Chapter 849: Dead End

At about 1:00AM, Chu Wei and the drug addicts arrived at the abandoned hydrological monitoring station. The female drug addict wore clothes that looked similar to Lin Dongxue’s. They had stolen them from a clothing store. She was uncomfortable and kept pulling at her sleeves.

"Brother Wei, is this really safe?" The male drug addict asked once again.

Chu Wei was already impatient. "Do as I say. I will cover up Ah Lin's head so that the other party can't see her face. After getting the money, you’ll bash the back of the person's head, and then we’ll run away."

"What if the other party has a gun?"

"It's useless even if they brought a rocket launcher. If you have knocked them down with a stick, what are you afraid of?"

"Oh... what if there’s more than one person?"

"Then we’ll withdraw, and I’ll call him saying that he didn’t keep his promise and that we won’t carry out the transaction anymore. Even tigers don’t eat their young. You can be rest assured that as long as the 'police woman' is in our hands, we’re safe!"

"Brother Wei..."

"What now?"

"I think the money we’re getting is a bit little..." the male drug addict commented and the female drug addict also nodded desperately in agreement.

Chu Wei snarled in a low voice, "Don't negotiate with me at this juncture. If you don't want to earn this money, just get lost. Given how the two of you are like, how else could you earn two hundred thousand at once?! Ah?!"

"Can we get 20%..." The male drug addict raised two fingers shyly.

"What did you say?!"

Chu Wei glared at him. Under that withering gaze, the tiny bit of courage that the male drug addict had finally mustered up was extinguished. He lowered his head in fear. Even though the female drug addict desperately pulled his arm from below, he dared not bargain again.

Finally, they got to the top of the mountain. It was pitch dark and it seemed like the person who was meant to hand over the money hadn’t arrived yet. The male drug addict yawned again and again. He took out a marijuana cigarette to refresh himself. Chu Wei slapped the marijuana cigarette out of his hand onto the ground and said viciously, "Smoking, smoking, smoking. You only know how to smoke. When you get the money, you can buy cocaine, and inject it intravenously until you die while getting high! Get over there and hide."

The male drug addict took out the stick he was carrying and lay in wait.

Chu Wei took out a pillowcase and prepared to cover up the female drug addict's head. The female drug addict grabbed his hand and said in a flirtatious manner, "Brother Wei, I want to be your woman."

Chu Wei sneered. Before he could get the ten million yuan, a woman had already taken the initiative to deliver herself to his door. However, he didn’t want this type of goods. "Shut up!"

Chu Wei tied the female drug addict's hands behind her, and walked into the hydrological monitoring station as if he was escorting Lin Dongxue. He found a chair and asked the female drug addict to sit down. He sat down on another chair, lit a cigarette, and took a blissful puff.

The wait was long and boring. During this period, the female drug addict kept flattering him, touching his feet with hers, and her motives were blatant. Chu Wei became angry and cursed, "Slut, I won’t fuck a rotten cunt like yours even if it only costs fifty cents. Go back and look for your useless guy!"

The female drug addict finally stopped.

Chu Wei looked up at the moonlight shining through the broken roof. Scenes of what had happened in the past two days flashed before him. He had narrowly escaped the police’s pursuit several times. It was a miracle to be able to sit here right now. He would run away when he got the money to somewhere far away, stay incognito, and live a comfortable life with a beautiful wife.

Chu Wei yawned again, and when he opened his eyes he found a person standing in front of the door like a ghost, with a suitcase in his hand.

"You’re finally here."

Chu Wei stood up with elation to receive the ten million. Suddenly, there was an exploding sound and his chest felt as if he was punched. Chu Wei lowered his head. In his gradually blurring vision, a large pool of blood spread across his chest, and the blood loss brought about a rapid chill that spread throughout the whole body.


The female drug addict was startled by the gunshot, and saw that Chu Wei had collapsed at her feet. She stood up and was about to run. She was shot in the back and fell onto the floor.

The assassin stepped forward and shot each of them again, this time hitting their heads so that even immortals would have trouble saving them.

