Season 2: Chapter 144. Concentration (1) (Teaser)

The English soldiers were bewildered. Clearly, they had set the trap and the enemy took the bait. One of them even eagerly rushed in while drooling.

"What's with that one!?"

"Beat him to death!"

However, the fish that took the bait was too strong and almost dragged them along with the fishing line. Even more, he was so swift. No matter how they tried to hit him, he always dodged and remained unscathed.

"Ah, no good! Nothing is hitting!"


"Why isn’t anything hitting!"

Things didn't go as planned.

Almond, with his unique torso-twisting motion, dodged all the clubs that swung close to him.

'This is easier than dealing with swords.'

The reason Almond had an advantage in this club fight was simple. Fights with swords or spears involved technical skill, but not clubs. It was just a club.

There were no experts in swinging a club. It was equal for everyone. Against a knight who could freely wield a longsword, he would be disadvantaged the moment they crossed swords. Not in a club fight that was purely physical.



"He dodged again!?"


From the English’s perspective, nothing worked no matter what they tried.

Meanwhile, Almond's club struck them.


Like lightning, he stunned an opponent.

'Now, four...'

Almond had knocked down four enemies....

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