Chapter 853: Xiaodong’s Mum

On May 27th, the second team had been very busy over the past few days as they were investigating the case of Lie Guoxiao. However, Lin Dongxue, who was not on the task force, could get off work normally.

At 5:30, Lin Dongxue grabbed her bag and said to everyone who was immersed in work, "I'm leaving now. Remember to eat!"

"Dongxue, Dongxue." Xu Xiaodong chased after her. "Can you do me a favor? My mother found a random bookcase out of nowhere. She’s sitting downstairs right now. I wouldn't let her move it alone. I said I would come back after I get off work, but I have to work overtime today."

"I'll go with Old Chen!"

"Thank you and Brother Chen. I’ll invite you to dinner tomorrow."

"It’s fine. It’s just a small favor."

Chen Shi was waiting for her outside. The two originally planned to go to dinner after they got off work, but they took up this small task temporarily. Chen Shi said, "Since you’re helping him move things, did you ask for your reward yet?"

"Is it necessary to calculate it all? It's just a favor. He said he would treat us to dinner tomorrow."

"Okay, the grilled fish we originally planned to eat tonight can be treated by him tomorrow." With that, Chen Shi started the car.

Lin Dongxue had been to Xu Xiaodong’s house once. At that time, Xu Xiaodong’s mother thought she was Xu Xiaodong’s girlfriend and made some ridiculous misunderstanding. The old lady loved her son very much and spoiled him a lot. Xu Xiaodong was like someone who would never grow up in front of her. Lin Dongxue was very envious of this nourishment of family affection he received.

On the way, Lin Dongxue said, "My brother really went on a blind date!"

"It looks like you’ll have a sister-in-law soon."

"I doubt it. Two days ago, he and his blind date partner were very compatible with each other. The other party also had a good impression of him. She was going to make another appointment with him. Do you know what he said? He said, ‘I have a good impression of you, but I have to compare everything first. Wait for my call!’" Lin Dongxue made an exasperated expression. "People don’t even say that in company interviews. The girl heard that she was going to be used as a comparison to 'shop around'. What would she think?"

"Haha, people who don't understand your brother can't accept his overly logical character."

"In layman's terms, this is called lack of emotional intelligence."

"Does he have any interest in the other party?"

"He told me that although she was compatible with him, he couldn’t draw up any interest in spending the rest of his life with her." Lin Dongxue took out her phone and opened WeChat. "This is the photo he sent me. She’s a nurse and looks pretty good. I didn't expect him to have such high standards for appearance!"

"I don't think it’s a matter of appearance, but genetic attraction."

"Isn’t the so-called genetic attraction just looking at the face?"

"It's not just looking at the face. It's a biological instinct. Why do loving couples give birth to children who are smarter and healthier? The two people came together because they were driven by this genetic attraction. Their genes can complement each other. The advantage of this is to breed better offspring. With regards to this kind of thing, I believe intuition is more reliable."

Lin Dongxue made a disdainful expression. "You actually interpreted the beauty of love to such a utilitarian thing."

"This isn’t utilitarian. Love has both perceptual and rational forms of existence. Some people believe everything that happens is up to fate, while others believe in big data and probability. Of course, I’m of the emotional kind."

"Is there genetic attraction between us?"

"Uh, in terms of frequency and quality, I think there is."

"Go to hell!" Lin Dongxue laughed and cursed.

The topic returned to Lin Qiupu. Chen Shi said, “Objectively speaking, a policeman and a nurse are both people who are busy, highly professional, and have restrictive workplaces. I’m not very optimistic about it. If a family is really formed, first of all, both parties would have little to talk about. Secondly, there’s too little time to get along with each other. Why doesn't your brother find a police officer? Two police officers would be compatible with each other!"

"Why doesn’t he find a police officer? As far as the current gender ratio of our second team is concerned, it’d be impossible unless he’s willing to accept same-sex marriage."

When they got to Xu Xiaodong’s house, they saw an old lady sitting on a bookcase downstairs, fanning herself with a handkerchief. Seeing Lin Dongxue, she immediately became enthusiastic and exclaimed, "Ah, Little Lin is here! What a rare visitor."

Then, seeing Chen Shi who came with her, her smile obviously cooled by dozens of degrees. "This is..."

"Colleague. You can call him Little Chen." In order to save trouble, Lin Dongxue introduced him like this.

"Hello Little Chen."

Xu Xiaodong had already said over the phone beforehand that the two of them would go to help. The bookcase was made out of solid wood and was quite heavy. It took a lot of effort for the two of them to get it into the elevator, then move it to the house. They put it down under the command of the old lady. They were busy until almost 7:00.

"I'm so embarrassed that you both had to make a special trip. You can stay and eat. I bought ribs today. I made stewed winter melon rib soup."

"Auntie, there’s no need. We’ll head back."

"Little Lin, it's been a long time since you've been here. Why don't we have a meal together? Do you think Auntie’s skills aren’t good enough?" The old lady took Lin Dongxue's hand.

Under the kindness of the old lady, the two of them really couldn’t refuse, so they had to stay for dinner. While the old lady was busy in the kitchen, Chen Shi visited Xu Xiaodong’s room and looked at the various posters, surrounding items, and comics in the room. It was hard to imagine that the owner was a serious criminal police officer.

There was a Ragdoll cat lying down lazily and licking its legs on the bed sheets with cartoon characters on them. Lin Dongxue exclaimed, "Huahua!" The cat uttered a "Meow" and ran over to let her rub her however she wanted. She began rolling on the ground, showing her belly and letting Lin Dongxue tickle it.

"You actually remember me!" Lin Dongxue was overjoyed.

"My Xiaodong is just a child that never grows up." The old lady came out with the dishes. "Little Lin, has he made any mistakes lately?"

"No, no, he has always been doing very well."

"Then, did he do anything dangerous? Last time, he told me that he climbed along the water pipe to the second floor and subdued a criminal who had a knife on them. After hearing this, I couldn't sleep all night. What would I do if anything happened to this child?!"

Lin Dongxue comforted, "Auntie, that kind of thing happens only once. Our job normally just consists of walking and asking around. There’s nothing too dangerous."

"Aii, I'm afraid he’s too brave and will hurt himself." The old lady said to Chen Shi, "This officer, you may not know this but his father left early. Us mother and son depended on each other. He said he wanted to be a policeman and I supported him. I worried all day that something would happen to him, but I didn't dare to restrain him too much. After all, I can't control him for the rest of his life... By the way, does he have a girlfriend at work yet?"

The topics were all about Xu Xiaodong. The old lady showed them the photos of Xu Xiaodong when he was young. They were eating and chatting. In the blink of an eye, it became 8:30. Xu Xiaodong walked in and heard the old lady talking and laughing about the embarrassing moments from his childhood. Xu Xiaodong said loudly, "Mom, don't say anything! How can I live in the future?!"

"You're back! Wash your hands and eat quickly." Seeing her son enter the house, the old lady was so happy that the wrinkles around her eyes piled up.

"No need. I’ve eaten takeaways already." Xu Xiaodong sat down and picked up an apple.

The old lady snatched the apple away from him and took a fruit knife to peel it for him. She complained while peeling, "Eating takeaway again?! Is that stuff hygienic? It's all waste oil and additives. Eating too much of it is bad for the stomach. If you don’t cherish yourself while you’re young, you’ll be full of sicknesses when you’re old and it’ll be too late for regret."

"Mom, don't talk about it. It's annoying." Xu Xiaodong took a bite of the cut apple.

Chen Shi looked at him and smiled. He was completely like a big boy, as if he became ten years younger as soon as he walked into this door.

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