Chapter 41: Roddys Courage

GOR Chapter 41: Roddy’s Courage

The voice sounded familiar. However, Qiao Qiao did not have the time to consider that as she instinctively lowered her head…


A mass of flesh roared as it sailed over Qiao Qiao’s head, flying towards the longhaired man’s head.

The longhaired man stared in shock as he intercepted the salvo with his right hand. He then saw that his hand was holding on to a fleshy ball of hair…

An adorable fat cat was glaring at him with its pair of cat eyes.

“This is… Four-Eyed War Cat?”

The longhaired man was dumbfounded and had no time to respond as Garfield’s paws shot out to strike his face!


As a [B] class War Beast, its one strike caused the longhaired man to fly into the air. His head fell first onto the dining table, causing it to break apart!

The fight within the dining coach had caused the other passengers to run away in fright.

Chen Xiaolian watched as the longhaired man was sent flying and Soo Soo who was being held by him was let go in the middle of the air. Chen Xiaolian immediately leapt up, using both hands to cradle Soo Soo. As they were falling down, he positioned his body to ensure that his back would take the brunt of the fall.

Before he could get up, Qiao Qiao had already rushed forward and pulled Soo Soo away from Chen Xiaolian’s bosom. Queen Qiao looked at Chen Xiaolian with surprise. “It’s you?”

“Enough nonsense! Quick, run! I will hold him back!”


“Run quick! You cannot beat him!” Chen Xiaolian shouted out.

Qiao Qiao gritted her teeth and wiped away the blood on her forehead. She placed Soo Soo on the floor and shouted rapidly. “Soo Soo, quickly run away! Go to the front to find the train marshals!”

Soo Soo who had been scared witless was sobbing. “Unnie…”

“Quick run!” Qiao Qiao forcefully pushed her. “Run away fast! Bring the train marshals over!”

Soo Soo’s eyes showed confusion for a moment. She then ran off to the front area of the train.

Chen Xiaolian watched as Qiao Qiao picked up a broken table leg. She gripped it with her hand, her face filled with resolution. He decided not to say anything.

The longhaired man had already straightened himself up from the wrecked dining table. He brushed his ruined clothes. “Heng, you really are a rookie. To think that you would use a Four-Eyed Stupid Cat as your pet. That sure shocked me. Hey, rookie! Which organization are you from? Who is your boss?”

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and stared intently at the longhaired man.

“Not going to talk? Then I will first cripple you,” The longhaired man sneered as he abruptly ripped off his outer clothes. Chen Xiaolian was shocked to see that underneath the longhaired man’s outer clothes was a protective suit. However, the colour of the protective suit was one he had never seen before, a light purple colour.

“See this? An [A] class Violet Protective Suit,” The longhaired man curled up the corners of his lips. “Still thinking of stopping me?”

Chen Xiaolian remained mute as he pulled the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword that was hanging around his neck. In his hand, the sword transformed into a cross shaped sword. He roared, then raised the sword and rushed forward!


Qiao Qiao who was standing nearby saw Chen Xiaolian rip out his pendant and transformed it into an exaggerated European looking sword as though he was performing a magic trick. The table leg that she was holding fell on to the floor.

“I… am I seeing things now?”


The longhaired man flashed to the side and Chen Xiaolian’s sword slash split the coach seat behind him in half! Chen Xiaolian did not show any hesitation. The sword slashed horizontally and then arced forward again.

The longhaired man sneered and twisted his body to accept the attack. The sword made contact with the waist area of the purple protective suit, causing sparks to fly out!

The longhaired man used this opportunity to get closer and struck at Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder with a fist. Chen Xiaolian felt half his body becoming shaken and was forced back a few steps.

“Eh? That is a pretty good level of strength. [B] class?” The longhaired man’s eyes showed some degree of surprise. “Is this the standard for rookies these days?”

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and suddenly shouted out coldly. “Garfield!”


Behind the longhaired man, Garfield that had been constantly looking for an opportunity now pounced forward. Its furry body plastered itself onto the longhaired man’s back and its paws scratched him in succession. The longhaired man let out a scream and moved both his hands to his back. Unfortunately, Garfield’s furry body was too small and the longhaired man was unable to reach him.

