Chapter 852: Circumvention of Principle

Volume 51: The Devil’s Diagnosis Report

"I'm furious."

After leaving the hotel, Lin Dongxue angrily kicked away a stone on the road. This kind of scum kept talking about blood relationships, which made her feel sick. What's more disgusting was that this kind of person was actually her father, and she had half of his genes!

"Don't be angry," Chen Shi comforted, "Actually, you’re luckier than most people."

"I’m lucky?" Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly.

"Most people hate their parents but don’t even have a chance to express it. The biological father you hate is a criminal. You’re a policeman. Not only can you splash tea on his face, you can also arrest him and throw him in jail, getting him to pay his debts slowly for what he’s done."

"Old Chen, do you hate your parents too?"

"No. Although my family also has some ordinary bumps on the road, they let me come into this world and gave me a chance to meet you. I’m already very grateful to them." Chen Shi took Lin Dongxue's hand.

Lin Dongxue's tears fell on their hands that held each other and said, "I'm now... in a very depressed mood..."

"I’ll accompany you."

Lin Dongxue buried her head in Chen Shi's chest, but suddenly remembered something. "You just accepted those two cards as if nothing had happened?"

Chen Shi took it out of his pockets. "At the time, you two had too much drama going on and I didn't have a chance to return it. I’ll give it to you so you can donate it to the impoverished mountainous areas, or use it as a reward for collecting clues."

"I don't want it. I don't want to touch the old man's money. You can donate it yourself!"

"I will hand it over to your brother in person tomorrow."

The next morning, the two went to the bureau and found Lin Qiupu was packing his things in the office. Lin Dongxue asked in surprise, "What's the matter, brother? Are you going to be transferred?"

Lin Qiupu put down a box. "The suspect has been confirmed to be our biological father, so we have to avoid this case. I’ve already filed a suspension application with the chief. I’ll consider whether to return when Lie Guoxiao is tried in court."

Looking at Lin Qiupu's haggard look, it seemed that he didn't sleep much last night.

"But I don't want to transfer out of the second team. If I can't be a criminal detective, I might as well sell grilled fish!" Lin Dongxue said.

"You don't have to transfer, but you have to withdraw from this case. If they want to collect information, you and I have to cooperate as immediate family members of the person involved."

Lin Dongxue pouted and nodded. "Someone finally called the hotline this morning and said they wanted to provide evidence of Lie Guoxiao's crimes. The case has finally improved a bit, haii..."

"We must maintain impartiality."

"I have no objection, but I feel a little disappointed that I can't arrest this old bastard myself."

"Old bastard? He’s our biological father!" Although he hated Lie Guoxiao as well, Lin Qiupu couldn’t be as carefree as Lin Dongxue. After all, he still held the memory of his father for eleven years.

"What kind of father is he? In order to hide his identity, he killed our mother and hid for over 20 years. He planned to kill me that night as well!" Lin Dongxue was filled with righteous indignation.

"In fact, it’s good that I can avoid this. Honestly, I don't know how to face him." Lin Qiupu sighed with emotion.

Chen Shi interrupted the conversation between the two. "With you gone, who will be the captain?"

"You’re more familiar with the people in the team than I am. Is there anyone you’d choose in your heart?" Lin Qiupu asked.

"In terms of qualifications and abilities, I think it should be Old Zhang."

"I also proposed to the chief to let Old Zhang lead the team temporarily!"

"Brother, what are you going to do after leaving the team?" Lin Dongxue asked. "Would you like to go have a holiday? You haven't taken any vacations over the recent years."

"Get married."

"Huh? Get married? With whom?!"

"I don't know. I’m going on blind dates starting tomorrow. The plan is to get the certificate next month and the wedding will be scheduled for later... If there are any requirements for your future sister-in-law, you can mention them now."

Lin Dongxue was speechless. Lin Qiupu's tone was as though he was talking about a to-do list. She reluctantly answered, "As long as you like her, it’s okay."

