indeed not anxious.

Now he could remain calm, especially during moments where he was near immortalhood and when the challenge was greater.

But at this moment, Ye Xixi came for Wu Yu. Wu Yu knew that she would have something urgent to talk about if she came looking for him in a hurry. Hence, he quickly exited the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Ye Xixi rushed over and said anxiously, "Big Brother Yu, I received a Message Talisman from Big Brother Nanshan. He seems to have been attacked by a Stygian Devil. He said that he is at the Sakura Pavilion of Flower Paradise. He's trapped in a spirit design and is currently using the Demonic Eye of Illusions to fight the other party. However, he cannot hold on for long." 

"Stygian Devil!"

Wu Yu did not expect the Stygian Devils to be so audacious and dare to attack him within the Immortal's Capital. Wu Yu had underestimated them. Even Prince Le probably did not expect this.

It was not the time to be angry.

He told Ye Xixi, "Help me notify Prince Le, I will go over first."

He was not very worried, because the Full Moon of Nanshan definitely had the ability to survive, especially in a place like the Immortal's Capital.

But a Stygian Devil had actually dared to attack him in the Immortal's Capital. This made Wu Yu realize the determination of their client to kill him. If he had not provided sufficient bounty, then they would definitely not have taken this risk. 

After speaking to Ye Xixi, he immediately took the Somersault Cloud and rushed over.

He naturally knew what kind of place the Flower Paradise was. That was an entertainment establishment that the Full Moon of Nanshan frequented. It was the most famous venue in the Immortal's Capital for dual cultivation. The ladies inside were beautiful and skilled in music, poetry, song, and dance. Besides, most of them had some level of martial cultivation. They were all beauties of the world and extremely attractive. Many heroes came for them. The customer flow of the Flower Paradise never stopped and was comparable to the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital.

He remembered that when they went to the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital, they passed by the Flower Paradise.

This was also one of the core establishments of the Immortal's Capital. Assassins from Stygian Devils had actually dared to infiltrate this place. It was indeed out of Wu Yu's expectations.

At this moment, he did not bother too much and directly used his Somersault Cloud. With a somersault, while he was not sure of the exact location of the Flower Paradise, he was near it. Wu Yu's sudden appearance above the streets of the Immortal's Capital scared many people.

"Who is that!?"

"Who has the courage to run around the Immortal's Capital?"

Before they could finish their sentence, Wu Yu piloted the Somersault Cloud and left their line of sight.

Very quickly, Wu Yu saw that pink, snail-like building. This was the Flower Paradise. It might not look big outside, but there were countless spirit designs inside that created a huge interior space. There were countless palaces and buildings inside. They were crowded like a bees' nest. As an important customer who frequented this establishment daily, the Full Moon of Nanshan naturally enjoyed the best room, which was the Sakura Pavilion.

However, Wu Yu did not know where the Sakura Pavilion was. When he was at the entrance of the Flower Paradise, those beauties recognized him.

"Kingmaker Le, welcome. Our sisters here have thought of Kingmaker day and night...."

Before those beauties could finish speaking, Wu Yu said seriously, "Someone is attempting to assassinate the Full Moon of Nanshan. Get someone to lead me to the Sakura Pavilion."

"What?" They immediately realized the importance of this matter when they heard what Wu Yu said. Actually, the Flower Paradise had their own strong guards, but the Full Moon of Nanshan probably did not really trust them, so he had not seeked help from them.

"Kingmaker, please come with me." They quickly sent out many Message Talismans, and at the same time, a white-robed person appeared and led the way for Wu Yu. This white-robed person was at the Dao Querying Realm. Hence, he was fast. However, Wu Yu was faster. Luckily, the Sakura Pavilion was not far and they reached it immediately.

"Kingmaker, I have notified our strong guardians. Why don’t we wait...."

"No need."

The Sakura Pavilion in front of him was a huge courtyard full of cherry blossoms. It was a field of pink color with an overpowering scent. There was a palace deep inside this garden of cherry blossoms. The Full Moon of Nanshan was surely in the palace now.

Wu Yu rushed in without waiting for the white-robed person. The palace’s door was open. When Wu Yu entered it, he saw that there was a bed deep in this palace, and at this moment, it was swallowed by a huge, black, spherical object. The spherical object was made of black mist. It slowly rotated in the air, giving out a creepy feeling. It was obviously quite a strong spirit design. If not, the Full Moon of Nanshan would not be trapped there.

There were two sets of skeleton below that black ball. The skeletons were complete. Obviously, they had just died and were both women. Wu Yu knew without needing an explanation that they were beauties from the Flower Paradise. Those Stygian Devil assassins had killed them first.

At this moment, the spherical black mist trembled violently. Wu Yu knew that there was an explosive battle taking place inside. The Full Moon of Nanshan's Demonic Eye of Illusions probably could no longer hold on.

In reality, only about 20 breaths of time had passed between the time Ye Xixi received the Message Talisman and to the time of Wu Yu's arrival.

Wu Yu did not say more and slammed his huge Infernal Sky Pillar into the spherical black mist. This type of spirit design was easy to break from the outside.

"Luckily, Nanshan managed to send out a Message Talisman before being trapped. Otherwise, it would be really difficult to save him."

Wu Yu directly used the Offensive Spirit Design in the Infernal Sky Pillar, the Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters. Everywhere it went, destruction followed. Even though the entire Sakura Pavilion had strong spirit designs, they shattered under Wu Yu's attack. Every cherry blossom tree was torn apart and the petals flew into the sky.

At this moment, when the Infernal Sky Pillar landed directly on the black sphere, the black sphere immediately exploded. A gush of pitch black gas whoosed out and attacked Wu Yu.

Wu Yu could smell danger.

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