Chapter 1002: Battle Team of Seven

Prince Le, sitting on a tall platform, smiled.

It had been some time since they last met. He seemed to have transformed a lot. While Wu Yu could not point out what specifically, he could strongly sense that he seemed more difficult to defeat now.

Upon returning, he could clearly feel the turbulent undercurrents of a power struggle. 

Perhaps it was because of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

After Wu Yu was seated, Prince Le asked, "Was your trip to the Nanyin Demon Continent smooth sailing? I heard that many major events happened there. Did you find the person you were looking for?"

Wu Yu answered, "I found her, but she wasn't the person who I was looking for."

"Oh, she is actually not who you were looking for. Then, do you want to continue asking for Nangong Wei's news?" Prince Le asked with concern. 

Wu Yu said, "There is no need to do that deliberately. I'm in no hurry. It is naturally best if there is news."

If he asked Prince Le to stop inquiring about Nangong Wei's news, the other party would definitely think that the Nangong Wei in the Nanyin Demon Continent was real. Wu Yu naturally did not want him to be involved with Nangong Wei. Hence, he simply said that he had not found her at the Nanyin Demon Continent. Prince Le would let his people continue their search, but he would not find anything.

"Sure." Prince Le nodded.

He sighed and said, "I did not expect someone like the Phoenix Supreme to appear. The immortal beast Eternal Phoenix is really scary. Of course, with my Emperor Father here, no one in the Jambu Realm can threaten the ruling position of our Yan Huang Tribe."

"That is only natural. The Ancient Emperor is long lived. He is the greatest emperor of all ages," Qu Haoyan said with great reverence.

"Even the Phoenix Supreme will have to prostrate upon seeing the Ancient Emperor. The Phoenix Supreme just established the Nanyin Empire during the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. In the past, all those demon lords would rush to pay their tributes. Now that they have become a demon empire, I think they will have to pay more tributes," Qu Fengyu said proudly.

Prince Le smiled with satisfaction and said, "Wu Yu, have you heard about the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage?"

Wu Yu nodded and said, "I heard about it on the way back. Also, the South Emperor asked me to send his regards. It seems like he supports you. "

He said that to observe Prince Le's reaction.

"South Emperor?" Prince Le obviously had not expected that, so his expression was a little surprised. Then he smiled. He seemed satisfied and said, "The South Emperor and I have a better relationship. Yet it is unexpected for him to believe in me. I have to personally visit him in the future. Let's talk about the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage first. Since you've heard about it, you know that at that time, us princes and princesses, including the Kingmakers, will have to bear considerable pressure. Those foreign miscreants are all eager for us to embarrass ourselves, right?"

Wu Yu was very calm and said, "It's natural. I can understand their mood. After all, they feel a bit humiliated when they come to the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. Haha...."

He was tied to Prince Le, and Prince Le would definitely feel closer to him if he spoke this way.

After all, seven people were in the hall now. This actually affected the confrontational situation of their two groups. Prince Le would want them to integrate and be one group.

Prince Le smiled and said, "My Emperor Father guards the Jambu Realm. He commands their fear and respect without taking away their power and crushing their countries. He allows them to live and work in peace and contentment. This little tribute is just a formality. But these ungrateful foreigners don't know how to be thankful. They are unhappy in their hearts - really a group of ingrates. But it is the same for every pilgrimage. We are used to it because our royal family has to teach those foreigners a lesson and shock them every time. It is no exception this time. However, it's only been eight years since the last time. I think some of these foreigners have yet to prepare their tributes and will come in a hurry this time. I think they will be even more upset. "

Wu Yu did not want to discuss who was right and who was wrong. He only thought that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was powerful. No matter what he did in the Jambu Realm, it would only be equal to heaven's will.

Unless someone could break this heaven's will.

Prince Le frowned slightly at this point and said, "This 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage is a little special. A few days ago, the Regent revealed to me that my Emperor Father intends to design some program to let our generation and the young elites of the Jambu Realm have a chance to have fair fights. We could ignore them in the past when they provoked us, but this time I don't think so. Now all the other princes and princesses feel some pressure. After all, we don't know what our Emperor Father is thinking. Our numbers are limited after all. If we compete with so many of them fairly and embarrass the Yan Huang Tribe, it will be very difficult to start over. We may even become the sinners of Yan Huang.... "

"The Ancient Emperor wants to design some program?" Hearing this news, Wu Yu was even more surprised. Unexpectedly, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had not only brought forward the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, but also seemed to intend to make it more lively. Originally, all the powerful foreigners were reluctant to hand over this "protection fee." Previously, they did not have too many opportunities to provoke and vent their anger. If the Ancient Emperor himself provided the opportunity, they would definitely go crazy with their revenge. Such a program was obviously related to the dignity and face of the Yan Huang Tribe.