"I can't just like her. It depends on the compatibility of all aspects. In addition, it’s whether she can accept my job. A police officer won’t have that much time to spend with the family. I will draw up a contract by then... Old Chen, why are you laughing?"

"No, I very much agree with your pragmatic attitude. With the nature of your work, looking forward to a romantic encounter and then meeting someone who happens to be able to get along together with you is harder than winning the lottery. Blind dates are very objective and rational ways of choosing a spouse."

"Hey, are you men all so sensible regarding marriage?" Lin Dongxue said with contempt. The marriage in her mind had to be beautiful and romantic. Haii, maybe she was still too young.

"After deciding on the candidate, I will call you for your opinions." Lin Qiupu said in a serious manner.

"No, no, don't worry about me. As long as you like her, it’s fine." Lin Dongxue bid her goodbye after that.

Lin Dongxue suddenly felt very disappointed when she had to withdraw from this case because she had recently been busy with it day and night. Chen Shi proposed to take a half-day off and go out to relax. Lin Dongxue readily agreed.

When walking out of the Public Security Bureau, Lin Dongxue saw many strangers lining up at the door to fill in their personal information. Xu Xiaodong asked, "Hey, where are you guys going?"

"These people…"

"They’re here to provide evidence of Lie Guoxiao's crimes. We really didn't expect so many people at once. Wow, we’re going to be busy all day today."

When a wall was about to fall down, everyone would join to push it down. With the in-depth investigation of the drug case, the trend of the downfall of Lie Guoxiao was irreversible. Many celebrities in Long'an revealed on informally through platforms such as Weibo that they would cut off various public and private contact with Lie Guoxiao.

With charges surrounding drugs, murder, blackmail, intimidation, and all the other kinds of charges, how many years would Lie Guoxiao go to jail for? Even if he could afford Long’an's best lawyer, he couldn’t protect himself.

Thinking of the bleak end of this old man, Lin Dongxue felt happy, but at the same time, a touch of sadness. Their undeniable blood relationship was like a tendon, pulling her heart in the dark.

Avoidance was indeed a very wise decision. The human heart cannot be controlled by oneself.

In the middle of the night, Lie Guoxiao angrily kneaded a newspaper into a ball. He was in his own villa in the countryside. There weren’t any other houses around them and they were surrounded by a yard over the hundreds of square meters around them. There were bodyguards guarding every entrance, so he didn’t have to worry about being seen.

Two guests sat across from each other. One was leisurely tasting wine and the other was playing with a mobile phone. The one playing on the phone had a finger cot on their thumb.

In the courtyard outside the terrace, Lie Guoxiao's subordinate, Liu Feng, was digging something with a shovel.

There was actually another man in the room. He was naked with a dog collar on him, squatting on the ground like a dog and looking at the visitors in a daze. The visitors also looked at him and asked, "Master Lie, what breed is this 'dog'?"

Lie Guoxiao was in a depressed mood now, and replied, "The day I’m finished, even this ‘dog’ who has been with me for many years will abandon me!"

"Master Lie, our master once said that this world is just a game and a dream. It's enough to have come here vigorously. Don't worry about the outcome."

Lie Guoxiao smiled bitterly. "Mr. Zhou doesn't seem to be able to comfort people too well. A prominent person like me who can't meet a good ending and leave behind a good reputation in the end is something that’s really sad and desolate. Maybe everything is destined!"

Liu Feng dragged a box out of the courtyard. He moved the box to the terrace and opened it. The attractive golden color made the hearts of the two visitors tremble.

"Mr. Zhou, Miss Ling, this gold is from my personal collection. Now, I can only use them to pay the commission. This is my last commission. This time, you can play freely and retaliate against the people who’ve caused my misery! When a mountain collapses, at least some people would finally be killed!"

Zhou Xiao picked up a heavy gold bar and said, "It will definitely be to your satisfaction!"

Lie Guoxiao added, "But there’s a requirement..."

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