Chapter 818: Late Night Investigation

Kaowei thought he was quibbling and asked, "Why weren’t you in the attic this morning? There is only one possibility. You went out while I was sleeping!"

The bandaged man was too lazy to explain. He stood up and went to the kitchen to get plastic bags and rubber gloves. He put on rubber gloves and wrapped his shoes with plastic bags. Kaowei was confused at first, then suddenly thought he was going to kill her. She was so frightened that she stood up and fled to the door.

"Stop!" The bandaged man ordered coldly. "Follow me to investigate the scene."

"Scene? Investigate? Now?" Kaowei suspected that she had heard wrong.

The bandaged man left no opening for her to speak and opened the door to go next door. When the thugs had left the house earlier, they locked the door. Kaowei could only see that the bandaged man took out two wires from his pocket. He put his ear on the door lock and used the wires to prod the lock inside. With a click, he had pried the door open.

This was definitely not a skill that ordinary people would know about, so Kaowei grew even more suspicious of him. He said to investigate the scene or something, but maybe he just wanted to lead her there to kill her!

So, she stood at the door and did not dare to step inside. The bandaged man stood in the door and turned his head. His eyes shone like torches and ordered, "Come in!"

Kaowei shook her head desperately.

"Do you know who I am?"

Kaowei shook her head again.

"Does Ms. Zhang know who I am?"

Kaowei thought about it and shook her head again.

"The people here don’t know who I am. If I’m afraid of those from the underworld coming here to seek trouble with me, I can run or hide. Killing will only make things more troublesome. A dead body will attract the police and the traces left at the scene will expose my identity. At that time, is it really safe for me to hide behind a wall at the time? So, in terms of criminal interests, I don’t have to kill her at all... Do you think I killed someone because of your confidence in your evidence and reasoning, or do you simply think that I am scary?"

Kaowei was speechless upon hearing this. She asked timidly, "Who exactly are you?"


"I’m guessing you’re a fugitive in all likelihood!"

The bandaged man glanced at the wanted notice on the telephone pole outside and replied, "I’m not."

Kaowei walked into this dark room with apprehension. The bandaged man turned on a flashlight and pushed open the bedroom door. When she thought that someone had died here, Kaowei was terrified. She felt as though she had a pair of eyes staring at her from behind. It may be the ghost of Ms. Zhang.

She wasn’t superstitious, but after staying in such a place, she unconsciously associated it. The fantasy of ghosts stems from the deep-rooted fear of death in human beings.

On the other hand, the bandaged man wasn’t scared at all. He knelt on the ground to check the marks. He glanced at the bed and sniffed the towel on the pillow. He declared, "The deceased rolled off the bed..." He picked up the pillow. "It wasn’t suffocation. There was almost no blood at the scene. It was an efficient and fast way to murder someone!"

He suddenly stood up and ran to the kitchen. Kaowei called out "wait for me" and hurriedly followed him. He picked up the unwashed cups and bowls and sniffed them one by one. At this time, his eyes fell on the windowsill. He said, "Male. Height of 185. A strong build."

"How can you tell?!" Kaowei was surprised.

He pointed to a footprint on the window sill. The window was open, but there was a road outside and there was a certain distance between them. It wasn’t an easy climb.

"You can tell all that just from a footprint?" Kaowei couldn't believe it. "Who on earth are you and why do you know about this kind of stuff?"

"Go and take some pictures outside the window to see if there are any tire tracks or footprints." The bandaged man said.

Although Kaowei was unwilling to be ordered around by him, she still went out. She didn't want to stay in this house where someone had died.

After taking a few photos with her mobile phone, she returned for the bandaged man to take a look at them. When he looked at these, it was as though his eyes lit up and he looked very serious. Kaowei had a thought flash through her mind: This person isn’t a police officer, is he?

The bandaged man shook his head silently, and Kaowei asked, "What's the matter? Were the photos I took bad?"

"Let's find the dead body," he suddenly announced.


"How can I restore the case without seeing the corpse?"

"No... there’s no need, right? I believe you didn't kill her, so isn't that okay? I still have to go to work tomorrow. Besides, let the police handle this kind of thing!

"How long do you think it will be for the police to find her body? Even if her identity can be determined at that time, will the scene still be preserved? Can witnesses still be found?"

"I... I just don't think there’s any need to investigate. What happens when you’ve solved everything? Can you catch the murderer?"

The bandaged man stared at her sharply. "If we check, we must check thoroughly."

Kaowei sighed and had to give in. "The car that was used to transport the body belongs to the loan sharks, but I don't know where they put the body."

"Let’s find the car!"

"Does it have to be at night?"

"Can I go out during the day?"

Thus, Kaowei went back and changed into clothes for going out. The bandaged man raised the collar of his windbreaker up. The alley was dark. Curled up like a dog was the old man who was tied there. His sparse hair looked like dry grass that was being blown by the night wind. When passing by him, Kaowei quietly put a piece of bread and a bottle of water beside him.

The loan shark office was two streets away. The bandaged man walked in front of her in big strides, and Kaowei followed him saying, "In fact, there were other people missing here previously. There was a girl who was thin and had a pale face. She looked malnourished and always smiled when she saw me. One night, three men entered her house and she disappeared the next day."

"Did the police come?"

"They did. They said that this girl was a drug addict and stole some money from someone. Nothing else besides this was investigated... Here, if someone disappears, then they’ve disappeared. Not long after, someone else will move in. It’s said that there’s no expensive or cheap lives, but people like us are definitely cheaper than the lives of the rich. Even if we die and disappear, the police will just go through the motions. The big sensational cases in the newspapers are all about the rich."

"Prejudice!" the bandaged man said simply.

Kaowei giggled, "Do you always have to talk so concisely? It’s always been like this."

"The throat." The bandaged male finger pointed to his bandaged throat.

"Oh! Then why do you still smoke so many cigarettes? I think you smoke too much. At the rate you’re going, you will get lung cancer before you turn fifty."

"What does it matter?"

At this time, the loan shark office was already closed, and the car was parked at the door. Kaowei was about to walk forward when the bandaged man pulled her by her wrist, then dragged her behind a telephone pole. Kaowei thought he was going to do something to her, so her heart pounded with fright. The bandaged man just gestured for her to stay there and not move.

She saw him sneaking up to the front of the car, bending at this hip, and using a wire to pry open the car door. When picking the lock, the alarm was triggered and Kaowei was terrified. The bandaged man got into the car and fiddled with it for a while before the alarm stopped.

The surrounding residents wouldn’t find a car alarm sounding for a short while suspicious. This is because anyone who brushes past the car would set it off. They had long grown accustomed to it.

What was he checking inside the car? It seemed to be the car’s GPS or the like. About ten minutes later, the bandaged man got out of the car and made a "follow me" gesture. Kaowei obediently followed behind. It felt strange that she was actually doing this kind of thing!

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