Chapter 40: Let Her Go!

GOR Chapter 40: Let Her Go!

“Fatty Wu! Your chapters are left without updates again! You lump of poop! You have a small penis!” [1]

Han Bi was furiously commenting on the novel review section using his mobile phone.

He suddenly felt someone gazing at him from the side.

Han Bi turned his head… en?

A comely looking youngster was looking at him.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome guy with thick eyebrows?” Han Bi gave a “heng”.

Chen Xiaolian affably stood beside Han Bi and laughed while pointing at Han Bi’s mobile phone. “Truth is… there is a reason why Fatty Wu is not updating his novels. He went travelling abroad and encountered some problems and even nearly died in a deserted island.”

“How do you know?” Han Bi looked at Chen Xiaolian in a suspicious manner. “What travelling abroad? Encounter with problems? Dying in a deserted island? Are you trying to write a novel here?”

“Hahaha, I am just joking. I also read Fatty Wu’s novels. I am a member of his hard-core fan base,” Chen Xiaolian fiddled with his hair and continued. “Earlier, I accidentally heard you curse him with your mobile phone. “You were cursing so flippantly I could not help but take another glance.”

“You… you are his hard-core fan?” Han Bi’s face turned slightly hostile.

“Err…” Chen Xiaolian’s eyes darted about and he quickly shook his head. “I was originally one. However, he kept breaking his promises and did not update his novels. So, I turned against him. Every now and then, I would sign up an account just to curse him!”

“Hahahaha! Well done!” Han Bi became very pleased. “It turns out we are fellow humans in the same direction! Let me tell you something. Yesterday, I signed up for a new account, named ‘Fatty Wu’s penis is 5cm’. Hahaha! It will surely enrage him to death.”

You bitch! Chen Xiaolian’s heart pounded furiously. That is too vicious!

“Let me introduce myself, I am Chen Xiaolian,” Chen Xiaolian said with a smile.

“Han Bi, from Hangzhou. You are also heading northwest?”

“En, I am travelling around, you?” Chen Xiaolian asked.

“Sigh, don’t mention it. My school made me participate in an aircraft model competition. My precious summer break is spent with me rushing everywhere to participate all for the sake of bringing back a few trophies for my school. If not for the fact that there is award money for it, I would not even bother with it. Let me tell you, I had just returned from abroad yesterday. But today, I have to set off again from Hangzhou. The organizing committee for the domestic competition is particularly miserly. They were not willing to buy plane tickets for us and instead had us going by train, with hard sleeper bunks at that!”

What a… coincidence.

Chen Xiaolian’s heart could not help but wonder.

Thinking about it, his eyes suddenly flashed with alertness: Could this have been arranged by the GM?

All things considered, he could arrange for the World Wars to happen, not to mention…

Chen Xiaolian looked at the time before suddenly looking seriously at Han Bi. “Right, I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Look at me, do I look familiar?”

“…” Han Bi thought about it. “You do seem somewhat familiar…”

Chen Xiaolian was delighted, but then Han Bi’s eyes lit up and he said. “Ah right! I think I saw you on the plane, right? If I am not mistaken, there was a very beautiful little girl sitting beside you. The nouveau riche of the First Class cabin!” [2]

Chen Xiaolian’s face turned somewhat peculiar. Roddy who was beside him could not help but blurt out. “You really did end up knowing Soo Soo from the plane? In fact, you were sitting beside her? Could it be that you really do have…”

“Shut up!” Chen Xiaolian was annoyed to the point of anger. He stood up and got beside Roddy, then whispered. “Do me a favour.”

“What is it?” Roddy quickly covered up his pockets. “I do not have that much more money on me.”

“Pei, you and your money, you…” Chen Xiaolian lowered his voice. “Help me keep an eye on him.”

“Ah?” Roddy became dumbfounded.

“Don’t ask anything first. Just consider this as doing me a favour. Help me stay here and keep an eye on him… Eh, if he starts acting strangely, quickly give me a call.”

“… Then, where are you going?”

“I am going to look for Queen Qiao.”

Roddy sighed. “… you are serious about it? I must say, for a virgin like you to challenge such a high levelled opponent, I am somewhat worried for you.”

“Are you going to help me out or not?” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth.

“All right, all right. I will help you keep an eye on this thick brows brother.”

Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief. He then pulled Roddy over to Han Bi’s side. “Fellow brother, can you do me a favour?”

“Do tell.”

“You see, the both of us were in such a hurry to get on the train we did not get to buy the seating tickets yet. Can you let this brother of mine rest here of a little while?”