Just like Prince Le had said, once they lost in a fair competition, they would be treated with disdain by the entire Yan Huang Tribe because the Yan Huang Tribe valued their faces the most. They were always high and mighty and valued this type of superior feeling and pride.

Wu Yu thought for a while and said, "Perhaps the Ancient Emperor designed this to test the princes and princesses. To choose the person that he truly approves of."

He was not afraid of voicing his thoughts, because Prince Le was definitely thinking of that too.

Indeed, his eyes shone slightly and he said, "You think so too? The other princes and princesses think so as well. Hence, you know that the real competition has started with this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. This time, it is extremely important to me! This is the most pivotal moment that determines my fate…."

Wu Yu naturally knew this from looking at his eyes. He desired strongly to perform well during this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

At this moment, Prince Le calmed down from his excitement. He took a deep breath and asked, "Wu Yu, I heard a rumor recently. Give me your thoughts."

"Please speak, Prince Le." Even without speaking, Wu Yu would have expected something from him.

Prince Le continued, "It's said that when my Emperor Father was young, about my age, he was not very special. He was similar to other princes and princesses. However, when my grandfather paid special attention to him one day, he suddenly rose rapidly, surpassing all the others, and within a short time, he pbecame the second strongest person in the world...."

Wu Yu nodded and said, "You're saying that since I was personally sent by the Ancient Emperor to be the Kingmaker for you, Prince, this quiet concern and attention denotes the same special attention, right? In fact, the outside world is already spreading rumors that Prince Le may be the new...."

Prince Le quickly raised his hand to signal Wu Yu to stop speaking. He said seriously, "No one can understand my Emperor Father's thoughts. We must not treat those rumors outside seriously. I believe that the future is fair, so for this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, no matter what, we have to perform the best. At least we cannot embarrass the Yan Huang Tribe."

He stood up and stretched out his palm.

Wu Yu understood what he meant. The rumors outside were beneficial to him but were also harmful. After all, too many eyes were on him now, so even more people wanted to challenge him. The other princes and princesses would not be convinced either.

He had to be humble and treat himself strictly. He could only truly become the existence that he dreamt of when he became truly strong.

Wu Yu and the others walked up. The seven of them gathered together and placed their palms on top of each other

"From now onwards, the seven of us will be as close as brothers. We will fight together, and on the day of success, I will definitely let you six succeed and be famous. Even if you cannot become immortal, your descendants will enjoy endless glory and wealth in my Yan Huang!" Prince Le said seriously.

Qu Fengyu and the others were so touched that hot tears welled up in their eyes.

Wu Yu might’ve been calm, but at this moment, he had to act very loyal.

"Our agreement today will be our new beginning.

"From today onwards, the seven of us are on one side. We will share rise and fall together!"

This seemed a little like brotherhood being sworn.

After it ended, Qu Haoyang and the others went back. Prince Le also knew that emotional words need not be said too often. Now they had to prepare well. If there was any news about the program, he would definitely let Wu Yu and the others know at the first instant.

"Prince, I forgot to tell you that when we returned, we were hunted by Stygian Devil assassins. Luckily, we managed to kill our opponents. But obviously, it may be because of those rumors and someone has become impatient."

"Stygian Devils?" Prince Le's eyes were fierce. However, he soon laughed and said, "This is definitely a move that belittles my Emperor Father. In the future, you guys have to be careful. I will arrange for someone to investigate the person who hired the Stygian Devils. Actually, these boring moves are useless. They should fight fairly on the battlefield. The person who put out the reward will pay the price."

He was very sure.

"That is only natural."

Next, everyone returned to their places to prepare. Upon returning, the Full Moon of Nanshan immediately went out to his fancy Immortal's Capital to enjoy his life. 

Ye Xixi was still hardworking and engrossed herself in training. Dao Querying was not an easy tier. To reach Dao Querying, she had to have a really mature dao. This was the most difficult stage to pass in the entire martial cultivation path.

Dao Querying, Dao Querying. Naturally, one would need to ask, what was one's dao?

This was a question that would not be easy to answer.

Wu Yu now had breakthroughs in various aspects. While he was studying the third tier of the Somersault Cloud, he took the opportunity to enter the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques to find a top dao technique for himself. His power had improved, so now he had the ability to handle stronger seniors of the Demon Dao Sect to receive stronger dao techniques!

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