Genius Detective

Genius Detective

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Xin Bai (辛白)
We follow the story of Song Lang, a genius in the police field, who due to unfortunate circumstances caused by his mortal enemy, now assumes the identity of a driver named Chen Shi. Although he had wanted to live out his days as an ordinary citizen, fate has other plans in store for him. Finding himself in the position of prime suspect to a case, he assists a police officer to uncover the truth. Follow the adventures of Chen Shi as he is plunged back into the world of bizarre homicide investigations. Will he be fated to meet his enemy once again? 
If you enjoy murder mysteries such as the TV show “The Mentalist”, or anime like “Detective Conan”, then this novel is for you. 
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983 Chapters
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Hotread (火星小说)


Editors: Conspiracing, IJ

Chapters 1-13 editor: Canis

Schedule: one chapter per day at 7am GMT

39 Reviews
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4 years ago
Genius Detective is basically a wonderful thriller. I would not regret having bought this as a proper book, at least so far. It is most certainly a very unusual novel, at least from what I usually read both here and offline.

The Author has so far shown to me that he, unlike many other chinese authors, does play with prejudices as well BUT while the mysoginistic views of many a chinese novel that I have read so far are also shown here, they are shown by the villains if anyone. We have an over protective brother, but that is completely normal no matter where we go. No MC groping women or even considering this as far as I know. The MC is a bit over the top with his righteousness in my opinion, but that is most certainly negligible in such a setting.

I personally would suggest reading this novel on your phone when youre taking the tram to get to work or school early in the morning, as it will most certainly leave your mind wondering what will happen next and you yourself will be sitting there weighing the likelihoods of who commited the crime in your head all day long. That is if you enjoy this as much as me.

Now, less personal stuff and more to the structure.

I like the way this novel is built very much. Both chapter length as well as volume length are very nice, we do not have long drags between volumes where you end up wondering if you should skip 3 chapters. So far the Translation has 100% obtained my acknowledgement for making an astounding job at both the general sentence structure as well as conveying chinese idioms and culture. So here, thank you Canis, Azza and Conspiracing!

4 years ago

So, I am pretty much excited about this novel as it open in a way least expected and shows the reality of life, something many novels of the same genre fail to do so.

CHARACTERS(9/10)--- The dialogue and conversation, thinking process and variety of characters is top-notch. I have watched many crime, mystery thrillers of Jap, K-drama and English origin and this novel definitely follows a varied palette of characters similarly as there are in the best of the shows of each region.Female detective here is not dense, hut a rather willing learner which is very promising.All of them have some back-story and did not feel conjured from air.

STORY(9.5/10)- The arc's are well connected. The characters always progress and learn something new.The story seamlessly transition between different point of view.Also, they do not fit the MC right into the middle of the police force but the MC uses his won witty ways and sometimes guides his friends and other acquaintances into solving the cases.

WORLD-BUILDING(8.5/10)- The novel is set in a modern setting so you can expect to see China, it's custom, practice, and it's cuisines( food stalls , a fav. of mine in these novels, :) ). The slangs, idioms and the terms used are all very intriguing and an explanation is always given at the end so it feels good learning something new.


4 years ago
A very fun read, a bit different then your normal action packed novel but still gives you the feeling of wanting more. Very enjoyable and a much recommend read.

The characters are not your typical chinese characters where there all arrogant and think every girl they meet is part of their waifu collection (ok ok enough rambling and back onto track), your mc is a ex detective who' was framed and after many years is back but not as detective but a driver and gets caught up in criminal cases and tends to help the police even when hes despised as a driver, but mc stays humble and gets them back solving the cases.

So far only 1 female lead which is likeable and a bit funny to how she reacts with the mc.

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4 years ago

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