“Hahaha, we are all good brothers! Just sit!” Han Bi laughed out merrily.

Chen Xiaolian winked to Roddy, then left by giving the excuse of having to go to the toilet.

“Fellow brother, just sitting in the train is too boring. Do you want to go for a round?” Roddy said after seeing Han Bi keeping his laptop onto the hard sleeper.

“Yo? Bring it! Did you bring your laptop and card?”

Roddy smiled as he put down his backpack and pulled out a laptop and an internet card. “Let’s set down the rules: you are not allowed to be angry after getting beaten up.” [3]

“Pei, this brother’s three barbaric strikes can break the world, five seconds of true manliness!”

“This brother’s nickname of Bush-Ren is not an undeserved one either!” [4]

Chen Xiaolian continued moving towards coach number 7.

As he was walking past a junction of one of the coaches, he encountered two men moving in the other direction. One of them, a longhaired male accidentally bumped into Chen Xiaolian’s shoulders. The man was fairly courteous and he turned back with a smile to say. “Sorry.”

“It is fine.”

Chen Xiaolian lowered his head and continued walking forward.

“Which coach is it?” The longhaired man sighed. “Searching one by one is such a bother.”

“Enough nonsense, keep your eye on the radar interface. Inform me quickly once you see a green dot.”

The two of them moved onwards. Then, the longhaired man suddenly stopped and stopped the trench coat wearing middle-aged man. “Wait.”


“We met a kin earlier.”

The longhaired man’s eyes flashed. “That kid earlier, I saw a Cross-shaped Medallion Sword hanging on his neck.”

“Really?” The trench coat wearing middle-aged man was strict. “Are you certain you did not make a mistake?”

“When I was still a rookie, the first [B] class weapon I acquired is the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword. Would I make a mistake regarding that?” The longhaired man’s expression turned emotional. “Sigh, my team members from back then have all left… life is as lonely as snow.”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man seemingly turned older and he hesitated. “Could it be that there are other organizations eyeing the same target as us?”

“Is the competition for newbie recruitment so fierce nowadays?” The longhaired man laughed. “I will go follow him.”

“If possible, try not to kill,” The trench coat wearing middle-aged man gritted his teeth. “We are all Awakened ones, a death means one less among us.”

“All right then, you go investigate. I will continue looking for the target. One to the front, one to the back. We will act separately. If the target is found, we will contact each other instantly!”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man continued moving forward while the longhaired man turned towards the direction Chen Xiaolian took.


Chen Xiaolian stood at the entrance to a soft sleeper within coach number 7, frowning as he looked inside.

Roddy had clearly mentioned that this is the spot for the ticket that he bought for Qiao Qiao.

As Chen Xiaolian was looking about blankly, the longhaired man had already reached him. The longhaired man did not stop beside Chen Xiaolian. Instead, he pretended to walk past Chen Xiaolian.

(It turns out he is a noob…)

The longhaired man secretly chuckled.

He quickly walked past coach number 7. The following coach number 8 happened to be a dining coach.

The longhaired man stood at the doorway to coach number 8 and swept his eyes around. Suddenly, his gaze converged into one point!

Sitting near the left side of the window…

Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo was seated opposite one another. Soo Soo frowned as she set her face into a round dumpling shape while she looked at Queen Qiao. “Unnie, why do we have to eat this kind of thing?”

“As a foreigner, you do not understand the imperial culture inherent within a train ride. Have you heard of this sentence before? Beer, beverages and mineral water; seeds, peanut and eight-treasure congee. Banner: A bowl of instant noodles!” [5]

In Qiao Qiao’s hands was a cup of Aged Jar Pickles instant noodles. With one hand, she held on to a pair of chopsticks and slurped it heartily. [6]

Soo Soo’s lips curled downwards and was about to say something…

Suddenly, she saw a longhaired man walking over. Without showing any reservation, that man sat down beside Soo Soo.

This longhaired man’s appearance was quite pleasing. However, the words he uttered made him look detestable.

“It turns out you are a little beauty! It seems Heavens did not abandon me! Pulling me all the way from the Aegean Sea to this damned train, to think that there would be such a wonderful harvest waiting for me here! Little beauty, come! Come follow uncle, uncle here will take you to enjoy the taste of the most beautiful of sights this world has to offer, all right?” The longhaired man stared at Soo Soo’s face, his face filled with emotion. “What a lovely loli, it has been so long since I have seen such a cute loli… wu…”

As he spoke, he extended his hand to grab Soo Soo’s shoulders, causing Soo Soo to shriek out.

