Chapter 18: Complete Extermination of Newbies

GOR Chapter 18: Complete Extermination of Newbies

The vanguard team of players could be seen putting on a posture of opposition, only to be immediately engulfed by the sea of Demon Soldiers! The battle was joined!

Of the players, the tallest one was brandishing dual swords, their sharp edges flashing with wanton abandon, filled with might and momentum. He brought up the vanguard, and cleaved apart several Demon Soldiers with his swords in just a few moments. These monsters’ bodies were not very resilient. After being cleaved apart, a viscous green coloured liquid sprayed out while their bodies, limbs, flesh and even internal organs flew about in every which way!

Chen Xiaolian who was suddenly faced with this sight nearly puked out blood!

As for the two females, the Japanese flight attendant and Soo Soo, a momentary glance rendered them unconscious.

The dual wielding player was clearly the one taking up the heaviest burden for the team, resembling a great resilient dam standing at the front. At this time however, some Demon Soldiers would occasionally jump over from the top.

In that instant, a wand-holding player suddenly slammed the wand down onto the ground!

In a flash, a mass of silver coloured flames burst forth! Tens of Demon Soldiers were caught by the silver-coloured flames; they immediately screamed out in misery! Caught amidst the whitish flames, they were transformed into ashes!

Another player, with a thin and small frame lost his weapon after hacking down roughly four Demon Soldiers. A Demon Soldier that was lying on the ground then viciously stabbed through his thigh. The player screamed out in pain and suddenly transformed! His originally thin and small body suddenly transformed into a big raging bear with a height of several metres!

Its body was still equipped with metal armour!

This violent bear warrior suddenly became a target, attracting the Demon Soldiers towards him. Countless Demon Soldiers howled as they charged at him, seven or eight Demon Soldiers were piled onto his massive frame. However, the bear’s strength was amazing, it caught one of the Demon Soldiers with its paws. Then, with a pull, it tore the Demon Soldier in half, causing its broken limbs and internal organs to burst out!

The power behind those paws was even more terrifying, capable of killing off around eight of those Demon Soldiers with just a few swipes. Soon however, the Demon Soldiers numbers began showing its effect as the number of Demon Soldiers on the bear’s body increased. They held onto short knives and stabbed into the cracks between his armour! The screams from the bear warrior turned increasingly miserable…

It was not long before even more Demon Soldiers appeared, enveloping the entire team…

“They will not be able to hold,” Newton coldly said. “They are just a disorderly mob.”

“Damn it! This is clearly a [B] class Resource Type instance dungeon, one with the least amount of danger! How could these formidable Demon Soldiers appear here?” Sara muttered angrily.

“Don’t talk nonsense… something is not right! Careful up top!” As he was talking, Newton’s face suddenly changed greatly!

At this moment, a mass of viscous liquid suddenly dropped down from above them. It dropped directly onto the Korean loli, Soo Soo’s body. The mass of viscous liquid was green in colour, resembling snot.

Soo Soo had originally lost consciousness. However, she woke up the instant the liquid came in contact with her body. Opening her eyes, she looked upwards and saw a monster with slender body situated two metres away!

This monster has the same looking head as the Demon Soldiers. However, both its palms were gripping deep into the pillar. Its body was bent in a peculiar manner, akin to a lizard… a long tongue extended out… reaching down at them!

“Son of a bitch! A Stealth Hound Demon!” Newton cursed loudly and the circular formation was immediately dispersed.

Soo Soo stared with wide-open eyes at the long red tongue heading towards her. In that moment, she forgot to cry…

During this time, the one standing closest to her was only Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian cursed inwardly. There was no time to consider anything at a time like this; he charged forward, clasping onto Soo Soo. After that, the both of them rolled onto the ground like a ball!

Before he could get up, he felt his foot being gripped. A red tongue had rolled itself onto his ankle.

What followed was an enormous yanking force, seemingly aimed at pulling him up!

Chen Xiaolian’s body flew up into the air. Suddenly, he gripped onto the cross-shaped holy sword given by Newton. The cross-shaped holy sword expanded, over one metre in length, its sharp edges swept out. A mass of blood sprayed out from the tongue that was cut off by the sharp sword

Chen Xiaolian fell heavily onto the ground. He could feel his forehead smashing heavily down the hard ground! In an instant, blood flowed down his eyes and face!