There was another gunshot outside. The second assassin walked in and wiped his gun shaft with his leather gloves. On the mountain road behind him, the male drug addict was lying on the ground, blood seeping out from him.

The two exchanged glances. Killer A took out his phone, "Master Lie, it's done."

"Was it her?" Lie Guoxiao's voice was laced with sobs.

Killer A stepped forward to uncover the pillowcase on the head of the female corpse, and replied, "A woman around twenty-five years old who was very thin with very pale skin."

The other side cried even more fiercely. "I’m not human! I’m not human! I even killed my own daughter to preserve my life!"

"Master Lie, you have to pay a little price when you walk this path."

"You’re right!"

This comment was made by Killer B. Killer A suddenly found that Killer B’s gun was on his temple. Before he could react, he was shot through the skull and fell to the ground.

Killer B took out his mobile phone and called Lie Guoxiao, "Master Lie, as agreed, I’ve avenged Miss Lin."

The other side cried more fiercely, and it took him a long time to squeeze out, "Bury her well." Then he hung up.

Chu Wei’s whereabouts were unknown. Three days had passed quickly. Lin Qiupu had received a case fax from the sub-bureau that day. On the mountain where they had rescued the missing police, someone heard gunshots in the early morning on the 17th, and then saw a suspicious blaze. The eyewitness went up the mountain to check the next day and found a suspicious patch of ground. He turned the soil up and found four charred corpses underneath.

One of the burnt corpses was quickly confirmed by DNA to be Chu Wei. Like the other two corpses, he had been shot both in the torso and in the head. This was a typical assassin's method.

The fourth scorched corpse couldn’t be identified, and there was only one gunshot wound on the temple.

In order to find out the identity of the corpse, Lin Dongxue was called to the bureau. She carefully read the autopsy report. It was mentioned that ephedrine was found in the bodies of No. 2 and No. 3. Lin Dongxue said, “Considering all aspects, they should be Chu Wei’s assistants - the two who helped guard me that night."

Lin Qiupu said, "I have sent people to their residence to find biological evidence and will strive to confirm their identities today."

Lin Dongxue suddenly thought of something. "Brother, after our parents died that year, where did we find the biological evidence? Did they do paternity tests with us, or did they find their hair at home?"

"Why are you talking about this suddenly? It was a car accident and not a criminal case. The documents and belongings on the bodies would have proven their identities unless family members requested autopsies." Lin Qiupu got up and closed the office door. "That night, did Chu Wei say something to you?"

"He didn't say anything..." Lin Dongxue's eyes were dim. Lin Qiupu had given her three days off. During these three days, she had thought about a multitude of things. Chu Wei had kidnapped her to threaten someone. Does that person have anything to do with her? With the most crucial piece of the puzzle missing, everything was still impossible to unravel.

Perhaps Chen Shi would have a clearer picture, but Lin Dongxue didn't want to tell Chen Shi about this. She was afraid that the truth would be something she couldn't face.

Her thoughts returned to reality. "Why did these three people die? It stands to reason that they had run away that night, and the original plan couldn’t be implemented. After all, the ‘hostage’ was gone."

"You’re thinking too much. It was just the real culprit behind the scenes finishing things up. These two assistants were unfortunately drawn in."

"Is there any evidence of the culprit behind the scenes?"

Lin Qiupu shook his head. "With Chu Wei's death, all the clues have been cut off. Those farmers who planted the marijuana have been taken to the third team for questioning, but we all know that they’re just small fry. We haven’t encountered anyone in the upper reaches of the drug chain."

"This case ended just like this?" Lin Dongxue couldn't believe it.

"We have closed the case on our side and the third team will continue to follow up. After all, drugs are involved and the scale is so large."

Lin Dongxue was disappointed. Lin Qiupu patted her, "Don't be discouraged. The battle isn’t over yet. Look at your listlessness. Come and carry out some official duties with your brother!"

"What duties?"

"The last case hasn't been settled yet. I'm going to meet the old man surnamed Lie and confirm some details with him. You should come with me."

Now that it was about work, Lin Dongxue resumed her status as a subordinate and simply replied, "Yes, Captain."

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