Chapter 846: No Freedom

Lin Dongxue opened her eyes again. She was tied to a chair with her hands behind her back, and her legs were also firmly tied up.

Chu Wei sat opposite her, holding a bowl of instant noodles. Using a small plastic fork, he kept picking up some of the noodles and blowing on them.

"Why did you kidnap me?"

"You’re awake, Little Beauty." Chu Wei said with a smile, "Damn, this instant noodle smells really good. I haven't eaten anything for two days already. Are you hungry?"

Chu Wei brought the instant noodles in front of Lin Dongxue and was about to feed her. Lin Dongxue stared at him fiercely and spat in his face.

Chu Wei's smile froze on his face. "Are you trying to make me angry? But I won't beat you. I’ll only beat her!"

He put down the bowl of noodles, went next door and pulled a woman in by her hair, then frenziedly slapped the woman's face. The woman shielded her face pitifully, not daring to resist. Lin Dongxue couldn't stand it anymore, and said, "Stop quickly!"

Chu Wei grabbed the woman's hair and said in a coaxing tone, "She's saving you. She's a police officer and she has a good heart. How should you thank her? If you slap her, I won't hit you. Okay?"

The woman nodded obediently. Her face was already reddened from being slapped.

She walked over with disheveled hair and slapped Lin Dongxue's face. Lin Dongxue only heard the buzzing in her ears. Her teeth bit into her lips, and the smell of blood permeated her mouth. Compared with the physical sensations, the feeling of being humiliated made her feel more resentment.

The woman glared at her condescendingly with a sinister look and slapped her again. It happened to fall on her other cheek.

Chu Wei kicked the woman to the ground. "Bitch, you’re too ruthless. Are you envious that she looks better than you? It can’t be helped. Heaven is unfair. Go and complain to your mother!"

The woman sprawled on the ground without saying a word. Lin Dongxue was completely confused about the current situation. At this moment, a man stood at the door looking at them. He had dark circles under his eyes and his expression was haggard. He looked like a zombie.

"Daddy will give you something to eat." Chu Wei took out a packet of powder, about the size of an instant noodle seasoning packet, and threw it on the floor. The woman crawled over like a dog, picked it up and walked out, and the man's expression suddenly became excited.

The two disappeared behind the door.

Chu Wei lit up a cigarette and pointed at them with his thumb. "Drug addicts really are worthless. With a small packet of marijuana, even if I gave her husband a green hat in front of him, there wouldn’t be a problem… Don't look at me like that. These two were trash anyway. They would do anything in order to inhale a puff of it."

The lively laughter of the man and woman came from next door.

Chu Wei raised his eyebrows. "Look, they’re already at it together. This kind of trash looks as though they’re going to die soon, but they actually manage to linger on forever. Human lives are really cheap!"

"They’re your assistants?" Lin Dongxue finally said.

"Them? They aren’t qualified."

"So, it was you and Luo Chuanlong who painted the word "Happiness" on the wall with blood that night."

"Haha!" Chu Wei threw his head back and laughed. "You’re really a police officer. You’re not forgetting to collect information even at this time. Yes, we did all of it. What's the big deal? Isn't it just getting executed by firing squad? I have killed enough people for that long ago."

"Why did you kidnap me?!"

"Who were you calling when you were disoriented just now? Old Chen? Is that your boyfriend? Do you keep the same expression in front of him? I'll tell you if you smile at me."

Lin Dongxue only felt disgusted and gritted her teeth fiercely. The windows of this room were shut tight, and it seemed that it was already dark outside. Chen Shi and Lin Qiupu must be looking for her everywhere. She wouldn’t give up hope.

Chu Wei's cell phone rang. He went to the bathroom to answer it. Lin Dongxue perked up her ears, and heard Chu Wei say, "What Pandora's Box? I have no education. Don't use metaphors with me... Motherfucker, you’re talking about underworld loyalty with me right now? How did you treat me… Send the money to the place I specify, and you’re not allowed to call the police... Haha, this sentence is superfluous. You will definitely not call the police... I will notify you of the address."

Lin Dongxue couldn't believe it. This was actually a serious kidnapping. Who was Chu Wei asking for a ransom from? She was pretty sure it definitely wasn’t Lin Qiupu on the phone.

Chu Wei mentioned "underworld loyalty", indicating that the other party is a gang member and should be at a boss’ level.

Kidnapping a female police officer and asking the gang boss for a ransom? How does that make sense?

The effect of the anesthetic hadn't passed yet. Thinking about these things made Lin Dongxue's brain hurt again, as if a lot of cotton had been stuffed inside.

Chu Wei came back and lit up another cigarette again. Lin Dongxue felt very sick when she smelled the stinky smoke. She said, "I want to ask you something! Over 20 years ago, you caused a car accident and caused a couple’s deaths. Do you still remember..."

"Their surname is Lin, right?!" Chu Wei answered automatically.

Lin Dongxue's eyes widened. It turned out that he still remembered this incident. She said, "Who hired you to do it?!"

"Your father!" Chu Wei answered with a grin.

Lin Dongxue became angry. She struggled frantically on the chair, and shouted, "I must arrest you! I’ll make you pay the price."

"Don't get agitated!" Chu Wei threw down the cigarette butt and said lightly, "I'm just an underling who carried out missions for money. Because of this incident, I was on the run for several years, but you can't hate me because... you will find out the truth about this one day. I won’t tell you now. You can question that person face to face. It’s someone you wouldn’t expect."

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, and someone outside shouted, "Is anyone home?" It was obviously the voice of a policeman.

Lin Dongxue got excited and Chu Wei rushed behind her, covered her mouth, and shouted, "Ah Lin!"

There was the sound of the doors opening.

The woman from just now asked, "What's the matter?"

"Have you seen her before?" the policeman said.

"Wow, she’s so beautiful. Is she a star?"

"She’s a police officer. Have you seen her before?"

"No, my husband and I haven't gone out the whole day."

"This is your husband?"


"What do you two do?"

"We just moved here. We’re going to look for work."

"Let me look at your ID..." After a while, the policeman said, "Fine, sorry for disturbing you."

When the footsteps went away, the hope in Lin Dongxue's heart also sank. When Chu Wei put down his hand, she shouted at the window, "I'm here!"

"Oh shit!"

Chu Wei covered her mouth tightly, almost suffocating her. He stared out of the window with wide eyes. Time ticked by. The policeman outside didn’t hear the shout, and everything was calm again.

"No one will come to rescue you." Chu Wei breathed into her ear with a smile.

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