Chen Xiaolian had already rushed forward, as he sent the long sword ahead to the longhaired man as a greeting.

The longhaired man furiously backed away as he dodged. He did his best to move his head, arms and areas below his waist away from the sword path. The cross-shaped sword slashed down upon the surface of his protective suit, causing sparks to fly out non-stop!

Chen Xiaolian was attacking with frenzy and his sword moved about both vertically and horizontally. As the longhaired man kept retreating, the seats and area on both sides of the dining coach were cut apart under the slashes issued by Chen Xiaolian’s Cross-shaped Medallion Sword.

Finally, the longhaired man managed to grab onto Garfield’s neck. He lifted up the fat cat and viciously threw it in Chen Xiaolian’s direction.

Chen Xiaolian caught Garfield and saw that the longhaired man’s fist had already reached his face. The punch struck him squarely in his face, causing him to see stars and blood to flow out of his nose. The longhaired man’s movements were fast. He followed it up with a kick onto Chen Xiaolian’s stomach and Chen Xiaolian was sent sprawling backwards. He ended up in a pile of diner seat debris.

“You rookie bastard, do you not know the rules? When not within an instance dungeon, you are not allowed to summon out your pet to do battle!” The longhaired man gritted his teeth. “Just which organization are you from?”

Chen Xiaolian felt his lower abdomen burning with pain. He could not help but secretly curse inwardly.

In terms of strength, his opponent did not seem that much stronger compared to him. However, that purple [A] class protective suit was too ridiculous. He could not break it at all!

The kick caused him to feel as though the intestines within his lower abdomen had been compressed into a single mass. The resulting pain made his body break out in cold sweat.

The longhaired man was about to rush him again when Qiao Qiao immediately leapt out from the side. She brought the broken table leg down upon the longhaired man but it was directly split apart by him! Qiao Qiao then tilted her body as she performed a roundhouse kick followed by an elbow strike, then a knee slam…

In just one breath, she unleashed a flurry of combos!

Queen Qiao is indeed worthy of the title Queen. Her combination of techniques was both accurate and ruthless!

However, the longhaired man only smiled indifferently and used one hand to block those moves. He blocked off all of Qiao Qiao’s offensive moves. Then, he used the palm of his hand to hit Qiao Qiao’s left calf. Qiao Qiao screamed out in pain and stepped backwards. Her jerky footsteps were obvious.

The longhaired man smiled contemptuously and was about to say something. Suddenly, the watch-like item he was wearing on his wrist emitted a voice. “What happened? What are you doing?”

The longhaired man scowled and spoke out loudly. “I found the target in the dining coach, coach number 8. The target is currently moving towards you! Haha, go catch her quick. I am currently picking up an easy win.” [1]

“Stop playing about. Completing the mission is more important. Come over quickly.”

The longhaired man let out a snort. He smiled contemptuously at Chen Xiaolian and Queen Qiao. “Farewell rookie. If there is another opportunity, I will give you another lesson.”

After that, he sneered before moving to the windows. He smashed the windows with a punch, grabbed the windowsill and flipped his body out of the coach onto the ceiling…

“Not good! He has partners! Quick, go look for Soo Soo!”

Chen Xiaolian jumped up and turned to look at Qiao Qiao who was seated on the floor. “Are you all right?”

Qiao Qiao tried to stand up but her legs remained weak. “Go quickly! Do not worry about me!”

She paused; in her eyes, traces of an imploring look could be seen. “I do not know what kind of people you are… but, I beg you, save my little sister. I beg you!”

“I will do my best!” Chen Xiaolian looked at Qiao Qiao one last time before running towards the direction taken by Soo Soo.

Chen Xiaolian ran at full speed through the train coach. Along the way, he knocked over a small cart belonging to the train crew. After running through four coaches, he saw Soo Soo being hugged by Roddy at the entrance to the hard sleeper bunk. Soo Soo was sobbing as she tried to say something. Han Bi who was on the side had also stood up; his face was filled with confusion and doubt.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly caught onto the sound of “teng teng teng teng” coming from the ceiling. It was as though something was moving past him quickly from the rooftop. His face changed and he shouted loudly to Roddy. “Roddy! Take Soo Soo and run! Run quickly!”


