Chapter 1003: All Cleansing God Eye Technique

Wu Yu returned to the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Now he had five times more time in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

When he placed the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques here and entered it to study dao techniques, the gains were shocking.

Actually, Wu Yu did not actually have more effective time than the others, because in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, his age was increasing five times as quickly as well.

His day of death would come when he reached the end of his lifespan.

If he did not become immortal by that day, he would perish as well. If he stayed in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, then perhaps to outsiders, it would seem like he had reached the end of his lifespan in less than 200 years. They would not know that Wu Yu was actually about 600 to 700 years old due to the time spent inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Of course, the necessity and usefulness of borrowed time was beyond comparison.

It had been a long time since he last took out the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques with the words “Grand Essence of Dao.”

When he took that signboard and placed it in the center of the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he recalled that he seemed to have something even more important, and that was the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm.

"Hopefully, the Ancient Demon Realm can let me escape from his palm."

Wu Yu mused over the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's schemes.

He hated his connection to this person. He still had no idea what his intentions were. Wu Yu hated this feeling. Each time he thought about that, anger burned in his heart.

"My fate should be determined by me alone."

The entire Jambu Realm seemed to be in extreme excitement about the upcoming 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. Wu Yu would undoubtedly perform well, but he also wanted to find out the true intentions of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

"Becoming strong is the only truth.

"After I cultivate another dao technique, I will enter the Ancient Demon Realm again to explore. I will see if that place is suitable for me to hide in."

This was his last resort. Indeed, Wu Yu did not want to leave the Jambu Realm to go to a foreign place filled with dangers and survive under those perilous situations.

The Jambu Realm was his home. If he needed to leave, then that would be because he had become immortal and he had finished his arrangements for his friends and family.

He had a strong, determined will and plan, and also a fearless heart when facing an immortal-like existence.

He re-entered the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques and walked about inside to seek the dao technique most suitable for him.

Based on his current level, there were not many dao techniques that attracted him.

But the Demon Dao Sect had its glory days. Countless predecessors' legacies were recorded here. They had a robust base. There should be many more top dao techniques that Wu Yu could not understand yet.

He took two days to make his choice and finally settled on one.

Of course, this was the time inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda, so not even one day had passed in the outside world.

At this moment, he stopped outside an arena and was prepared to enter.

In that arena, there was a very familiar silhouette standing there. This silhouette was very short, like a child. His eyes were bright and clear and stared at Wu Yu, who was standing outside.

"This dao technique is called the All Cleansing God Eye Technique. It was created by our Fourth Generation Assistant Sect Leader, the God Eye Monkey Breaking Through the Clouds.  He perfected it after more than 30 years. This dao technique was the life essence of Breaking Through the Clouds. After learning it, your eyes will shine with godly light that lights up the heavens and earth. Everything within your sight will be cleansed and will disappear. Any unclean things will be annihilated. It is the most extreme eye technique in the mortal world and is worth passing down through time. This dao technique is very powerful. We hope that the disciples of our Demon Dao Sect will use it carefully. Refrain from overusing it, and from using it to commit grave mistakes.

"The God Eye Monkey Breaking Through the Clouds contributed his entire life to our Demon Dao Sect. After he perished, he willingly joined the great legacy project of the Demon Dao Sect. He deserves the respect of our sect's disciples. The highest cultivation level he reached was the seventh tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. He survived the two dao calamities of Heaven's Thunder and Hellfire. Unfortunately, he could not survive the last step. He perished in the extremities of dao. Even so, his life's knowledge is worth the respect of disciples and descendants."

Wu Yu had chosen the All Cleansing God Eye Technique. 

The second of the Seven Ape Kings was also a God Eye Monkey. Wu Yu had seen a God Eye Monkey before and he indeed looked about the same as the one before his eyes now.

Of course, the God Eye Monkey in front of him had existed eons ago. Even Ming Long was an existence 120,000 years ago.

It was also because of the Second of the Seven Ape Kings that Wu Yu instantly noticed this God Eye Monkey.

"Usually, the dao techniques of the Demon Dao Sect have certain limitations. For instance, they will be more convenient for demons of the same kind to cultivate. I have the bloodline of primates. It should be easier for me to cultivate the God Eye Monkey's All Cleansing God Eye Technique. Besides, I have the basics of the Eyes of Fire and Gold."

Wu Yu could tell that the All Cleansing God Eye Technique was similar to the attack of the Eyes of Fire and Gold. Its power was slightly more special than the Eyes of Fire and Gold, but mainly, it was because dao techniques would be used by his doppelgangers. Hence, Wu Yu valued it greatly. If it was his real body, he would have no need to learn a dao technique at the moment. The dao techniques he learned now were for his 10,000 doppelgangers to use simultaneously. How terrifying would the All Cleansing God Eye Technique be under those circumstances?

After he made up his mind, he did not consider other options and entered the arena.

The setting of the Demon Dao Sect was interesting. For Wu Yu to learn the All Cleansing God Eye Technique, he had to suffer the attack first.