Qiao Qiao had already tossed away her chopsticks and her fist was flying over.

The longhaired man raised his left hand and easily blocked Qiao Qiao’s fist. He gave her a glance. “Eh? A spicy girl eh. Pity, your loli years are over, I have no interest.”

“What are you doing? Where did you bastard come from?”

Qiao Qiao raised her eyebrows as she struggled to free her right hand that was being gripped by the other party. Qiao Qiao’s heart sank as she realized that the other party’s strength was simply staggering! Her fist that was infamous throughout her school was held tightly by the longhaired man and could not be freed.

Without showing any hesitation, Qiao Qiao waved her left hand and threw the cup of instant noodles over. The longhaired man’s eyes turned focused and he caught the cup of instant noodles with ease. He sniffed its content. “Spicy girl, eating instant noodles will harm your image of a goddess, don’t you know that?”

“Bastard! Quick let go of my little sister!”

Qiao Qiao took advantage of the moment he used to speak and twisted her body, jumping out from her seat. Despite having her right hand gripped by the other party, with an abrupt turn, she launched a kick out towards the longhaired man’s face.

Regardless of angle or strength, this kick of hers appeared flawless.

The longhaired male’s eyes flashed. “Good leg strength! Good waist strength!”

Qiao Qiao’s kick landed upon empty space. The longhaired man let go of her fist and rapidly moved sideways, stopping right behind her. He extended his hand and pushed her shoulder, causing Qiao Qiao to fall over, and her head slammed down onto a table.

“Unnie!” Soo Soo screamed out.

The longhaired man looked on with regret at Qiao Qiao. “Beautiful girl, that is enough. Your body shape is good while both your legs and waist are first class… unfortunately, you are not my taste.”

Having said that, he extended his hand and pulled Soo Soo out. He then moved down as he smiled. “Let us go! Haha, I did not expect that this time’s target would be a soft, exclusive little sister. I like this kind of quest.”

“Release… my little sister!”

Qiao Qiao struggled to get up. Her head that had fallen onto the table was bleeding. She stood before the longhaired man. Then, with a clear “he” sound, she flew up into the air and her left leg was kicked up high overhead. A single beautiful leg struck down onto the longhaired man’s head!

“Good skill.”

The longhaired man used one hand to successfully block it. He then pushed and Qiao Qiao was thrown backwards.

“As an ordinary girl, your potential is really good. I am having mixed feelings now. I really want to take you back. Perhaps there is worth in nurturing you.”

Qiao Qiao fell down heavily upon the floor, her back burning with pain. Looking at how powerful this longhaired man was, Qiao Qiao heart had completely sunk. She bit her lips tightly. “Bastard! Let go of my sister! If you dare hurt her, I will definitely kill you!”

Qiao Qiao forced herself to stand up. However, before she could straighten herself, she suddenly heard a steady voice coming from behind her. “Qiao Qiao, duck!”

1 Fatty Wu is Chen Xiaolian’s pen name.

2 In China, nouveau riche is also used to describe someone rich who lacks taste. Or someone who likes to show off their money. Raw: ‘土豪’, Pinyin: ‘tǔháo’.

3 They are talking about the online game League of Legends (LoL).

4 Barbarian King, Tryndamere from LoL has a quote given to him by the sitcom Lalala-Demacia: ‘Titled the Triple Striking Barbarian, the barbaric brother with three heroic strikes, the iron-blooded man with five seconds of true manliness!’

Reason for the title is that in late game, a well-fed Tryndamere needs only three hits max to kill any other character. The five seconds of true manliness refers to his ultimate skill, which gives him invulnerability for five seconds. He has since been nerfed.

Bush-Ren aka Garen of Demacia from LoL. It came from the early days of LoL where Garen would hide in the bushes and ambush other hapless people with his skill, usually killing them in the process. Thus, he was given the title Bush Terrorist or Bush-Ren. He has since been nerfed as well.

Quote: ‘Self-proclaimed to be the Might of Demacia, but known by all in jianghu as Bush-Ren, he specializes in hiding in the bushes to peep at girls butts and picking up easy wins.’

5 “Beer, beverages and mineral water; seeds, peanut and eight-treasure congee” is a standard sentence shouted by the sellers on the train.

6 Aged Jar Pickles instant noodles, a fairly popular brand in China renowned for its sourness. Raw: ‘老坛酸菜面’, pinyin: ‘lǎo tán suāncài miàn’.

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