Chapter 845: Sudden Kidnapping

The couple of kids who had smoked marijuana were taken to a nearby police station. They sat in a row on their chairs, dejected, and Chen Shi asked, "Where did the marijuana come from?"

"We picked it up outside the town. Bags of them were dropped in the wasteland. We went there to play, accidentally saw them and opened one. It was fragrant and we thought it was tobacco, so we rolled it up and tried smoking it..."

"Is smoking marijuana pleasurable?"

The young boy nodded desperately, and then desperately shook his head.

"If you become addicted to this thing, your life will be over, understood? Was there anything else besides marijuana at the scene?"

"Nothing else, uh... I remember a few bags of marijuana were stained with red stuff, could it be blood? We have confessed everything. Could you not inform our parents or the school? Otherwise, the school will definitely expel us."

"Now you know to be afraid?"

Chen Shi was going to have a look at the scene. These young boys would be handed over to the local police to deal with as appropriate. Chen Shi suggested that this problem could be handled seriously or lightly, but if they were lenient because they were young and first-time offenders, it might not be a good thing for them either.

Walking out of the police station, Lin Dongxue said, "I wonder if these kids are addicted."

"They shouldn’t be. The speed of drug addiction is slower than that of cigarettes, but the negative effects of addiction are too strong."

Slow addiction is also one of the terrible aspects of drugs. Many people "try it out for fun" when friends introduce them to it at first. They don’t get addicted after once or twice, so they feel that they won’t ever become addicted. Dangerous things are always slowly accepted, step by step. Once you’re trapped, it would be too late when you realized it.

When they arrived at the scene, there were some blood stains and traces of dragging on the side of the road, but they were already very faint. Murder must have been committed here. Chu Wei had disposed of the body and threw away the marijuana leaves that no longer had any meaning to him by the side of the road.

"If he doesn’t even want the drugs, why did he deliberately take the body away?" Lin Dongxue guessed, "This shows that he doesn't want the police to intervene. He wants to take action to retaliate against the syndicate."

"Basic survival is already a problem. How would he retaliate?"

"Let me tell you about a certain matter..."


After thinking about it, Lin Dongxue felt that this case wasn’t relevant, and said, "Forget it. Let’s wait until Chu Wei is caught!"

"Let's go back to the town to eat."

On the way back to the town, Lin Dongxue suddenly felt that someone was staring at her. When she looked back, there was nobody. She quickly forgot about this matter. She focused on the hot pot restaurant’s menu and ordered lamb rolls.

The lights in the restaurant were very dim and there were almost no other customers at this time. Chen Shi said, "I don't know how it would taste."

"In my experience, if the sauce is good, the hot pot is generally not too bad... I’ll get some sauce." Lin Dongxue took her bowl and left.

Just after Lin Dongxue left, the phone on the table rang. Chen Shi saw that Lin Qiupu was calling, so he answered. Lin Qiupu said, "Where are you?"

"Xiaoyu Village. We’ve made some discoveries. We’ll talk about it when we get back. We’re eating right now."

"Oh? Why did you answer the call? Where’s Dongxue?"

"She will be back soon."

"Hurry back after you finish eating. We will be having a meeting. Can you be back by six?"

"I’ll try my best."

Putting down the phone, he noticed that Lin Dongxue hadn’t come back after quite a while. The waiter came over with the hot pot. Chen Shi asked, "Where is the girl who was with me? Have you seen her?"

"I saw her serving herself sesame sauce just now."

Why did it take her so long to put some sauce in her bowl? Chen Shi took Lin Dongxue's mobile phone and went to look for her. No one was at the self-service sauce counter , and there was an exit passageway behind an indoor potted plant next to it. A sauce bowl had fallen onto the floor, and the sesame sauce inside had been splashed all over the floor.

Chen Shi's heart thumped. He pushed open the exit passageway’s door and rushed down. A clothing store was downstairs. Chen Shi stopped an employee and asked, "Have you seen this girl?!" He showed him Lin Dongxue’s photo on his phone.

The employee shook his head. Another employee came over, took a look and said, "I think I saw a man and a woman walking down just then. I don’t know whether the woman was drunk or something. She was stumbling and the man was supporting her."

Upon hearing this, Chen Shi rushed out immediately. There weren’t many cars on the street. At a glance, he spotted Chu Wei's truck, which was just starting off.

Chen Shi chased after at full speed. Chu Wei sneered with a cigarette in his mouth as he looked at the rear-view mirror. He dragged the unconscious Lin Dongxue into his arms, deliberately letting Chen Shi take a look. The truck drove very fast. Chen Shi was gradually left behind. Passing an intersection, a car rushed over from the side, knocking Chen Shi to the ground as its brakes screeched.

He lay on the ground and pummeled the ground’s surface with great annoyance. At the same time, he couldn't figure out why Lin Dongxue had been kidnapped!

"What did you do?! Why has my sister been kidnapped?!" Lin Qiupu hurried over after receiving the news and saw Chen Shi sitting dejectedly outside the hot pot restaurant. He stepped forward, grabbed Chen Shi by the collar and lifted him up, shaking him.

The other policemen persuaded Lin Qiupu to restrain his emotions.

"I let the two of you investigate the case together and gave you so much freedom and convenience. Why didn't you take good care of her? How could you lose her?!" Lin Qiupu roared.

Chen Shi frowned and seemed unrepentant. He said, "I don't understand why Chu Wei kidnapped her. Is there anything you haven't told me?"

"What’s the point of talking about this now? We need to find her quickly!"

The effects of the ether hadn’t dissipated. Lin Dongxue still felt muddle-headed and her whole body was numb. She opened her eyes. This was an old room with an air conditioner humming on the mottled wall. The outer casing of the air conditioner hadn’t been scrubbed clean for a long time, and had already accumulated plenty of dust. Above her head was a fluorescent tube which was too bright. She was so sleepy that she wanted to lie down, but found that she couldn’t move her body.

A blurry face leaned over and looked at her closely, and she said in a daze, "Old Chen..."

"Damn, you’re so beautiful. You should be a model or a star. Being a police officer is really a waste!" Chu Wei stretched out his hand and retracted it again. He knew that this lady couldn’t be touched because she was to be used for negotiation.

He took out an old video camera, adjusted it, and pointed it at Lin Dongxue. "Say something, Miss."

"You... who..." Lin Dongxue struggled to speak and lowered her head again.

Chu Wei pointed the camera at himself. "Don't worry, I didn't touch a single finger of hers. Who would have thought that someone like you would have a beautiful policewoman daughter? You simply don't deserve to be her father. But the fact is here. Your blood is indeed running in her body. Even if you change your appearance for twenty years, that won’t change."

Chu Wei changed his posture so that the lens could capture Lin Dongxue. "I’ve been working for you for 20 years. How many things have I done for you? You treat me worse than a dog... Now I want to talk with you properly. After seeing this video, call this number..." Chu Wei held up a piece of paper with a string of numbers written on it. "I’m a desperate fugitive right now, my life is hanging by a thread. You'd better hurry up! Of course, people like you can sacrifice your own wife and your own brothers. Maybe you can even sacrifice your daughter. If I don’t receive the call before 12:00..." Chu Wei glanced at Lin Dongxue behind him and smiled meaningfully at the camera, "You understand what I mean, right? Old Lie."

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