Breaking Through the Clouds was a seventh tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm demon at his peak. Even at the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, he was not considered weak. It was not easy to block his All Cleansing God Eye Technique.

Wu Yu used only his real body to personally endure the power of this dao technique in order to become familiar with it. It would make his learning quicker.

At this moment, he stood in front of the God Eye Monkey.

"Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth." This time, Wu Yu used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to the maximum. In the blink of an eye, his muscles and flesh enlarged and he grew to about six zhang tall. He became a huge being in this arena, and he was a violent, cold golden ape. Comparatively, the God Eye Monkey was only two chi tall. He was about the size of his thumb.

But Wu Yu would not underestimate his opponent like this.

After Wu Yu entered, the God Eye Monkey's expression became cold. Perhaps he was affected by the pressure of Wu Yu's huge, tough body. He stood far away from Wu Yu, and at the instant he was furthest away, he used the All Cleansing God Eye Technique.

Instantly, Wu Yu saw that the eyes of the God Eye Monkey were filled with dark orange light. That light was quickly brewing and was penetrative. While the light was not super bright, at the instant he looked into the monkey's eyes, there was a piercing pain in his eyes.

In the next moment, the light in his eyes exploded. A beam of light penetrated through him at a speed which he could not react to. The speed was beyond Wu Yu's imagination. The two lines of sight congregated and were like two penetrative swords. They instantly reached Wu Yu, and while Wu Yu was prepared, he did not have enough preparation time to evade this attack.

Of course, he was not looking to evade. He wanted to depend on himself to bear with the power of this dao technique. It was the only way he could clearly have a taste of its true power.

He evaded slightly. Those two beams of light were not very big and pierced through his huge elbow. This was a last minute evasion. Otherwise, his chest would’ve been hit.

Wu Yu could only feel a piercing pain on his arm.

When he lowered his head to take a look, that two beams of sight had already pierced through his arm and caused him to bleed heavily. Orange light coiled around his wound like maggots crawling on his bones. The light actually spread out and tore into Wu Yu's flesh. Wu Yu's physical body was now being corroded by the light. He was actually starting to break down and disperse. It was like a pandemic spreading. If this continued, he felt that it was not only his arm but his entire body would be swallowed by this light.

Under this piercing pain, Wu Yu understood a little of the power of this All Cleansing God Eye Technique.

Of course, his Invincible Vajra Body had terrifying recuperative abilities, and at this moment, Wu Yu's Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body was fighting violently against the All Cleansing God Eye Technique. He would not be devoured by the light so quickly.

"Such terrifying power…." Wu Yu had experienced it. Actually, he was laughing because he knew that the more terrifying the power, the better the effect he could command after cultivating this technique.

He was in no hurry to defeat his opponent now.

Besides, the other party was very agile. After using it once, it immediately used it again.

And then the third and fourth times!

All Cleansing God Eye Techniques rained on him!

Wu Yu's huge body was a huge target. Also, the God Eye Monkey was unbelievably agile. It ran around Wu Yu and continuously bombarded him with the All Cleansing God Eye Technique at terrifying speeds. There were many wounds on Wu Yu's body.

Perhaps what surprised the God Eye Monkey the most was Wu Yu's lack of reaction. He simply stood like a huge target and suffered the attacks.

While Wu Yu was in gritting pain, he was not afraid. He concentrated on understanding the power of this dao technique. Through his body's defense against the remaining All Cleansing Light in his body, he tried to understand the root of this eye technique.

He felt that the fastest way to learn a dao technique was to endure a large amount of its attacks.

As time passed, one could only see beam after beam of eye-piercing light in this arena. They pierced through Wu Yu's body, which could not evade in time. If outsiders were observing this battle, no one would believe that Wu Yu could reverse the situation.

This was practically him being played.

It was only when Wu Yu was heavily wounded and covered in blood, his first world was about to be destroyed, and his Invincible Vajra Body's recovery could not follow up that he did something.

He switched from defense and started to attack.

And the first step was to use his mystique to transform from his largest size to the smallest.

He went from above six zhang to about half a chi tall. He was palm-sized now.

Wu Yu was about as thick as an ordinary person's thumb now. It was difficult to spot him in this arena. In addition, he was now on the Somersault Cloud. He hid and zipped past this arena. His speed was faster by multiple times. The God Eye Monkey's All Cleansing God Eye Technique could hardly hit him now. At this moment. the God Eye Monkey seemed much bigger than Wu Yu and their situations seemed to have reversed.

Actually. the shrinking effect of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth was great too. According to Wu Yu's guess, if the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth continued to change, then one day he would really become a sky-reaching giant. When he turned small, he might become only as thick as a hair. At that time, who could find him and who could avoid his seemingly shapeless attacks?

Even more so, which places could stop his advance?

Regardless whether he could have the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth of 100,000 doppelgangers, or a more terrifying Eyes of Fire and Gold, it was difficult to imagine the limits of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. 

Less could be said of the Somersault Cloud.

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