At the same time, the Stealth Hound Demon quickly climbed down the pillar, retracting its tongue while doing so. However, its sharp mouth sprayed out blood, directed at Chen Xiaolian!

“Kill it!”

Newton roared!

A gigantic door like sword obstructed the Hound Demon, its sharp edge hurtling horizontally towards the demon, slashing towards its head. Damon struck out without hesitation!

The Hound Demon’s body was incredibly flexible. It twisted a little and slithered back to the top of the pillar, rapidly moving away, jumping towards another pillar. It moved far away, retreating…

This monster clearly possesses a high level of intellect. Once its attack failed, it immediately pulled back.

“Do not bother with it! Deal with the Demon Soldiers first! They are here!”

Du Ya shouted out.

Du Ya had one knee on the ground, the guns equipped in both his hands had begun firing. Each time he fired, he would take aim with the other gun, taking turns to aim with each.

Bang! Bang! The two guns continuously fired out. Amongst the demons soldiers that ran forward into their field of vision, two of them screamed out as they fell over.

The guns could not be fired in succession, but Du Ya’s performance at this moment was an eye-opener for Chen Xiaolian!

The metal bracers on this guy’s wrist was actually arranged with grooves, each filled with bullets. As he fired a shot, one hand was replenishing ammo, both hands rotating… his actions done in cohesion, simply astonishing! The guns could clearly only fire out one bullet, but in his hands, it became capable of consecutive shots!

At this moment, a sharp scream came from above! A Demon Soldier that had jumped over using the pillars suddenly shouted loudly and jumped over through the air even though there were still tens of metres between them…


A sharp arrow penetrated through its body, causing it to burst into a bloody green flower in the middle of the air!

Sara pursed her mouth, her body maintaining the same posture of nocking arrows. Her hand movements were fast and the five arrows that were within her hands were all shot out in succession! The arrows were not shot in vain; for each arrow released, a Demon Soldier that was jumping along the pillars would fall!

But what had surprised Chen Xiaolian was the arrow quiver hanging from Sara’s thigh. It had originally carried only tens of arrows. However, every time that Sara pulled out five arrows with her hand… the arrows within the quiver would seemingly refill itself!

Newton’s abilities were also revealed. As expected, his ability is of the technological type.

Chen Xiaolian watched as Newton quickly summoned a row of metal shields before the team. The shields’ design screamed out technology, forming a wall of shield! Above it was a notch that would allow projectiles to shoot out.

The Demon Soldiers charging at the front slammed into the shield wall and were immediately a washed with a high amount of blue electrical current and repelled. By the time they fell onto the ground, they were already burnt to crisp!

The shape of the shield wall was not flat, but rather a three dimensional circle. It was exactly enough for the veteran members of Wind Slasher Guild to fit inside, like a bunker.

Observing that some of the Demon Soldiers were getting close, the military like bunker produced several miniature types of gun barrels. Following the sounds of “tutututu”, the gun barrel poured out flames and bullets at the sea of Demon Soldiers!

The Demon Soldiers at the front were lifted off their feet by the impact of the barrage, while others had their bodies torn apart!

Witnessing all this caused Chen Xiaolian to be greatly shocked!

This ability was simply a fortress!

A war fortress!

It was simply the perfect skill to clear off weak mobs!

Of the closest incoming Demon Soldiers, practically several sides had its aggression flattened directly!

However, the face of Newton, who was standing on one side, was turning increasingly ugly!

“This won’t do! This place restricts the power of technological type skills! The level of consumption of my ‘War Fortress’ is at least five times higher than normal! Its power has also been reduced by half!”

“Damon, Du Ya, you guys deal with the ground forces! I will take care of the top!” Sara’s hands moved without stopping as her mouth called out quickly.

The Pattern Man had also begun taking action.

Although Sara was continuously releasing arrows at an extreme level of speed, the Demon Soldiers jumping down from the top was increasing in number. In the end, they were not something that a mere archer can block off.

Occasionally, a few of the Demon Soldiers would slip past and jump into the War Fortress. Pattern Man would then act to shut down this threat. Moving quickly, he struck down those monsters who managed to charge in through their defences.