The distance between them was too far apart and Roddy was unable to catch those words. He raised his head and asked the question.

It was at that moment that a harsh sound of metal being ripped apart sounded out from the ceiling of the train…

A sharp blade pierced through the train ceiling’s layer of metal. It then cut out an incision in the ceiling!

Next, a hand was stuck in. The hand grabbed onto the incision and pulled with force!

Ci la la la…

A whole part of the train ceiling’s layer of metal was torn apart to reveal a huge hole!

A hand stretched out from above with lightning like speed and caught onto Soo Soo’s hair. Without waiting for Roddy’s reaction, it directly pulled Soo Soo up!

“What is that!”

Roddy let out a loud scream as he tried to catch Soo Soo’s legs. However, all he saw was a fist descending upon him. He was struck and fell onto the floor.

Soo Soo cried as she was pulled out of the coach!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank. He ran madly forward and first pulled Roddy up from the floor. “Are you all right?”

“What monster is that?” Roddy’s face was filled with shock. “Train, train ceiling…”

“Someone took Soo Soo! I will go save her!”

Chen Xiaolian’s body flew up with a jump. He caught the side of the torn out ceiling and his body vigorously shot through the gap. In just a moment, he had disappeared through the ceiling.

“Holy shit!” Roddy looked on with a dumbfounded expression. “Am I seeing things? When did Xiaolian become so outrageous? No wait… just what on Earth is going on here!”

Han Bi who was on the side was also shocked. “It, it seemed like… someone pulled the little girl… out through the ceiling? You… what kind of person is your friend?”

Roddy suddenly became agitated and cursed out. “{F*ck}! I don’t care! It dares to snatch my friend’s little sister! This senior cannot simply sit by and do nothing! Xiaolian! I am coming to help you!”

He then struggled to jump up. After successfully catching hold of the sides of the hole in the ceiling, his legs kicked about. “Han Bi! Help me up!”

Han Bi looked on blankly as he subconsciously used his hands to push Roddy’s legs upwards. Roddy then crawled up the ceiling in a toad like manner…

“This… just what kind of people are these…”

After getting onto the roof of the train, Roddy was buffeted by the roaring winds. His mind immediately calmed down and the pounding of his hot blood seemingly vanished in an instant…

“I… what crazy son of a bitch stunt am I pulling? I am not Jackie Chan!” Roddy sprawled on the roof as he cursed out.

The train travelled along. Trees, wilderness, farmlands and buildings could be glimpsed moving past both sides of the railway…

The roaring winds almost rendered Roddy incapable of opening his mouth.

He could only subconsciously latch tightly onto whatever place he could lay his hands on as he forced his body to lie flat upon the rooftop.

However, at that moment, he raised his head and saw a scene unfold.

Chen Xiaolian was struggling on the roof, trying to move forward. Before Chen Xiaolian was a longhaired man whose hands were holding onto Soo Soo. The longhaired man lashed out with a kick, causing Chen Xiaolian to fall. After falling, Chen Xiaolian’s body slid down from the roof of the train to the side. Both of Chen Xiaolian’s hands were gripping tightly onto the side of the roof as his body swayed about on the side of the train…

“Damn it!”

Roddy’s eyes turned red; a surge of hot blood rushed up his head!

“You struck my bro!”

His heart pounded heavily. Even though his body was still feeling numb and shrouded with fear, Roddy roared out within himself.

“Roddy! Get up! You are a male! A man! The code of brotherhood! I cannot just ignore my bro’s plight! Get up, Roddy!”

Finally, a trembling figure rose up from the roof of the train. Although his movements were clumsy and slow, it carried with it an atmosphere of one who will not retreat!

Roddy stood up on the roof. Then, seemingly to encourage himself, he let loose a shout as he charged towards the longhaired man before him.

“DEMACIA!” [2]

1 “Picking up an easy win” here is translated from ‘虐菜’, pinyin: ‘nüè cài’, roughly translated into ‘abusing vegetables’. It means that you are someone who do not understand a game or a fight and yet could easily pick up a win against your opponent, and even causing your opponent to be unable to retaliate or do anything about it.

2 “Demacia!” is the catchphrase of Garen from the game League of Legends.

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