The scimitars in Pattern Man’s hands were very sharp and he was very skilled in using both scimitars. With his amazing sword skills, every time his scimitars crossed paths, a Demon Soldier would be instantly cut into two!

As the veteran members of the Wind Slasher Guild fought on, the more adept they became at coordinating their skills. Soon, they suppressed the Demon Soldiers assault!

“Hahaha!” Sara laughed out in a low voice. “I love this type of scenery! Each Demon Soldier is worth one point! Kill more, let’s earn more here!”

“Stop joking around! My War Fortress cannot hold on for too long. We have to think of a way to get out of here as soon as possible!”

Newton gritted his teeth.

As the veterans were in the middle of chatting…

The group of newbies who were abandoned on the outside were suffering from a huge disaster!

The group of newbies were hiding behind the War Fortress. However, a growing number of Demon Soldiers saw that they were unable to break through the War Fortress and instead moved to execute a pincer attack.

There was no cohesion between the newbies and they were thus thrown into a bitter battle!

The most unfortunate of them was Mediterranean. He brandished the huge shield in his hand, which acted like a huge windmill as the sharp edges of the shield rotated about. Any Demon Soldier that got too close was shredded to pieces!

Green flesh and organs sprayed all over the ground! Eventually, the ground turned slippery.

Then, Mediterranean seemingly lost his temper and begun bellowing curses continuously as he wielded the shield.

It was at this moment when he was unprepared that the Stealth Hound Demon that had escaped earlier suddenly approached in silence without them realizing. It suddenly fell from the skies and slammed down onto the very centre of the shield! The forceful impact threw Mediterranean down onto the ground! He cried out miserably but was unable to even react before a bloody mouth bit down onto his head! In an instant, half his head was bitten off!

Brain matter, flesh, blood and a damaged eyeball fell out!

Skinny Woman and Han Bi had at some unknown time moved to stand back to back, the light sabres in their hands desperately resisting the Demon Soldiers attacks.

However, the damage of the light sabre was truly inadequate. The seemingly damaged weapons wielded by the Demon Soldiers required two to three attacks from the light sabre to cut through!

As a result, for the both of them, killing a Demon Soldier would require at least three to four moves each. This rate of efficiency is extremely low! But, more Demon Soldiers would charge forward. Suddenly, they were left with only enough space to parry. The Skinny Woman suffered from a slash and was no longer able to move her arm.

With the memories of the other party as his guiding schoolteacher for this trip, Han Bi could not help but want to help her. He attempted to pull her over to his back. Suddenly, the Skinny Woman screamed out miserably, her body faltered and she fell to the ground!

On the ground lied a Demon Soldier who had its legs cut. It viciously laughed in a sharp tone, its claws latching onto the Skinny Woman’s pair of legs. It then pulled her, quickly pulling her away from Han Bi’s area of reach before charging upon her ruthlessly.

Skinny Woman only had enough time to push away one before six Demon Soldiers instantly charged onto her! A miserable shriek rang out and torn limbs were then strewn all over the place…

The pressure on Han Bi increased!

The Tribal Warrior newbie turned out to have quite the character. The long and narrow katana in his hands was flying up and down through the air, his skill with the katana surprisingly proficient. In just a moment, both his front and back were littered with around eight Demon Soldiers, their bodies sliced apart.

The Tribal Warrior heard the Skinny Woman’s scream and turned his head to see Han Bi fighting alone. He quickly rushed over, with a slash he cleaved apart a Demon Soldier who was already upon Han Bi’s back. He then grabbed Han Bi and threw him upwards with all his might. His one throw had tossed Han Bi directly into the confines of the War Fortress!

After that, he bent his knees, squatted and fiercely jumped into the air! His body soared through the skies!

It was obvious that his aim was the inner confines of the War Fortress as well…

Halfway though, a thin shadow suddenly slithered over! It directed a bite at Tribal Warrior’s shoulder in the middle of the air!

This man whose body was as robust as a bear uttered a painful roar!

The Stealth Hound Demon had struck again!

Tribal Warrior fell heavily onto the ground far away and a group of Demon Soldiers swarmed towards him. Soon, his figure was submerged…

As of now, with the exception of the two unauthorized entrants, the Wind Slasher Guild’s group of newbies have been completely exterminated!

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